The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, August 28, 1927, Page 2, Image 2

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SUNDAY, AUGUST 28, 1927.
T.S Khmath News
Puhllihed avary morning cpt
Monday by Th Klamath Newt
Ptt.UI.hlni Company at lvl-Ui
South Fifth' ' atraat, Klamath
Fall, Oregon.
Mortal rpc of City of Klam
ath Fall and Klamath Coaaty. j
in lh iol night Mr, her' plrUa'l'ihe well barred his way Ilk an,
j rtiimnirtlr-KTrw" Hrlttrrt Hy the uus.y lu lu u In a'aoo.
iilmh waa ngalu ob the step ... .,..., ,i.i.L
SUCh speculation, uilvely. "Ja.t Bt waa this? i"f her dlmluth'ed veranda, lui: , , .
have their amusing aid, did.. ..".. I '- .,.'"'.. I nm tlm k. wound
but mem largely in vUn.. "You eoidot. You a-cr! '"f."" .7. .. " , "." ; ,n ,h d'm iiehterr: .rmd
They may ' be pleasant to ' '""Hot Mr roi..." m 'ti.o,
talk about, but woe to the "' " ' dynamite. , , rtlllHtt,l , ,,
Tkuv raiirh.ul lhn mini what-.,' . .
n'- ' . J Its first salute to in .morning.
man' or . Worftaif
Kate Otterbrt;-.. CU Eilltar
.yw; uBttau fttta.Min-
oniy lime oeioro inrf .... i,. ,,. (, , a,...
temnta to act nruin Ihom .hail entered the Intend. The1- . ........ ........... ......
, i , 1 or lau. I lain w iNiwri uwav, v
. The" civilization and social " I,n !': ,''',on ' ,,, on of rihrati.m. ui
umnwmlii of thw ttir.a. . 7 . .. . . imaae .oiuosanitw telle ami ear
-. - a.a nu niaannearea.
nwv r oill ll niinenreit Ilk nllnl i
"hii priest inln oli"tnnce !
before his god. t '
Morning twgan lit touch' the'
hor1"'" rl, nol ii,m
bjr an ;
... ..... hat. trrvlhl.m OHllod " t if.lHf 'II ..firriililfln
... ... , j '.,, Miulikk la
4n a IIBK It r i - - - .....
fnr. Hav 'ni
A Ihlnit Hian luirt wirV fwl- I
liifta'aiut Kllll hV'KnMl fur Hint.
Work, for liiHtannt.
I .. A lilualx. a i'iinrii anil
,r. make a lol f ilKfi'i'ti'"
ih,.v don'l foul a' nnt.
4 .(Inr Wuiiil f f
uni.k. driver 'of "tirrd lii)l. f
"nM . in.. i.. i ...
lllll i
arascRiPTiON rates
- BtttvWn April IS, latT.
Peliivrfii: b earrlcr, aoo,.. .as
IHUvrrcd by carrier, )mtr..
ItrUTCrcd by aaaU, )rrar... 0.00
BabarrtaioaaiyabU'iar adVaaro.
" Eattred aa aecond clasa matter
at- tha poatotftra at.Klamatb
Palta prccob, ; KoTfmbar' lSk'
11), SfBderacf ofMrcb 3. 1ST.
Triaphaaa 877
MecaWv A adit Bareaa Ctrcalatloai
.The latest philosopher to
discourse uporTth psycho
logical difference eteen
man and ,-noman'' had no
original or profound-di8v..j cortt wre, grown- in; th
iff and w nil th'nn rlno'.
.I nrtl hl rn.'"h ti ln' n
are too complex and Varied tlahna-fct ahowwl part pt the lr:"jTIy'ra rwrfrrilv boantlful. horo.J -. want brokfu-l.
for one1 to imagine that he work ,n " b"ch". wonk aittinn uiv tor; . v can' ' '!'. t.
can nut either Wen or wo- " 40 .f" ,Wn llay brlda or fanflrid m.-iin-' "r 1 how-.' r.- ,or
can put eitner wen of o- rrek. a dp tally ow mark- ;.h . Whal -a )ou ,.-. , - . .t,,,.,, t-h
men into neat little pigeon- ed tin wur. of Ih tiny atrm. j .. h , kn,.iv. v"vlhf durknnaa had' iwrmtt-
holes and' fancy that thev "i " "d '"1",i lo:ril,h' , " ." ' 1 " x
uill ai'av iVaio tbaftr pwrlotta ahaliowDMa. ' V. , " ...,. " " th fa.anda aitll
If, one. -of unscientific thmirh 0f and and ' " bVMt ',.'Mon. rhMnd n or tw... - ,. I Bun..fHf mnn aro good mlv
mind Wert, tot rin a little Yoteiailou. cllmbd lo th. Ukea W" """"''"' -i,r. ...! hrmishi il.nn, lu ( a... ...Jrr. Tboy'ntU a hlRb aanllty oi
rrrord fnr awlmmlnt Ilia Knili.i,
I'linllllKl. v'
n . . a,.i0y la a imilva "lili.r
KIRIIl l-onpifa a.-..- - M ,
hc.a than aa hour hv a """'' , ..,uv lif" la Ih a.m.
, . !' Juaih'a f " !"- ,. bf .., and trtn,.hrr,
i .. A vouna fallow who had luai ai.-iU limn cnnlrol. i . . -nUi tadoliml ami
r-rnnl. I'l i iltnivi and Htiui.-h-; lilrawl out to a buichi-r for fl a. ?r" . ,.. ' ri'iuly for mnrkol In from ira .
ik waa aakod It h ro"d tw riml. winon " ill(hH1,n mnih..'
driw a yhlrttii. "Not ton thri-j ihi niit.l. n of love. , t . )llr, f,)ri oU ra nan.
bufka it vtvtt." 'wki hu romo-i ' .,, ally mnro li-rlllii. oiiinlnln ninta
hack.' . I W otaarvea lll wn ! .....nd hum.... . ..
. , . --.' lalka- -loa! aJ "; i ,T, lurt-at' pyra.dld h,
My alrlfrh-ud la' miln to he'-" i Key pi la ktioan a fhoopa ,pvra-
mart h'd !' Si'ptr-nihnr," anld' a.
Klamath Knlla rlnpiwr, "but dooa.
HlM'V la MXl, but nft nl
,-rtlvH III Ih- mnillll liiil'I'li'B-
speculating of.hU own on'
...a '....k. .i-a.-j ,1,. don to m till ththr nlchia,
.I.I..I....--h..irnt y.m-' Vou know 1 can't
Mtlll . in.- inum .......
thissubject, he would prob- lhy had ,indod thlr hoive..h",B '' w,:'n ' ",N, )n lh land oflh. an
.ui.j .a. .t...t -w' ... i 'full of ancray. oai a alack! ...a.....-, .
Vi, ' u't.n.l.., mi.anitll.ia.a alnff.1
.vi.,. .L. w t i '""r"Thy urn not boihcrcd by mo-'
brulna with Urcluaa cni'iay.
no lonxor
who had b.'ra
ablV COrhe to the COaH-lusion The animals wr
that where' the wife rule's':
.'.,4. k.a : 1, o Th old man
... ... -"" malklnt-aloat. ahaorhcdly aaaina
the;- husband is' "occupied- m around, looked up quic-
They'r ou to their . . .
ulahlca. lo' yoa -. . . er
Ihlnb Vila"
wotk or is oy nature a suo- rndoubtedly; Nanny.
missive soul.
If. nWd .i V""k '.,.'r7",, m"n ,n n- " Enroll" Thnt a rlaht. W
Hlint anu.0-r ih hruah. Soon lhlcollB,rv
with, other matters, believes ly
managing a home woman
r. Why won't you alt up!" ,
. "'I'v ao: 10 aJork
3f yon to bo an lntllljt
LmMtiona t ihu hour of tk tinmen
mornma." t.o to uen. pieaae. I hl-lnr nnd -mim na
u nnppier. : ' lanaled retetatton. deanll lt
j "Very well. Yeaeraled "tap-; mm United.' Nunnallv, who
'lain. I'll ait up In my room' had areoinnanld him. looked on
"It'a er Juat aa well."ittn wnirn in aim riao.-uione. t wcnnennaiy, "wnnt are ynn
ll. ..rrnualv t-ed with the han-ish atood in the door nnd threw:.'. . er . . '. dilna. Vllak" he
daie on' hit arm. "IntelltKent klax from llp thnt still amitr-- ouerlrd. "Trvln to . . . er . . s '
haa ih. . er hor . . 1 d powder ataTna, "Intended 1 drive anineihlnt out of the
Anierlrnn llolel ownera will
loanlira f leree'e. I
h V,,.. ,h.v ,,.,... In atralahten : Jl'KT TKN Ol'KSTIONM
the Mtaaiaalnia- rlrer We al- i llere'a au'old faahloniNl' quU
waya thought there were an aw
fill lot of aa In It.
111. -A broker ia un agent Inr
urt tint hnylna-and elllnr of
riirlilm or market ctiimnndiil..
In a hiKkel ahup no anli urn
nuiile. Inn heia arn placed ou cur,
rem and future price
.. .' 'i'll hi -i 'l j t
Rut A-fcorona I think I ahall be for .M-. Minnnliy. hot tor yoa.'-. nrnan?
-Iimii..,. -.. kinif I dn'"' enneo onineiy, ana aii-: na va
t- :i i not ride anymore tonlKht"
a wo Jiuiiiua-it-ss ocics ui ,. . . n..rtt
i nn aamru uciaai ,,i iup i-,
Without any frllla or alunla
. I- Vknie,' five of fh ranklnt
ln American 'Alf player for
"I did uol hue lunch today ! I!'S7.
on mcouht of onenlnr my elc I Who l chb'f of taff of the
cnlar lellera whlcn came In lh;l nitrd Slle army:
rail.." aid a Kliunnth Knlla
mun. "but tot through In time
cure order to' n
i ..uu .... w.i--.... a.i.u. , inr.rni .a - . ,11,...- .1.1. .w.n In "
other tratedy,' thuf all." !
lenda. found It deserted except) A moment later Vllak biro: 1 " iinoei)
iinar uianniienr naaln.-' iitwl
that aonietlilnt
criea to': report. . For-the United" States' this year.1 and far the three horse, which wr tood nicht to th' o:t inan.-ooinc)
. .i 1 'i . v- J . " i . 1 . ... -.-. i . . . . : -...' t . WhAlia'inns biim'Ia enrk- ha I
ne ventured when he sought i .The department of arri- IB lo r" m inaij-n.i.;0. ..isiroua purine '".: ,.. , h. . .r - " , two
. - . . , . .. Hannah; who placidly sat inllic'was protusery worKM wltb thou-. r ..
to explain the supremacy pf CultUI says that these fig- ,... . fee, off from a sand of tlnv cold draaon. one:womn aw to-wark ahe roll.
wile in tn borne.
: pert he was content to 7.000.000- less- aefe of all- ,hb" f """r "x h, ''"'"' dmped om. i ZTZJt,Tr
. , , , j ,. .. then rod out to lhaeos Hilt to garment of extraordlnury beauty "ern tor me c
i- the weU-beaten-path. crops-ar. under cultivation hrinit og.. Ih, They rd,. iMch had bertt'slven him by aihl' khiuupera. .
everv -.upon one novelty, this year than ever before, ed it and found ' th child Mfc gmtetui chinaman in Pekin. of -' , ' ; 1 '
1 -1 t u- n.. ,' ' . v . . ;l ' , ,-,' f th. Iriulv-hairMf ! k,TV , luarrnna"- alllr ' It ' ' bB ' man KOe ' lo
3.- If nil the money In circula
tion In Ih fulled ' Sin(a lodu
were equally divided among In
habitant of the country, whsl
"My boy." aald the patrnulitng , would he each persons anarer
... h... ........i whiat anort (a tinr Wood
... r.nao nun n.r tnenia ... le.rilii. .ontender?
l.ente? Klntnatb Hnlla,
N a. i, levtcut hun.liit) inr
MK'ftltlU. MAIJX
' " Mn,r. Wed. FrH. 1
Mtllllll.b 'kMI.IV
Al.i l If AH-IIKVO
New llcdiii'iil Itnii's now In
Terminal Stag Depot
UI.V Main fM, ,, 11hm Vim
i like a cigar!
"So II la,'
i R-j. Who hold the record for
responded the vie-'awlmmlnt the Kncllah channel?
"whal Is U!"
I' . . . . . ... i Hnvn haa b(m.I.Ih
I tires, lar irom oeing CUSCOUr- frightened ndila mas of ne- single sninint setrent formlnc "
His theory : is that -thelaging. are very encouraging.-" half-ca.t. who stood , th weighty hem. Then he(
wife spends the whole day 'and would 'have been even
straining- l heir eyes and eat far opened on of the trunks, toJk i
some ign of
florid n which -out a small portable talking raa'-
lleteas' Little Ctrl I could
if I wanted to bat what' the
use or spelling anything ao out
of lylT .
.). .......... . .ki.k 1
nrgy he Stored up-0' the j .'America' has been' over- two men preceding the light ve-'each night assail the ear of the Th" tltbier yoo qneex a
preceding' nightf -Knowing! farmed in proportion, to her h,c1- The natives stubbornly re-ilant-eyed dweller in the puntl l" ' . m"J " if'-
(L.C v - 4v. j , 'j, Hi j fused to' fellowi shaking their ent tenement of Xew-.Vork's, ' ... , .
that he has mo-, chance-! other jobs, says'the depart- hrf. . tlMm, .,.. ntT, - Th busiest needle, in a great
airairvst' stich ariimnliitM' mont The- Tr.Hif ' frrtrri' o,. ... .... ,h.. i ih ... j v.. nt '' homea these day
7Tht l "baby lieefT
j Which are naunlly more fer-
Une thin In favor of these! tile, dark or IWhl colored soils?
clay pipe Is Ihut- when you I What is Ihe uame common-
I a ... .a. 1 j lu alun til ItiA ItifWstUf nt lhl
Visitor Can- von snell hore or"D on" m '" "un ' ' 'I'"
swnng up energy, while her better if acreage undercut- utrangviy did-not come. chine, set it on a grotesquely ;
hlisband, away arid hard hat I tivation : hatf beerf decreased The-cavalcade set off again as carved stand and put onto the
uwk alM.(.',(.;. .mn.. i . ...:..-- t nnn Ann ' had stafted-lu the afternoon turn-table one of those sqneaky.
. - M " " J , V. uciik ua . 1 ' t i, a laiLS t.VVU.WV n.lS. . , a .k. . . L"-1 . 1 1 J 1 1
H t closed the liiwirs of hi
energy,' the" husband ; meelf- farm to City took'place be- of the bursting dam wa false.Jrcom tightly: the marhtne be- nteit.
happens to he the phonograph
to nick them un. ' ! Egyptian- pyramids?
vi I 10 Whm Is Ihe difference he-
I . I'lillokoplilral Aceepinnce. twn a brokerage and a bu. kei
i Mnn must he luttlent. hre below. shop?
I Nor turn to rain-regret. ,
; We just turo on-the radio' . I TIIK ANSWKUS ,
! And take what we can get. ; 1 --The ten beat golf players In
, o. I America are Jones, Von Hlni.'
The fellow uho f.-eU above 1 Sweelser; Oulmet. tlunn. Hiln.
Ill Job will nhvnya bnve othet-a
above hlni.
Standard Dyers ,
and Cleaner.-
"I'oe lk-tler Appcarani-o"
t)itiirlia Cleaalna;
' One-Pay mt '
K inert Ityelna;
140fl Esplanade St'
I'hona 825": '
' if .KavL-itahU that: ney reinrnea id me un. Ir m grmu- oui ii narsa pierc-
t ""-- " the driver' to ' stand guard and 1 log discord. He put a bit of
ahythlnt o eivlllted a dot bls-
PA1 I rul1 ID ,Rltt one-norse. run-4iown.
Ly submits.
The thl. With th KiJirt.av amalffaem rn.wt . onH l"!.." ..! " . L. Ill ; "'.Ta L "T-T " ' WHEN THIFVKS FALL Ot'T
' ...a,.. ..v . Baasaaa M r ouillj' 1DW IO .wT ui lag mi tM irTTatri in MIS OIUUIU inQ DVn ' IIOVVC
v-j sic ins w uc iiiiNt.. give way .. .10 , iiiisiiJowereu 1 .n 1U K, .un
wives ' have ; enough calls' mechanical scientific a' nr ' . ZL 'lT.r
't .- . 1 slowly wended Its. , -way - back srrmed. ' .gratedv -clanged. It
upon their d)itamie energy farming on a large scale. toward her horn. eead. He started it . on
throughout the day that Fewer farms ; mah' a' IiV-" On leaving Prentlu' she had more, and ' reeoarmended - hi
they'can usualfy. mustfer Up ing-wage' for the survivors depressed, bnt a he rode swift pacing, turning, sharply a. (ioft,n,a,. who lay, their
f joUU 1 o AlND iibK BUDDIES . Their Own' Hnmp Hut
r f'''.-wi:v-reiaiyiye m, . ..'-.. . i . .... ,, ... .j!-x1,V11 wrtinuiiic, wu
a . .
Held, (lullfnrd. and MarKeiule.
S Mtjnr t.eneral Charle I'.
Sunimerall la chief of staff of Ih
I don't' suppose you- keep fulled ' Stales army. ' ...
3--Tne average per capita
srr jien siiori.D
Jay town, do you? the tourist
ana rleil . . v
, , ( ..l)h -irtit.a.r" lha. vlllara I VatHlall clllSk rmbvl like BC
Finland, says a travel writer.! on. yes. straiiter.- tfe Wllago
has nnthlnfc thai answer our nierchant responded pleasantly.; A. F DEASOV, Plnno Tuner
conception of a leisure class. Wulte a few toiKa lIRo you ; m
Klamath Printing
...1. Company ,
, Ipr.all mill ,nd fMLP Iprpi.
lo'ise leaf sysli-ms, hilling
1 lie-it aa'.l 'office' siailJUcry,'
522 Klamath Ave. ,
. . '"
Phone 1282 . . ,
come through from the city and
710 Jlaht
lhon 140-M
Ik' KjLllr" i
Ben LoCieri-Burmon
"THI .HAST JJAJVtpiKf ; ia- Mspleieus' crackle sovnevrhere j
AtVa, lwver.rM'BuaV' oaoff in, Jt? rutin.' . Nana!).
tlie il(o of -ibai' etJtrberrri or'ently pointed bJ . jmall finger
-tisaricaaa riwae-owM anal as.j toward It and looked at Vllak:
age coavklerabk, property 1 queatloningly..
Ibe lltUe iaWw'or Porto -ro, ia j ' Hi friend .hook hi - head,
area Ceatrat Persv t T j"No.- yooi needn't worry. Just
. Several -nrrsterlow oVrturbiaT J an' animal' or something of the"
oeenrreeb-'ba Tar- a her baa--1 .ort." - Whatever else . I don't
raped hart, date to thn sbeevrd- j knOW, I feel fairly sure that our
e f bee'caw' d proeeetor.4 friends won't bother us here any-'
Vifcst. rBo anaVqaerndea aa Her j more tonight. But what effect
ataorwer-ndei-tla native of Darts, j this affair will have on the
Vllak is a nrelmt- mirtaro of-fotnre I don't knoar- either."
AaapeWn and Oriental blooe anal miae cast a quick glance back
J'-""T 01 i'Mnu,n- HetHet fne -house.' with it. many low
to"prrajaiW! Kb)-to leave thekjers appearing In" the mist like"
roBatrf. Irarin -ban there whh-t,om Rantlc many-beaded beast.
nw rnnsi,' e.tncoin' .nrarry, an
chVrly American chemist, to
aorre' tftc tnyttery - -
By Martin
rsi ,
She took hi arm. "Let's get
-away from here." she nil
' r ' ' - ' :-J-.::: : '- : . : ' , a, T '
. I --V If T: " Nk .'. 1 ' ,L I CUA e,KA. ir ' 1 I' ' I' I"'" H
I k liW 1 I! PMPX I J- '.'' . 1. i.-ynxl .N?.lv.tvCkVAMA't ) tt Sr ' , . W . H KQ'li..
- - . 1,1
Male at finer refaaen; hot after
j "The place frightens me.
her1 S-yrftr4d(t' orphknetf uephr j , ily but j Iw instinctively
aionapen. to db rotina aain By ; that there' something wrong,
the alert' VUnk. knd another at-": somethint sort of . . . tainted
tempt la madr on their live, she, ....polluted . . . wherever Pren
aawV. '... is" .. Itia bus been. Thu natives are
.Her departure I prr-vented by right. . Vllak. He is abnormal,
the threat of floods. Meaaeager i All the time be was. In the tow
ride thrnairh . the coumryatrteier 1 felt it. A creeping, crawl
wanilng tile nntivea. Then Vlhtk ' Ing sort of snution. As -If he -
decide to proceed to IIh- boose i weren't . quite human
ofoan tiaybird Prrntls and nam f "When he was close lo me.
him of the- danger. IVentla h a j shooting. I vould hardly keep
rrrlaap and -forhiMJng ma. a,trom shuddering- every time I
weil a an enemj of Klaer'a. and i looked at him. And all the
alia suMxt him of some k..i-- . hlle we were there toguther
of the ennarrirarr atainsT nDt word of gratitude, not a
her. -.Xevertheteaa,-. lw atneti word f confidence. He doean't
Hint. It. I . tlieir ;duiy lo. want : like me.. Vllak. It took a nnm
hlm. . . -.- ' ; .'.-;. ' !her of parnfui - lessf as to - learn -
Vllak learn tluit the flood HI, hut I vi -learned it now. And i
warning I a mar to get -Prenrla i I think you've got to take I hat
oat ;or hi house, 'and' persuade 4 Into consideration .In explaining'
Prrntla t lmlt themi-- ThevTkls' disappearance ."'
barricade thenue-lves In a small I "vht do yon mean?" Vllak'
tone tow cp. 1'nknnvin attackers Tolcc was Interested. '
vaa. nrr ,. ,..rrn. II.HK, areinff , ...,, ,hllt hB Hn,,hd ,he
rri i?tii i
t-fjiam ronows Aavice
.. e . w . - .
By Small
l'ULIe.T'9e UOvi -rfe,cH 00 VlLOTlHQr
ARAvl0-' f WCfVT-TepcHR. 0T
fM-90 p, BtS-VJIUO BP.&-RerA6e Moi.1
Woo'e ooiti" fine.Kio4. mii.d4 ne o1
Whem t first rrpftTeo fcyirt'- i vteoTis
cp.Ry Two Per eriv&ces eNtortci-, f.u' .
VelHEhl 60MtTlrt' VlENT UlRoelG- f 0 lOft;.
HrVMO- &OT TH' HOcAfarie OCttlv M(V06M6
ot EfA OP - $M0 IT WftS CRueUW - TA
fM4lrAP.(.$! Pf.THeW I60S UeRCMT
Hp.-rAp.0eP PVt LPiHOIMCt, V60r fU.P.H
rAPKeS Me'TVllrtK O' TH' TtfeC WKEM
wp.5 up morth tftssom' Polar pecvrs
Ort TH" StOOS T' Keep Fc-
6HPPl?t' -7 WELL SIR, ONE pfVa-
their amuiunltlou runnliiK lo ,lr-
succes of yhui plan td free' th j
TL. ..u,.w lw n""" "" lake above, am! then bncanse he
"TT ,rPn""" """ ; knew every Inch of the fa.enda,
. TT" 'r. ""'mr i thought of a way of escape whlrh
real flood. .K wa, . .,.,, .,, nMn-t ,
; XOWllKfJI.tSS Tlfr8T)RT'' .ecanse by the tlniple expedient'
I . nAFH ,T jof not l'l "-I'
i i jixxt of me ana mv stt0.npy M wo)
Vllak strode outside once incidentally. . ,
more He. bent over and began j' ..A ! idea-and one which'
examining the ground around w0i,i haTe appealed to bis
Ibe stones Vhlch formed ' the i ....i... ...
t J , fctruclurea fotindntlon. There jmlMI ... ., .h-.-... ,h..
waa nothing. , thtn ' he lets us drown and the
"I confess I'm beaten," he claimant to his property are
rritated to bla companions, and flone- for, ...After all, - blowing
khrilgged big shoulders. Jbp that dam was a rather des-
They marled to descend the j Perate thing to do, very likely to -low;
slope to the creek, plunt-jfail. After yon suggested It. and
Ing through mud that came to lie pretended to' protest, I saw
thelf knee, forcing their . . way j him smile, that same cruel,!
through a wild tnagle of muddy, 'crafty smile he had when, he'
dripping a branches. There wastrled lo run me Tlown with bla
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