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Women's Section i Author's Wife Is
. popular at Fair. Seeking Freedom
rroffurtx for !!! womrn's do-I SALINAS, Calif.. Spt. 1. tl".
partim-nts t the rouniy fair . P.) Tikiuc. of tosttutnur enile.l
Ut been arriving steadily from 'late today In the dirorrv milt
all over the rounty ond a display . af.ilnat Harry Leon Wilson,
villi li rlvalH other ywirs' will be notrd humorous author, Whose
; plad before the pnlilic in the i wife t.fVa i6u.U0 wr yi-ar
new putldtng on the fnlr gronnda. ; alimony. Superior Juttae . Fred
aivorillMS to offirlali of the fair: A. Treat took the ease under
Ixinrd.' Mrs. 11. II.. Milner and advisement, dlrertlnit tho attorn
two assistants hax-a charge of ! ey to submit hrlefa. and onl. rinu
tliee department. the testimony transcribed.
ilTbo fancy work department , The nit aa filed In Ui
l!l Include fcod.sprcads. quilu, I Angola ia February but was
pillowcase, center plecei. lunch-' later transferred here. Deser
eon et. baby layettes, child- 'ilon is chanted but Mrs. Wilson
ren's garments of all kinds. I chances the author. In their
A. wide variety of canned trait, j property settlement. withheld
canned vegetable. Jellies, meat. ' knowledge of soma of his earn
bread, cakes and other cooked j inOT. and he asks $5000 monthly
foods, hare been arrivlnc for tho lalimony. She also asks custody
conked food department. ' I of their two children and funds
There l a larae fruit exhibit. for their support
; remarkable for this time of the
Still Studying Cot Divorce But
Still Isn't Free
Bandit Returns All Air Mail Is
Pilfered Checks Now On Contract
year, and a large display of ber
ries. A large quantity of late
aamtoer flowers such as phlox,
gladlolas. tennis, pansles. dah
lias, and golden glow.
, The community booths have
already caused much comment
among those who have already
visited the displays.
Hurricane, Flood
Wilson denied hla wife's asser
tion that be earns an average of
$100,000 per year. He gave hi
maximum annunl Income as $9?,
000. and said It has been as low
as 515.000 a year at times.
Insight Is Given
Into Bad Disease
S1I.EM Ore. Sent 1 I1P1
Tolrna Fioafh TVill! Scientific exhibits, fascinating
ldlYCS UCdlll J.UII,. nlv ,h. m(N,lri h,
(U.P.I A
' BERLIN. Sept. 1.
hurricane, followed
baa caused 30 deaths, injuries
not only to the medical man but
to the lay public as well, have
been arranged in the billiard
by floods. ; room of tne Saicm chamber of
rnti mprro no fpafurA of lh '
to many and htrs rendered 15.000 ,threo day mPe,tnr ot ,ne Oregon
people homalHss, la Gallcti and j s,ate medical Mclet. wh,ca opea.
lower liBrriaima. ara rev,, i ; hcre tnis ,n0rninK. -declare.
'-' - ; - . j pa,ter and wax casts, day-
, The -tele graph nnldn Lm-jilBht , rn slldM mannikins.
berg's correspondent reports that ! wn)t ,ne Krowln of
deaths total 180 bnl Ihls Is un-; ,h( pubc ne!llh m.rk .,, a
confirmed. i complete library of American
Bridges collapsed over the medlcal 11.o.ia,i0n literature are
rivers San and Dneiner; rail- lnrladr1 ,n tne exhibit,
road tracks were torn up and Dr c H Manlove pathologist
mines were flooded, the Warsaw lt the Cood gam,,,,,,, hospital
reports declare. i , iortiari(i. is showing several
. Fifteen persona were killed monBted pathological specimens,
when eight villages near Skola Cmu of Tar,OUg ,,p defects, bone
were inundated. ! cartilage and soft tissue defects
I "! i of the face. nose, eyes, ears, be-
U-P Film Shown i fore and after orec,io,, are
X iiill kJllUMll .ho-n hv nr A r Rett man of
Daylight lantern slides, many
lot them in colors, of tumors and
ivarlous types of goiters, exhibit-
theatre la this city, for one day led by Dr. J. Earl Else are creat
on'y." i,nS considerable comment. A
The Klamath News manage- rubber obstetrical mannikin .
meat, through the courtesy of j which he designed in cooperation
H. W. Poole, theater owner, has . with the University of Oregon
arranged to Hash this feature of medical school is shown by Loyal
bow the news Is gathered for -Clark ot Portland,
its readers, on the Liberty screen The way which tho family
and this mar be seen in that phvsirlan and the public health
show inure th!s afieraoon and, worker may cooperate Is shown
evening in addition to the regular in the display ot the community:
theatre program. j health program arranged by the
"Around the World " with j Marion county child health dein
I'nlted Press" is the title of the 1 onstration. (
Interesting film and if you want :
better Insight into the magnitude What you no longer have use ,
of the "press." don't miss this for may be Just the thing another
film today. I is seeking. The (Clamath News
i classified Ads bring buyers and
Here Interesting
Co tinted from Page One)
Although J. Milton Juuen in 71
ami ia nnn of Xorth Carolina's
oldest educators, ho thinks liim
Kclf still youtiK enough to Irnrn.
So he's attending mmnirr school
at the Tnlverslty of Nrth Ciro
lina at Chapel Hill where ttxii
photo waa taken.
Canadian Flyers
Forced To Land
-"ottflnacd from Page One )
pilot. Tolly; off his course ami
he wandered around over Maine
for several hours before finding
a landing place. Caribou Is in
the fur northern tip. of Maine,
on the llangor and Aroostook
railway. The country surround
ing the little town Is sparsely
Royal M'ldor Donn
S. JOHNS. Quebec, Sept. 1.
lU.P. ) The monoplane "Royal
Windsor" In which Phil Word
rn1 ' A. Schiller wore attempt
ing a nonstop flight from Wind
sor. Ontario, to Windsor Eng
land, was forced to land here
St. Johns is approximately 23
miles south of Montreal.
' LOS AM'.KLKS. Sept. I. U'..
P. Darlutra Feru lleisler wa.
ons of a score of womcu who
told routing tales of a'went hus
bands to Judge Spriiul today.
Her spouse. II. II. CcU.rr, h id
deserted her a few mouths after
their niarrluge.
Two witnesses corroborated
her testimony and the court
granted her a deerec.
"Well, you aro freo now." th"
judge commented.
"No. your honor, I am not,"
Mrs. tielslor replied, sadly. "I
must go back to my cell."
And ntvompanled by a watch
ful matron, she si a ;, hack to
the rouniy J lit. where she Is
held on a petty theft charge.
Willos Is Given
Another Reprieve
rmllnntt from Paue t.e
and Prosecuti i Carson made H that they wero basing their
aetion on the fact that both Wil
loa and Kllsworth Kelley. his
partner to the Ja.ll break In which
two prison guards were killed,
were equally lietore the law for
participation In tho murders, and
that Wlllos should not l-e execut
ed unless Kelley also was made
to pay the supreme penalty.
A writ of habeas corpus Issued
hcre by Circuit Judge MrVnhon
issued several weeks aso to Kel
ley's lawyer, resulted In a stay
of execution being granted to
lt may he months before either
of the men bang, as Kelley'a ha
beas corpus proceedings must he
brought to court.
Not Insane"
Jiulso Percy Kelley. who pre
sided at James K. Willos' trial
and who granted the application
of Wlllos attorney that a sanity
commission be appointed, receiv
ed notice of tae commission's
decision this morning.
Mcm'-ers unanimously ngreed
that Wlllos is ni t Insane etthor
in the legal or medical sense.
Legal Insanity is defined as a
type of insanity which renders Its
victim incapable of (l-i (hellish
ing lwtween right and wrong.
The next step in tbc.Will.iH
case. Judge Kelley sald.h'ftl prob
ally be that of determining
whether he should .hanjj whllo
h!s companion. KllsmtSjfMHIay.
is enjoying a re.-plte iMLJLhiO-'caa
corpus proceeding.
POHTLAND. Sept. 1 (l'.P - ,
A "tall slender Iwuillt" who
robbed a Portland hotel mc
spneer of "?.0?.1 In rash and '
cheeks early this week, todav
mailed (he cheeks hack to their I
A mysterious package was re.
ceived by the Multnoitiali hotel ;
today and It contained tlio f 5.373
worth of chivks which were in
1 num. )' bug which tho bandit :
obtnined in a during dnyllght j
holdup while the messenger was .
r.tiln to tho bank.
Light cents In postage wero
needed to compensate T'nele -Sum
for transporting the chocks.
The package contained no note
of an? sort and has been tnrn"d
over to lite postal department
tor Investigation.
It was mulled In Pnrttund, III-'
diluting the lutudlt did not leave.
nit; iiiik itt;ii
VAXCOfVKIl. Wash.. Sept. 1.
Il'.l'.l-falls for aid of the
Portland flro de;iartment were
tilepbtiieil aeriws the slate lino
touU'bt. when nil equipment of
the Vancouver fire fighting forces
n-cre una'-le to cope with a stuli
b.rn blare In the business dis
trict, which threatens to develop
Into a general conflagration.
WASIIINliTON, Sept. I. if. P. I
--The government Inst night
turned over to-prlvute hand the
Inst of the post office air mull
lines. Post muster tleneral New
announced thnf the government
could feel proud of having es
tablished this form (.f commercial
I'.vlotlon on a profitable basis.
Tho last of the routes to he
turned over is that connecting
New York und Chicago. The mall
all planes on these routes were
to he tamed over to the National
Air Transport company lit Cleve
land as tho iasl and west bound
planes passed through here.
''The real result of the hus.
newt has been to demonstrate to
private capital that the service
was not only possible scientifical
ly hiiCtlmt It could be made pro
lltablo cnminerclnlly. and thereby
encourage tho creation of a new
Industry in the Pulled Slates,"
New aaid.
Numbers May Help
-To Stop Blasting
l.tW ANtJKI.KS. Sept, I. tl'
IV Through series numbers on
boxes routalniiig huge quantities
'of explosives, authorities hope
to truce n new plot lo blow up
i I lie I ,s Angeles niueduet In
Inyo county.
, Tlie explosives, found cat lied
III un Ixnlntcd cabin tit lite fool
of the Aliibuma hills, near Lone
Pine creek, Included three An-
. pound boxes nf ttitro glycerine.
i too pounds nf fulminate of mwr-
' enry, nnd "Go foot nf water
proof fuse.
1 Los AtiTolc officials who
examined the blaxilng taiiterlals.
suld llley were ldi' lu those
used Inblowlng up itie No Name
canyon syphon two months ago.
Shoe Repairing
While You! .
I III H. Hlxth HI.
Standard Dyers
and Cleaners
"For Its'ller Apiiearnmr"
llilorlvsa t"lculn(
One-Day Krlee
l.'iKrt lclti(
1401) Esplnnaile SL
Thone 825
t;F.T NKU' Jl IX.K
M Se.t. 1. I P.P. I
J. T. Iirnnd today became cir
cuit Judge In the second Judicial
district, succeeding J. I" Kendall,
resigned, nnd In taking his new
position llrand left vacant the
post of city attorney of Marsh
field and city attorney for Fast
Side. ' , '
Ciii'.;H'iilci8 nnd Joiners
Local I'nii.ii 102, Kl.'im
tilli I'iiIIh; Meeting lit
I.alinr 'l'i'niii !' :.';(! a. m.,
Montl.iy. SiU i!ilnM' 5. for
jmnulo. T.y onltM" if the
Tyr rtJiriinrvl, Fiiirtl sitj tl
C.Utwt (titwikl in iwf own
l.uiiuy to -at
i.itttJ d 9f . Wl
Hroltcn I.cmet RrpUinl
TO UA'K Thtff
K.r rmultt u Nw C'luia Al
For na!9 oM paprrs. Call lit
Klamath Newa.
For results no Sewn Clux Art. Mllen together.
Don't Miss This
of Bargains!
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Face Powder Owl Beef. Iron and
Both for Wine
69c 69c
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