The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, September 09, 1927, Page 6, Image 6

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!. I!:'7
.. Club Awards At !
J ' Fair Announced;
I Frajt'SexlonVenunty Hub Ind-
' er. mart" a psnlal announcement
1 of the prise winners of th boy's
' --and girl's rl'ih work at the Kim-
" Mil rovnty fair. They are is ol-
Livestock Division: Senior
, f rr-iln -rlf. Jtr e". Vim Wh'.t
latch, f.rst; Bill n.vlov. s.cre!;
Audrey Ktgrr, third: Grade Jer
: ' he"er. first. Writ Whi'lnich
' J ttuM Sievcnson; l. Jersey
Jiolfr r. Cliff SliltcV. D.i Ftiis-r.
" T.aurenco Fraier: Jersey heifer.
pure. Bob fllillsple. first: .lerwy
'" ' : bull. pure. Roy Pesslv: f'o's-e'n
' - b'lfcr. Ida Del Fattl. first;
"ir 'hew fv'l semC: ' re Fat
" tl.j th:r1; . Hoi te'n h-Uer. Her
bcrt I'inelll. Louis Williams, riif
Shudcr. Hdueln heie-. pure,
"it Herb Plnellt, Louis William:
' 1 Holatein bull. pnrV. Audrey Klg-
I erj Hora: Poland Chlr. sw and
litter. Vera White; Poland China.
. yoeng new,' Audrey Kitcr. first:
- Wo'to. feond; JCMm Kiyior,
rotators: Netted , Com. Vera j
, fj-rant. Oirl Dahlincer. rob (
: 'D-bllnrer. Pit' Triumph, Laur-.
! Fraier.-flrst. ;
: . Garden: Jerry Short, Howard
i''" Reed, Fred Lewis. " '
, --iJ - Poultry: White Lefcrn vonng
ra. Audrey Kieer. Carl Seagle.
V' Donald Fraier; White Leghorn, j
- 4 hens. Don . Frater, Laurence
-J Fraxer: Barred Rocks, pen young.
Glendon i-oiweu. uoo waiaer,
-f -'tCarl Seagle: White Rock- nea r
- Marjorie Bowmin; Rhode Island.
" ' Reds, pen. , Ea th Benson. Lanr-
r' m Fraxer, James . Stewart;
1 Phode Island Reds. 4 hens. Edith
1 ' Benson: Black Giant. 4 hens.
! Janes Stewart: Ancona, pen. Carl
Seagle, Mary Burnett. I
Rabbits: Steel Floml'h. Wll
liam Hanpley: white Flemish doe
Oscar Benson. Wjvr.e Cooke, sec
ond; Howard Reed, third; Chin
chills, doe, Allan Cumnxings.
first. and second: Tan. Auroras.
Everett Brown, first; Senior Chim
doe. Harry .Brown;. Pr. Junior
' ' Red,. William Timms. first:, Alr
. '. bert -Beaba. thirds Utility Red.
' Rot -Cooke., second; Red .doe. j.
Gea. French, second: American,
B1bu Junior Van.; Kmon, firs;...
. second and third.1"- - , - : i
01dJIatl?awdeTdDes.7eqp JbrJubUee atMedJbrets
; ; '"
J' lS,.S:.frPfS s JVV ; ' ' I
1. !
i ' 'v.H'r--'.. -1'1'r-ag- iff i
1- ... lump in 11 j . l .;
Dry. Officer, Is.
Subject of Meet
i 1 r
rlv.r wro furccd ' t abandon j ,
tlmir lioiuoa. )
Kin mi rtmihlNtiM
Couatt(ttrullsi fnrni land lii'arlna .
I uulmrvi'sii'it crop. hi" l"""" I"',
unilateil hy 111" awiillon triim.
and riiitnaK l lh 'niw and city
: property will rcmh a hlali flKtirs
' It waa stated today. No attempts j
to cstltimi" Urn h(iir loa lo
yt been md. I
tocuianla of Iho mirwined
antontriitli Imd driven out l
lio rnmh to view the flood's
when they were
A rnnferonvo has hen arranitod
for tomoirjw lietweva Mrs. Mabel
Wulker Wlllehrandt. asslatanf al
trrnry aennral pnd Aaislnnl Hec.
rotary l.owman .if the treasury,
at which the mlvUnMltty of run
ilniiln Rov '. I.yl" In Ms, pre
sent post as prohibition' admin-
tlstrntor for 0:,on. Washlnxton. devastation
and Alaska will he eonsldcred. trnind ny rixiiiK
Tr- hlhiMon nmm!n-lo.r llor
an a!si ts etpe.tcd to tVe part
In the discussion. '
lawman who la In iharse of
prohibition enfoi cement, rocont-
ly summoned l.yle here to e
Irlaln alh tvd Inefficiency on his
Ipnrt and after a conference with
him onnonncod that no action
would he taken hy the treasury
until Mrs. Wlllehrandt. who lias
lOharRe of llquar law prosecu
tlons, could bo consulted.
The prdlrllon was still made
today hy treasury officials that
l.yle within a few woeks would
! be aupnlanted as administrator.
travel r0
tl iiullnuiit from I'uto tine)
jClnrk carried the extradition
waiver slicnvti by Hill to pro
iiHt him scatint any possible
haras of klilnaiplliK.
ApiMNtraiwe fhnitjced .
Young Hill's appearance was
I a decided rout rust to his wor
I rltd look this morulas;. He had
t'e.n 'bared and hla clolhea were
, lenncd and pressed. Ho refused
i o lulk ahout his case lis he
I waited to be taken to tho depot.
' It will eomo out all rlKht."( his only words. Dr. Hill,
'on-cver. reiterated his former
?n'.pment that bo believed Im
plicitly that hla aon la Inuoceut
of the charito of matricide.
Many KlniiKith Fall tt'
il art' . mukim;. the
Their Home
When in Portland
A pluaxnnt place
to livo, in beuuti
ful , tturroumlini's.
An unsunlly kooJ
ilininif room serv
ice and food.
Accessibility. to
hu.Hinc-'Ui center
and garuK!i
Eleventh and . Main Sts.
Owner and Mannirer
Departures daily,
Duly straight-thru motor
cnarh service to Portland,
California cities and , groat
Southwest with 1 dally srbs
du.ea. Kerves -all Inlermedt
sts points stop-overs If ds
sir,' J Great responsible ays
tm protacta you esrss for
baygsge. Fluest . llaasu-i-tosed
. cars, resllnlDi chairs,
heatera. Leav for
mh ANt;i-:iJt ,
TilA a. in., 10: JO a. in.
1:00 u. m., 4:00 p. m.
Terminal Stage Depot
Phone 999
Sill M.U.N ST.
k' A . " -.s
Cli'mpies of Mcdiord's "Old Hut Para tr." showing some of. the Cimdidatet for Quetn o Ueufnrd s "JuHltt uf YUiuns Tco.'rei.-'
Forest Aviator
Searching Boys
EUGENE. re., Sept. 8, (AP)
.- Copta'n W. J. C'umhrrlain.
forest air patrol flyer, left short
ly before noon today in his piano
Ut search for Gay Ferry and Hen
ry Cramer, missing The Dallj
""youths believed lost In the Three
Kistersarea ufthe CaM-ade monu- JJrOtfierS Parted
. . . . No word wes receive 1 iid;t?
a: from the sheep camp of the Lin
. ton creek district, where the
youths were thought to have
sought shelter.
A member of the search party
left last night for the ramp-, but lc- Bieler,
Recently the citizens of Mcdiord, Oregon, invaded old e'.lic
and cellars in search of chapc-mx it! ancient vintage which lli.-y
dantied for an IHil Hal Parade This, nniquc ji:iraile. which
itretched for over Iwo miles ;ilon the strcels oijliat city, wax Hie
forerunner of a ureal juhilec which v.iil lie lirlii at Mcdlnnl on
Hie eveuing uf WcdiiCMlay. Si lctilicr llth anil on Thursday,
Scp'.eir.her l.'itli.
This Jubilee, since il v. iil rclchralc tin- rcai sit i!es liial Mcd
fonl and the soullicrn llicon c.iini:-v have recently made ainr.i:
Hie I'Ulh "I prosperity, lias in'p aplly termed " Jubilee nf Visions
Kcaliied." I'lie pcoiile il M -.ltor I are rejoicing iiion the com
pleliun if a new niillioii dr.!t.;r tmi nit-i pal v.aler system, a new
three million dollar Ina'lier mill, a new lhrciir-!i tiusincss rrtcry
ilhin Ihc city, r.n eiliU-eii .i,f itiurse. Hie. recent establish
ment of as Hie seal ol J.u l.smi Ijiur.ty, a:id u new muni
cipal children's filav uronml. Intensive improvcmrnls are tinder
way on MeiKord s airport. Ilie oalv air mail l indinit field in i.
1:011. anil Tlie California tirrson I'ower Coinpiiny lias a Kianl four
iniilion dollar hydro-electric uowtr prcjccl now neariun i-icnple
lion near that city.
The people of .Mcdford and ils rich surnv.imlino rrnialn aie
anr.ious to "tell the wtirld" of Hi ir prosper v mnl have I orinl
their jubilee with this in niiiwi. people frmu nil pails ol Hie I'.i
cific (oast have been invited to p irlic ipate a.' i no rl.iliu;u'cino
cram of entertainment lias been an.initeii ,n :n:n. jlnie will lie
street carnivals, free shows, uri-wnil.t displays, an air
circus, drum corps contests :md 1:1 iiiv i.Hn-r lYaluics. Sr-.n-al
American I.c?i"n a;'i!res:uion ii'- li'cii'i-" l'i" rb.imtiionsliii S.ilcm
I'ost Corps, will C'iK'pcle on lite drum caps ci-.'it'-sis. M a irrc-it
La!!, Mecli'oids jubilee Queen will be ciownnl, s imiirt...i.e
j f Continued From Po Ooo
poriiMl (d the dlmrtct, but Lety
property dainaxe a suffurt'ti.
Uriilicm Vatird hit
Kire ItlKliwHy liridgwi wr
T.ihi'(l out nod traffic hat brn
I'titH'd on the main line of th
l u vcr Itlo Crnnde Wentern
1 .i lrafiiU by washed out eroMlnr
nd livka.
HnitHorn wfre valid down
titsiin trt of Trire. At
:Ipr. rf.Mi-n-llviim In t h
-t.cilijn which bordern tho Trite
Help swell tho crowd and give
this roaiiuering hero a regular
welcome aueh aa only Kan Krsn
risco and California knowa how
to give. Plan to coma on th
lih to the nth, and ses with
your own eyes this greatest of all
"Traveling Ambassadors" th
nho has done mora for develop,
ment of aviation than any one
man. ...
Breakfast 35c
Lunch 50c
Dinner' 60c
Powell at I r Kartell
-then you will be handy
fr (he hlg purs. I down
Market streui and all the
other big events during
the lhre days' carnival.:
t 'onifortnlite !u-tm
I'lHTL.iH ritK'W
Hlnlng room In connec
tion and your auto
.hccliod at tho d or. Jus.
II .o haggsgn..
59 Years, United
STOCKTON", Calif.. Sept. 8
(UP) Separated for hlf
a centnrr. u. M. Hitler, 70. and
b:,;' -.'tarnpw, . ui.l lrifUd
r. c-41 w.-ird to tho lunjbur tamps,
oi Wa: h:ni:ton.
V.'iien the brotiicri iearnwl of
each other's hereabout an f-x-chanKn
of correspondence jtpranp
u; and the reunion followed.
Freed From Jail
To Harvest Crop
. failed to make a report this
i Sheriff Frank E. Taylor left
'1 Eugene today for McKenzie
bridge, to organise the' search
' "parties. His brother. Smith L.
Taylor, of the Cascade natir-i-al
forest, was superintendiug the
..shipment of supplies to Frog
Camp, for the Hood River Cras
Rats, who are aiding in the
57. brothers, were
reunited at the latter's hoxe
here recently.
Levi was just a lad of
1,11 I six iiMufhs In Ihc county ill), his'
cr, w proatptly knoektd' off".
.W'KhLor. fi'aring the loss of t
tw-ir trraln. prenented a long p- i
1 1 1 ten to the yovcrnor, asking i
Mu-iiTcrs release. After viewing
the slurjtfnn. t!:e governor de-J
riil'd It tic.t to free the man,
v h!c! he did on the condition '
tlint Mti-tr.el return after the.
ROSEnrw;. Ore., Sept. S. fU
PI A unique cate of executive
clemency went on file when Gov
ernor I. I.. Patterson was fores-d
to i.ue a 3i-day respite to (rtto
Murtsvl. nerving a llnunr sen-
ten'-e. so that crops In tho Olalla hnrveiit to finih his sentence.
district could le harvested. I
Ex-K. K. K. Head
To Stay In Jail
""SOUTH BEND, Ind., Sept. 8.
fUP) D. C. Stevenson, former
.- grand dragon of the Indiana Ku
Kluz Klan who is serving a life
sentence for murder, has lost
another fight to get out of jail.
Federal Judge Thomas Slick
refused today to Issue a writ of
habeas corpus for release of I
Stevenson from tho Michigan
Attorney General Arthur Gil-.
Horn, who opposed the writ, ar
gued at the failure of the Marlon
county clerk to sign the Iran
cript for a chansre of venun, iii i
Stevenson's trial, had not invall
dsted the trail, as contended h
. William V. Hooker, attorney to
, the man who ome was pulUh-a'. i
power In the state and upon the
basis of whose documents a grand
Jury Is investigating political cor
" ruction.
. The snia!!"E' restaurant in
tho world has closed, a financial
t.:a .i.u. .,.,, !, thr-n 9". fiilhire niter years of Hueeeii.s. It
left their home in (jos'hen, Ind.. operated In' a ro:m three fei-t i Mmael operates the only , gJQ NEGRO SCORES
to seek his fortune In California. 1 by e!shi. and accoinmod.-.t;a only j threshing crew In tno ai.nct. ,
t en ln.vr followed his : cne ctutonvr at a tlms. 1 When ho was sentences! to serve
J I.OS ANCKI.KS. Sept. g (CPI1
ETHEL ' Goat Getters , J;;;:lf--t
Van Tallin of Holland, in the,
second of a prhiduled 10 round
bout ut the Culver City nreui to
'os.f-r, -7ito! -
Of- CO&U , Sti HO'.V
rPE- CO C'f.UT
. Atp -DAiHTY
f,;ij voa cwjt?. ,
I nlK'.it.
A left to the body sent Van
t Taiten to' the floor for a five
I count as the second round
opened. He arose unsteadily, took
a left on tho Jaw and went down
for th'; count.
Right Reverend Thomas J. ;
! Shihan, rector of Catholic l."nl
' verrlty of Washington. 1. C, was
i elected president of the natlonnl
'onfereneo of Catholic Charities
for the ensiling year at tho final
res'lon of the 13th annual con
vention here today,
j The i'iiH convention city will
i 1)0 Sit. I,OUIS.
' - LOS ANtiELES. Sept. S. tl'PI
A Jury of oue nian aud 1 1 wo
men sitting at the trial of City '
Councilman Carl Jacobson. :
charged with a moral low viola
tion, Thursday heard tho first
witness In the rase tell how the !
i city official, clad only In his
nnderclothlng, was found in the
bedroom of Mrs. Callle Grimes.
.The witness was Capt. Hnr
Wallace, lender of the raid lau
August 5 in which Jacobson.
noted vice crusader, was arrested
lor "resorting."
" Jacobson . attempted lo "fix
.- this thing up" and Inter tried
i to reach and officer's gun that
he might "end It all," Wallace
asserted. Wallace denied there
had been any atlempt to "frame"
Jacobson a the councilman
For results use News Class Ads.
l. y(r. v X' V-- .-'. i y,03l9t fok' , inn
i. h . r: , .:
i . ' ,' 3i St 1
i n : s- j v ' N'
;. A I I
l : : A
-Li ! A .
' ' - V , f': -,'. ' Of Hie sufferer
i iom:i:r ukad
MKIiKORII, t)rn., Sept. 8, (A.
I p.) Mrs. Ellzalioih Ann Kllppel.
I ( no of tho oldest residents of
oiit'iorn Oregon, aged K7 years,
' eii-il .it her homo hero today.
bus! nM'ti n resident of Jaek-
i, K.t'iv for 74 years. She
.'s.d the plains In an ox wagon
' Ii.wsiih iiettlliiE first at Ha-
imln 1SS2. A aon, J. H. Kllp-
iH,-rt aides lu Portland.
liverv deti.-rtnioiit of the Klam
at:i ' Vulle Hospital Is adnilmuly
presareil to treat tli phynlctl
: iicos of
Enter: the baby!
. Accompanied; by Kia. faithful, stork, the
Bitner baby arrived this morning. There was a
great deal of rushing around, but things have '
quieted down now, and advice is pouring in I
Counselors, well-meaning and many, have
arisen: "I used this talcum and that soap,"
"those bottles are best," and "Blank's have the
best carriages." But behind these advices loom,s. ,
the most practical, most modern and most eco-. '.
nomical counselor of them all: advertising.
Advertising will tell Mrs. Bitner not only '
which talcum, which blankets, whjch carriages
are best, but it will also give her many helpful '
hints on keeping her baby healthy and happy.'
It. will suggest toys for his busy hands, shoes for
his scampering feet, clothes and foods for his
sturdy body, as well as books to set his eager
mind to work. And, as the years go by, Mrs.
Bitner will keep young, and look t young, too
For advertising will help her solve one of the."
greatest economic problems .of her home buy
ing the best for her family at the best prices.
Reed the advertisements. They carry a
wealth of sound advice to people
. who are creating homes.;' "
j. -f ' (pM'Tli'T "iT C-ET YClf!? OOKif .. , . ' 'j j ,L
. -..',. . . , . - -- - .