The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, September 08, 1927, Page 5, Image 5

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' ' THURSDAY. f-fRPTEMRER 8, 1027."
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(This ad appeared in the News Sunday, but
asked to have it reprinted, as they overlooked it or lost their papers i the rush)
owing to the rush in preparing for the Klamath Fair - Rodeo - Labor Celebration mzny have
' My son, Jim, my brother-in-law, Mace
R. Delp, and myself desire to place the fol
lowing proposition before the people of
Klamath Falls:
We will, if sufficient options are offered
us, organize a selling corporation and en
deavor to sell every parcel of available real
ty in the city and immediately adjacent to
the city.
We will employ four or five hundred
men and women in Los Angeles and
throughout California, and by a system of
handling salesmen and salesladies in groups
or mobs, constantly keep four or five hun
dred live, experienced persons talking, ad
vertising, and boosting and selling Klamath
Basin 'realty. ,
We have no' desire to make the enter
prise a one man, or a two man or three man
affair, and extend an invitation to any who'
would like to join us and participate in
what we believe will be large returns.
The corporation will have' local offi
cials, selected by the people here, and we
personally do not desire to handle the funds
nor take care of the routine business, for our
end of the work is handling those who are
selling, and selling property ourselves.
This undertaking will in no way work
to the detriment of local real estate deal
ers, but on the 'contrary will afford them an
unheard-of opportunity to reap a harvest,
for our extensive advertising and our orga
nization will cause a large number of inves
tors to visit Klamath Falls, and we propose
to pay the local real estate dealers commis
sions on the business they close with the par
- ties whom we will bring here.
We do not intend to try to make you be
lieve we will double your prices on property.
On the contrary, we will proceed to orga
nize the selling corporation only and in the
, event the property offered will be listed at
such prices and terms that we may sell it
readily, and it naturally follows that the
properties listed at a readliy saleable price
will be moved, first. ,
We do not propose to offer any payment
down for our options. What we will give
you in return will be a selling organization
that no one realtor, or all of them combined,
for that matter, could afford to' launch.
It will cost a large amount of money to
put on a selling campaign of this magnitude.
Much time and effort will be required to
. properly list and advertise the property of
fered. Then there is the task of getting
salespeople acquainted with the possibilities
here, probably necessitating the 'bringing of
many of the best salesmen here for personal
inspection of the country.
But, we believe we can sell Klamath
Basin to the outside world. We know how
to sell we have long been in the selling
game and if we have local co-operation of
the intelligent people of Klamath Falls, who
are also desirous of making money legiti
mately and honestly, we are sure that this
property in every direction from Klamath
Falls can be moved, and moved' quickly.
' The local corporation will be organized
as a selling corporation, profits from which
.will be divided according to the sharesheld
by each stockholder. Our interest will in no
event equal a controlling, interest. All
books, records and accounts will be kept
by local stockholders. By following this
plan there will never be any question as to
accounts and the proper distribution of
We might add that no local real estate
activity has ever been put on in any locality
we have ever known by the old-time resi
' dents. Practically all of the millions made
in Los Angeles and Hollywood were and
are being made 'by persons and firms who
were strangers to the town. -
Natives of any locality seem not to cense
the opportunity for quick profits. Booms
that are heralded by the approach of new
railroads, new mills,' etc., often existing in
the imagination only. ' And after the addi
tions have arrived, cne frequently finds a
It is, therefore, the part of wisdom to
cell on a rising market; be satisfied with a
good fair profit actually in hand, and let the
other fellow take a chance on, expected
Los Angeles, since the milking of 200
million dollars by the Julian oil scandal, is
dead to local promotion. The people there
are for once buying outside their own com
munity. Crescent City, which is located
near the Oregon line, is being sold in Los
Angeles from a map, and the prospective
buyers have not visited the town, and many
never will. v
Klamath Falls is a city compared with
Crescent City. It has a million more re-
. sources and advantages. Klamath Falls
has had several million dollars worth of
front page advertising throughout the nation
during the railroad conflict here. , She is the
best known city of her size in the United
'Statec today. "x
Now is the time to reap the advantages.
If you cannot see it we will be sorry. But
"we wiirribf lin'geVTiere to moisten the crops
with our tears, for unless we have co-opera-
tion we will move on into districts that are
awake and getting somewhere.
Get Jbuey, boys, and let's take a buggy
Let us hear from yoi, and if sufficient
response follows we will all tie up together
and put this town squarely on the map . to
etay. I might add that the sale of Edge
wood ranch has netted us more than we ex
pected, and in addition to that we have
brought to Klamath one oif the richest fam
ilies Oregon has ever known. '
Come on, brothers, I am waiting f6r you
not at the church, but at the Hall hotel.
P. S. What is Mob Salesmanship? That question has been asked repeatedly and here it is: '
The psychology of selling lands distant from the point of sales consists in an organization of men, women, Advertising and office equipment that immediately invites confi
dence and investment. -
In proposing to employ four or five hundred men and women to sell property it must be understood that these people all work on a commission basis, whhh adds energy
and interest to the enterprise.
As an example: The lands and lots at Crescent City now being sold in Los Angeles are sold on a basis of forty-five per cent commission to the salesman.
To properly organize a selling organization for the Klamath Basin property I am proposing to establish large offices properly furnished in the downtown district of Los An
geles. Exhibits of products, pictures of the scenic section and resorts, data on the climate, industrial activity and the agriculture will all be prominently displayed. -
The salesmen and saleswomen will be divided into groups of twenty and a captain appointed for each group. -The captain receives a part of the commission paid to each,,
member of his band. One general salesman handles the captains of the different groups. . - ' ,
Picture in your mind for a moment yourself entering an office where over 500 persons are passing to and fro at all hours' of the day. BUSY PLACE BIG BUSINESS CER-'
TAINLY. ' ' .
The dead ones are dropped each week and their ranks are filled by an everf lowing stream of new people arriving daily in Los Angeles. Each salesman may sell one or
more parcels. He must at any event talk Klamath Basin property and if ha does not close a sale the. next salesman meeting the same prospect has an easier task. .' '
The high-powered sales force will sell often, the lesser ones will sell occasionally, but by constantly filling the ranks with new blood we march on much as an army marches.
. Seldom do we find a salesman who does not sell a friend or a relative at least 'one lot, end if only 200 sold one lot or parcel of land each in a week, picture what a rush
of new people and money we shall havein Klamath Basin. '
The business people of Klamath Falls can sit and wait for prosperity to come, and it may arrive .slowly, but as I noticed at the Rodeo and County Fair two' men can run
after a cow, rope her and milk her faster than one man who would sit and wait for the cow to come up and be milked.
People of Klamath Basin are to be .congratulated on the big show they put on here for three days, and I believe we are now ready for the REAL show namely, selling all
available real estate and get in a new crop of people and money.
I repeat to you that Los Angeles is dull at the present time insofar as local investments . of any kind are concerned. Investors are timid after being shaken out of 200 million
dollars by the Julian crowd. They want to invest now in something stable and substantial like property in a growing city like Klamath or land in a stable community like
Klamath Basin. Now is the time for Klamath to strike and start a flow of gold here from the south which may even rival Hollywood. Klamath has much, more to offer than
Hollywood ever had. '
I would like to hear from property owners and business men who would like to join me. Remember, Henry Ford tramepd the streets of Detroit begging Detroit merchants
to join him. I am not Henry and have no "Lizzie" but' I have a record of going out and getting the bacon that would induce any Scotchman to want to call me brother. I be
lieve we can put Klamath Basin over. Let me tell you how.
BOB COYNEat Bert Hall's Hotel