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    CNIVEftMTY OF OltK u
The Klamath News
The Klamath News
Official Iaper
County of Klamath
The Klamath NeTrs
Official Paper .
pif Klamath' Falls
Vol. 4, No. 219 Price Five Cent
(Every Morning Except Monday)
War VetMRtedchLs iLabpr To
Suicide! jumoooProyide
Kirs of unkia.wn urlKlii com-
V4) . 'plnli'ly drsl royed t lis 1'lusll gen- 0 .
1 " f 1 tW 'mmi ir'handl store at MullD 1J j f A C T
I L I I III shortly after o'clock Tuesday 11 1 M kJ L
.. . , x lulghl. with an estimated damage O O
'lot nearly 120.000. The one-1 j- arm '
Tu e s da vis5i?lFalI Fete
Ex-Soldier Cut His
Throat With Safety
Razor in Lakeview
Rooming House
Suicidal tragedy talked
Into a Lakeview rooming
lioimo Into . Tuesday and
claimed n n victim Walter !
rn....i ..... J
ovcrHcns veteran believed
to have been wandering
- I .U . I.. -u
nuuut iiib vuumij ill ouarni
of t-mplomcnt, according
to lung (lixtancC telephone
communication with the
Klamath News Tuesduy, .,,,. .... rirtuniiv do-
Tho tragedy, one of tho most '
runome In Lakotlew s history. I
, ... . , ,
s lu my.ry lor ...c "
survlce man drifted into Lake -
view a short llloe ago. telling
llttlo of himself or his plans for
Was found In l lie hotel room by !
rm ploy on of the establishment, j
luvnuay morning, wmi nuuuin
Inflicted on the throat by. a
Tho tiny weapon with which
the man had apparently killed
himself, was found rlutrhed In
tho ex-soldlcr'a flngors, covered
with blood from the throat
wounds and gashes In tho hand
which held tho blade.
' Motive Vnknown
Authorities who Investigated
the cane were baffled as lo the
L.s.inu mm v I
Mi(,tlYi for the ii lf doMtructlon, !
The man had been-'dead sereral
hours when his body wna found
yesterday morning, and It la be
lieved he had killed himself
sonietlmo during the. previous
night or during early morning
Ilulrl proprietors could tell
llttlo ot Clifford except that he
registered there a short lima be and wns apparently seeking
employment. Ha was noncom
mittal and rnrrlcd an air of mo
roscitess which stemmed any
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Freak Windstorm
Kills Wife, Child
lin.AWt.EY, Calif.. Aug. 30.
(V.l'.l How a freak tornado
wrecked his small homo, caused
tho death of his wife and child
nnd left liim pinned for, moro
than 12 hours beneath tho tim
bers of the houso, H miles north
ol hero, wis told by Cablno Ca
lirlllo when he was brought to
the llrnwlcy hospital late yes-1
Tho storm, which struck short
ly befora midnight Sundnft was
felt nt no other point In the Im
perial valley. Cabrlllo sus
tained n broken arm and leg
nnd wns Imprisoned under the
wrockago until Monday .noon,
when a passing Mexican heard
bis rrlus and pulled him free.
Ills wife, Columbia, 10, and his
son. Manual, 11 months, were
crushed to death by falling walls.
Another child escaped without
Injury. Tho freak wind and rain
storm tnstod less than five min
utes, the man sold.
1 o n .1
jllgn OeaS Ueieat
Channel Swimmers
riOL'LOONK-HUR-.MEIt. France.
Aug. 30. (It. P.) Altempta by
four girls nnd two men to swim
(lie English channel today were
dofeatod hy strong winds and
honvy seas.
Miss Mona McLellan, (treat
Britain, romalncd longost In the
water 14 hours 10 minutes. She
Started at 10:10 Monday, night
nnd four hours later had made
10 miles.
Shu gave- up at 12:20 this
nftornoon, , Miss . K-dlih Jensen.
Denmnrk, and Mlia Hilda Hard
ing, Groat Britain, Vnrtot! to
gether at 9:22 Monday night.
Miss Harding gave up at 2 a. m.
Tuesday nnd Ulna Jonsen fol-1
lowed her hack to francs at
Miss Iva Huwkos. South Afri
ca, started nt 6:21 and was fol
lowed by Iteno Doris, Hwltser
land, at 6:30 and Dr. Hrhiss, 5-year-old
Gorman doctor, nt 6i3R.
A All Ihrco returned unsuccessful
this afternoon.
ance, but whether Ilia stock wan
1 Insured could not bs lenrned.
Tlis flames' were noticed by
nearby rwiidi'nta aiMut o'clock ;
in tns rear eiiu oi wis uuiniuis.
Chemical firs fighting equipment
was Immediately summoned from
Mi'rrlU and a tire hone rushed
to the blnte. My the time the
Merrill equipment arrived how.
ever, the flames had rared be-
j; - "',,':
Mnllii fire hoe was insuffl-1
dent to check the onrush ofi
,ho Mnlr
Only two small show cases-
one containing candles and thel1""' Itmplo nr -.jitallon, . be
other Jewelry end a sack
flour, were sa red from the fire.
uiuerwiso me siova sua ouuu-
. woro . i.a OM
Tll0 prnprl).or w
Malln when the fire
!" ? he """ . '""'? ,1b!
t ... . . . i . .7 n !
stroyed. The Klamath Falls fire
dcpariinrut was notified of the
'lrc; hl'' "' ("'xe ' i
Malln from this city, did not1
m,ke wh(ll woulU hliv.
;.., - . rul,
A onn (mo Par,rlllKM ,xvoA. l
. . , tM uv,,,,,,, ;
safe distance from the '
to a
nioklng Vmhers of the siore.
. A w
Opening UanCC In
Fair Pavilion Is
TT i n
Hailed a Success
For Joy unrontlned and a hap'
py time with' no limit except the
mkr Klnmuth county peoLle Uet
" . '
night had tho time of their Uvea
at the new pavilion In the fulr ;
. - n i,.,n VIAA ntitf dln.HO-
, , k ' ' i,..-,t.-.j
I UU W IIIC fUlllWIllt'U Uli li'-atm n
j munlr on the ocean Ion of the
opening of tho new building.
(iena Hammond and It. " K.
iiraiiuury. memuers oi tiue ni.r
Imurd, tried to have a receiving
line, lint tho crowd was soon so
hlg they gave up all formalities
and announced thill the occasion
was a ell liens' playtime, nnd
everyone could consider them
selves acquainted.
Tho great pavilion, Just com
pleted, presented a magulflcent
M penrnrfco with Ita extraordinary
I floor spare and not a brace or a
girder to l e seen. Painted white
and decorated with the nntionnl
colors hung Ui fcatcona from the
celling, one was Immediately re
minded of great convention
hall In full regalia.
The entrance was brilliantly
lighted, the floor was properly
waxed, and the bar at one end
worked a half-doxcn bartendors'
throughout the evening serving
soft drinks, sandwiches and can
dies to tho largo, gocd-naturcd
crowd. . v ' .
hasting , until midnight the
dance was enjoyed by all. Dur
ing the evening (leno Hammond
(Continued on Pago Hix)
New Gold Strike
At Tonopah Rich
TONOPAII. Nevada.' Aug. 30.
(U. P.) Further tronclilng on
tho now gold discovery mule at
Belle Helen by Albert Kurrls to
day, showod Ihe narrow stringer
of wealth maintaining Its phe
nomenal richness.
This streak Is now stripped to
within a tow feet ot a huge
ledge, whero It meets In a "Y"
shape, and where a large body
of high grade oro mny be opened.
, Crowds of mining men are
closely watching all developments
at Belle Helen. Some of the
spoclincns brought hero tonight
are even richer In gold content
than those brought In Saturday,
to start the new furor.
Ono large piece broken open,
showed a strenk or solid gold
running thrnugh It.
8THKAT0K, til.. Aug. 30. .(U.
i P.) Moved by tho murder of
Mrs. Kllsa A. HIM nnd tho ac
cusation of her 22-yenr-old son,
Hurry A. Hill, a campaign to
closo "blind tigers" and gambling
resorts hore will be launched at
mass meeting at the Y. M. ;
C. A.
Six mlulstnrs are loading tho !
movement. Two of them dcllv- j
ered sermons Sunday based on I
the murder and blttorly denounc
ed gamblers who thny said prey
nn the youth of Strenlor.
Celebration Promises
to Be Finest Ever
Q. rrA 14 a,..,. Ps-
ade Held Monday
Eclip8inK all previous at
lempu at uioor uny ceie-
oration, tho gigantic fete
uponxored by the local La-
!..:.. -I...- it. v..-.i i.r...
11,1.1,1 , tl , Ji;,H will l j
2, and continuing for four'
, . ,;..,, ., ,..t ..
iun-iiiiuu ujj-, nui um: lio I Itruzllr The Jo-year-olc flyer had to cross ocean, jungle ana moun-
away from' Place along With the county ;laln In his alt.n..t for a new distance record. He la piclured above
. Z '",' ' In Jils plnne lum betoreUckvlng. . . ',. ,
broke out, fair and rodeo in giving; ,
Kiamatn rails tne biggest
the Pacific !
celebration on
coast this
seusoq, V. x v. j
Lonlf manager
rutZdav niirht.'
luisuay nignu
announced ,
Nothing has been spurcd to
make the Isbor celebration one '
hli h will loiut be remembered
by crowds from all parts of
Klnmuth bnsln and northern
I California, and plana for the big !
jfour day frolic have nttalned.
a momentum which promlnes -fo
'carry the fete over in a fully
carry the fete over In a fully
The famed' ' Sleffen s Show,.
allow n ilir icnKin 01 nil i-aciiir -
h. . .r,h,h,r,,: ". drri.
set up on the celebration grounds -
at Seventh and Oak where a big:
"ect,on I" to Ue ppd oft for the
hi. nl'.nl
Nhona New -
All tlio rides slid shows hi v.
been reuuvnteU th
(Contlntinl on
- , ..
VmaA VlTim Toil
X .VIU a .t
I sru.o 11 ii mrrp I. nicvra? , ;
former governor of Indluna. from ;
tne Atlanta p-cniicnuary. -nns
huen approved by Attorney (,en
cinl Sargent.
Jlccray. wno la serving a ten- nnd . lfo uouy thrown over
year sentence for using Ihe mails . i,uard , ,!.), the place whero
to defraud, becomes eligible for tn COrHn floated. The ship
parole tomorrow. brought around and worked
The rarcle will be dated lo-
morrow and belief was express- lifeboo was launched to pick ; divorce granted l.lta rey Chap- 3 os3 30 thousand a decrease j ,ore Tuesdr afternoon, and ap
ed nt the department of Justice ! up. tin Inst week will stand as writ- j of j 6' per ., compared with I pare,l"y "'mP,ed to t extort
that McCrny would be released .Meanwhile the airplane came . ten. Superior Judge flueron de- s ijj jj7 thousand In 1!5; and ; moIleJr f,er hls wl,e n,d re"
from orison bv tomorrow ntcht.
' ' '
I.' ....... .. l. ........ t. . . J
u.A.i.-iinii.ii vi Burn .1.1111U1.J nttu tun. 1,1,111 nere iticsei. up, 1 ney
been recommended by the parole i contained notes. Note No. 1
board. .'rend: "Pclnt your ship to the
He's Lost Ocean or Jungle?
Pal Kedfern. alone 'In hlinonopfane. like Llnd berg Is lost on j
ms air muni iium
Vessel's Log tells
Missing Flyer
NKW YOHK. Aug. 0. 1 C.P.I,
A storv rich In detail, of sight-
, nHfm. n,lli(ii Bruns- i
wrk , Klo de j.nt:r tyer. was
th-,to(, ,onn, on (e loK f Nor-
,.,. .ieanier . Krogh .Just ar-1
r,v,.d , Kln!!Mn, Jamaica, from
,,r","' ",e "or' '":
' ;
out of Its course at S p. m.. E. I). ;
land was and ln?w far. ,. V.
The ship was pointed toward
utia nnd u flan waved iwire to
... ... It .. .1 ....... '
iiiuk.ic ui itmuci it , iriwt
unuroximatelv !t0 miles. Jted-.
lid snows hive ,. heuduil toward the dlroef lo'n; -Venezoeln.'-and when the!"r" 7.u .u . r.
la r h.r-hV,v,ri. V plane approached closely a flag j 4 J!l I. r
i Vmgn lx . t This Is The story the ship's log'' was waved twice and the ship's
tohl: :
The Krogh was underway Irom
Trinidad to Jamaica cn. August ;
iriuiunu .o uniaiia in-
IS. At S p. m. local time an air-;
,uue was observed coming west
i.rwl ..!, v.,r ih. .hi., Th.
.. ;
afterward the plane
came back and dropped a small .
. carton on the water. The ship's
? ........ tit.
: engUie was
stopped and reversed
close u to the carton and a
back and drnnneil annttier ear- :
' -
1 I. .. L 1 1 1 .1
Said Elderberry Jam?
. --
of Sighting
and Rendering Aid:zjzz::L:
nearest land. Put something on ;
deck to Indicate mileage.
v . mm .hin i
"No. 2: Point ship neasestj
d one time for each hundred !
mti. i
There, were two unreadable'
ou-k ,
s In the body of the mes-
The airplane again came 1
.. u... i . nn hA I
" 7". .l.T-".
muneuvered close to the carton
The note was:- ."Point ship to
nearest landr .Wave flag once:" ,he Cologne airdome all dv
. . . Tin asnrlnitiallnn nt a alnrf
for every, hundred nillea.' The
Alpn.'itllfrt m.l.l Jpi.1 ... rntMC
,.vv.u ..... H
The shin -headed toward Ls-
whistles sounded twlge. The dis-
tnnrelo Land was 1$5 miles.
- AfteY this- the took mi
After thl the plane took np'ni n T L
,he rour. .... ,rt di.anneur. ! ShnWll k OP I ,lim nPr
ed..te ,hp direction pointed out!
.. ...r . i!
- JT
. -
was signed by the ship's master
and orncers.
m i; as;
AIlitpUIt LflVOrCC
Stands As Given
..w .I.,. ... ii,.
'P.I The interlocutory decree of
elileri tnilnv when hn fterlliiert In
r make the decree contingent on decrease 01 18 per cent as com-."ald-I;
payment of S45.ttt,0 recelseVs , pared wllh 7.S24.0S7 thousand "I
"fees. ; U.S. . . . Triesl
. . , .
To Make
Big Hop
I Avin rnn.k B nrJ '
uevine, rrencn ana
British Pilots Wait ' IjikeTiew. Actual landing of the
J sU "hip howerer. Was not witnessed
for Good Wcathcr.duc lo , IlKht hm whlch ob
tor Atlantic rlOp
LONDON. Augl 30, (U.
l P.) Charles Levine's dare-j
devil flight to London has 1
r . . . !
spurred other westward ;
trans-Atlantic aspirants to i
irpnmvpH nr-tivitv on.4 nrna - i
pecU for an aerjal race to !
v... V,.-l, k.:u..i...
i.'d aic man an inm p .ueir w. - . j
ever ; sand and sagebrush the mech- ,
I . ,.. ' ' j S1. o.i.1.1. lanlcally-powered bird was no-
1 Irvine and his British war! Where to be seen. -
1 m.'a nlln I'.il.U U' i ' I 1 1 i n V.
ellffe. hope, to start from Cram-
well airdome Wednesday. Two
German 1
All four planes and an Kng-j
sh plane are ready to start on 1
an hour's, notice as soon asi. j . .1 .i j
weather reports give- indication
smilivr rvnnrts lv- indlcsttnn
at a sporting chance to make the
ourtin-y Hnltlng
Besides, Captain Frank Court-
ney. uruisn. is awaiung oniy ra-
vorable weather for his seanlane
i flight to New York, with atonal
I Ireland and New Foundland.
weuther reports. Crowds were)
in anticipation of a start.
' Kn mhmca Ready
At Le Bourget flying field.
i - mM
tALW.. nOTB-v'twir . ..u 1 I ' I 1 -
Farmau Diane.
'mo Six) .
- . . ..
' WAS .
nounces that, according lo'dnta:
. . - -
ommerce an-
collected at the annual canvas
rnM.i ... 1. ...... ...I ih, nt lumber lath. nrt
shingles In' the United States
930 thousjnd feet, board meas
ure, a decrease of S.T per rent
m compared witn ;
.h a .... . i.,h
1925; lath.;
....... .1 1 .
SillDEieS .,VV4,d1D lllW.s.UUi
. ...... ,i.,.,i .h.
production of lumber for 19J6.jed away. Then I shot him." .and Ida Lambert to be tied
30 showed decreases and 1 The bullet struck the hop t 'Irst place with ,18,600 votes
Increases as ", the, grower In the left breast and he j Bat'B' f ? -j.
putpur for T25, the greatest I died" 30 minutes later. Werline I Miss Thelma Koenlg came sec
amount of Increase being ludi- has been connected with at least i ond with 1,5I0 votes, and Mil
Icated for Washington, for which
state the lumber cut over 7.
600.000 thousand feet was
greater thun that reported by any
state at any preceding census.
Eight other states showed a pro
duction of more than 1.000,000
thousand feet tor both 1928 and
Seven kinds of wood contrlbu -
ted more than 1.000.000 thou-
sand feet each to the total cut
for each of tho two years. Tne
I dominating wood., as ',for prev -
loua years, were yeilow. nine
and Douglas nr. wnicn contn -
: onion ai.8 per ceni ann sj.o
per .cent, respectively, of the
, ioioi pronucnon ror us inivcr my; wnicn nia inai uni-
' agalnnt 34.5. per rent and 21.3l.owar died from a urtshot
j per cent, reapectlrely, of that wound Inflicted hy Tom Chris-
i IUI t,wU I1.J
woods of chief Importance, yel
low pine and white pine, showed
t decreases for 1!2 an compared
wlth 1 0 2 fi . Ootilas fir reported
the largest Increase, 8 per rent
The figures for 1926 as here
presented are preliminary and
subject to such correction as may
be found necessary upon further
examination of the returns.
80. (V. P. ) Billy Sunday, speak-1
Ing from the pnlplt today In ro -
ference to the announcement of found Jjy her mother this morn
Ihe American Asso"lotlon for the Ing. . Piercing together, what
Advancement of Atheism, that' It evidence wns at hand, authorl-
had started a campaign against
him, said
. vl have more respect for that
I gang of cutthroats In Russia than
I I have for these alleged modern
I ista. It's about time (he church
of God kicked such people out."
Mystery Landing
. Lakeview People
Half the population of' Lafce-
v l w t ii m ..I in h I fti I h I n v T n ok-
day afternoon when mysterious
airplane dropped from the sky
and landed near the city, and
qnlte as suddenly dluppeared.
! according to word here Tuesday
niKlh. -
The plane, accordinK to sereral
who attracted by the hum of thej
powerful motor, stood watching
the descent from cloudless bear-
-IM -. , rth BMr
intruded the Tie of watt hern.
abu an i ne piano kjiucu
smoothly groundvard. the crowd
rMrttnn In view sr. close1 Quarters
the huge inan-made bird. As the
,lule c01erl ' curious watchers
swept toward the slight depres-
,nto wh.h the hafJ
apparently glided the sonnds of
- the motor died away.. They
MdT-n the nUneT landing but I
esniA atin the knolP which had
... .v...- .ui.
" i
P6 '. her. late last .
night. Lakeview citizena were
still talking about the strange oc
curence the hurried search of
Mgebru,n nad abandoned.
hnvert th. nlnn. was that
, n,.er- perhaps on a non-stop
'. f)) h from Ncw york to Klamath I
I p,ii..ih.r. m.reiv r ih. in-
cidenf down as the peculiar be-'
( havior of . some Canadian rum
runner, bound for the utkeview
. rnnnH,.n atMrtlnr thl. weekend
-1 "
UT TrinnO-lp"
Broken When Hod
fipOWPr ; 11 K lllPfl
ii' Pt a altered "lov-i
SO. (
: '..I.M.I.H .Htrnhnla. ht'thn fatnlt
le" calmlnated m'.the fatal
1 shooting of George. M. Werltne.
47. wealthy hop grower, by. lrv;
.i. s.v.rirf hnn nt. - k -
.. ... i... T...riv
The shooting followed a quar-
l hetweeo the two men over', v . rvwi.
T.. .. T .. "?..-.!.. fi I " uld have been. We follow-
Vt'e Nlle aged '
1 "" Wile. ellte. ageO
PrleM w arrested . shortly
after the murder hy Deputy
: Sh.rifr rtnhert Rrnwn. who was
, ' ha , ...i
' ..
' - -
l" " ""V
, Ja" ""M ,'.
wife shortly after they obtained J
employment at the farm.
.He I
met Werllne at a community
. lusea 10 lew.e wuu ui
it wa3
I made him a' proposition."
riest is reported to have said.
"Werllne laughed at me and
two. other cases In which a wo-
(Continued on Tage Six)
Child's Toy Is
fillies if "M lirflpr
Ul lflUlUCl
LOS ANt.'EI.ES. Ahg. 30. (U.
I P. ) A murder complaint was
j Usued today against Tom Chris -
. tlan. accused of fatally wounding
nis ne.g....or. ...... ""'
1 loway. In a back fense
over the possession of a child s
.ioy -
he de-
i The action ionowea me ae -
! clslon of a coroner's Jury In
nun, a
I Mrn. Mndxe Galloway, , widow !
; bt the slain man, was the chief!
: witness at the .Inquest. She)
' said her husband was shot down
In cold blood.
I.A GKANDK, Ore.,' Aug. 30.
U. i I Cert rude Ijisl, 40,
walked to her death while In a
sound sleep Monday night, It
was - generally believed here to-
Mies Last, the daughter of
i.Mr. and Mrs. F. f?. Last, wan
ties determined that Miss Last t
arose while asleep and slipped
through her bedroom window out
on the porch and stepped off.
falling one (tory to the. ground
wher her head atrnck on the
concrete walk.
Land In
Another Lap Round
the -World Flight
Ends Successfully;'
Leaving for Turkey
BELGRADE, Jugo-Slavia,1
Aug. 30, (U.P.) Close on
the heels of a cloudburst,
that had driven welcomers
to shelter, Edward F. Schlee
and Win, S. Brock, Amer--
lean round-the-world racers;
. .. .J t-.i T
lunueil at cecnaiiay air'
drme near here af. jj .55.
a. m. today.
She's lovely-T-and more faith--
ful ,
than a woman." Schlee said
of their plane, after he and Pilot
Brock had climbed but of the
efwknlt. ihnvlnf da slrns what-
..... r f.,i,. r,m ih.l, soa
mile flight.
Th'5r had Mt Mnlch. GttL
many, at 6:3 In the "Pride ol
Detroit" monoplane in which thejr
'hope to shatter all' speed rec-
ords on a ' globe girdling flight
from Harbor Clrace, .t. F.
Hlghted After Storta
As the cloudburst - tbat had
struck the airdrome passed away
Brock and Bchlee were sighted
over the horixon.
' Jugo-Slavla government of fi
clala and the Ameriean . council -
hastened out to greet them and .
' crowd '"" their shel-
t mH t, IIS fl.M
After- the flyers had shaken
i " "a acanowi-
edged cheers of the crowd, said ,
... "
,he rlv" Dnu,'e ,,ho1" M
flrll,v. J.snlle nln .nH narllnr.
ly fo-wer;V
j ,'he fnn, ls ea, the
: t. , .
! f" " " ",r"
wi me recoro.
hop U . to Constantinople. 609
- ZC'
In Queen Contest
The labor celebration queen
contest took another sensational
. turn- last night when the vote
! count at contest headquarters re
: vealed Misses Josephine Hayes
Thelma Hntton third with 11.00.
Miss LaVerne Craven was fourth
with 4,. 8 00 and Miss Carol CrftAV
!er fifth with 2,350 votes. ,
Costumes to he worn by thd
' 1uccn and her attendants durlnx
j tne .eeiebrntlon and county' faii,
will be on disoluv in Moe's stO
window this afternoon, and will
. inoln.lo the liemitirulf sown, and
, lhe queen'a crown. . ' '
The n w fce crowned- t
the street carnival Sunday after.
Booll t 2:. to, while tho winner of
i . , . '.
Saturday night at10:30 at the
1 carnival srounds. "
' carnlml ground.-,
j .
Husbands roast all the cook
Ing that IsrVl well done.
: $k All
, ; to u 4 T eo ' I
V ?'. s sea- I