The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, September 07, 1927, Page 4, Image 4

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The Klamath News
PuMUblnu Company at 101-1:1
South Fifth atrcet. Klamath
Falli. Oregon.
..mrui i.per o. 1 try .
atb Falls and Kluuiath County
. w ,. . r . vu .-j J-J-.-u-IJ-IJ1J-l -,.-r - n - - -nr
Kau ouerbcin city Kditor
Lynn Zimmerman A (It. ytgi
micviivv nH ava
Delivered by carrier, mo..... .3
IVillrarrd by earricr, year.... 0.30
Delivered by mall, year 5.00
SaUeripUon. payable I. advance,
Entered a second class matter
at . the postofflce at Klamath
Falls Oregon, November IS.
113, under act ot March 3. 1S79.
Telephone 877
Member Audit Bureau Circulation
If Lorena Trickey killed )as een !am"h .
"Slim" Harris, her husband, ' Jw feT days " tending the
nt Ukeview it would seem "h lnf tute and
.. . . j u mg the teachers some of his
thai she covered her crime . .
.... . . ,j f npe experiences and well
so well that a jury could not . . . ,
- j- u i earned wisdom. Mr. Carl
agree to indict her. I.c.-ina ... ... ... ,
... , . .. ton is one of the so id edu-
has hid a showgirl s career,
. , , . v cators of the state. He re-
and for several years has. ... , - r
t. u tuses to let academic free-:
been quite a character in the .
-:..! W .. l,,.1"", or any other kind of
..... , ' ,. ,.t i freedom, cut him loose from
ability, along her line of., . ' ....
worn, in laci, sue i inuici
superior to any other wo
man in buckaroo class.
That she should get tan-
gled in a murder case is to ,. , . t .
t .4. j j ;e :!Eis v.ork . with Supermtend-
be regretted, and if she is, r
ia e i -u- knt Churchill was excellent,
guiltv of killing or having ... . ,
? , , ; ... . and he has never taken a
her husband killed she . .
. , . , backward step in the cduca-
seems to have been adroit I.. , '.
. .- , .. ,. itional world. As editor of
and cunning about it. i ,
jthe teachers publication he
'. Killing seems to be the ! is doing a good for the state
headliner these days. Look; and the Northwest that is
at Harry Hill, who was really hard to measure.
caught in Seattle a few days J Wayne B. Wheeler, the
ago and charged with kill-j ultra prohibitionist, and the
ing ihis wealthy mother in man who induced Rocke-
Ftreator, Illinois. The boy; feller and a lot more big
says he is not-guilty, but his; business men to contribute
life was bad. He was a j to the prohibition fund,
gambler and lost, and ad-'; thereby putting prohibition
mitted forging his mother's -over because they had the
r,;.me to . checks several , 'money with .which to,
times. Things look bad for j is dead. He died at Battle (
.Harry, and they are going; Creek, Michigan, where he
to take him back to Illinois j went to regain health thatt
to answer for the worst ; was waning. His career has !
crime imaginable killing i been a peculiar one. Wheel
ofthe mother that bore him. !er was evidently very prac-
jtieal. He had seen the pro
Turning to Oregon poli-i hibjtionists meet, resolve.
tics, we have the story that!and j,et licked for a ,lalf
Sam Kozer is about to lose!cenUlry When he took the
a feWmonths tenure of of-:helm he jmefuji well that
fice as secretary of state. the bifrgest fact01. in anv
and then we have a denial tarnpaign Ja a eamnaign
of the story and another I fundf and he set about tQ
statement that Sam can hold ' coIlect it Investigations
his full term for which he have show-n that he was
wn plppf-pd Thp first nnm-i
ion was based on something
in the Qregon constitution to
the effect that no person
can now tee secretary oi,gone now and thcre wi
state's office longer than have t0 be another ultra dry .
eight years out of twelve. I corno forth to carry on in his
ICo matter what the consti- p;aco.
tution says, we are betting!
our hard-earned dough that I Some Chicago scientist
... Sam and any of the rest of: has found out that girN who
-- the alem boys will find a I roll their own do themselves
x way to hold his term out. ! en injury, for the little
' il The constitution should be 'round roll injures the leg
"i changed, for Sa m Kozer island causes swollen or vaii
, " the best man obtainable for . cose veins. He insists hat
the office of secretary ofjp. round garter is-e ' poor
r,. state, and he should be al-ikind of a garter. But he is
lowed to hold the office un- j quite behind the times, for
' til old age drives him to his jmany girls when reading of
; soft slippers and house j his talk will innocently re
I V- jacket. Sam saves more ev-1 mark, "What is a garter?"
1927 W NtA Strvti
Attmptn , lidva been made op
the life of Kline Marberry. an
American srlrl owning 'conidi-r-nble
property near tho little town
of Porto Verde, In went central
SPTeral mysterious denihn hove
ocenrred, but so far Khe liasj
escaped harm, dim to the nhrevd- j
.news of hnr cotmln and protector, j
Vllak, rho lnasiinerndni an lier
. nttorney under . tho name of
! Daris. Vllnk; s cttiloin mixture j
of American nnd Orionliil blood, I
' Is a student of criminology. He,
trie to pereuado Kllso to leave
the country, letting hltn May
uith hla friend, Lincoln Nnnnally,
u oklorly Amcrlcnn chemlFl, to
Lry"r" th-n hi3
Tity, Montana, was the
champion buckaroo at the
Klamath Rodeo, and Hank i
surely knows how to rido !
Vm Th(J W(trst corkserew
. .... ,
tuckers do not bother Hank
; Vegland. He takes them as
; they come, and was entitled
;to the honor bestowed upon
i him at the Klamath Fair
, Fro"n0!!'
When V. F. Swank, the
grocery clerk" at Chiloquin.
1 iost his life by :oing to
p at t,e wheel, he paid
i the extreme penalty. His
! death is a lesson to every
driver of an automobile: If
' you find yourself getting
: sleepv, driyeout of yie road
I and bleep.
! E. F. Carlton, editor of
1 Oregon Agricultural Jour-
lion a foundation that was
builded when this country
was going mighty safely
past master in getting the
big business concerns to let
loose their money for the
jdry moverflent. But he is
Ay Zen Lucien Burman
solve the mystery.
After her Iwo-year-old orphan--ed
nephnw in kidnapi-d, to bo
found ne.iln by Ihe alert Vilak,
nnd another attempt Is made on
their lives, Kllse agrees.
Her departure Is prevented by
threat, ot floods. Messengers
ride through the countryside,
warning; Ihe natives. Vllak de
cides to go to tho house of finy
lord Prentiss, a recluse and n
forbidding man and an enemy of
Kliso's, whntn -she suspects of tt
knowledge of the cons-plrary'
agaln?t her. Nevertheless, she
agreea It la their duty to warn
Vllak learns that the flood
warning whs a ruire to get l'reu-
U-a nut of hf luutso :it) s In
fo rum htm. The party is be
i"WKC(l in nmull Htono lower
next to PwntluV hmmo by nrmcu
attackoni. Vllak finnlly aUpprst1!
ihiu Ity dynamitinc a tlam unit
cntiMhtK a rl flood. VhMi tin
va(tr rodij they illsrnvcr lrn
tfri ha Rono.
Thi i'X( iny. Tinky, Kliws
If t tie nnhfv, is ntolcti ;iln.
The trail loads into the juiiuWv
A native roporis Prcntiy ha
boon awn with a ha by. Vilttk
makeA rrtparniions for a tone
Journey in pursuit. ,Vith native
trnokorr, thoy take up the trail.
Calamity ovorlake thorn. Two
of thir native' am hurt, oihri
desert, and two of their while
frr.tls ore fever VirtiiUH,
Theacery exists in their ranks.
After several duy they emerge
fiom the juiiRle and rcme upon
a dying white man whom they
had known in Porto Verde.
t liatMer A XXI V
When Vilak reorereH rn
;tc!ousne?H he was lytns on the
floor of a narrow Fton-walle-l
room, bare of furniture. A his
brain quU-kly rlearvd. he attempt
ed to rise. The effort wa futile;
he was bound hand and foot with
heavy leather thongs. v
Uut the movement had tause1
him to turn hU head and he av
thaL he was not alone In the
stony chamber. Nunnally. also
trussed up in a similar fashion,
lay on tils back a few fet away.
Kliue, however, was not to !'
After a glance at the old man.
which showed that he was still
unconscious, Vllak rolled to one
of the narrow slits built in the
wall to serve as windows and
looked out.
From the rows of adobe and
straw huts which he touM see
stretching out below, he conclud
ed ihnt he was on a corner of
the artificial mound he had
notked from the mountain. A
stono path ran by his windows.
On it he could sop no one. Sim
at the base of the mound, fifty
or sixty feet below him. nn a
broad highway, and this wa
swarming with lite.
It was a life little different in
essentials from that of which he
hid been a part at Porto Verde,
he reflected, as he aw oxen
dragging creaking carts, naked
children tormenting howling
dogs, and two women arguing
rastioiiately over a broken water-Jug-
Most of tli inhabitants wore
dresM-d in the same fashion as
the wilder Indiana near Porto
Verde, the men with breech
clouts it their waists, and i
rounded stick or stone in theli-
fe TBetR 'ROUUc -TMe-WaR'.O FU&XT- '
WeLL,i'e.xe,Ki-vw! )
Tg Hi1 l V . ' ' - --'
I ears, ihn women nied or win.
a short cloth upruu. ,
Though nt the distance, it wm (
.rather difficult' even for Vilak ;
keen eye to make out the exact
i color ol their sklun. tlwy seemed
to range hi shade front the red-
brown of the American aborigine!) i
to the shining black of the nero
laborers on Vtlso'a fuxenda. Only
one stood out by -lh hhlliuicy ,
( and ptctmesuuo-noHS of hi cos
tume. Me was obviously a priest,,
for the swarming women ul
children made haste to clear
way tor him when they passed !
on n d h is o I h er w iae unrlnt hed J
nmi ne nuir n f,iitii m mu- ,
lianily dyed clotht'.dn his head i
was a circle ..of. fcKvn parrot
feathers. it
A slight imirmur .from the j
direction whom the.oid man f
lying caused Vtlnk to turn his;
head quick!)'. - Nunnally .u4.
awakened- '
' "Well, they've ciiught us a:
'right." Vilak gruuietf, when Oi" j
i other's bewUdermeut nt his new I
Mirrouudings had ceased. "One!
of your nice sulphur compound-!
did it. t'oiKiderate of them no:'
'to let us He there until we j
.strangled to death, at least. Won-j
i tltr how long they're going to t
i keep ws wilting here? And whai
the devil have they done with
The bone-tipped end of a spear
was momentarily framed in the
'window aperture, then disappear
ed. Vilak looked outsida again.
! ''That's our sentry." he muttered.
i "Kinky-haired and utmost pitch-
! Mack. , Match hint nnywhere in
the Sudin or Congo, or Alabama
or Mississippi for that matter.!
; These are Inra ruins that we'ri
in. all right, but tho people oc
(cupyiug thrm are s far from
Ineas as anything .I've encotinter
! ed. Probably found these old
; buildings and began living it
; them, thut's all.
) "Judging by those I've seen so
: far. they're as much of n mix
itnre as the natives around Porto
' Verde, varying degrees of m-tero
and Indian and possibly a little
i Spanish or Portuguese thrown in.
! I'm generally strongly in favor of
! racial mixtures, but this look
like a bad one. Many bad, nt'.her
degenerate faces."
I The spear-end was framed in
I the window again. The old man
' crawled forward to look. "He it
. . . er . . . black . . . quite
i black, isn't he?" ho stammered.
J "How do necroes come so far out
there? The black nee isn't . . .
, er . . . native to South America.
"Of course It i.u't native. Hm
that hasn't prevented It from
spreading nil over the continent.
J just as it has in the southern
statu. The ancestors of these
ot4, oeA,ut
(Sniff - smiffJ
. X I
- IU. CAW -J
chaps' wet undoubtedly slaves
Picarro brought ovr to work lbs
luca gold mutes and who ran
away to the mountains to escap
his terrible cruelty. Judglug bv
the ornaments I've awn a few of
them wearing, they probably
think they're the pure and direct
descendants of tlve original litcns.
Kasy to get that idea when the
are living In Inra ruins all th
time. Many far brighter rares
do it. The Slavs, who form such
i large portion of the present
population of tireove. will swear
U) you that they're th undeflled
progeny of the great Athenians.
He ceased speaking as a atop
sounded mu-ide the door of gro
tesquely carved wood at the other
end ' of the narrow room. A
wood e n ba r c rea k ed . t h d oo r
openrd and a man strode Inside,
Small, well-bufli. he was cl ul In
inimncutate white linens and
brown putt era. His skin was
dark, Nit tt was the darkness
that comes to n white skin utter
long exposure 'to the
run: his noso was long and thin,
his month sensitive and small.
On his npner lip was a sinitt.
carefully trimmed uuisinche. He
guced ui the prisoners stniliuKlv
Nunnally, whose glasses had
been shattered wheu ho fell on
the road to the mountain, screw
ed up his gentle eyes to peer
bltnkingly at the newcomer.
Then ho gave a gasp of astonish
ment. It was IVAlbeuiart, the
sauve, courtly engineer who had
been in charge of the railroad
gang at Porto Verde.
He strode tpwurd the prison
ers. "Ah. amigos." hn murmur
ed In his soft, perfert Portuguese.
"It is Indeed different now than
wheu I have seen you before.
Yes. (a it not so? I nm tad
when I see you like this, tied
with ropes upon the ground. It
Is not good to lie tied with rope,
upon tho ground. Hut this way.
helas, must It be. f
"1 wUh. whatever happens,
that you will not think too ill of
t'nrlos H'Alheutnra. Though you
will die. very soon. I wish you
wilt not think too ill of him.
What he does, this Cnrlfts I .'Al
lien t am myself. Is It not so.
cavalhieros? he dea because P
is business. All business, busi
ness, business. A word which
you as citi&eus of that great
United States should well.mider
stand, cavalhieros. 1 do not dis
like you. no, nther. I like y.u
much. Much.. Hut you have ln
trrferrcd with my plans. And so,
like a stone which lies on the
tracks of a great railroad, you
must be rid of. IIusIihm.i, ami
gos. always business."
He adjusted the flowered
cravat in hi white linen collar.
That's It
wtv sort op j vcj
V tie woulo
II A. IS t
Steve Knows His Stuff
- ""'V ' f -.--.
C;l-f)Mif JS lO ltK(, AKOU!ltj,
J l. v? I .
"And In this same way of bust
nens, Seiibor Davis, I would ank
you moat grit' lously, what have
yon done with my ring which
you have stolen? 1 havo search
ed carefully y,niir clothes, and
looked at the two rings on your
finger, but I find It uowhete."
Vllak guvn ti slight shrug of
hla pinioned Sitouldcr.
O'AlbeuiatA stroked hia dap
per muttache. "You will not tell
mo? Not Very well. It make
little differ. nlce. It is but an
ornament. Of little Importance.
I ahull not die. nor will the sun
cease from setting If I do not
ohm In It. Yei, if you hud re
stored It to me, I might havo
made your .' . . death, perhaps
ealer, perhaps quicker. Hut
enough of talk. It Is now time
to go to see the ruler . . ." Ho
smiled wryly as he npiiku the
word. "The ruler or this fair
city which you honor with your
presence. The ruler of whom I
nm but a humble servant und
lowly ndvisor,'
He clapped his hands. Two
nt grlto-llke klnky-halred Indians,
smh as might bo encountered
any evening strutttnft out of the
shabby moving picture theater at
Porto Verde stalked timide. Kach
carried a bone-tipped spear and
a copper dagger.' They untle-l
the cords about the legs of the
captives, permitted them to rise,
then followed with them behind
H'Albentara uloug a ruined atom
corridor, '
Soon they turned and halted
before ft great wooden door on
which were carved hundrrda of
suns la the form of stiff, con
ventionalized human faces. The
door swung open from the In
side. D'Albcntara disappeared
beyond it. -The guards roughly
sclxet tho two captives, stripped
off their puttees, shoes and notk,
and thrust them barefooted nfter
tho Poj-tuguesii,
Vilak glanced swiftly uboiP
him. They were In a great stone
chamber, a chamber whb-h hun
dred a of years before must have
thrilled the beholder with the
nutastrenesH of its long, angulur
lines, and the beauty of its ex
quisitely wrought detail, but
which now gave Vllak onlv a
sense of wrei k and dsolatlou.
For half of the lofty stone col
umns which had onco stretched
In a double colonnade front ontt
end of the great edifice to tbrt
other hud entirely disippeared,
while those which remained wer
blackened with dirt or-cbsmred
with thick growths of vines;
gTvat holes were In the huge,
crumbling walls and tho gray
thatch of the roof which showed
signs of recent renewal.
In one corner a whole section
oyzLCr!1. I'd wevet; J
nif;n of such
- i - iJ -
Vie -
V.' k 1VL-V'1 .
Dill You Ever
Stop to Think?
Mtisniii'r, OMitliuiim
THAT In i' v ,l"v"
lot. mnih iwmlf In Iiii-Iihim I'"'1
mo IIHI" limine-" In nul"1'''-
THAT imw wmilil li n H'""1
llino fur trnr rii.ll'Kl ! 1 1
In lnU. a l"H vinnilon ll"'
liMUt'r III1 iM'ltiT
THAT II ll "f pi"!'!'' '''in
kcip na -.- n wltltHl i"
Inif In miil.ii ..illili' 'Ik- lrlin-liil
liulualry of Hii' I'nlU'l Hiui.'.
Hllll It llii'V in i'l,i ll'l"''l "i")'
niny iiur.-i'iMl.
THAT iniinr hiih-h lu''i' l"
nmny oli'itlnii". mill l IiIikImk
ovrr Din ' wli ' ynn iinuilly flml
Ihvin in nmlcil ly im'n Jh" "'' i
now holilliitt oftliiv r wIih ii'l
rmi oilier Ml'.w Jnh. nr u iii '
uni nidilii nr thtn.
THAT mnliv Ktnif. nr.' ititlM- '
rd InyiM nmn ii'lIWi xrnnil '
mniuliT.." ihn fi'lloH whii nr
ulwaya If.ikliid I'M' mimnihiin tor'
Ihi'nm lvoi mill km i Dm pi'iipln '
In u lurnioll wln'n iiniirc unit
tuirniiiny ari- nri'ilrd. '
Kvi'i-y Htnti iii'i'iIh rmiltal in ;
hili In Ihn ili'Vflopmi'UI ul Iih,
uultiral ri'uniirce. ti iiiUim limn- .
' in niiikii ... i-.iIIh. to liullil rli
IfN anil ihn romitry. Minify
Mioiilit It I n v H I'll in iiiiini In
iHffi-rciu slim-, an. I work In l
(ifvi-lopnii-nt - mil Invltrtl in May
avvtty. I
Thi intilii of thin roimiry
will kii'i ihr rounlry uln'ml In '
lh inarrh of iroeriN, nnt tH-
of llui jilriti'lllro. wmlM. ciiliinin-. ;
iiril alum' pavi'ini'iii. Hn'moil in
ho Krailnally alnklnx tutu Din
Krniinil. Nor ilti ilmrn iiiialti
any of Ihm cold nrnn
tni'iituilon whlrh no rhnra.'tnrUi'tl j
Hid lnoa rlrllliailnu un.l linil m
nrouaril ihn .-ti'itdlly of ihti In
vsdlnic Spsnlnrila.
Thnrn w;i lvlnh sold work.'
hownvcr. on III fnlMd nrnnn nrilt
or llironn n( Ihn nnd of Ih- rnoni
wlinrn Hin htiiMinr; wan nltll
rooful siul wnllrd. am! on thli
wan nliilnK n flKiirn o liullrroii
that Vllak'a pr oiumnrnil tmnan n(
luimnr wonld havo riuinnil lilm to
IuiikIi nluml hn'l h not rriillxn.l
that Ihn nrt would l Instantly
(To Ik- I nnlliiil.-.l)
:IIm this si rouge ruler thinks
would make hint u gud wlf
hut the otheA must ilk'.
on VOO'-!
'-iltlUl' ,
Ai VJAt,
6W1N6 IWi
'Bioxotr xtc
. .. ..
ETC - - y-
- - ' i HWil
v. ,s
il ....I.....I..... l, lliti. n i-vi' r bull
Imaliiria anvil lo rn
Wlinnnrnr any nnlli "'v I ' 1
.Inn Inllll H'll Hllll nll'l'l1
il.. ilil" or do "'il "ii'l "''
rnvniliini'lit .linulil nlllvr llll,
iiinililnri'liil liU'tlm" and ru
prln(n himlnrni on' of l'H-1""'
limn l tlm llnm In l''i. I" 1
IIi.i.mi and Iti v..nt t ii.i 1 1 In tiirn yo
' u.'i mnih auiiln
' MM hH I till Mil HIKIt
S 1 1 ,V N ( : 1 1 A I . Unpl. 1. t,V) HI"
il.nt "f tin- JliiK N Hi IHrl
hool hrrn Hllll' l II III W pti
! rn.l. nt III CMni'M' war mil.
j work Tlmy han oraanld'il l
liilli tlm .nlillnra at Ihn frnn
jatiil In ai iid tliniii itifu. Ini liiilliiH ,
amkii and i lam m in. Till, nm
nnikn "m'WlllK mil k, lur jiiililli'r.'.
; a. popular 'aHinlilt Clitnarr Ti'inlll -;
liy n. Il khi antniis wnnmit n
; M.'iii iii u ii t li i ui durum tlm worli,
I war, 1
! Ai a rivi'iii ilti'iitrli l nninr"
tnliiiu. nl. huiiilii'iln of ul ' Ib pli ila i
; nil III. Itiu'lvna In prorurn fund--;
ami Kin. Inr inn "natlnuati-it ihiv-4
al III" front " !
Take without Fear as Told
in "Bayer" Package ',
Does not affect
the Heart
fitte ym t't i he "Itvi-r
Crotvn" on p.i ka;e r.r on tuhMs
you are nut gittng the genuine
liaver AhI'IiIu pnivnd safe by
nilllinns and iicn t hy pliy
fliciiuin over lweniv-flH years for
('olds Iteadneho
Neuritis Lumbago
Toot tint hn It he lint at Km
Neuralgia 1'aln, I'aln
Kach unbroken " Mayer park
nge (Mti.lalim proven tllrectluns.
Handy lioxt-s of t aelve lahb'tH
i out lew i eniM Itrugr.Ms aloo
sell Lnttlea .f and !. adv.
By Small
By Martin
7 1'9?
yeuTcvtctT, ttJOMic,.Mf tA'a.' BoBlO
WtPitN VEWt." ) 6WOKtt A6AN-A.yU4.-AMV)
in Thb I lout, tNOUtrt It VJOOVO
WOCM 1)4.M at Toft LATS ToTAtrt; IM AN-y
rv V
" 1
By Crane
WC The MA70e.J
V5' j)t'-
. ' ' ilal "
era u, wt arr ' 'j . ,
m Clan? y iica innvicc. se' rJ(
. ii 1 1