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    CMVKI'H I V (, KaJ
Fee Klamath Hews
The Klamath News
Official Paper
County of Klamath
The Klamath Nero
Official Paper , 1 1
of. Klamath' Fall.;;
Vol. 4, No. 261 Price Five Cents
.(Every Morning Except Monday)
Is Given
Crowds Cheer,. Guns
Boom as Famous
Plvf n.Ai,. rtiiun ! ""'"d lo discussion of problems
e "'own confronting the llvralock breeder.
On Swan' Island Growth of the asspclutlon nnd
Ita liiflienea n prices fur wost-
ern beef waa tluiwn with chart
HMHTI Avn c .i n ...'clearly Indlcatlnf the manner In
I UKU.AM), bopt. li, (U ; whkB ,he aumrncr lump ha.
1') Amid the booming of ! been" remedied by the marketing
guns and cheers of tho mul- j '""" ,h "oc!,'"n- "u-
. .. , . I Mil ahowed how In 13 and i"
titUdea gathered Ot Swan handled by the association
llilnnd airport, Col. ChlirlcH haa outsold that of previous
A. Lindbcrjr arrived hero
Wednesday afternoon from
r Seattle.
As he brought hit) fumoua
plane, "Spirit of St. Loui."
to a graceful InndinK on the
field, twelve cannon fired
by a battery of tho Oregon
National Cuard, roared ollt
B Salute tO tho youthful
lrnAll..n: '
irans-Atlantic ncr.
Tli'ker lie. lorn Paper., nnd
ronralll flultered like ' fulling
piiuw irum iiikii inure ouiiuina a;mr now meiuuemnip in me acoui ,
r.lltdtierah was escorted throllsli !
tho downtowu sections.
A reception and liamiuet Willi
be accorded the Intrepid flyer .
at Ihe Multnomah hotel tonight. I
Lindbergh plana lo remain here
over Thursday an ddepirt fo'r
California early Friday. I
1'ft rtcnllle I
HKATTLKr Sept. 14. He-1
freshed by a good night s rest, j
Colonel ( liarlea A. I.lndherah ;
illnliu hla ninnnnluna Hnlrll i.t .
HI. lxnls Into the air here again
loday. flying over the rlly from
Sand Point aviation field at :25
a. m., and beading for Tiicoina
end anulhwest Washington.
Lindbergh waa due In I'ort
land'at 2 i m. and hla early
stnrt would permit him to per
form aerial gymnastics over all
the larger rlllea . of southwest
Washington and still give him
ample time. ,
Over Mnny Citlea
Al 1:45 a. ni. Lindbergh had
(Continued on I'nge Two)
Disease Is Again
Killing Waterfowl
Fnrller hetlcfa that the duck '
.. . . .u .... ..i
,.n, i. ...i.... h.l .h.1,.,1
were dispelled yesterday by Mar-
Ion 'Barnes, deputy stato game
warden, who with C. O. Sporry.
Washington, I). C, food i spm-lnl-1
i.i'.i iniviiK found tho
situation bod in tho Keno swamp
section. . I l-eglon arum corps win inrniMi
W found mnny sick ducks ,4ho music for the celebration
on the swamp, which soems to I features.
bo most badly Infected Just now" The athletic contest of the
llames said, "and that the birds Jubilee will be baseball game lo
ans Just starting to dlo tin the 1 morrow afternoon bctweon the
government swamp where ihnjHnlom team ot 'tl Willamette
. water has fnllen from a 4-foot to valley league, and tho Boas team
about an 8-lnoh Icrel." ' ' Southern Oregon league.
Tho disease Is nffncthig all The Jnrksoli county products,
kinds ef waterfowl on the swamp. I will also open tomorrow and con
and mnny blackbirds are afflicted. ! tlnue for three days.
Meanwhile Sporry has suvernl I
pens filled with lilrds in an
stages of the disease, where he
Is experimenting In hopes of def
initely determining tho cnuso of
no nia.aoy. " " . . " ! rifle in tho hands of Donald Ken
that shortage of water Is the big i . . - ... mnA
contributing factor lo the disease
which' haa killed thousands of
Football Men Are
Told To Turn Out
Football practice at the Klam
ath county high school Is going
, A d.M. .I.,li...,l.l I,.,
til. Info closing of achools. Al
H.nclulr. gridiron mentor. ...l.d
at 1 flit rlikftlurllltr lllut hp.
Mint, ii ip it t, a .
wnntH nil mnterlul to nhow yjj
"W, havronly VmuV i. men
turning out,, Sinclair said, "and
with a double achedulo Mr the
first and second strings facing
us, we'ro got to have nearly twice j ,
that many." WASHINGTON. Sept. I I. (A
He expects about 40 men to be Announcement that a new suit
on the field for the full grid j t net been started by the govern
work, he said. The existing quar-! mont ngnlnst Edward L. Doheny's
antlno does nt apply to the foot-! nil companies attacking their
hall men, as all are a!nve the age claim to three strip leases In the
' limit, he pointed out.
Se nro working as yet, nnd
so"nre tinnlilo to turn out, tint nil
who- enn do so are ndvland by
the conch to don the moVsklns
nnd turn out for the dally prac -
tlcos, which uro good ouos.
Cattlemen Hear
Beef Situation
Talked At Meet
ttnpld growth Hi California
Calllviiien s Marketing assorts-1
linn ami the definite part which i
I Hint organisation has plnyrd In
I raising price levels (or western I
j beef, wan outlined III Interesting '
ranlilnn before representative
(roup of Klnmuih cattlemen In'
I he chamber of commerce yetur-
day by If tihltord Russet, president
and manager of ths association,
The sessluu waa a the annual j
Klnuialh cat I lemon and de-
yeara. with a consistent price in
(Conlluurd on page elglH )
Chiloquin Scouts
Organize Tuesday
A meeting haa bt-n arrnnged
for next Tuesduy evening In Ihe
j iaie,' Club rooma at Chllouuln rikd Thumdny afternoon against
when the troop, organization , Mine Mark Atklmon. the nurse
'""nl""lc"' n"ryl I",veD"- "'jwho attended the dead girl.
.executive, and V. K. Lamm-, pre.-1 n(,r niothor
Wl of ,he .co..t council. wiii,li)lU ,,.,., .d IO B my,tortou.
I met with the Chiloquin citizen nincna. and oilier membera of the
i m outline an active rntnpulKn ,. !ey'a family were III for
,.fwi,ii(.iliin m f'hlliiniiiii. I
lllrvens and Lamm reported 1
lent night that their trip to Chll-!
nqiiln yesterday bad been very
succeasful in., atarllhg the new
membership campaign. They
ipent the afternoon Interviewing
the merchants of the .city und
talking to some of tho towns-
people. '
The troop organization commit-1
' romposed of J. J. Miller. I
CllilrUian, Henry
E. Perkins,
Father A. F.
Uiilcr and Paul T.
Medtord Festival
To Open Thursday
I MEDFOHH. Sept. II. (!) Un
Ider bright autumn skies, this
I city today was ready for the
i greatest civic event In Its his
tory, tomorrow the Jubilee of I
'visions Realized. The business i im flui.nrnti.d and the final
preparations were completed at
I noon today. '
Tho opening event of the Jubl -
!leo will be the coronation this
i ....... u'1,.1.. K.voar.
I old ruler ot the festival. A crown. !
presented lo the city by Julius !
i u.i.,. f P,ril,,,t will be I
'worn bv the little laiiy. '
Tomorrow, the real celebration
"tarts, w ith a civic parade In the
! morning, dedication of the new
playground and four minute
Uneeehos In the city park.
! "rnss bands anu American
. j UUPlVjO I tl lib 1 O
Two shots from n .23 enllber
yon, 13-yrar-oia son oi .nr. ana
Mrs. Davo Konyon of North
Tenth street, brought down a 180
pound tour-point buck Sunday on
Grizzle mountain.
One shot struck the anlmnl
... I...I . 11.. k....t n.,.1 till.
" h,t v nocl . fc
rtr n the yonnK )oy ha,
gone hunting with his father, but
never before has he brought down
He and his
'"' left K.nnialh Falls .Friday
" - , " "
I u",l" naai j t
j urdny then moved on to Grizzle
mountain whore he shot Ihe doer
eastern end of nnvnl oil reservo
No. 1 In California was made to
day by the navy department.
Thn action Is bused in conten
tion thnt operation of those
! strips might, drain naval wells
'ion tho rcsorvo.
Tia li rt lif of
Of Rector
X . "1 . I
I C W IT IB li Tcountys expanding agriculture
v w v
m-gg Jj Held iOf I ft -
Motive Is Seen in
Pastor's Letters
14, i (UP) Poison causing
the 'death of Mary Jane
Eailcy. 18-year-old daughter
of the Rev. Charles Bailey,
Episcopalian rector at Enid,
Okla., was found by Dr. V.
lr i .. : I .. .. .. v. .. i : . I. . ... !
. j-mui-.v, jinLiiuiuicish iivi Vf i
:.: u i
uijuii Ull v.iuimuaLiuii biiv .
' I
viscera of the girl, it was
announced tonight.
County Attorney linn Mitchell
I J I V. . ....... I.I
,evura any. Mlt Alkinion haa'
been in the Cuxtody of police j
(Continui1 on TNire Five) I
1A AAA a"!.. T. CJ
li 1 1 4 IJ.A
I CI1UICIIJ11 liUUCU'"-noe. 11 " ue"ev.gon. today announced that the
I by authorities liore today. : - Great Northern has purchased
1'KNIH.KTOM. Ore.. S':pt. 14. j Waterhouse , was standing be-, one-half Interest In that ahort
(?) Tho eighteenth annual Pen-' side a log with . a 30-30 ride line railway.
dleton roundup opened here thia! Tuesday In the mountains 45 J pria paid by the Great Norrh
afternoon under partially cloudy miles south and west of here. : ern for Its half interest, with
skies with an opening day crowd
estiinittcd al lo.ouo. Halo for
. Itato lor
fallerl to
Bli uiirTinroii
the past two duys
dampen ' the' rhhdlefBli
spirit or tn spirits or tne spec-
tutors who hsve locked from all ortian(j, were Kih Waterhouse. two lines will operate the road
corners of the nation, and sundry. Tn6 ,.rl(iet occurred about noon ! Jointly. .
spots of the globe for the west- ,lld waterhouse died last eve- I S,rahorn told the press he re
ern epic. . llng. I tains the presidency of the line
Two hundred and forty-six en-; j bnt ,hat he wm tender hla reslg-
Irles headed by Queen M.bfljiz Pqvc Wfi fnr nation In, the near future. His
Slrleklsnd are vicing for world's I lTldll JTajO ipOU kUl pana for the future include a
championship during the four-' I? ' 1 r.,,,,1, Chnni I trip around the world, to which
day show.
Queen Mnbcl and her retinue
of western followora nave taken
I 'own by atorm. the ever pop-
'uliir Mabel being as winsome as
j ever. Reservation Indians, some
i 2.300 of-them ramped In tepees
near the roundup arena are at-
trading tne intoresi oi mo cown
eastern and the tenderfoot who
" .
: his glory.
I, A muddy track made the foot -
Ing bad for the first few track
events but added thrills to
both spectators and ritlors.
The First
1917 ; . S-
w 97 - ' '
.SZT. .-..I. ' "... . . t rTy ... . .... i 'j '
Caravan Taking Big
wm Witness . Surprising Scale To
Which KlamatH
Plana fur Ilia big harvest loi
of th Klamath rouutjr cbaml
of commerce, arranged to
I Klamath Falla residents an o4-
portunlty to aee first band ,11
(industry by witnessing digging l
jvaat potato acreage!, threshing M
ithouaanda of acres of grain, aud
"ier Interesting farm pro!
crawi mo K ill Ul imu 19
few city dwellers reallie exist,
.... -.
- "WTxizZJ
A few of the definite atopa fia
the harreat tour which will leatl
the 'chamber of commerce rooms
Wedneaday, September 21. were
announced yesterday. They
a follow.
Leaves, chamber of cbmmen
at o'clock abarp Wedneadu!
niornliig. nnd will arrive at
E. Kneders, I'lne Grove at 9:3
to view dairy herd and pastaref
arrive at Lawrence Burke'i '
ranch at 10 o'clock to aee notats
.. . . . , i
oiggmg ana dib exienaire pouicv
rinirfa The next toD will ba at
.... . . i a . ...
ine uume o, xicurj oumvu w
view me rea ciover neing grown
for seed. At 11 a. m. the cara-
van will leave there and 45 mln-l
utus later view aheep and pan -
turea at the E. M. Hammond
The caravan will arrive at
Malln at 12:30 where one au
Hunter Is Shot t
With Own Rifle
EUGENE. Bapt. 14. UP)T
Accidental discharge of his own
,ii. ,h. iif f,
." . ... . .1 .iCiE, In Klanreth county. Ore-
t The weapon slipped and dis
; charged, the bullet entering Wat-1 tn, other so per cent of thei(red E gmlth
'erhouse.'s ..body )unt. belavw. tan).aMhk iWM.4Miv'tfaSSHTrVkl(- rmi
lrlKht armpit. . . . .. ! miniated It waa in the neighbor- I nom)ne, wj
; charged, the bullet entering Wat
ti j niackiy and Iloy Foster.
1J 1Utl UHUUli)., ,.
Jacg linen, mis. noius i ne .
flucstlonalne distinction of having ,
j been the first so far as the law!
knows to bag ducks in this,
. county this year.
ellrnl waa caught shooting
ducks In the Midland country sev-
! eral days ago. and waa reported
r ciiitens no "ucu me
non-season hunting. r
1 Arrested by Marlon Barnes,
j game warden. Brlen paid a fine
j of 130 for his pre-season duck
and Second A. E.
Harvest Tour
Farming Has Grown
one-half houra will be apent at
the flrat forum luncheon of the
winter month. Arrangement
hare been made by the ladlea of
the community club at Mulln to
serve a chicken dinner for the
nominal fee of lit centa a plate.
The chamber lui guaranteed that
at leant 100 will make up the
caravan. '
At 2 o'clock ihe caravan will
leave 31 H lui anu oroeeeo. vm
. jfW
-Sl ne to the power
settled In thia district thla year.
Tbt-y will return through the
, Shasta View Irrigation diatrlct to
the head of I'ne Valley, and
'across Langell valley to Bonanza.
, returning to Klamath Falla via
.Dairy. The definite atopa in this
' district will be announced later.
! Many business, profeaalonal
j men and manufacturers have al
reauy ataiea ineir lmcnuoa oi
going on thla flrat annual bar-
, veat tour. The chamber of com-
. in k. t, -
100 per cent atendance ot the
' - . n t rflpulnni In firlHitlnn tn
( - .
, wmj uiwi". n
j The farma and ranchea at
which the caravan will atop were
! choaen by County Agent C. A.
, Henderson as being among the
representative placea of the coun-
ty and on which various lines
' of harvest will be In progress.
Half Interest In
O.C.E. Sold to G.N.
Spokane. Wash..
P) Robert E. Strahern. railroad
I builder and president of the O.
the Southern Pacific retaining
' hood of one million dollars. The
illl devote nearly a year.
TULSA. Okla., Sept. 14. P
. Deciding that' as a husband, her
inpouse was a gooa lawyer. irs.
Sarah Marriott Foreman, em-
i '"' -..-.- .
obtain a divorce.
Foreman ftled his wife's di
vorce petition today. Among
other things It alleged that Fore
man Is quarrelsome.
F. No. 3
By Auto
Isadora Duncan Dies
U7L r I f
Wnen Urawn Un -
der Wheel of Her
Machine in NlCC
-MCb, i ranee, Sept. 14,
(LP) Isadora Duncan, the
. r
world famous dancer, was
i,jltj . , , .
killed today when she was
run over by her own auto -
mobile. '
.mas jiuncan Oiea In a hospital
a few minutes after her arrival, f ,
Wearing a shawl, ahe entered an
" """""" v ' a n m
I . ...
automobile to give it a final
tryout Deiore purchasing It.
The shawl caught In a wheel
of the automobile. Unaware, the
chauffeur stnrt.t the np nnrf
Miss Duncan was drawn out and'
unoer tne rear wheel. Her apinal
column was broken. woden. yesterday reported that
Only a few days ago. It was re- the, birds are plentiful this fall.
ported that Mls Duncan was to ' an(i their numbers give premise,eNew r.rtlst.,,,',rOPhf "Cel"!nt h''l'"1 "1 moD,h'
tnanaihsr, .New i org artist. Baraes counted about 650
Two tlilldrcn KlllPd j ducks on the sump alone, he stat-
Isadore Duncan, who went out : a .y .s. mieratlon U I tut wall
(Continued on paga eight)
. j waterfowl now en route to Klam-
Western Demos Toia,h 'a, .
rw i iT ai r .!
Talk Up Al Smith
OGDEN. Utah, Sept. 14. (jtp
Prominent Democrats from 12
western atates hare promised to
I uiuca ins conierence nere oep-
tember 23-24. at which It la un-
derstood the availability of Al-
aocemnr of tiew
r.rHr ni-Milriuiitinl
1c presidential j.
fawuTot to!
waa disclosed when
the meeting were received in the
mall today.
TI,,,.. . ..thin. K.n.',. 1-
the inritations tcX show that the,
. .
meeting la to be an -Al smith ar-
the inrltatlonal letter Is
slKned by Joseph Chez, Ogden
lawyer and former state senator.
who sets fort he Is extending
W. Johnson, prominent Rock
Springs. Wyoming Democrat.
States from which acceptances
hare been received Include
Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico.
California, Oregon, Washington.
Idaho, Nevada. Montana, South
and North Dakota and Utah. It
Is understood here that another
Smith conference will be held in
The letter lists the subjects to
be discussed as follows:
(1) Tho present two thirds
rule prevailing In the Democratic
national convention.
(2 Who Is the most available
president candidate?
(3) The need of a united inter-mountain
(4) More recognition of west
cm Industries in our tariff legis
lation and such other questions
aa may arise for the best Inter
ests and welfare of our national
EUGENE, Sep. 14. (UP)
Opposition to the move to in
fluence the changing of the pro-!
posed route ot the cross-state
railroad from Crtine, to Odell to hopped oft from Lnngin field,
the Santlam pass, farther north. I Monndsvllle, this afternoon for
waa voiced today In a resolution j Roosevelt field New York, to
passed by the Eugene chamber i await favoraTila weather condl
of Commerce. ' Hons for their trans-Atlantic
. The resolution urged the Port- flight to Tarts,
land chumber of commerce to ! Backers of the proposed New
take no other action than to aup-j York-Paris air trip today had not
port the recommendation of the . withdrawn their suggestion that
public service commission fur a
road from Crane to Odell.
: I.
All departments of the South
ern Pacific were well represented
m iiiu mummy uiCTiriiiifi ul uiv
employes at the chamber of com
merce rooms Tuesday evening
when about- 50 ot tho stuff gath
ered for a round, tnble discussion.
Several Southern Pacific of-
ficials spoke before the gatherlnr;
including John ,M. Scott, J. It.
Muleahy. A. F. Koarnhaum. II. A.
Spragite, .T.' J. Foley, and J. J. I Approximately $40,000 In dla
.Miller, after which a general dis- monds, was obtnliard when the
cussion bf courtesy and better
servleo filled the remainder of
the evening . It is planned to1
hold those meetings once each
Singers Urged to
Enter Contest of
Atwater-Kent Co.
Namea of three entrant In the
Atwater-Kent Kadlo company's
couteat which wilt atart In vari
ous citlea of the nation Keptember
23 and terminate In New York
1 where the final winners, of the
'cash awards and scholarships will
be decided. ( have been received
here for the Klamath audition in
! be held tn thla city a week from
1 Friday night, Walter West, chair-
m" ' ,he mne oinmlturB
' ,u,ed laBt night.
j Particularly anxious to have
!reery ,,nr ndr ,M ?'
1 25, regardleaa of residence. In
Klamath connty participate In
the vocal contest to be held here
I Friday evening. September 24.
Ilk. Mmmllla, M..M ftiat all In.
,terested, commnnicate with we.t.1 TOKIO, Sept. 15 (Thurs-
it nit mm vuth t nnro Uov. tp Wiiiiom t?-L-
- - " i
- a man and woman win emerge ,
I from the local audition. In charge;
ot w w suthweii. aa winner.,
, with . transportation . expenses I
paid by the Klamath Oratorio j
: v---f-- . - - ,
Ducks Plentiful
Here This Season
ittnina a KUTcmuiviii reunia uiifveryotifl nere wno naa artseo. zo
ducks and geese on Klamath and; the airmen, as they were firmly
' , . , n.
under way, with thousands ot
nunc some geee oare oeen
Iw arm over thi. Mtn.
they have not started arriving In
appreclable numbers,
fo Barnes, and will
sot come
probably until slightly
weather. .
The government aurvey
( ducks and geese will be taken
- monthly. , ..
1. , '
' . : '
Klamath People
lo bee Jubilee
fiovoml m .... I. .. .k. i. . .
, .J " """ra
of the rhflmh., nf . . K.
. ' ' jviamam rails
j "!Iens. are '?la toT Bedford
I'""" ",e Juonee ana.
',e Jackson county fair, and in!
j now in roruana. wno
may visit Medford todaw. enroute
J , ul "1B nneo
. It is not definite that Lind
bergh will stop In Medford to
refuel, but it will be at the valley
city where he will meet the es
cort plane from San Francisco
and will leave the .escort plane
from Portland.
The parade Is scheduled for. lOi.the veterans.
o'clock in the morning and dur-
Ing the afternoon and evening
there will be attractions at the
fair grounds in connection with
the pageant. '
All Klamath people attending
the fair are asked to stop at the
chamber of commorce rooms and
get a badge to show they are
Klamath representatives.
The board of directors of the
chamber will attend a meeting
with highway officials at 11 a.
m. to discuss road Improvement
In the southern Oregon district.
WHEELING W. Va., Sept. 14
,lla Uitfl. .,la. Bn1 flunn.
Hnldeman, co-pilots of thel
monoplane The American Girl
.the girl take part In the New
York to Spokane air races- and
postpone her trnns-ocennic flight,
until next year but had lapsed
Into silence tn face of the young
woman's determination and en
thusiasm, i
CLEVELAND. Ohio. Sept. 14.
(UP) Three Imndlls late today I
held up a Clevelnnd-Agron bus !
near here and robbed passengers
, of more than 350,000 In Jewelry
I and money.
bandits relieved a Jewelry sales-
man of his sample esse. - Pulico
are hunting the country side for)
. the holdup men, but meager
i descriptions were available,
Two Men
Give Up
Plan for Spanning
Ocean Is Suddenly
Changed by Schlee
and Brock
uaj w v IlliUlll W IV
and Edward SchUe, round-
. , ' .
the world aerial racers, will
return to the United States
by 8teamer if their girpjane,
"Pride of Detroit," can be
embarked on. the-liater Ko
rea Maru, it was announced
This decision was a surprise to
.u ."J : .
t night. Nothing, they . had ! de-
dared, could deter themf -rem
their plana to seen the Pacific.
Warning that the odd. Wtt .
them were lncalcuble. , appeals
from allorer the world ana. pr-
1 iiinirir frm ii.i, ,i. .
tires, not to add their nanus- -to
the tragically multiplying list of
those sacrificed to a passion for
conquest of the-air, had earlier
left the American aviators ' only
the more determined to' reach
-'heir g;oal by air, or die, trying,
" Isolated br Storm -"-
" Brock and Schlee arrived at
Kasumigaura air ffehl. 75 jnlles
from Tokto, at 2:55 p.m., attar
, a flight of 2 hours from( Orou-
had been isolated by a storm. '
Tlred dirty.: but . happy and
eager to keep on, they arrived
Toklo tonight.
"Nothing will prevent ns from
trying the Pacific flights." Brock
bad said
' "
We do hot expect to
find the Midway -Islands easily,.
(Continued on page eight)
. n .
VetS Will rUSll-'
-t . . i i '
National Guard
. . r
- The -local post" of Veterana of
Foreign Wars will co-operate w(th
National Gourd officials In estab
lishing a! military . nnit In this
city, it was learned . last night
from Quartermaster Charles Lar
son, fouowing a meeting of those
Interested In the guard unit with
While Inst night was to hve
been the dead-line for reaching a
membership quota here, the date
has been set up to next Friday,
to give the veterans an opptfrtitn-
uy to iena ineir support to tne
Major C. A. Mnlone and Ser
geant Jirak both gave Interesting
talks on the National Guard work
last night, advising that more
members are needed tos Igik-up
at once if Klamath Falls Is to
hare the post. ' Otherwise the
unii win oe esiauusneu in. some
other city. '
All those who have .already
signed up for membership In (he
local National Guard post when It
Is established, are requested to
meet in the Legion hall Friday
' at 7 1 ll n rn whan flnnl ihnir.
" . ' " "
iiunu ul iiiriniioiniiiiT ic.uug nm
be made. This will be th last
chance to put the membership
quota over. ( !.'''
No muu Is too big U feet s
i Qi ivy
I , mra u fe Put art. ' ' '',. I