The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, September 11, 1927, Page 10, Image 10

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m out oy
n Me Old "Gas Buggy" Day:
Gypsy-isig De Luxe
Use Low Gear When . ' 1
in Erratic Traffic;
Dealers Have large 'Vol-!
tin iime of Orders, Though
New Car Has Never
Been Displayed.
' Dodge Brothers, Inc., has In
troduced a coupe an (he second
car In Its brilliant new line of
ears. Gracefully deslpned nnd
with erery line symbolic vt speed.
t U l different aad aa strlk
iax In comparison with other
can on th market, aa the four
cylinder sedan. ,
i 'Dealera have been taking or
dors for the coupe, "sight un
seen' for aome time nnd already '
snbatantial volume of business
haa been boqked.
I Built with the new and power
ful motor which how
power all Dodge Brothers four
cylinder cars, this coupe haa the .
una a peed and power that haa '
contributed eo materially to. the
AOtable reception accorded the .
new four cylinder sedan. The
aedan has been advertised as the
"Fastest Four tn America" and :
each day is proving the truth and ,
con&ervativeness of the claim'. j
- The coupe Is an all around ar
for the business man or the mall
family. Dodge Brothers say. Its
phenomenal speed greater than
anything 'In ila class its quick
rot away in traffic and its op
erating economy are claimed to ,
aake It an ideal car for either
constant driving In traffic or for
Dae on the open highway where. :'
speed and snap are wanted. Karl
the small family or for the worn-'
A who wauta .a smart car to-
drive herself, its dashing appear
ance and extreme ease of con
trol have particular appeal. It
is bailt with ball bearings in the
steering knuckles, making It pos- i
stble to steer In traffic with but (
the tonch of a finger. ' j
. he coupe Is somew&at lighter ;
than the former one and this, j
combined with . the improved j
combustion obtainable In the
"124" engine, makes ft excep-;
flonally economical to operate, j
The car is Raid to be capable of !
going 25 miles on a gallon of
gasoline at a speed of 25 miles ;
per hour a notable advance in '
economy.. 1
The new coupe body is con-!
slderably . lower than on the ;
former car. giving a low, rakish t
appearance in harmony with the ,
high speeds which it attains so i
eesily..The lower evernilt height '
from the ground to the top also j.
adds to the snfety factor at high I
speeds, permitting driving with
wide open throttle with the same ;
sense of security and comfort
that has formerly been found .
'"only in much higher priced cars, j
The car is said to be remarkably
smooth, regardless of how fast it
Is traveling or how rough the;
roads. , i
Another important point In Its !
construction is the way the bod
ies are built. Door panels, body
panels and lock cover are rein-:
fqreed and rendered sound proof
by heavy felt padding and in ad-:
dltlon thick pads are placed be
tween the chassis frame and
body allls. .
. The coupe is priced at 1855,
f, o. b. Detroit. This is the low-;
est price at which a Dodge Broth
ers coupe has ever sold.
hi Kamr-Ez" Wilcox.
hesttrn Anta SttNiIti Camtcmi M I
Low-Priced Cars
Set Up Records
The public has always taken it
for granted that the
priced cars should stand
der the most grilling tests, but
today the remarkaLle fuct Is many
'MIK IS KIV; THK recardt to , weather romlltloiiH,
t'.tMI'INti Tltll' . f,,,- i, run i,. ud inside the Ivul
Appetites slinrpened by the in-u;i Vi1'" 8 l"'n.
vlgoratlng ulr and all day sport ; Aim tin the-new Improved mod
it fisliing. hllliK ami swItillnltiK oIh of i'mpllig ntoves there Is
a whiff of hum or bacon as It one uckmiwledaed by outdoor
rinles in the pan. the odor of nun of atilltorlty n being the
hiH biscuits and the aroita of 'finest' camp cooker over made.
Iiagrattt toffee scenting the nlr! ' Tills. . proihut. the Coleman
The t'mnp (ok Is King, mid ctmp stove, hns many hnitlit
rates the royal cheer! . features; Including the built-in
So tae tlit Hung in (he cult-' pump, funnel, folding oven and
nary department of -ntr camp- : tank. . A , hot blast generator.
Ini; outfit sin utd be a ius.lliie ; mil-h like a blow torch, proyitlea
adventiinnts traiu of mind drove "",', N ,u o""1'- uo:ick hMt and a rmtklns fire l
searcii rvr dry ruci. no rork stove iready two minutes after It has
to be built, or any other Inron- j been lighted. This slave Is
venlence tlK'.t goes with open irniili"d .with n folding oven,
fire ranking. If you usa'tho sua- when mvtl fur Imlilng niul broil-
Then, loo. with the itur. relieves the monotony of
highest. ; every difficulty cf the Australian su'o'H'e stove there is no wall-; fried find oil a motor cruise. The
up un- bush salt 1 rush, ypurse timber. for 'he f!re to become li"t oven is very efficient, and call
inallee ttumiw. aud milo after nou"n "r euoKiiig, as it provides also ! e.en ns a .irnm neaer to
srru tne trnt on u com ntgnt.
Ooeui t Ihfc. t; vou Kick to ihe .Uv i hen too had m tet ran c.n.l licU
mrlMrcinl(hctn,ilu,;Sipau. I'kaai i nf "t) J NumhertW. .Kc un
it DU U"J'r n P0" a rx-nt -Jcto pu.a.l.
over the famed Australian route
in a Pontine six with a Ion of ,
litSKMne. The pepraratlmis they !
mnile for such a trlu were orae- ,
tlcally nil. Thev encountered " e.
of tho so-called low-priced au- mul plains. The Pontine nude:
tomobiles have been making rec-. tn, entire distance without a
ctcs of spec.1 and stamina that ; single mechanical adjustment, the
may be classed as phe.nonieual. ,! delays beini; occasioned by
'Uex Laprarie made the above runctures.
comment with newspaper men ; -Two outstanding features
following the Interesting reports ; mari Ine 8evenflay non-np
received from the Pontiao fac-1 run at Kdwanlsvillc. III. First,
tory at Pontiar. Mich., cunceming 4615 miles were achieved with-',
four achivements of the "Chief ollt any trouble though he tar I
of tho Sixes" that indicate the j, previously been run 9!Ss
remarkable stamina of this car. 1 mUes. and up to the time of tire
The first." said LaPrarie, test had ccst but Ji.TU for re-'
"was a remarkable run across the : pairs; secondly, the test was re
Australian continent from Perth rr.arkablo because IT tliffereut .
to Sydney In 19 days. The sec- persons of varied skill or lack of!
ond was a non-stop soven night- skill, drove the.t-ar. No restrlo-1
and-day run with 17 different 1 tiens had been placed on the
drivers in Kdwardsvllle. 111. The ' manner in which It should he
tMSd Was a 469-mile trip from ' driven.
Aiuarillo, Tevas. to Tulsa. Okla.. I - The run frnm A:iiarlllo. Texas.
minutes.. ine,to Tulsa. Okla.. 469 miles, was
fi-nrth was through the flooded , apccd run, oml Tas made in-HJ
regions of Miesouri from Pontine hours and 29 minutes, bv o. Hur- ;
-!"- '. .' j ton Fox cf Tulsa. On the beat
car during that preiod to nego- j roa(ls the speedometer registered!
tiate the creek bottom south of 1 a, hi(th a, 65 n,lles an hottr. aoi
FrederukBtown. 1 cording to factory Information ut j
"The drive across the Aastra-' hand,
lian continent was made Jnst 57 J "Mike Walker proved the ra-
years after Lord, Forrest of Bun- pacify of the Poutlac to function '
bury with his five explorers made through water up to the dours
history' through an overland tour : of the car when he started at I
from Perth to Adelaide, tne most ; 6:30 o'clock in the evening from i
difficult part of this trip. ThffugU ; Pontlse. arriving at Poplar Bluff, i
great anvances nave been made : Jin., at 6:30 o'clock the next
since that lime. Ihe route is al- i morning. Uvea golug through
mcst as wild and impassable as the flood waters he had to mak
it was in pioneer days. ja detour of 200 miles to get 35
"Three youthful students of ai miles."
nlle of rutted tracks across die- f"" c',lllnK ' lnime.llu.tely af-
"Move AI0112:
OF Trusty
By Wootton
x mv rr -mm man- ji all right.
-5- II r . n T.'V' aav V
I 6"S!fv si 4t. i
' later sh
.According to figures tabulated
by the Traffle -l.-areau iu Wash
lngton, D. C.. five per cent of the
automobile casualties In the cap
ital are caused by persons walk
ing into the sides of moving mo
tor vehicles. Traffic officers
have put this practice down as
the most advanced form of jaywalking.
Tho lack of lubrication is In
variably the cause of squeaks.
.These noises come from such
parts as dry spring leaves, shac
kle bushings, wheel hearings,
steering gear connections, etc.
Some fighters have a hard
time finding sparring
partners; others get
iSSsS 61 HERE THE) f?
f,rr;.McM? that J rr-.
: : 1
:. J A. X . -V. I i l.-catlon o
Oil Univerf al Joint
At Regular Intervals
nf ihe inaccessible
the universal joint,
is seldom properly ;
I lookeil, aftnr. Nevertheless, the '
If aa adjustment .f the contact
1 i '11111:. 111 ones car is maue nv
,i the removal of one of the small
'.A wasners under tho .d. of the
I sens uion whiVh the p dnt rides.
j one must be certain that the
,1 si lew Is tightened up hard
j ai.. iii si the remaining washers.
I It this Is nut done. the. adjust
irent is apt tn I e hut temporary.
j: j, .' A .' if;" tase ins place 01
pr.iviiii-n in Keep 1 11 screw In
I f r 1 -1 1 A.r-..ll. ...a ' -. ..
' (-.YufAtv t.t'. OlA Alitl ... i.t. '
A mountei:'cop hurries PoMvi ... '. .' ,. , f
, HalHday. New Vcrk poetess, i a waf "t"'' 'he ""'"";
along the sidewalks while break-! ' ,n -cording to'
iiig up a Kacco-Vanz-ul demon- i a,v''e Jnst received by the de-
stration in Huston. A short, tinm Pm'lment of commerce. I
was arrested for purail-
Pi xciiivt; ii.i.i.tiAi.
The prattiee of tho state uigli
way motor1 patrol of punching au-
j tr.moliile license cards to Inili
tjf violations of the motor laws
ij illigal In Pennsylvania. Tiic
new r.iili:- holds that a license
card Is the properly of tho holder
::nd nerd not he surrendered ex
cept fr,r r.-f.tmiriatlon and Identi
fication. Miirking of tho tard
tanuot lie regarded as conelnive
evidence of violation and as a
; -'.I'istltiite for trial. 1
Oakland Landau Coupe
Fully Equipped.
Looks and Is Like New.
A Ileal lluy!
S3P W)f buHB
It isn't just luck. Our
Used Cars are so con
sistently good because
we handle NOTHING.
I'lione , ."l." Khiinnlli ,ve.
A 13 Plate Ford Heavy Duty
Battery for 10.00 and
Your Old Battery.
Motor Go.
It Irufflr U m 11 r He thut you
mum utiolrult (or tho quit kml
, pumtlhlfl gtl-Af, ynt may tia j
ohllnyit to top n U(lltnty. keep ;
In low jtrar. Thin will Rlvi urrt.t
oiul qiiUkMt nlitwttiK down wIiimi !
IKHli'tttrUmi or tMhor imrric trt !
Inio Dio wny In n nuuiu'iit or two
nftrr tc I .k tt lil tn so. i
Through trufflr liUMwuyn nro
to lt 4utillHluM In IViinylvunlo
hfrh n. vhUU my erlor nor i
oroi. wo tho ut mmiug fo h full '
rial Tltroiiph irAfflr hlghwavi
tv IniToly tho n(Hrll ttiOrmiKl ,
f.ii'i'H curryltiK honvy trnffk. 1
ter it has bfen lUhted. f-.vtt'i; dm W muy ho made
It i? ossentially the motorist' , (or c.-4oliiio movo o that it,
w;iy of rooking, for it burni the . in.ty ho Hfu'il off iho ground to
same fuol ua is usod in tho car. a nmro rfosiia)lo and comfirt
and it is tiulto tndep.vntloitt witli abH cnliiR iitiltiou.
Vibration Is Cause of
Much Auto Trouble
. 1 Ik moM rxntshmoitt a cur,
can roiM'lvo U lo driro tt ovrr -
- road of const u nt rotiKltn': and .
i at a niiwd which rausoji thu
U'uiuiunc of tho ehlrlo to match
tlii jivrind of vibration of the
lip rin .. Constant vibration aro
worA than c-ca.Hional wronchinioi. ',
Vibration will work havoc with :
evoryihlhft on tho car, and Ik ono
of tho inoitc .Kevoro factory totts I
for machines. I
A Good Place
to buy Used Cars and Truck.
"t . . . . .
A good selection to
choose from.
Get our prices and terms.
5 I 5 Klamath Ave.
I Joint must bo oiled to kooji tin ;
; part working offli-ioutly. I
Willys-Knight oft ers distinctive
ensembles of rare taste and beauty
Knight is, a triumph of
engineering. You enjoy the
important exclusive advan
tage of the Willys'Knight
sleeve-valve engine the only
type of engine that definitely
improves with use. Smooth,
quiet and . powerful at the
very beginning, this famous
engine grows even smoother,
quieter, more powerful the
longer you drive.
70" Wlllr.-Kr.lgln Si. SI29J to $149.
WIIUt-Knithr C.rese Six, reduced price, $1 H50
to 29S0. Price f. o. b. fsctory and pecltka.
lioot ubject to chana' without notice. Willys
Overland, Inc., Toledo, Ohio.
By all means, be sure to see
this improved, finer Willys
Knight at your earliest
Low, sweeping lines that
establish the modern ten
dency i.n body design. And
now, your choice of many
brilliant color combinations,
both in lacquer and uphol
stery. Colors that are rich,
harmoniously blended, last
ingly attractive.
From the mechanical stand
point, the improved Willys-
4th and Klamath Ave. Phone 899
Allen 4, 1920
Ruick 4, 1918
Huick 4, 1922
Buick G, 1918
Buiek 6, 1920
Buick (!, 1921
Chandler P, 1920.
Chevrolet 490
Chevrolet Sup. 1924
Chevrolet Baby Grand
Chalmers SoC, 1921
Dodge, 1920
Dodge, 192:i .
rksex 4, 1919
Hudson 6, 1917
Hudson (5, 1920 '
Hudson G, 1923
Maxwell, 1919
Maxwell, 1920
Nash G, 1921 '
Oakland (i, 1918 ., J
.Oakland (. 1921 '
Oldwmobile 4, 1921 X
Oldsmobile 6, 1920 I
Overland 4, 90 t
Overland 4, 1923
Overland 81 I
Overland 85-4 t
Overland 8.r)-G I
Heo Touring, 1918 t
Reo Speed Wagon, 1920 ?
Star, 1923
Star, 1925 , t
Studebaker, 1918
Studebaker, Light G, 1920' f
Studebaker Spe. 6, 1920 t
, Studebaker ' Spe. 0, 1922
Studebaker Bib G, 1920
'Studebaker Big fi, 1922
A X i
! x::.H-f.t.4Vf4.
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Between 6th and 7th on Commercial n
-fttuin tTcMM iuHJ