The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, September 16, 1927, Page 3, Image 3

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    THH Kl AM AT 1 1 NICWS
' VUlt U Oniter aikw.Ma will ntr llm Otero n A ic r t'it 1 1
Allierlliia. Nltsiiieliii ami ln.r u rat ioIIlkc, . ZvA relumed yes
liousa mmst, Minn t'lura llonl- unlay friun Itos'iliiirK whore lm
imiu. apmit Wednesday ut rater, lm lieun. visiting rrlimls fur the
Lake, mid Hiicklnbprry iiioitiitiiln, nasi .Hvvc-riil days.
.MS JluriUlllllt WHO l VlHltlllK III
Hits city from her liumo In Onk
liiml axuovta In ri'inuln n few
weeks lunger. '-
full 0'iIiik Tli Mnili) shop
ut ' nJ Miiln mrxat mtnniiiirits
HiWr . fall ami wlnier openlnx
Krliliiy, Kent em her 1(1. at wlilcli
llirro will a showing of nil
now mink.
.. . 'mill II Inn. lniiroviil Friends
or Mm Nowsim, ami or nr. nnd
Mr. (I. H. Newsnni, will lis Kind
In learn Hint lila rnndlllnn In
Kroatly limiruvod and that ho
, wu'n a bin to ha nut yimtordny.
; Man Il ia Im-n III nt liln hoinn for
I he pait two wi'ckn.
Ciuiiilii) At ' Xouiilnlii Kred
Nltai'hliMm la npi'nillnit navcrul
day rnmplnt: ' in llnrkli'liprry
Mnirlimo'ii A Ikonae In
, wrd won Hriinixl to Jom-plt V.
IMMo nf (Irnnta Pnaa and Vcr
Jaiif, JoIiiikUhi of Oranra Tana In
th offlco of llm dinniy clrrk
Ulvorri (jriiutiil Annie l.yni'li
wnH Krantfd a . divon-p from
Kvi-rMt l.ymli on Hie rroiiiiiU of
i i llt-l tranlmi'iit . In th i In nil
roiirt yinucrday. Dllln Mnaii-rH
Vaa Krniiti'd n illvorro from Knrl
Mnntera on. tlia Krotinda nf rruid
ft Irrnttnnnt In lli ilrrult ronrl
'W ' Two now caai' of
Intaiitilo parnlylii'!ro mportnl
lutn V(diiaday afternoon at ttiit
county hrnlth officii. on pal Ion I
at MrColluin'a Mill and I hi- other
at Merrill. Iloth huv hrmi 111
for llm inmt 10 dnya.
At Mnc'a Vnu will find the
moat rtinninii nnw. garlira nnd
aaclud ban to match nmonK Ihi'
now orrlvnla Adv.
Krotn Mi-rrlll Mr. nnd Mra.
J. H. Whltlnlih nf Merrill wm
traiiaactltiK liunlnnna In the city
yrnliTilay. Mr. Whlllulrh atarta
liaullnit grain for Mr. Mnlarhrn
liai'hcr todny.
HiillHity AkciiI llonv Karl O.
Kvana, iravcllna frnlKlu aitnl of
Iho Kt. Ixinla Soulhwclfrii Itnll
way contpnuy. Kan KranclKt-o, waa
In iho city ycalKrday looklnx ovnr
- tho lumber Inlr-riwla for lila road.
. . ...
Ilim-I rniirli-tor VIM A. K.
tlurna, proprietor of the Lake
Bldr, hotel tif Seattle. Waalt., waa
a vlaltnr In Ktnmnlh Fulla yea
tardny. Ha la enronte to Knn
Franelaco for n fiiri-nlahl'a vlalt
with lila alater. n rormer resident
of Klainnlli Full. ' ' '
Minora To Meilfoiil
Snbln, aecratnry nf the clinmher
of commarca. motored lo Med
ford yesterday to intend the
Jubilee nnd county fair.
Knim Malta 0. fi. Pope waa a
liiiHlnesK vlHlior In the clly. yea,
terdny from lila homo nt Miilln.
Ix-nvffl Fur KiiKi'nc Jnmoa
Sharp who haa been apendlnx
tha aunimer montha In thla city
left yeaterdny mornlnn for F.u
Rene to reaume hla atudlea nt the
I'nlvaralty of Oregon. Hn made
tho trip, north by motor.
In On llunlncn A. ft. Oliver
waa trnnanrthiK " bualneaa In tha
f city yesterday from hla ranch
liomo on Iho Merrill route.
1 all Klmla Mnili that la nnw In
In tho faahlon aecliona nt Moc'a.
KeluinliiR TimIhj John lluw
lilna la expected to return todny
from Odoll laka wlro ho has
bean apendliiK tho paat monlh.
John will louvo aoon to resume
hla atudlea at the Orciton Arl
cultui'iil collego.
, I
Zed Unrtica Ik-bvIhk Zed
nnrnoa. son of Mr. nnd Mra. W.
11. Ilnrnea of Ihla city, la lenvlnu
today for Corvnllla whero . he
' Shoe Repairing
While You Wait!
110 No. Hlxth St.
Varnish checks removed like new
X E., DEA80.V, Plnno Inner
710 Mala-.,. ,. Phone 40-W
'Stfindlarfi Pyer
' find , ClancfP , 2
' "Jj'or Brtler Appearance'? t
Odor loss Clnnning -
6ne-Injr pcrvice , ,
K - 1 -vv, i
" Expert Jlyelng '
1409 Esplanade St.
Phone 825
: .1
. sltlcnils Juliili-i iiert Mull was
annum Ilia many Kluiniili Kail
rltlsnna who motored to Medrord
yostenlny lu ulti'inl tltn fair mid
lllltulli-r In' I'lly w. T.
f'liiiiiillcr, spm-lnl am-nl tor (he
Him I hern I'm Hie romiiany. win
tiaiiaartlna; bualneia In the eliy
Thuratl'iy from IMnmraulr. Chnnd -
ter una i-narRo or (lie i:iw enlorie-
mimt on llm lines from
inulr north.
: .
Ariitea I'n. in Mi'lloiiilHiK -
frod Jiii kiion arrived In the city
yeaterdny from Mccloud, fiillfur-
nla. to make urraiiKc meuta for
the funeral, of lilx cimikIii, (lot t -
trrd OIkiiii.
lletlirua I'roni Cixeliiu u M laa
Mildred Davla of Him chiimlier of
commerce returned yeaterday
from lloaebiirii where ha linn
"en vixlttiiK her parents for Hie
pant weeV
Itnvlil Tiilten I,i'iivIiik David
Tolten, aon of Mr. mid .Mra. John
rotten. Is lenvlim today for Ku-
Kino lo inter th I nlvvially of
Oreami. Tottun tiiiidUttied from
llm Klumaih county lilxh ach.wd
with (he elnsa of 'S7. He look
un ncllve part In hlch aehiHil
nf fairs.
Iteturtiltljc To HcIiihiI lloyd
Vadon, aon of Mra. K. II. Yndon'
of the Tri-Kiato Kealty cniu-j
pany will leave for Ilia I'nlvaralty
of Orexon lodty lo re.iumo his
studies. Yadun la it senior on
tho campua.
Aliwnt From liiitlcs Mrs.
May K. Short was uhacnt from
her dutiek In tho county lux
offlcOj yesterday, rnrlnit for her
nnilKlller, I'.usle, wno Is conrined
In her homo with lllnesa. r
rln left Wednesday mdrnliiK for
Salem lo resumn his similes at
Willamette University. This l
lluah'a aecond year on the Wll-
liimette cnminis.
Kv-eilleliff VUlM Chill lea Ter
rell, ex-aherll'f of Jaikson county. 1
was In the city vUltiuK with
friends yeaterday from his homo
al Medford. . :
jtlliiiil I'nlr Al Mulhiiaa (if
thin rliy motored tit Metlford yes
tHrdiiy where lio attended tho
JiiIiIIpk anil ruunly fiilr IkiIiik
hold ill till) valley rliy.
Tln- Misses I'cylim l,iyliiK
Tim 'Allnrra Mnrjorlii l.nv mill
Virginia Peyton ar leaving to
morrow morning for Kugsit.
MIks Virginia will enter I In, I'lit-
varsity- of Orefton and Mlw Mnr
J.irlu l ii sophomore on III I
campus nnd anil a member of
Imlta Zoin. ' Thev irra th daugh
ters of .Mr. and Mrs. Wlllard
Peyton of Ihu, Walnut apart-
mentis. 1
l.cnvlitir ! or .Mini (Jury Co
r.d and l.loyd Low nro inotnilnu
to the t, olden Dream mine In
1 Curry i-ouniy today. They plan
lo be koii'.' nevefal iluya.
. c
I Dean IIkiuiIimi l.eiirlnu Dean
lloualon la Uavlnit today fori
'. Salem where he will attend kcIiooI
j thla winter. - i !
i Iteliirti To Mlm Dirk Morifan
und. Winter KulKlit returned lo j
: the (lolileu lueani mine In :ur-
I ry county yeaterday after apend-1
nn auVer:il dnya trannuctliiK llual- .
nexa In the city,
! KiM-nk Itcfnre Klwniiia Dwlitht ;
French, athletic' dlreeior nt the '
iKIjimnili cnumy hlich iichool, und
IAI SlMi lalr. foiitball coac h, gave j
jrliort talks nt liie Klwanls i
, Inii. licon .n Ht.;rdny when they j
tiiunknl the liualneaa men of thla
,iiv fur Ihelr rooperatlim In ath-1
' i,.ti ami i-surcned the hone thit '
' this inlere-t would contlnua In !
i the future. '
You rind Klamath V.i1!oy
lilapliul at modern commodious
home, up-to-date In all particu
lars. AT
the daredevil "stunt" man
will appoar tonight in the
last showing of
"Pirates of
The Sky" .
It's a thrilling drama of
the air lanes!"
pbx. aan ft
At the Hotels
Wll.LAtl K." fl. Anderson,
Hmi -Francisco; J. II. AlrTeeters.
I'nrtlunil; llnrlmrt Larson, Beat
tie;' N. B. Hcotl. Hon Krinilsiii;
Mr. nnd. Mm. (leiirge, ,. flnrit,
Hun Francisco; Mary K. Johnson.
A. (irtice Johnson, l,nkevlew; W.
B. (.k porl!in : z. K. Augn
Portland; Mabel Krlientraut, Oak
land: Mary McCuady, Mlsa Mc
Cundy, Portland; (V W. Bottle
aon. Itoaeburic; F.' J. flcKeown,
I'orilnnd: II. B. Allen, iacMnien
to; W, It. Klaus, San Francisco:
Mrs. F. L: Brown, M Iks . K. M.
Drown. Snn Franelaco ; M. Korn
tleld, Irfia AnKelea; Mrsj fltaarns,
F. P. Belotla, Kan Francisco; Mr.
nmi .Mr
II. W. Venael. W. W.
The Jungle Melodrama that the New York Herald-
- - , -i- .. ' i
Tribune (aid: "Contain. the moit exciting moment
- '; e - V - - - '
in motion picture history V You'll say so, tool
i. : ! :
Trade a yjy iitc . -.-i'. -a mark
I '(iSMbsai3im
l jiSa'.mt-'' it
ANeY. RairFREE. if fher Rip
. ' ;,,The Golden Rule " : s -'
N. B. Drew,
New Fabrics
19-so to s35
Nevfcr before has there been. such a
graiid showing of men's fine tailored
suits. Men who appreciate value at a
nominal sum will not hesitate after
viewing these new models.
Gray Blue
Tana Plaids
Men's Blazers
Warranted al wool. Every
body is wearing blazers. Irt
this large ..and colorful as
sortment you'll find every
stylo and color,
to choose from
jVensel,- Tiilutt, . Oklahoma;- D.
i Iniiuiby, Han Francisco; F. K.
C'hiiioii, Portland; W. K. Iietels.
Knit Francisco; P. K. Itheln.'San
FriinclsctJ. , '
Allf'ADK W. H. Lynch. Can
by, Ore.; Mr. Lebedebh, Kprlng-fli-lil,
Ohio; J. ('. Olson, Port
land; A. "II. l.iiKtlK, Han Fran
cisco: Mario McDonald. Km Fran
cisco; K. If. Madison, Portland;
II. A. Mauck, Portland; Sam
Nelson. ChUo'iHin: Vt'm. H. Nel
son. Chlloiiuin; J. K., Palmer.
Jainca rtodda, Oakland: C. 9.
Itoiccrs, Modoc Point; A. W. Kane
l.os Auaelea; l.evl Sharp Hertford
D. B. Trim!. Sun Francisco; May
Warren. Han Francisco: N. U.
Voung, ('rants Pass: Tom Suther- 1
Inad, Ashland: Tom Lyman, Med-1
ford; M. K. (Carlson, Crams Pnas;
Men' Togs
New Styles
ITMa- It.
Just as pleaiihg as the suits. Made of
a very serviceable fabric that will hold
its shap eand have a neatappearance.
A coat that will long be remembered
after the price is forgotten.
MUFFLERS A- necessary accessory with
. every Suit and fl0 C A
Overcoat sPOsOvl
Double Breasted
.Wool Shirts
Wool hlilru for I'olili wwithr-r.
('nt stylo.- Kxtra hoavy. Kull lz.r
ami In many colors . tf O C"
nnrl ilpsljtna TOsOU
Leather Coats
(toniiino imrso hide. Iilankot lined,
leather Veollar ami a-" dandy
value for : (in CfS
only : ,.. pli.Oy
Frank Kelly, Kuaene; Thomas
Manoa, RoaeburK; John Harrison,
Knn Franelaco. . . .
Kedstratlon at Cbomlrar 'of
Commerce Arnold Alderman,
Calif;- B. 8. Ttirsar. Calif:" Jay
C. Cook, Calir; W. P.. Vllea. Calif;
fJcorxe W. fwlre, Calif; Marlon
Hedrick, Calif; C. W. Pitcairn.
Calif; John Oalton, Calif; Carl
Enjoy Rsher Body Luxury and6ylinderPeffirnuzcy
Millions k now the advan-
tagesof Fisher bodies in
styling, comtort and luxury.
Millionsknowthe superior
smoothness andsnapof the '
six-cylmder engine. And
,,1,. twe 1,. mnlnr.
ing luxuries are offered -at '
the lowest price in history
$745 forrhe Pontiac Six"
two-door sedan! ' "l '
And inaddition areoffer
edaUthe basic superiorities
of design v hich made the
Pontiac Six the most suc-
Phone 212
Boys' Blazers
These are made just like
Dad's. .Warranted all wool.
Knit bottom. . Button down
front. Full size collar, and
may be had in' 0"Cri
various colors.. AJ&VJ
In ' '-f
Johnannt Calif: Charlea Forster,
Calif; II. C. Anderson, Calif.
;oiiFltKY ;ilj ci'
Khbets Field.- N.' Y..f Sept. IS.
(UP) (ieorxe Godfrey,
heavyweiftht, advanced another
step toward a championship bout
tonight when K scored ' techni
cal knookout over Monty Munn
. cesstul new make 'of dar :
tfver iniroduied 4 1 t
- ' '
' . "T8" he ,,nprv"V,:"L,
S"lr'"TrMaJ riw"
' Jlav been added dunng,
the Pf fenV months
all the smoothness,
. silence, and endurance of
the largest engine used in
any six priced up to $1000!
That's why Pomiac Six is
winning thousands of hew
buyers on a comparison
basis today IT ' :..'-.( ; , ' .
the New and Finer
colors . m m : i
of Nebraaka In tha fourth roiad
j of their cheduld, ll-rou4.ot.
SpMlmtldaC In";, f
Facial, Pearc CoMtdt
Phone 830 for Appolntmeaji
. Pearce Beauty Shop ' i1
ffeut iawet price on all
passenger car body typea
Sport Roadster '
Sport Cabriolet
795 '"
Landau Sedan f T 845 ,
9104$ tm ti2i. Ait privmm m ftmry. '
AttMrM jvrttwa fnrfuaM mm
g CMTM. Jmmv f yow
820 Klamath Are.
l - . . 50C ; KUAMg falls" , . ! , j J
i4i(jj!,(i.5A iii;,it 4'