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    EU3KNK. OKw
he Klamath News
The Klamath News
Official Paper
County of Klamath'
Three Sections .
16 Pages
Vol. 4, No. 253 Price Five Centa
(Every :Morning Except Mojiday)
Fair Will
Start On
Two Days
Crowd Marvel at
Variety and High
Quality of exhibits
at Farm Fete
Klamath' grenUnt fair
closed tho second day of its
phenomenal four-day run
yesterday, with hundreds of
visitors from all parts of
Southern Oregon enucr to
praise the fine exhibits and
ready to return today for
another pleasurable after
noon amonjf the record
breaking examples of the
fertility of Klamath soil and
the skill of the Klamath
farmer, housewife and
Butting new record fur at
tendance. Ilir Klumuth county
fair yestorday was (uily or
ganised and ready to entertain
tho many who ram, to marvel
at tho variety, of bootlia and ex
hibits, and tin surpassing quality
of all produce and handiwork.
Today Ilia attendance la ex
peeled la attain a new high
level villi a peak Dialed (or
Monday. w"n many will InVi
advantage of Ilia general hollda;
to vtt-w Ilia exhlblli.
Tho community bootlia ore. nt
Iraetlng much attention. In
these one sees lha cream of agrl
culture and dotnaatlc produce
from virtually every community
In lha Klamath basin, and all the
dlaplnya are arranged In clover
and attractive- style which srii
off the coutenta In beat possThle
. fashion. , .
Of outatandlnif Intercut are the
knot ha of lha boya and girl
county clubs. Utilising a huso
booth, tho girls' exhibit range
ftom tho garden to the cook
alove. each specimen being of
tinuauul worth from all stand
points. Appetising cakes, breads
and other foodstuffs made by the
glrla, fine examploa of needle
work and a variety of dlapluy,
comprise the contents of this In
teresting booth.
In the boys' china dlvurtnn
are to bo seen quality vegetables
and all sorts of farm produce
which the youngsters hnvo grown
during the past summer aa club
member. In the livestock barns
the boys havo fine calves, hog-,
und sheep on display.
t'oinmcrrliil KxllihItK
Tho commercial booths In
themsrlvea are worthy of con
(Continued mi I'ago l'lve)
Who la the prottlest woman
Inking part In the fair, the rodeo ,
or the Labor Day celebrntlonT .
(lull a question to answer.
All right, then who Is the 1
prettiest woman who will attend
the county fair on .VondnyT I
Try that one anuTsee how you
will get along with It. I
Yesterday when the rodeo was j
' nt Its height Bub Coyne slipped 1
the word to Jim Miller, yes, Jim
of the big high hat with a band I
nrotind It, that he would give
$100 to tho best looking lady con
nected with tho three dny fair,
rudoo and celebration.
11 perplexed Mr. Millet' for he
nt once bug nil to think of the
many ladles he know who had
been loyal to the three day
event. Before he could recover
Hob went him one better and
offered another $50 for the best
looking ludy attending the fair
grounds program on Mondny.
When Mr. Miller flnully got
his breath he had the official 1
cnnoitncer make the announce
ment and every lady look Interest
right away In what the 111 nn was
Just how the Judging will be
dono has not been .stated, hut
those who know Mr. Miller assert
I hut he Ik sufficiently resourcnful I
lo get by with that part of the!
matter. '
Boh will give the money and
Jim 9111 have to provide Judging
fnellllles, so look out for the
linlr dressers and the beauty
specialists having to work over
time from now 1111III Monday
Rabbit Breeders
Hold Banquet to
Discuss Industry
i ' '
A product which In rapidly
womlnjt lo 1 1 iB front In Klamath
I county formed the place d realitf
0tii' at an enthusiastic bjiniiue
j In the rhimber of fommtTc
I room Iut tilKhl, win-n nearly
60 rabbit breeders from tliU
! section uud the Koaue Hlvur val
ley, gathered to feast on t heir
f favored flesh and hear the prob
lems and prospects of the lufaTi
.mitt try discussed by cupubli
; Kiii'iikur.
Tin lw liquet wan Riven by' t li
I Kltmaib Hit b bit llreoditr' anno
elation, heuded by if, II. Miiticr.
who officiated over tlie occasion
lust wviilnar,
0. A. l.eudrsot., county awn?,
waa the first speaker on the
Ooiitluuci. uii Vmu Five)
i Police Stem Flow
Of Holiday Booze
j - "You sec, I was nol trying to
conceal It, Judge," was the plen
1 K. Illngliam made before the
police Judge, l.eln I,, (iaghagen.
after ha had been arrested on
j the churge of possession of In
jtoxlcatliig liquor when he walked
out of an alley on Klamath ave
j nun with a gallon of liquor In
each hand, anil met an officer,
j He la in jn 11 awaiting trial he
fore the Judge.
I .Four men were also arretted
j who were under the Influence of
lutoxlcatlng liquor and were
I fighting. Kuch paid his flue
lot $25 yesterday and waa re
; leased. -They were f . Kdward.
J. J. Dixon. P. K. Dixon, and
Jack English.
j A truck load of whiskey and
ihouie brew landed John Laltue
In the city prison yesterday
when an officer caught him un
j loading hia cargo at the residence
j In the rear of 1H0 Klatfiath ave
I nue. He Is In Jail awaiting a
! hearing before the pollco Judge.
' CI V. Williams waa arrested
Friday evening ut 83JJ Klnmath
avenue on the charge of oper
ating a bar and possession of
liquor. Ho Is also awaiting a
! PilotWanteid Gun
To Fight Sharks
A gun. Hint waa the one thing
Paul Schlueter. navigator of the
second place Dole race plane
Aloha yearned for. as tie and his
pilot. Martin Jensen 'sped over
the I'aclflc toward their goal.
Safely harbored at life ('lift
Hotel here today with the bast
part of $1,000 prise money In
his pockets, Schlueter laughed
when asked what the one thlug
wus he 'longed for during the
"Just a gun."
j "nut what for?"
j "For. the sharks. I knew If
j wo were forced dowu and had'
to take to our rubber raft that
' the sharks wuuld 'get us.' during
I my years of sailing as mastet
!of tho City of Nome I ssw thou
sands of sharks, following us for
days looking for something to
i "Our chances In a rubber life
rnfl would have been slim If a
school of those sharp-flnned
! scavengers found us."
Boys and Girls
Get Into Movies
The boys and girls of Klamath
farms will break Into the movies
In the near future, as the result
of a visit and film "shooting"
here Snturilay by Al Campbell
and Hlmcs of the Southern Pa
cific. The men were here In the In
terests of Southern I'aclflc pub
licity and after raking In the
county fair, Journeying to a near
by farm to take pictures of Prof
liyslop of 0. A. ('. demonstrat
ing potato work to a group of
boys' club members. -
Other "shots" were takon of
girls' cluh members doing' Inter
et ting" demonstration work at fit
girls' booth at the cqunty fair.
The pictures will be shown all
over the nation, It was said.
HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Sept. S.
( A.l'. )- J. W. Kheels of Bend.
Ore., reported to police here to
day Hint two boys who he picked
up In his automobile ut San Jose
and brought to Vanniiys. north
of here, robbed him of $85 and
vulitnliles after he had bought
Ihem meals and cigarettes en
route. a 1
The youths " drove away In
Sheets' automobile and ho walk
ed Into Hollywood In mukn his
e r s
I g n o r e
Of Sea
Pinnr nf Avijatinn
rioneers or viauon
Go OI1. With PlatiS
r f : IJ
vauK. i"FS
Over Week End
(By lAsxociated Pretu)
Iirnorino; stendilv IncrpiiH- I
lug adverse odds and re- i
lliiavv Aaoiinllina in-
"" ' i 'islgn and beauty are on me list,
their i links, aviut'on pio
fieei'i continued to d:'ive for
ward u.s the week ended.
Old (I lory, the Kukker mono
plaue, was at Old Orchard
r it,.
Mulno. today preparing fo
long trail to Home The Iwo-mllo
storm packed beach la expected
1 Ir" "'
..or. nir.ner .mi lor i ue proper
wind lo roUe Hi great ship ami
Captain Kene Fronck. after:"""'"' "'""'"",' "
thoroughly testing his new 81-',
korsky biplane, has announced a Cnnrtinn- Wilrl. 17vrl RrnnfS "
program of long distance and en-j sjIlOlUIlg, ITIIUTiyCU JUIUIII-S
;,'K rrrd He:j ' And Trim Racers Thrill Big
1"? .,'"" ' ,,ar,1 Crowd At Opening of Rodeo
The lloy.,1 Windsor plans to1 . -' , '
i,.v. off f. Di..a 11. 1 . .. .. .j ........... .. h. .1
today In continuation of the
flight to-V.nd.or. Kngland. j
.. '
v.a aiwasa 1 uitHtnu, .aaxsav.i
1 upium 1 onnney 111 ni
Whale Is at Cornnna. Simlu'
Is at Comnii
where ho waa forced .to land be-
cause of adverse winds barring , thrill a minute these are to .
his passage to the Aiorea: bun. .n ,h .,., ' ,
there was no hint that the proj- i
ect had been abandoned. !
Th- Prtinn. Kir 1. - --. -.iU I
CranweH. !
sir uiuhiuir tm aa v aaia via. ,
i i.i '
spi"i. we an iur win iniuifluir
weather for the hnardou "west-
a .. . I
wnru patina- Aiunni-a. . ,
mt r-(hu M.m. h... i
only temporarily.
ER'lile and UrocK, world navl !
at Ilu'nder Abua..jand which sn-w some excellent
Persia, tuning up for an early '
start today for the next hop on In stunta. ,
their long tour. . j Kicltlng liners V
, I The races too. were exciting
f ' ' 11 f it land many times the close flnlshos
LOyne VVOUld feell 'between speeding. straining
Klamath Property i feet In a fremy of cheering.
, j The "bad" horses are good.
Bob Coyne, who Is well knowuJl That "is, they are excellent "bad"
ir. Klamith Basin, Is considering i horses, and many an Intrepid
th. . i.i- L-i.-.,h.
real estate on, the market In i not many Jumps of his careening night summed up hlghllghis In cago movies wttt note again 10- , Captaln Charles Blackburn.
Los Angeles. Hollywood . and bronc away from the corral, i hunting bf California deer by , morrow after approximately 400 j 8klpper of , fishing vessel re
other California points. He In-1 Many of the punchers displaying ! KtanmtB nmrod,. ; motion picture shows and vaude-: on arrtVBl here today that
slst, thai when place. Ilk. Cres-! fine horsemanship and clinging, ., . number of Iocai . ' r 'J 0 a?
cent City can
aell out half of
their townsite from
map. that
.-......I. L-.11. 1. i.i h. ...
,-,,,., ... . ,
opportunity lu
the realty realm
bv remainlna silent on her coun-
,PV .
"It is a fact." said Bob Covne
lost evening, "that Crescent Cltv
has nothing to offer in com-1
parlson with this big rich coun-Ity.
hH v,.i ihnv nn. sellfnff
f ....., ,.i, i 1 . A ..,..,. "
Mr Corns has associated with 1
blin his son and Mr. Mace II. I
Help who now hna an office In 1
the southern California city look-i
Ing-aflor their sales agency while
Ilnb ts here orznnliliiK for a:
large selling campaign. '
Coyne s transactions are a
readv fairly well known to Klam-
th Basin people. He followed
k . ii,ii,.uh
";r :r.., nr.nd
nulling ninny nf the good home. j
movie stiirs and theU rclatlven
He has also owned several goo-l j
ranches In the south and was fo' I
some time owner of the Edge-
wood ranch in this county.
lt l.alhf desire to onen ex-'
ti nslve offices lu Cnllfornlo
cities, place Klamath exhibits (ft
them and increase his Inready
efficient selling organisation to
handle the Klamath reul estate.
Booze Found in
m - . Ci j
OerVlCe otStlOIl
Cube Davis, operator of serv-
Ice station on south 81xth street,
fell Into the hands ot the law
lute Saturday and lust night re-
nosed In the county iall on '
charges of boote possession and
sulo, Sheriff Burt Hiifklns an-
nounced last night. V '
Davis waa arrested by auth-'hnve
orltles Saturday after the officers
had purchased a uitantltv of
lliiuor from him, and had found1
few pints of the forbidden
waters In his service station, al -
jlt gedly ready for tho fair and
I rodeo trade,
rfir'ATnAn nr xvttt t "rr?rVTi
. r- i r. ri v w
big labor
- " -,
With the queen formally
crowned this afternoon to begin
threerlii-oue celebration, and th
labor fete, approaching a climax
of fun ai-rteduled for Monday.
one of the finest arrays of beau-
'll'ully decorated floats ever wit-
. ,t,Mt -oi
1 Klamath Falls will fegure la th..
ll.alwr Temple Association cele-
brallon ,,,
bratlon parade here Monday at
;I0 a. m.
! K. K. Iiuffey, chairman of tho ;
i parade committee for the eelebra-
;tlon. declared last night that In
Inumlier the floats will almost
double those of last year, the f
. . . '
isixn and beauty are on the list,
The parade will start at thi
Intersection of
f Main and Spaing
will Uke a route
Mtroeti, and
down Oak aud Klamath avenue. '
to aecond atreet. to return do a
'Main atreet to Spring, to disband.'
I. Fraternal and Industrlil floats
-mi uiurs i- u. -
well aa a number of commercial
will figure in tue paraae. a
There will be a number
of feature, for enterfalnment of
... .H. .,.
. ,
and the rodeo performer whii
,n,m ' !-"
staged a parade Saturday, will
?sllri 111 T. lIQ-ett'U. LHUIIIUB
." rldln. tov,
Ind sns with fine strings 01
blooded. clean-limbed racinf
stock ill combined to offer, a
moat ex
c"ln. r"avo ",acd 1n
nmi! htrn l)rtrn. which win otl
southern Oregon, which wlH opcr
- - -
thl affMrnnnn fur I h Vinrf dir
or its tnree-day mow:
u,..t r..iHnM..n,i
ivv ...t
In. daTwaa staRtd before 1
rrowd wnicn orernowea irom m
from the
uig granuHinna , mio meacner-,
riding and a variety of entertain ..,trtrt old mother earth
desperately to plunflng mounts,;
rode their full time amid the
. h,.r. of th n nnkera. lo be
.. .. .
rescued irom tne nurricane
decks of twisting horses by fel-
low riders.
'Many llron. Left
' And the bucking string, which
Is long and of good rodeo ouali-
Is not nearly depleted. Many
mad ones remnin to match the!.'
reilnelos Lrnln.l the wits and
skill of riders, and with the show
well organised today, those who
go to watch the events will see
even a far better rodeo this after
noon and1 Monday.
Winner of Kwnls
j Winners of yesterday's events. ! The California season opened
1 aside from the buckaroos whose ' September I. v
: :
-j. .. n ... 1T - T .
! KlflTima KnttlPrC HprP tnr KPSr
i"m&m"Y Vr"
P lfftT I aril OI
- s
rne ueMitgni caret ever scneu-
uled for a city the site of Klam-
alh Falls Is. elated for the legion
1 hall Monday, night when Marine
of I"' rails, meets
1 Ha"k "J of Tacoma In a sen
national 10-rotind main eveut.
The card, according, to Match-
maker Olen Lwllnron. has all
the earmarks of being a line-up
of skilled fighters which would
do credit to Portland or tteuttle
fight ring, and on Its ability t
senu nam llllin iiuiii. i.i n wit-
"",'"""c n,0(1- lne matehmakev
J has' staked his reputation.
Both Kalnerl and Hvker are
! blgtlme boys, as tholr records
show.' Flthlng In tho light
heavyweight division, these maul -
era have been playing mai'i
i events for months. In all the big
cities of the Pacific norlhwes'.
I kcBaron feels he Is fortunate to '
signed the bids for the big.
: Labor Day card tomorrow eve-
' nlng.
In (he senil-wlndup, will be
: seen Johnny Kugute. one of the:.. Tickets and they're going
; city's favored fighters, .against
Jack O'Malley, a Spokane boy nfsnd Re billiard halls. The
Jwldo repute who Is expected to, fights start at S:30. ..I
n n m r. - " ' w. .
- V '
lie In th'. Iluw of March loroor-
"" ' - '
Tk- IhmI Nm a n H nnllM ill.
lartnients In full uniform wilt !
),.,,, (ne p,rado, followed by the!
Mayory and city councllmen (
Then cornea the munTcipal band, '
followed by the Labor queen and
her attendants. . . I
nnum. pnsea have been of-:
tered by the labor movement for '
the best decorated floats, Huffey
stated. i
All other phases of the labor:
celebration have been eminently j
successful as bave the other,;
phases of Klamath's fall --fate.
:The Saturday night crowd at thc-
carnival grounds at Oak and Sevr
steel worker.
j i I , . L. '
cveni. u jomeo un aieij
of the occasion, with the famed
Slippery Culch of western repute )
a center of-attraction for all ;
.' I.
Long, manager of the '
celebration being staged by th
local labor movement ln the In-(
ni ui m ut-. ic.i ,
ik. '
be built In this city, last night
declared himself highly pleased
!T ' -
! ..'
with .be trend taken by
hr.,i. .,! nreaicted new
levels of enjoyment for today
im-ni for i..rtv
"' "
and .Monday.
W I UD UUV W Kasu -
til Sunday, follow:
One-half mil. dash, free for
all waiter Aoams sjb: laomp--
.,. Henrv Pecard. 10.
' .1... k
1 " ' -
entry Mack
Kueker. ?20;
$35; ' Ray
Evert Telcamp.SlO.
'-"-.'-'V '-"-'"''"
uuarier miie aasn n,
., ? 1. . ..
Hatcher. S20 Walter Adam.
. tii.-.-. iia te
$15. ETert Te,klnlp $lt and 5.
f 10, n I .taillf V V au v w.
n uw
II M 1 1 11111V tUT Ril 10 1 ovc naj
7 ..a i
-the WWdL?;
tsT - "-sK iPicamp . . . J - j
r .' iH.m. ?o-
n... Moor.. .10: Lvle Merrill. S5
a k.if i.wi rw,'l
raceJune Bradbury. S5: Mrs.'f1 a,.3ln"1 rom ,,lto m
E. Telcamp, tl: Fern Mustard.
Few California
Deer Coming In
Many are going, all return, kut
few come home with venison.
In this vein Marlon Barnes.
deputy state 'game warden, laat
are journeying into
. northern laliloruia in searcn 01
... ....
,he e usive deer or that region,
k.,,' hA n,,mhar ni
, ."o -
; aeer oaggea na, oeen unusuan,
m. The game Is wild, and
"m reporta Is not too plentiful.
In spite of the fact that earlier
,ciJU,lB f"""
nuiuillg season. ,
' " A few bucks have been brought
1 In here, however, and with a I
I little stormy weather to drive tn.i -
: game out of .the tall country,
, hunting should Improve before
'the sesson closes, names stated.
?SeaSOn. IanOr liaV
iiixe junnny s measur in in o -
j round vent, which promises to
acquire dimensions of a
' event fight.
; The well known and popular
! Kid Ryder of this city, will go
up against some hard limber In
fthe six-round special event. In
1 the , person of Billy Breedlove. of
Bend, a hard socking lumberjack
1 whose leather mittens tn the ring
fall like hia heavy axe In the
j nnu nuiniu ... ...u,
rounds, lorul boy of wide popu -
larlty meets an Imported glove
artist Mike Duly of Pelican City
j against 8yd Herbert, late of Port -
: land where he learned a lot of
j stuff about pumeltng..
; Kalnerl arrived here yesterday
-and trained at th Legion hall
before a hifge crowd of pre-flgh'
rooters, who were highly ploased
with the Marine's handiwork. Ky-;
kor Is due In early this morning
! and will train ln the h ill at S: 30
this evening.
fast are on sale at the Mecca
"", J"M1 """I'""'"
. -
vj n 1 1 dren
Shot By
I a f a)
Mn Crared hv Wor-
'v11 .V: ry f
itr r ,
Ty fwllIS Wlte, DOn
Wifo Fsmilv
v a wtaak m mm ai j j
Two Babies Die.
Sept. 3, (A.P.) Tony de
nniirAnt I V PTU 1 K V TttA-
ri ----- j -
ling over lack of Work, to-
, ht hor d k;M hj8
... .
u : :r 1 t:
f iic, ou iuii a sue miu live
children of the two families.
- "jncludjnjj two infants
. . .
from '
neighbors found De Capua stand-1
" . . ... . .
."",:' .7,,. "".u " !
" Peed fire on them.
" "suing gun battle. De
Capua. Patrolman Leo Tyrell and
two unidentified
were wounded,
1 1,0 Unul
Mrs. Mary De Capua, Tony's
wife. 42.
cP. h.. .-,
1 j.h .nd w.
four months, hi. grand children
Ann- t-Hzabeth. 11. and
' - , . . . . ....
vomerine two monma, oaugnt -
Iony CaDutt- , . :
Tbe Caoua home ia located In
. ,
I -""""" .
' Policemen at the
1,.J , ,.J.- ,K., ,V..i
- K
vuu.u 1.. .u u -""
could speak English.
.. ., , j '
Meager information gleaned byiiit 1 p fli .
1 .. ?. .. Ua.nnL-nnA Uhiii '
! po",' w" V" ,ne snooting
, f . .
' lOUOwea
"e c.p.. .nh.. ,,.
Their children were drawn, Into, - ,. -J
f Suddenly Do Tapna prod up
llce- "a "egan firing wtdly from
I children were.
V." -
Mrs. De Capua and the child
ren were killed Instantly and
two other persons were wounded
fatally, the police reports said.
Theatre Strike
In City Settled
CHICAGO, Sept.-3. (V) Chi-
"'" "- '
, theater wanten to
union ' In-
bI.IaH thai ft nmnlnv fnnr
; -
" , w
1 ended thia evening In the offices
enaea this evening in the oirtces
of. Mayor Thompson where ex -
j hlbitors. machine operators and
I stage hana. representatives met
j after the mayor had announced
1 ne represented tne puouc wnicn
1 o.rr ui
j Du
The terms of settlement were
not'dlvulged. It being announced
'l,l,t both sides had agreed
; eeP hem secret. Mayor Tho
1 "........, .
yala 'hat the final settlement
was a rompromlse. which showed
i "P'endld spirit of American-
. ,,, . . ' ,
The strike and lockout was
:e..lm..ed to have thrown 15.000
'"eater employee out of work for
1 t..m-i " .'""!
,ol STE,otio.uuo closed uu tne-
inters; resulted 111 !"t receipts
of more than
forced about
fnua to sock some other form of
: diversion 'for a week.
1 AAA Mn,.,,
j ChIqi4o of fa IT
1 OlUUcniS til V Da
j . . .
1 El'OKNE. Sept. 3. (;pi Prep-
.u.uiM.iin in iitiiiuio HI .rum i.i'vv.
and possibly more, new student1
al the Cnlverslty of Oregon have
been completed, according to
TKarJ M. llnllett. registrar.
A total of 85? have already
! been admitted to the university
: for the. first time and this mini-
ber Is expected to be greatly In
creased between now and the
: time the "Kreshtnan week" opens
September waa stated.
Applications are now coming
In at a rapid rate, said Mr.
I'allett, d officials of the, mil-
verslty are urging all prospective
students to file-their credential.!
as soon as possible tn order to
avoid- last minute rush,
Josephine Hayes
To Be Crowned As
Labor Day Queen
Knding In i flurry of last min
ute voting, the Labor celebration
iqujeen'a contest closed at the ear
i nival grounds last Bight wltn
' I Mlsa Josephine Haves, candidate
lot the Culllnary Alliance, win-!
'ner of (he big event. Exact vol?'
couut waa nol obtainable, Dul
her approximate total'was I5S.000 !
Mlsa Ida Lambert of the
Laundry - Workers' union, took
second honors with n appro!-
mate total of Sa.() votes, while
(holder of third place In the race
waa Mlsa Thelma Koenig of the
Carpenters' union.
- Thelma Hatton, La Verne
j Craven and Carol Cramer were
! other contestants who' finished
j n the big queen race.
! CoolidS IaVft
I m - - .
summer LOdgingS.
ttAPln em' a n aAn a
1 . a 1 t 1 j
President and Mrs. Coolldge i
' today said goodbye ' to their
Black Hills friends and neighbors
iat a lawn party at the game
i ledge.
Several hundred guests called
!at the "umm,'r ' -
i ,m ,he -"ernoon in response to
Keneral invitation given the
citiiens of Hermosa, the little I
community between the lodge
and Rapid City,, where the presi
dent attended church this sum
mer, and In response to more
specific Invitations extended to
the -few nearby residents.
Shortly after lunch the line of
automobiles and some horse
drawn wagons began arriving
with the guests the band of the
. ,-valry troop at Fort Meade, S.
' D- entertained and later Mr and
v ciih.. r. . u,.
' ' . ""
.lodge to shake hands -with the
1 folks assembled on the front
I . . .
. icwn ana to eat ice cream ana
cake with them.
j IHClttagC Ul OlUp
. seen in AUantic
a-W . - a a
.'J'lHTA!;VjI.llt'.-;- y.4t.--MIrtofc.-?
. OP) While the sea-continued 'tor ! ,na , J
day to give up iragmenia 01
1 wreckage. Bailors of this port and
others strove to reconstruct a
( mystery 01 ine utiuc in wnicn
they . bellere a ' large white
painted vessel perished In a re
cent gale.
For the third day reports con
tinued to be received here of
pieces of wood being washed
ashore or picked up by lighthouse
men or fishermen. All there ap
peared to have come f roi one
vessel, although no such craft
had been reported missing In
these waters.
otner pieces 01 a wrecaea vea-
-"isel. A Long Island fisherman
towed Home wnat appeared to
be a part of the deck of a vessel.
Ttiose who nave examined tne
1 have
rot8am have expressed the be-
j ,lef ,nBt a ar(te yai,h, w elther
, Mvea ashore on the Malne coa,t
I or floundered oft shore In one
; or lhe Iieri. bales of recent
. weeu.
r a ti 'i..
T A 4.1 2. TT
111 Aiiamic nuu
: iukl.., spam. sept. 3. (fi
fhe fying boa, -whale." pl-
. lolw br Captain K. T. Courtney.
j whlth ,et out from Plymouth
I early this morning landed this
af,ernool, tn dangerous place
on ,ne G..cla coast near Co-
! runna. Help was sent to the
10 a place or saiety ana nave
arrived at Corunun
The airmen exchanged greet-
; a.Tliitineii hv thniiRHndx nf rwr
j , nnrt were 0TTpn-
The machine was n
with food.
not damaged
In Its descent And all Its o?rii-
nunla wprn In irnod xnirlta. Th
found conditions such that they
were not able to mnke headway
across the Atlantic 'and consid
ered it advisable to reach land.
They plttn to resume their flight
OSHIXINU. New York, Sept.
3. II'. P.) Sing Sing officials
.will break precedent on Labor
day to allow Mrs. -Hutu Snyder,
! convicted with Jndd Gray of slay-
I lug her husband, to receive vls-
, Itors outside her death house
cell. i
Mrs. Snyder hns used very
few of the visiting days allowed
her under prison regulations, the
warden said today, and hence
-Iwas permitted the dispensation.
M 1 lrHprPfl
Wife Is
Susp ect
Lorena Trickey, Ro
deo Performer, Is
Held in ' Lakeview
. for Stabbing
LAKEVIEW, Sept. 3," (U.
P,) Lorena Trickey, fa-"
mous rodeo favorite, waa
placed in jail here tonight,
and is being held for inves
tigation' in connection with
'" niuruer 01 ner nusuaau,
"Slim Harris, who ; jvas
stabbed to death Friday,
night. y. -
. A bnckaroo known as Brown,
and a Mrs.. Matthew, who cams
here recently from Alturaa, Cali
fornia, also were held but Chas.
H. Combs, prosecuting attorney,
refused to disclose the evidence,
which caused him to place the
trio In custody.
No charges have been preferred
be said.
Harris known throughout th- .
west as. a bronco buster and ball
dogger," waa subbed Thursday,
nig lit. His wife waa with him
and told authorities that a ma
leaped to the running board of -
tbe car as they were leaving tbe
stablea at the rorleo rrnunds
, "i
htmpril From ir
Harris leaped out of" the ma
chine to chas hts amailant, be
fore dropping dead. he lld.
llanuet Moriia, a, negro jockey
who was auspected by-, other j
horsemen, waa placed In jail aluo;
but. Combs aald.tonlicht there. wax
no . evidence Indicating that tntv
Srarrb for Killer
According to word here 'Sat
urday from Lakeview, author!
.. (Coutlnned on Pace Five) -
a- ; '.'
Wheeler, Olmstead
In Court Tuesday
PORTLAND. Sept. 3. (jt)
Emery Olmstead . and . J. . K. .
Wheeler, will appear In federal
court here Tuesday In answer to
a grand Jury indictment- Jointly
charging them with violatmu of
the national banking act ln con
nection with the failure of the
Northwestern National Bank of
Portland, ' which closed - last
March.' . - . '
Olmstesd. formerly waa presl
deut of theT bank and j. K.
Wheeler la a former president of
the Telegram Publiahlng Com
pany and the MeCormlck Lumber
Both were arrested on bench
warrants by Deputy United States
Marshals after the grand. Jury
had returned an Indictment July
20, charging them with ittllful
misapplication of funds .and
credits of the hank aud .also
charging Kiem with conspiracy.
At his first appearance. In
court In connection with his ar
reet, Olmstead entered a plea of
not guilty. Thls'plea, however,
was withdrawn the following
day,' and with Wheeler he- was .
given until September t to "ap
pear and plead to or move against
the indictment. Both have since
t been ' at liberty nnder bail of
$15,000 each.
Ms u tAT orr
etMTar ntM tcuvwi.
Husband says: "I am I
j hare but one wife lo send la
J the country,"