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The Klamath News
We notice by the state cx-
r7 U NCA 5n,IS it &n Lucien" Jkjrrmm
Its unuruls- ouo
cud. Ni'r-1 l'ri
Published arcry morning axcept
1V - v.
PaMlablDg Compaay .t tOI-IM;cnancs that G- M- Curtiss,
otk Fttm ... Ki.mat. , lor a century .oco- TW w A1.1.KNKI, , lo . t0
ralh. Or-oa. .motive engineer on the Miem ,. bwn m;uU. ,m j . Th. collrt ,,, wllh
iniwjifjn-jAiijiMjif -s n.-.- j 1- - -' - , Vnion racific lines in Ore- the Ufa of Klisa Msrlwrry. aili wrmln. htiittag tmtltllutlr.
Ontrltl Paper of City of aiasa-ip nag pftsse(J on t tnaj A merlon slrl ownlu conUlr-1 Kiln rsas brntinht out aa itu
Mb FUs ! Klamath County... . , 4V. able pnKrty near Hi. little town n.l placed in tli. pavilion. Iiki -
1 lanp neie mere is no ex- of Ioro VtirJ(, ,u W,M ctnlni tlwfo, , . .,,,,, h.r.
Rata' Otterbela -.CIty Editor animation as to different , pjraill. She has escaped hurni ! D'Albcutura stood at tho altar.
laa Ztanmermaa Ad. Mgl ', Colored 8ignal lights, where due to the shrewdness of he.-'A dance n be-iin.
w-w. thu nrrUra rhwtli nri rintr f0U8m " Protector. t tiaa. wan, t nirty or forty Mark, brown.
ol the atouvs. "TUora'sj
roullM. by llio AliulalMy. ;
rtrtintvd Vllak. . A moment Inter I
aa tlin priest lo. another figure '
. EffcctlTe April 10, 127.
DellTered. by carrier, mo...f .A3
DellTered by carrier, year 8.50
Deli Teres by snail, year. B.00
Entered as second class matter ;
will not be given.
Mr. Curtiss was like hun
dreds of other locomotive
engineers a good citizen,
with hU friend. Lincoln Null-
nally. an elderly Amerlrau cheiu-
lot. Is trying to learu the ream
and reddish-skiimcil women, theli
bodies bright with paint and
feathers and their limbs JIiikIIix
mimI from Its mouth
rd arm beaan to deMi'eu
er mid nearer fume lla thorny
linnd to thu captives' forehead.
A I lat thorn tuel lallooed III-1 (rom ihv lltlvr, he added qulolly
atiKle. The criminal's cotiviil-: ..Allll n,,,,.,', Tluky."
siv striiKities roused: ua ly I
rlald. Yet he Was not dead: '
In drawu eyas Kleuiuod w it h the
.nun hitler anguish which had
teurked the eyes vt thu prolrale
Tony llarlieili and Detu Cl
eeroao and I lu irevplna l.lnicy
foils. i
Wsills In l Ills helpless comll-l
lion, ins mnos were uuiieo. lit , , hllrf ......u ... .Pi
Plie-ts hecam.. four fiends, ''or,,,,.,,, ,, wb,n NU11 wa.
nan uu uour iney tortureu mm.,,. ... hi,h, .. Anuibar dunee
was begun, another pautoiniuie.
i.i i. .i . i j 1 1 i 1 1 ' 1 1 '
Suddenly a flaur dunlied from
the pavilion. It was Hltao. rial
she was permitted to ' run only 1
a few feet. Two auarda snatched
her. She wus carried hack to the
pavlllna. thru off Into the dark-,
Aaalu the ouirns were coil
nulled. They dwreeHl that l'n'ti-'
Then another heart, like lhos.i
for the straiiKe enmity for Klise. ' with metal rnntnentiO leaped. I 'he oensls. went to tk fire:1.. ii'sihentaru took part. He
l.lYtnr near I'orto Verde Is one ! bowed, quivered. Kfratcd. while nnoiher bead ami another WO' .' shook hunds lu un-ludlsii-llke
Caylord Prentiss, a trail re and I rows of men. with fnres painted Joined the rutt-s at the fool of ...i.i.m with tint native who
Babscrlpttona payable la advance, seldom heard of, always on ! forblddlnn character, who has like death masks, stamped theli- the Idol. was wearlax Preutisa' arlmy linen
evmrea a natrea tor Kitse. i feet and beat time with thud-1 eour imtives rarrymit nuiioweu ,,, Much ruunlni and aulklnx
Tinky. Klines two-yeer-old or-1 dint tom-toms. ! reeds and gourde of dllfurunt .; ihrouah Imaalunry bushes fol-
Al a roinmand from tlatalaaos " "f11 "m" i lowed.
Don't Tmst to Luck
Consult a Reliable Abstracter in every
real estate transaction.
Klamath County Abstract Co.
(ltulUble AlMlrustots Mlure I'.IUbl
111 South 4th St. Phn 188
the job carrying his respon
sibility with carefulness and
. , if,, nstnfflei. at Klamath
rail Oregon. Noveraber 15,.Rfety- '
lJJ. aadar act ot March S. 187$. . We can but wonder when
. locomotive
pbaned nephew. Is kidnaped. A
native reports Prentlsa has been
seen with the baby. The trail
leads Into the jungle.
Xelcphonw 877
. cc.-.:j;"' ....... r
Aadtt Itarea. drcaUUo. f'reciated.
engineer like Curtiss passes turn vnk organiies in pursuit
Un if hs has rsalli' hiwn in. Native trackers are Injured or
II.. . , oesen. irearnery orcsHs out
We wonder if.Thrir mhtt9 ,ri,nd, oro T
I f"""" f virnms ann are leu wirn a-,p,mr. On each per-tip was n
JUDGE BURNETT PASSES think when riding on the ; friendly tribe. drled. shriveled human head.
, . i Cascade ' Umited. couched '..t:,,s?J'""k i"lNl
- , 'iy eraern from the Juncl. tnriin. in iwn ---
Chief Justice Burnett of,iu their luxurious seats and Presently they come to the otit-!; BTde the oVmouthe
me aupreme toun oi jre- cosen auon cars, oi me man e.i., in- iuol. Nuunallv. noticed that each
' una oia tuca civiiizaiion. riere -im ,MnKw k.,u ..
Ihev am mail, Thev .....,.. '
the clauce ceased. A fowl, a wild 'r-olsy rultllUK Intended lo be;
pie and two oxen were laid upon ( music. They ceased Iholr ills-,
the altar-stone, killed with ,;eordnnt labors. D'Albentaru ap
k.nlfe. and their' hearts thrown pnwchecl Vllak. "All goes well.;
into the crackling fire. More I umlgoa f he murmured. j
dancing. ' link did not aunwer.
A file of nallvo soldiers came' Tl"' 'Bies shrugged his'
forward, euh holding aloft a "boulders. "Y;u will nt speak j
vim nit. rTuiniviur ad. ii vt 11 f
must Ik, so thtn iuuiM tt b. You;
think thai Carlo D'Att.tHUurti In;
"1 thlult Vv iM'in iwnifliilim
lonttiiutM mt I'juiii Fh-r)
riWl. Oo you not, cvj..Mi-ro?
Whrtl mull
comet hero lax
dut trtttmtiil
hti work U tnn
m.i.t i with the cxiMH'tu-
mo uii a win roniiouo m niT
iThnt he loves Mood like the vim
plre bats who fly in the night.
orAtt tine hi.n r I 1 TYiprl nv shn wirn pup s pva van. i grim iropny oore tne same lat- ' v 1 ' '
. .. , ... . . ' . . , , , ,, they are made prisoners. They llcoexi iine circied m..k shrunk, ei doee he hale blood, hale
death. The highest court in, the track. Who holds the discover they are ut the power JkJuit the polm1""'- They are like mid. like
Oregon has a vacancy fo, throttle, who watches every ' at Carlos D'Albentara. whom they wllare u tad b(,en .ereJ wound on the face of a be.u-
..J ... fnllntri .i.mi.1 fnDlK. k.l.n n1 engineer Dacg N. , .. .h . .,, Jtlful woman. They make life
. u- -vi. 'is. a r-, T "'"o Verde. , , froc.01.. .... ,,1B,lnot pretty. Though he
numsu.- miisi. ut: ait suic ins li hi n lu ils Ltriiiinai in tk. i.i..v ,n , rr ,k. . i ,1... ' - . . . . . . ti.'u wi... i
( , . ' . , "..V .1 down near Vllak and made fast iuse " ""his teeh fixed here. This la
jurist, a kind man, a gener-; safety. f w rry fciise a.d t Pu. nother one aui, do oth(.r tnlnl, wh,ch n,.y be : keason enolcih for turning
i.... VI Ut anil Vtt nnullv tra laaalh! . i . . . . .
ous 80U1. 'At best we are an un- . stones, where htrnay' aTrernately , ' or" " " out guaranteed work.
The -chief justice was prateful people. 1 es, Un-; feast of Rayml. From bts prison j
.able. 'He tras schooled m crateful to the God who wmdow !iak can observe the
n. 1 ii. , i ... ' Lj . i I beginning of the ceremonies in
r eidental to the feast and sacrl-
ungrateful to those; nee. H and X u n na 1 1 y are
They are to be tortured at the I , . ..., , mnA .ihe so wishes. No. It Is always !
Oregon affairs- He knew made
humanity. As a member of . daily.
'lr.g piteoualy with hla captors. A;
i second young deer was slain to j
i consult ine omeos. tnejr uecrueu ,
1 Immediate sacrifice. Three of;"''n
hecauee of this miserable
He smiled apologetically.
'You !
Have Your. XeMa Kutiulnrd
short pan- j
lie strode oft. A tew mo-
I the soldiers danced
Itomnme in which there was menta later liataiagos rose pomp- f
imuch cUshlni of swars and i ously from his stone seat.;
'stalking through 1 m a g I o a r y j waited until the seething wor- i
Chapter XI. Ill Ibushes. shlppers before him had become j
-Cot that ceremony from the I ..Tnls poor UcvlI npar us , . ' ,tfnt ,,en grunted a short,
Incas. too, probably." Vllak mut-...,.,,, .. v k whinoered mu,. itu hi. hn.u
the old man. "I got that fronij litter was brough in again audi
what be said when he was beg- , d w n,,r ,,, Br Aj
This pantomime ;..., ,hllu. (ronl ,k. i
A man was lifted
tered as he turned bis head to!
look at the old man lying on the j
' " "'glng for mercy
tu.iuui ut Lirv.uiainiirra. uici j
neauman, or King, wnaievea n:
the bench he held a fine rec- whose senice, such as loco- j brought to the temple.
ord, and when elevated to motive engineers, look after .
the highest court he fitted t us daily and guide our fal-,
into his responsibilities re- tering steps-' i
markably well. , . ! Perhaps your answer is
Our supreme court has that the engineers get paid,
ever been composed of good . don't they? Yes, they get'
men. With Justice Thomas paid in money, but they ,
McBride as the dean the wreck themselves physical- "" - They're showing now how he
court has functioned in a ly. they strain their eyesight t "eP nt1 w " Tou" ! .-J !
i. A ,1, v.i... .uk ., ... hla friend in the back, while, they
0llCtiUtU lltCilitci. saw Hionc tUKiiuci.n UlU w.r. j tw butv a j werJ ouj hunting" ' I "- . .
NOW that Chief Justice men at fifty in order that " druK ,u "" '"V t.hl"." . I The pantomime continued for Varaisti checki removed like ncs '
Burnett has been called to society may be served. Look fc. ..." h ..n k. .. a few moments. longer. Then
his long home our personal t at the locomotive engineer ' rigid, motionless, as
friend, "Johnny
"UcNtlstry With
ie for hours. All day he lay!" " - ji; E.
. , . , , . uun i u tiiva n as iii t tu tuv i
ui me lucomouve engineer f riRia. mouonipss. as inougn ni
Rand, will, who has handled a big en-" ",5r s:on': i.ifom th. "- ----- !
. probably be elevated to tHe trine for . a number of years, temple walli kao and dragReil to
, office of chief justice. How . He does not walk like oth- As when he had lam in hb!he larser one SBrvlnK " In aU
fortunate, indeed, for Ore-er people. - Why? Because." j" ct the priest, .w.n.y ia
- aTOBtiat., -Justice: Rand IShe JOllf thetrain .,has.-OTlttfch,y appeared thawfya ol ,noed ",ree lec'h-llke triansles
available, . for in him will made him different -'Nine'a mammy rather than . a man.;"l'on M forehead, then a tbln.
be found a continuation of; but of ten have 'poor kid-, ' '" " "" ! !,dlawe,hnlrmou Joil
... . . ..... , . .. . . Inner eyelid, crept out from th i""lan' wlIn llle enormous nose
that eminent ability so ably j neys due to the constant I ..orner, , ,warihT Bhin De. came 1 forward currying a great
engines, came bloodless, his breath came j knife, looked at the tattooing on
We have known John L. They become unnaturally , "tertorousiy through bt, pe,, p m.
neck-line, then nodded ap-
l)K ASON, Piano Tuner
Phone 140-W I
Shoe Repairing
While You Wait!
tilt S... SIMll St.
expressed in Justice Bernett. movement of 'their
Rand for twenty years, and i fat, and instead of having
during that time he has con-' their former physique they
stantly worked in the legal are. marked men, and their
profession, ever faithful to expectancy of life is short
that , wh'ch was assigned ened.
him, and always with the ! This is one of the many
rare . ability . which . nature tolls that modern civiliza
has bestowed upon him. tion takes from good men.
While the state suffers a The mere money that is paid
great loss in the death of to men for such service can
Chief Justice Burnett, the not compensate, and does
elevation of Justice Rand not compensate. Locomo
will insure a continuation of ; tive engineers live in their
the high plane upon which work. They feel their re-
Oregon 8 supreme court has sponsibility and never shirk I'a"ve women of an varieties of suddenly a puff of smoke, fol
A ';. T v ; , dre''- uro and racial mliture. , Iowrt ,,y ,,. t ,am. ,.
"oreu .j ... ... Each ut.poBiIe( , nower or fruit'
o io: tneir tram safely and on at her foct. At sundowu Uotaia-
RED HATS AND DOES time means more than all 0" appeared. (ilgKllng. he
In the afternoon his breathiliv the
and his fare became norma! . 1 lovingly. The tottooer put awayt
again: he spoke cheerfully to ihhis Instruments,
old man. sweating profusely In: The struggling victim, whose
the hot sun. and began watching ! mouth had been stuffed with
a group of Indians erect a rude ! wool lo stop his cries, and who
pavilion facing the Idol and per- regarding his captors with
haps a hundred feet away. bulging, agonized eyes, was now
Just before sunset this pavilion strapped down so that his fore-,
was the center of another proces-' head was directly beneath the
sion. Eli?e. garbed in a robe of i three great thorns which form
brilliantly woven wool, was borne leu the fingers of the idol's arm.,
into it on a litter and set upon ' D'Albentara gave a command.
stone chair. Hefore her came the i Th" savages swarming on all
fat hall-breed women with the 'side, dropped to the ground and'
painted aprons and ringed ears htgan a dismal chant. Their!
ho had been her escorts a few eve, were fJt.( a though hypo
diys before, then a long Hue of .jn.,1 UUOii the grotesque idol.
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CoHrre Yetr OpaM Scptnnbcr 26, 1927
for 'nerfrwfMfi o tanloi W1W
Ortfon, vtm. Or.
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threw .a ureal veil or mantle of
beautiful, ancient dKiRO over
Kline and she was lifted onto the
litter aKuln and carried away.
For half an hour the court wan
once more denerted. The prison
ers had been given no food dur-
"1 went deer hunting to-imore tnaa all of Coolidge's
day, and upon my word all ; prominence. They are real
I saw was a bevy of red hats ! men( these iocornotive en.
scampering through the tim-!cineers; and G w curtiss
ber and a lot of does," re- j -a8 one 0f the very best of ,nK ,nR day: now one ot til
niaeousiy pamien priests nrouKiu
them wine In two cIhjt ceremon
ial veHBflu, held the howU to
their lipH bo they could drink,
then put the veHKels at their
Kiden In dfprenHionn cut especially
for the pur pone in the Htone
Up in Marion , county Throughout the ceremonies, which J jHILK t b I t Ka PILLS
'dl( i. mi fa: a jaar PruMlrt
'7rr l,r f hlb-lrra Olaannaal AkA
Oljl ,"r.d I'HlaiBUcrf x. 1 .lel(
ETHiiiIU Im, I )tli NnW
2.; .Uk. laknnaatUe. Hwf V
touch the honlH to the
HpK, an tlioujth the I
drinking of the wine w an acT
of ptirltk-ation which mado Hum I
marked one IClHm&th m&n jjjg (jrtrl.
last night, after he had his
day in the woods and came j
home empty-handed-There
is something con- j
soling, about his statement, j
For years state game au-! there is a district judge who l"'K',n "on tt'tFr' th'"' returned
1 . 1 v . , . ...:,u 01 intervals of npproximately an
get deer hunters to wear fine knowledge of law. That captives
red hats, so that Home other, judge is L. H. McMahan. In
hunter would not mistake n recent decision he declares
them for deer and shoot the j when a prisoner is held
hunters. That much has, without due process of law
been accomplished. that prisoner has a right to
Regarding the mother seek hts freedom, even if
deer, the law has protected he has to kill someone to
them so long that they seem ! obtain it.
to know they will not be We cannot just gather the j
harmed,' and they scamper ; entire meaning of Judge
around just to tease the men ; McMahan's decision on this
who carry guns. If we could point. But, before critic-is-1
understand the language of ; ing a man whom we have
the deer no doubt wc would adrm'red as long as we have ;
learn that a deer conven- admired the judge, we are,
tion is held the 'night be- going to await further com-1
fore hunting season opens, cent and discussion of this :
and all the bucks bid good- decision. 1
bye to the does and run off , In the meantime, Judge,
to the high hills, leaving the ' we are doing quite a lot of
lady deer to be properly ; thinking, and wondering ifj
taken care of by the lnw. you are wrong.
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fw acl eece.ase got.t. U p,R(ttT
l rsi
1 B , Cffrf A
l VssimiMs. . isimmi I sslllllll '1 i j V
wa ft haS.t ot P0lt43 f Z
ney, WAKt op, Croix' th' 7 r?
T'TiMK JoKe' on u that, r yxAmV "r- A '-ysStc