The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, August 27, 1927, Page 3, Image 3

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SATUttDAY, AUGUST 27, 1927.
At the Hotels
AlViltlii llnlflw. -f f'f Clnr.inH
JPiMtlutid Mim IlrrrMr. Mont- ilia been Iruiimirtlim bualricsf for''"' wife. San Antonio, Tcxus; ;
Hlela of i'nrllhnd,' who owna a jibe past foil dn. - Peter llnrn.-a, Chllouulii; B.' Mr-
trtn of array stores un the a Cull. Eugene: H, bsvle, Lodl.
coast, stopped uvur In thin rliy Ml. ( low K.xiKVl.d H, Calif.: (I. J. Cnlg, l.nkcvlew; .
yratordny for a nUort rlilt en- Tlieltuu Clow n Chlco, Calif., I;H. U Head, city; F. J. Kenning..'
rottlo la lili home, from HnJ expected to nrrlve ' In 1I1U city i Hoatile; f. - H. LangoU-l. Uiko. !
Francisco, whero lig uttendixl u' ourjy In 'Hcptemher in visit n(' ! vUw : Mm. Ui-nrge H:iuilmlit, j
buyers' convention, th. home of Mls llrflon Abbey) ' I'miiIii. Ore.; I.lltlan I). Ben-1
' , r,ir i wo weeks, MIm Clow tor- Flushing, N. v.; M. Uelior.
Herloitaly III I,. J, Morrison "ifrljr resided horr and hi mnny 'Man Francisco; 'It. lirnwilon and
ut lh Klamath Varlaly store in frlumlit who will welcome hcrjwlf. AnKoles; II. K. Lyman.'
reported a serloualy III In Olym- return. Portland; C. I). Fh-nnor. port-)
" ila, Wash., and hta wlfa has loft jhind: II. O. (iiirrott. Oregon City; j
to be with him.'. MM Morrison. I Jit "it lluaiuc- It. M. uui) V. Fred 'M "Henry; forvillls; It. it.
attti-r of Mr. Morrison. It taking K- llainmnnd of Morrill were 1 Mclloiiry; Tacomit; Ji. II. Illevens. i
Mra. Morrlaon'e place In tho store buslnesa visitors In I ho city yes-! Tangent. 'Ore".; Arthur f Hay.
llnrluit her absence. terday. Lakeview: M. A. Peacock, Ku-
" ' I gone; Howard A. Powers. Boston: '
From Merrill I,.' a. Moore I ' '""' ' t'roler l.nke The , K fl.Cooney. Mndford; II. K.f
. In Ih ally yantcrduy Irana-1 M""' vra 'lro and Iloroihy jl'reito. Chlco, falir. i
antlns' bualnriia, from hia home ".""""" 'd Harold Mrtilltim 1 llolol Wlllurd - O. II. Allc'n.
In Merrill. Imotorrd lo Crolor hike Thiirt- Ilolno, liluho: .r. uiid Mra. II. I', j
jdiiy. .Mint Itaymoud la vlnltltitc Kornuaon ind clillilrcn. J'orlland : j
b'llttuM. in,., 1.1... i... v. ",re nl l,4V,l Vandi'iiliur llr. and Mra. IV. I.. I.uybourn
r.Hl Davonport raturnrd y..Btc.r- ,, ",', ,. . ..
day from Lakalw. wh. ta I "WW IW Wte lh un
-,i S. r I ut
Phone 5S3-W
' cpre 92.4 '
Good, pure raw milk.
Connistenlly a Class B,
. - ....
or better, Dairy.
Public invited to in
r -V i. . ...
Bpcct dairy at any time.
The Beat Service, twice
. ech dy, .Night and
' Morrtinf.
homo, vnroule lo her homo In i loa Anxolra; Mr. uml Mra. Chun.
('. Boerer. Hoattln: K. It. Hood.
rar montha In HurraniPitlp, Cul. Portland; Jnnii. tlarvey, Kan
I j CrnnrlBio. Harry llarpur, ' San
' Dlvlirri hilitl A divorce waa I Kranclaco; Mr. and Mra. J. 11.
j tiled In thn circuit court yuntnr-iTutu, Portland, Leon Oppcnholin,
'day by Myrtle Junb Thome aaln-VSm Prancla'co; .Mr. and Slra. 3: It.
at Thoinaa K. Thoriio on the j Vanaunt. Knnaua t'lty: K. I). Iliiu-i-hnritc
of cruel treatment. ' er, Bend; ; Mr. nnd Mra.- W.
Kundenbera, Wmtwood, N? J.; II.
U ; Csr 4&i$ . X
'M ? .rim ssCr-
" 'jfrTKft" W' Vk.IRM j
BITU.NflKIKIl.l). ' Maaa., ' Ana. I
:.OillMrt Taylor wooed Km-J
ma Buck ill yeara ago. but their j
plana to marry were disrupted j
by a lorera' 'quarrel.' Taylor," a
Bullor.' dnpariwl In R. buff.' Both I
married but hare lieen widowed :
years. " Meeting recent-!
ly, they rekindled . tho- old ro-
niance and will: -marry. ,, i
Funeral aer'vlcea foV 'IJorolby
Marie Ijinaalet were held Friday
afternoon from the Karl Whlt-
lock Funeral Hjme, Plna ave- K.era
nuo at Hlilb. with Iter, rather
Ixiuaer official Ink. Tom " Rlch
urdaia and 1. H. HonklnK' acted
iu bearnra. Interment' and con- We aim to make the Klamstb !
clndln aervlcc were held In Mt. VarleyJiTiokpltalit conMlbutlfotto
Calvary cemetery. ' ' ., the publlo ood by efficient ear
or ine aica and injured.
Eyn Examined, Fitted arxi the
- Ciewct GrcKiiKt in our oa
factory wit your t L , .' j
indirtdmul mfuhumtntt. 1
Broken Lenses Replaced
-o etaiar erneer-. - .
t'HF.NOTUi I'blna. -Auk. 2-
The atrlfe of. civH war never
hu' ruffled the- placidity of
t.'henxtu, the ''perfeet city" of
China.- It Ilea loan milea ap tbe
('haiiaata Klana 1 river. Tbe
atreeta are newly paved, there
are many automobitee and mo
. torcyidira, and forelea mlailon
arles go about entirely nnmck-st-ed.
' "
'$St&S? Gl ; PBSW.ETON, Aug. it). (ff)'
Restoration' of the in-eat cathrt-dal at St. Onontin ha here for ' ottlceT trom lMe
,. , i , . " , , . j , .7 county In the belief that they
: JUt ben completed. - were the band eongbt by Eujene
atilhorltlea, 'Were relcaaed" thlanl
, rticrninc when It waa found they
the Wrong . group.'
tho idly waa very : ta oat place in tne firmament
noilnce ai
It la sel-
battle . toura
. i and , . ,
The Toggery
Cool weather demand warm merchandise!
You'll need a part of everything we offer
Ttke adf antage of'hr sale!
No cily aacended to greater ! tlon by ' the declaration that
I-nun ll lulu, llawnll Mr. Iloualon. (ian Kranrlai-o: Mr. and prominence durlnir. the war than eomeininn rnouia oe-aone imme- i
umr-nwn" ir. "annv er' Mono- n: - H. Kvane. Ha em: Mr. Anil rt. uueniin. in trie iirai piaco "" . .c.v..D
lulu. Hawaii alotiiicd In the cltvl.Mra. ll Welch. Pnnl,wl m I the name of
yeaterday. They vlalt Oreaon M M. Moore At,l Kian. ! difficult to' DronoJnce and atlll.of attention
and the. utber coaitb auitea every ley Moore, Iai Anaelea:; Itlch-'la. for that matter. It'a "San-i 8o. St. yuent In today la facing
enr. iard Moore. I.o. Anc-li-a: 1.. a. f kontuhn"" and It mun bo done , ral crmta. one a, city witn a
.! ICoke.Kauta Uirbara; A. B. t'Qokc with the nuie. BcaMeaV there name that waa op .the llpa of
Itcturua rroni Portlaml A. J. Santa Burbara: Mr. and Mra. M. twero Cerman dcpredatlona. artla- nillliona. Today, with Ita ruins
Connolly of Connolly Brot hera, W. Duncan. Ked Illuft; Mra. and it ahelllng operatlona that de- ttnd bulldlnBa rising
ha. returned from Portland m-here'Mlak Calwor.e. lied Bluff: Mra. atroyed practically all the ' "P from the curb, of every street,
I,. h.M I,.... .i.i.l... ...... 'v I l-l...l v.- V,l.. i. ...I houava. and the Invader, were . 't ia forgotten. But a few kllotn-
ond frlenda for tho pant twol-Mra. Dexter. Dorrls: ' Mis. B. i driven ont In 191") -after they;"'1'" north lof Paris
Mb, Th...M.,.,i rinPiu- u, li Ihiifl (1rilli,d holes In the nillars
'C. M. lrwl'n. Saieni: Mr', and Mr.:! of the cathedral and placed!8" " .to ",,1clo; and yerd,ulin'
Ir. I' Lravra l)r 1 R. Iledrlck. Salem: II. Her- i charges or eaploslvcs that nonld,A ' o do. k In tha evening the
iS.lirT.'w, miri: Portland: Mr. and Mrs. Jos. 'have wrecked the edifice had ;- are
I., tor Portland to n.tend ..,ei OKer.. Portland; Mrs T M. h the fuse been J,?
veuillllff Ol niN SOU, tVetinem I'at. . '""',,TJ ,",t .jnuuu, viu,. mil biuid iuc mbi, oi. xucii-
lerson to Miss Ctrollne McKwen. Mrs. J. H. Kstes and daughter. Ulri's .popularity ' nan .fallen" off.
which will be aolcntnlted' Snndny Beach; J. A. Ruler.'-Tho Tbe city baa .been rebuilt
evening at the I. eed cnlleao chan- Oalles, 1 Ore. : ; Paul Vogt. The completely. The holes In the
el. Mr. Patlorson Is attending Dallca. Ore. !church pillars remain. But. oth
medical college at Harvard nul-"" Registration at Chnmber of erwlse. life Is without incident,
verslty. Dr. Patterson plana to Commerce Harold Thompson And this fact is bothering the
be gone a week. , . ', Calif.; Frank S. Kentscl. Calif.: 'officials. St. . Quentin' should
i . 1 .. Charles A. Klaug. Calif.: A. E. still he as prominent as Verdun ; w.te(
. ; Rogers. Calif.: I. T. Corby. Calif.: . and Itheims. they assctf.' And ,
-C C Larson. Calif.: C. K. Maud, it should attract lust aa many
Honolulu. Hawaii; J. M. Meinln-1 sight-seeing American ua these
ger. Calif.; XV. 8. McDonald, i other towns in the devastated re
Callf.; Jessie F. Iloppo. Calif.: ;glons. '
Dr. E. Wyosney. Calif.: Mrs. Paul ! 8o firm are the officials in this
J. Henry. Calif.: Naomi Henry, j belief -that the mayor recently
Calif.: O. O. Bunker. Calif.; II. 1 wrote a long piety for the St.
I. Girvln, Calif.: F. O. Conner, (Jucntin paper. In it
Saturday ' Special!
Doris Kenyon. I.loyd Hughes
and Louise Fazenda are a
real -ecansdy trio- In
Sunday and Monday
hfi'tM'trladciippllig dH- of
, t nherrarrBeri" w
"Naughty But- Nice"
4, ,.a..j 1 S., k.i ..W..
.Saturday Only! J '
Pete Morrison in a wHd tW
lag, wild fighting picture,
"Cowboy GriV;
, Sunday and Monday. ;
I A dietlht-t JHyil ntrtfty
'Breed of Courage'
rordlon and h la, wife accampenles
i him on the' traps. The tune
ilhey wheel out, over and over
again. Is "Rainbow." A aign
-near the bass drnm reads;. "Moa
: blfez la mnslque." 1
St. Quentin! Once a name on
: every tongue. Now a elty' neg-
1 S-:4 4-
" .. ' I '. . . H . . . '
--' i' :
... . -,'-;. r, . i - J j .
'A Grcnd and THIS IS ,
GlorjouA Celebration, , j -THE ' ; ;l
Tonight ' r ' WIGHT
Horna, Cricket,
Rooterr, Confetti,
Evei-thlhg Frtie
" '- r -
Cotton Blankets
Ono big lot of double blnn
kU. (iroy with fancy bor-
$1 .98
, Work Shirts
i i-1
One l;lg table of tan, blno
and grey rhamhray at
, 79c
Knit Gloves
Army stylo. Handy for driv
ing, pic. .(imb these
; -
Rock Bottom
l'lli-ei! ,.AII. W'K.ITKIIM,
Work Shoes
Scrut'styier hflWTif-alres,
some ruliher solos, others
full leather. Out they go
Night Shirts
Now la .the time In buy
these. Heavy -Amnskcag
Flaunol. (3.:5 valuo--
Made ol heavy calf leather
in tnn. only.-All alzea. H.&O
values. For Saturday
Golf Oxfords
Here's rah I ono. Made up
up two lone call. Heavy
sole and flexible. $10 val
t (Men! Buy them, now! -.Wear
them nowi
f Fancy Shirts
All Prifcht end Gaudy
" ... Color. . .
$7.50 value now $4.85
.$5.00 yavluet now $3.50
$3.00 value now $1.68
Velour Ht 1
- t
Four-Gallon Siie
$10 value now.... $6.50
$ 9 value now.. ..$5-60
$ 7 value now.... $4.65
t r Fancy Scarf :
All """e silk, in", plain aniPbrocuded patterns.
These, we are selling at hnlf prica of
. , $lel9 and $219
- - .
The Toggery
i ' Beautiful dresses' for all oc
casions, all 'colors, sizes, mater
loin, and prices it. 75 to $89.75.
Xo duplicates, . new froirl San
Francisco.- New fall arrivals,
dally. Open evenings. Bertha B.
ho told of Jut vlt, Nellie' B. Coate. Hotel
lanr.r jonn Kiicy. i nur.; John Ihi- publicity received by thii'WIIiard Sample Room. Klamath
ncvingion, iniit.; it: is. mirgess. .city In wartime and he deplored : Falls. Adv. 27' ". " '
I me ian mat tnis n'ieeras-d
li a point where none igave al , From 1u'i1h--O.. C. Lar-
Call atiihought to the city" anymore. ; VP of 1'ine Klilxe w,-. ia-thc
For liale old papers,
'! 11 I T
KUiUlAlb lSvl', - ' I'll Slimmed un hi rommnnifft- n.Hv mi lni1nfv vAatfrAr. v ' KM
I . ', . 'Sl ""Saj w III ' "
X'VmJ . f l M 4 MAIN :
- 7o lyAf m Peaches
: . 1 Blackberries
' SHELL 400'Uvorks best on a lean raUtor.e-" , '., . , ; . '1 'Pfi
more,air,less gas. j This means economy more' : - .. . . .
' mileage! V SHELL f'400"'yes you, f or .tKe first : WateWjlOnS
time, the ftdl power of gasoline; because it vap . ; y ' --v . . . .i".i't -J
uiiito toiinuvi.j;iy ittiut-uiiiiuuuiisiy ioa ury .gas. ; O J." ff TJ
rv i -""" " , ;uitong'- peans
, . . i,i -m ,. .. . -,,- - 'I . ' ! It :'
- itt&eaifmTM'- m- -
sr..M I Lettuce
M - f l C , t t 111 - I :- J - , V l-t
rnr7',M'nf.r '-.:(: , fTn r kUK iA
liquid rr'cle I f
I ; ODeiv Today r
. 1 nre Jiurca Jit ruainaui - a aisa ,
717 MAIN
Prices tie" tame 'at ,dr thre'e Bargains for Satutchiy
Firm, ripe Grants Pass Tomatoes,
Per Bo':.i:;:.I.LJ..:A'
Ripe'Elherta Freestones " for carinTng,
or slicing, rer doz .t..-
Fancy, targe berriesl Buy at
Stone's: Per crate i . ...
Hupn vyurs are uie .oesi in .town.
;M,C? display first.' Per cup
, 1 - .... i . I 24- a f
See bur
10 c
Large Golden Bantam Sweet and Tender Corn.
Per-dozen 'l;:..!:...:;:.;.-..:...
Cabbage. - Medium size : solid
t ia-'r ' : t" t,i.v r.fc :.'i.'
Per, lb. r.......
Carrots,-Beets, Turnip, Ipi r
Etcv Fancy Local Grown.llI
'2 bu-.-:..V.VV
Rogue River Melons, -J .f
guaranteed ripe. Per lb. Li A K
v ari; L n.. f t. ; .i iv. . . u.
Local Grown Fancy Beans.
s "lbs.-
Local Head
Per head .v..
Lettuce. ' Buy at Stone's.
Remember-we open our newest and largest store this mornins.
Plan' .to visit- us.' today whether y ou wish to buy or not. We will be
t .
a. 1
pleased (6 ' see you.
' KJamathComity's Jargest Fooid pistribntors " '
- r 1 1 1 1 ' i