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(IHC.tlON: I'Hrll V i-lnitily li.ilav, tiilillfhl
lid 'lliaailay. raw HiiM ahuwria nvar
qUlUHlltlllB NMll III IHII Ml."! HllllHIII III
Say, Nluwly lialns liii''lMia In w.l
ml t'eiilial iiiiiIiiiii. llrnll lu miHlm nt
aurlhwaat wlml" ulf Ilia CtlHll.
fair tniJay, liai'iiuillirl Marlly ilntidy l
nlglil ml Ttlfailay. Illalt Imlay IHI, low
41). MINI) Tilaatlay 11
NOM'I'lirKN I'Al.iroHNIA' (ivnarallv
rlaar Imlay, tonlahl anil 'I'lie.ilay, wllh
ltll lu miiilaialv HMllhwa'alaiiy WMMla
nil roaal, ,
Melhixllal t'lrrlr -'iliiee clrclan
nl llin Woman's Hurlriv of Oliilalliin
Hn'vlcx il tlx- MrH Mi'lhiHlll
rliurcli will lin'it mi Tlmracliiy.
Klilli unci Miuy iliclea will iiullit I hi
ii politick pli-nlr ul tlir hiinie il Mm.
Karl Ki'iIiiiiiii nl Him Front lit 12
noon.. ThoAi wiihlim Iriuiaiioriiitlnii
should be at the church at 11:4s
a. in., and nil tiro m.krtl lo Iji'Iiik
tlirlr own liiblc arrvke. Murtliit
tiirlr inrrls nt ihe home of Mm.
Klliilrlli Not i la mi t h e Mn rill
liiuliwuy for ilrurri nl 1:30 p. in
Father circle will mil .meet Una
Allelic! tuneriil Memoera nf III"
Wullrnlmm (iimlly wlm were In
Klitlimlll 1- it I In In nlli'iiil tile funeral
anrvlrra "I tilt lulu Unix-it E. Will
tenuurit n Lily. Ituliy mill Hycl
liey Wnllenlninc lloill Koaall: ('llra
tor Wulleiiliuiu anil mm. Jerry, of
Cortland: Mm. Hlx-ri Wniipiibum
friitn Heattle mid Mm. W. II lluilmui
(it Hon prmuiM ii. All have relumed
lo their homes except Mm. Ilmlaoii
whu will remain with lirr alter-ln-luw.
Mm. Uobeit fc. Wiitlrnburil.
(or a lr daya
Home Mnlruun fcpley Jr. who
him been Wtirklnit on a t-oiuliucrltun
project near Luytonville, Calll., In
home recovering Irohi a bud raao
of polaoii ouk. Julurn t'ftMi. Klam
ath youth, mid Jiiiiim clubby. lor
nirr Klninatlute. who were on (hp
Job wllh Kpley, nlMi contracted
pulaol) oak. bill llul an severely. Thn
boya are ajiriulinK thp summer nl
Laytonvllle while tin vacation Irum
Oregon Htulp mid Orrgou.
Married In Hmiu - Hull Kllla. wrll
known locally (or hit activltiea a
rhr( nl n number o( nffulra, Incllicl
IhK Ihp Hurl mountnln "AnleloM
convention" a number of yrum iigo,
vim married recently nl Iteno lo
Mm. (Join Kirnch. 'Dip biidp mid
htulrgroom arc now rcMclrnta o(
Alturus. Uefore moving lo Alluras.
Ellis wim chef m IxbI rratnu
runt. Hp prpvUiualy lind llvrd ID
Allrndl Hprtlrp Hrliool Cet'11
Burkdoll of Uurkdnll a rmllo uprvirr,
116 M. llth, rplurntd luat wppk by
lr from North ToimwmidH, N. Y..
whPr hp iiwnt Iwo wprka In the
wtrvit'o ftrhtKil of Hip Wurliipr or
nn fiiriory. on Hi rpiurn trip
Itltrkdiill ampppd off in Cllliulio ul
thp Hmniimnd ftolovox (nrlory
whpr he rpreivpd arrvlcp Inforum
iion on the plpctronlc pinno HUAch
mtnU Mril Mrplliif 'Pip Bojournpra
rlub will hold 11 firm nirrllnj nf
Hip month on Wrdiwuluy t the
Willnrd hotpl with ii ii" IkuIpmi
Itinrhpnn at 12 :I0 nnd brldip Hi
1 45 n. III. All new l-nlnrril In K htnm
Hlh rnlln ur piipihIpiI h wrh-nnip
InvlUllon to ntipnd.
KAA MppIIik -TIip KlnniHth Art
HtMKlHtlon will hold Hh rritulur
July mpPthiR on Turivinv at I p. m.
In Uie parb.h Iioiikp nl Dip Ht. I'anl a
RplKopal rhurrh, Ith nnd Jpffpr
ann. Anyonp ovpr IB who U mtpr
vaiprl In url apprrrlHllon In pllKiblP
to Join thin HMnrlntlnn mid U wel
come to attend thp meeting.
rirnlr The Klnmnlh Lutheran
Ladien Aid will have a picnic at
Moore park. Tueadny at I p. in.
Members are Raked to bring their
own table nervlc for a pollurk
limiti. Tlirne deilrlnR tramportn
tion will meet nt the church at 13:30
p. m.
Neighbor!, of Wooilcrnfl-Theri
will Im a rt-Kiiliii' iiiiiiitlnii of NpIkIi
bum nl WoutliTTill Montlny nl 8
p. in., In I ho KO hull, followed by
ledpnliini'iitii. The illnnci' pluniipd
lo bu ulwii (or wlminrH In thn inconl
iiipiiilximlilp content him been ponl
poued until July III. The nimi of
luppllnu lor the JiivpiiIIm will be an
uounct'ct later.
Neighbor! To Meel-Thpie will
lie n ri'Kulur lueetlnii of Neighbor!
of Woodcraft Uinlkht, Momliiy, at
a o'clock In tilt KtJ null, followed
by rnlrinihinenln. The dinner party
fur wlnnem o( the mrinlH-Talilt)
I'oiitPKl hua been ponlponed 'until
July 111.
Meeting The tingle alixllliiry
will hold II regulur iiirelliiK Tuemlny
ul 8 p. ill., In the lower KOE liHlf.
There will be Inlllnllon nf eandl
dutPM. Offlcpfn nre In wpur (ortnnla
mid the drill tenin IU regular unl.
Vlaltnra Mr. mid Mm. Jlobrrt
Drewbuker and fmnlly of Ux An
gelen. C'nlK., uro here vlnltlng Ilia
iiiilTiila, Mr. mid Mm. J. V, lliew
bnker, M'J Kopliinude. They will be
hero for a week.
t'uiiillllon I'alr Iternnrd Viillliin
rour, who wna Injured In nil Indua
trlnl ni'cldrut nl Ewauim box com
pany nnwmlll lnl week la retried
to be doing fulrly well, by Klamath
Valley honpltul ntlendunu.
Hand Itrheanal The Klumath
Union high achool bund will meet
at the high achool nl 7:30 tonight.
Mondny, to rehenrae for the Klka
convention parade.
league Hoard The bonrd of dl
reclnm nf Hip Ij-ngup of Women
Votera will meel TueHdny at 1:46
p. m. nl the home of Mra. Twyla
Kerguaon, 69 Conger.
In lloaullal Wendell Beyer dl
6111 Hiimmem Innp la recovering
from major aurvery tiorfnrmed Uila
mornliig at lllllalde hoapllal.
Krleiidahip Club The Prlendnhlp
club will mrnl with Ora rjweel
Wednesday nl 8 p. ni. Mra. Ulu
brechl will be aitllng hoau-aa.
Vlallltig Molher Nellie mid Judy
flpitton of DiiiiMiiulr are vtaltlng
Ihelr molher, Mra. Chnrlea McKar
lane, 017 Lincoln, (or the aummer.
Revival Beevlrea The Rev. and
Mra dgnr A. Poe o( lndlann are
rondurtlng revival nervlcea at Ihe
Pilgrim llolinpaa church 'Die Rev
Poe la n chalk art fat and glvea the
nightly drawing to the neraon bring
ing the mo.it vlaltora.
Police Have
Quiet Time
An tinuaually quiet holiday week
end observed by the city police
force, without a aerloua accident or
other happening In town. During
the period beglnnlhg 11:01 a. nl.
July 4ih through laat midnight, po
lice booked nine peraona for being
drunk, two lor vagrancy, three for
dlnnrderly conduct and mado aeven
trnfflc arreata.
Kdward pptrrann, A3, of 303 '
Rruiul, iKiated $6 ball the moriilng
o( Julv 4. Just tMforp IP pnrnde,
on a chiirue of failure to ylrld thp
right if way to a iiedeatrlnn. The
nrrentlng nfflcer'a reimrl anld Uiat
Peterwin fulled lo atop when he
reached Ihe 8. 6th Junction with
Mltaata way. Jual mlaalng Ihe officer
who wax directing trnfflc at the
corner, nnd wan caught up on n.
6th near the viaduct by a motor
cycle officer.
Marrella Norwpat. 18. of Chllo
quln. waa booked for hit nnd run
driving and (or having no oiierator'a
llcenne. nnd the other nutomoblle
nrrexiN Involved Interaecllou aigunln.
Police Chief Onillc Hamilton
anld lie received good coorjerntlon
from the motoring public over the
hniidaya. pnrtlculnrly In clearing
Mnlrr atreet (or the parade.
Wp wlah to- thank our many
(rlpuda and nalghbora (or thPIr
klndiipaa, worda of aympalhy, and
bPautKul (Inrnl o((prlnga. during
the lllnpaa and death of our loved
Mra. RobPrt E. Wattenburg
and family.
An entirely differ
ent product than wt
hove had befort.
Try a quart today .
you don't lay it ii
the belt buttermilk
you have ever tatted.
Manufactured by
Klamath Falls Creamery
Forest Fires
Under Control
A 4th. of July vacationer! Hock
ed to wood! and reiorU over the
week-end aevernl amiill flrea were
reported tlirriughoul Klnmath coun
ty by the Klnmuth Korcat Protec
tive aaaoclalluu nnd the Klumulh
Agency lire licdiiini lera,
Klve amull Urea were extlngulah
ed by Klnmath Agency firemen and
all the flrnyi were believed to have
been mnn-made, according to the
dlapatcher. Moat aerloua of theae
occurred Jual north of Hwan lake
and burned over an. acre and a
half before It wna put out. The
fire, apotted by the Hwan hike look
out, waa burning In virgin timber
nnd could hnve been very aerloua
had It not been brought under Im
mediate control.
Other flrea occurring on the In
dian reaervntlon were one on the
weal aide of the Klamath inarah,
one near Bprague river, apparently
cauaed by a flaherman, and two
near Chiioouln. The flrea nenr
Chlloquln were calmed, by llreworka,
and a aky rocket vua found In a
tree at the location of one of the
The Klnmuth Kttrcat Protective
aaaoclRlton aent men lo put out
three amall flrea which were nlnrl
ed during the week-end. Two flrea
wert reported nenr McCollum'! mill
but were rxtlngulahed before any
aerloua dmnngp waa done. A amull
fire wna nlao atnrled nt the dump
thin ilde of the Weed-Aahiund Junc
tion. It wna apparently cauaed by
hot aahea left at the dump.
ToTuMleclomy Mra. Vernon Ner
val of Chlloquln underwent a ton
allleclomy at lllllalde honpltul thla
Frlendahlp Club The Prlendahlp
club will meet at the home of Ora
Bweel, Wedneaday at 8 p. m.
Kugene Mr. and Mra. J. A. Mc
Donald. 337 Haaklna. apenl the 4th
week-end In Eugene.
Meeting The park and recreation
committee will meet In the city hall
at 1:30 p. m. Tueadny.
m Fran f II
4014 I
iVmi 111! I ml
Mother of Four
Lost 45 Pounds
Mr. Of thy
ol IfwSuu wyi: "I formrrty writ hrf 1?0 Ih.
nJ m tin 40. Hy utaink the AVUS Vitamin
tenrfy RHlucln I1n, mt cut my weifil to
12J ItM. ind can urMf utt 14 "
Vuf tpttnfi mayor may not llv earrta
M Mr. Snt.(Tra)',but mhf rwH try Iht AYUS
muff You al pJntiy . . . but rvtt tm much. You
don't cut out my nvtali. larctvr. poiaiota,
mmiaor bullrr . . . You imily tut tiVm down.
You rat drlmoui AYIS directrd to (VIp
dull tha apnrtitr, makmc it eaauf to rat Urn
hll yon I'M nht. No dnift, No lautivt
NO fiMfitaHirmlnt. A irj ar Uu1i
tth vitamins. muwraU ind othrf nuirKiu.
Try AYlS-30dayV tuptly only 22i. AtWv
Jfa oa tna very firu box ii you don't get
toalta. Call or pnona.
B Dick Tumtr
wa mi tr m m..i a, t m ate, it a. mt. erf
"I couldn't find a good heavy. Champ! Would you con-'
aider fightin' a couple of welterweight?"
PORTLAND. July 7 Wi Gene
Warnlck. Portland, and Marjorle
Hoagland, OranU Pan. won the
men'! and women'! tltlea In the
Slat annual Oregon Archery aaaocl
atlon tournament here yeawsrday.
Warnlck! toul of 1868 waa fol
lowed by Everett Hoagland, OranU
Paaa. who acored 1881. Mra. Hoag
land! acore wan H&8.
World conaumptlon of cotton hit
a peak of 30.8 million balei In 1838.
Vacuum Cleaners
Lifetime Guarantee
Free Demonirration
Telephone 9200 -
Heavy Duty Machinist
v i mv v
Stationary or Swivel Bate
Jow width 3Vi" to 6".. Openings 4Va" to 9i".
Spring & Elm Mill Supply Dept.
Phone 5141
Czechs Vote
To Attend
Paris Meet
PRAOI K. July 7 MV-The fieeho
alovak government decided In a
eloaed aeaalon today to accept an
Invitation to Ihe Parla conference on
Ihe Marahall propoaal, deeplte Soviet
rejection, aeml-oiricUl eirclea aald.
The declalon waa taken on the
event of the delayed departure to
Moacow of communist Premier Klem
ent Oottwald and Korelirn Minuter
Jan Maaaryk without waiting for
reauiui oi tneir talk! with Ruaalan
Foreign Mlnlater V. M. Molotov, the
Informant! aald.
The Czeehoalovak. ambaaaador In
Parla, Jindrlcri Noaak, haa been
named representative for the Parla
conference, opening Haturday, be
cause the meeUng will begin too aoon
for Maaaryk to reach Parla on hla
return from Moacow. It waa added,
but Maaaryk will take over when
ne can,
(Thla dlapatch waa filed In Prague
at 6:16 p.m. 11:15 a.m. EST. Noaak
denied In Parla earlier today a report
that Czechoalovakla had "provlalon
ally" accepted arid alao denied that
he had been named aa delegate.)
Czechoalovakla'! . official radio
ateered a middle courae In It! com
ment! on action on the Invitation.
r. MONDAY, talt I, t, Pan Mv
Julius Oss
Death Told
Jullua Oaa, 62, realdent of Klnm
ath Fall! for 37 yeura, died Friday
following an Ulneaa of aeveral daya.
He waa born In Zava, Tyrol, Auatrta,
In 1884, and came to the United
Statea In 1909.
Mr. Oaa waa well-known In
Klamath Falls where he worked aa
a contractor and atone maaon.
Some of hla work Included the foun
dation for Rlveralde achool. Crater
Lake hotel, bridges throughout the
county and many public and private
building! In Klamath Falls.
He Is aurvlved by hla wife, Lena,
who resides at 823 Roosevelt, and
four daughters, Mra. Oall Webb,
Mary and Rosa Ann of Klamath
Fall! and Mra. Ray McElroy of La
Orande, Arrangements are under
direction of Ward s Klamath Funer
al home with services to be held
Tuesday at 2 p. m.
Visit arm Mra. Francli N'lson, ,
of thli city, spent the holiday '
with, her son, Jack Rooty, and Vila
In Alameda. Jack la a former ear.
rier for The Herald and New.
ri sr- a
Phone 7777 731 Mala II
Left Town Mr. and Mr. Lealle
Wright, 438 High, and daughter
Maryellen of The Herald and New!
editorial staff, spent the holiday
week-end at their aummer cottage
on Spring creek.
Back Seat Song
YOL'R BOY Oive him a bike,
a paper route, education and then
work, with a wife, home and kid
dle and you have your wish. But
hold On a day your boy sinned and
the wage of ain 1 death BIBLE
DEATH eternal separation from
Ood. All set for this world, he is but
after that set for eternal night.
old in the back seat was singing the
kiddle favorite Jesus- loves me.
i thla I know. Her home neat 1 fra
grant with the presence of Christ.
Her people center their lives around
: the Bible and prayer and we can
: see this little one coming on Into
! the faith the faith that Ood's
' Son died for her sins. That faith
1 Ood honors with the gift of eternal
' life.
1 HOW OLD? Your little one
look to you and Dad for all the need
! ful day by day and It Is just na
tural for them to take the next step
i and look to Ood. Little heart are
trusting hearts. Now the Apostle
! Paul to Timothy From childhood
! you have known the holy Scrip
! tures that are able to make you wise
! to obtain salvation thru faith in
', Christ Jesus. BIBLE. So the tot
' come to believe that God gave his
1 Son to die for their sins. God honors
1 their faith with the gift of eternal
: life. No wonder Christ said let the
I little ones come to Him. How about
yours? '
I S. W. McChesney Rd. Portland. 1,
I Ore. This space paid for by an Ore
I gon family.
Statement of Condition
June 30, 1947
Cash on Hand and Due from Banks . .,..$110,473,709.16
U. S. Bonds, including U. S. Government Agencies. 225,570.488.66 $336,044,197.82
Municipal Bonds ... 50,653,216.01
Other Bonds .,.. None
Loans and Discounts ' 108,146,996.98
Stock in Federal Reserve Bank. .-.ta 450,000.00
Bank Premises, Furniture and Fixtures 4,037,576.05
Other Real Estate. None
Interest Earned . 1,989,174.71
Other Resources ... . . ... . .. r . . .v.. . 305,547.69
TOTAL' RESOURCES $501,626,709.26
Capital $ 4,55655:50
Surplus -r. ....... .t. !..-.,,; 10,500,000.00
Undivided Profits and Reserves ... . .- 11,436,249.83 $ 26,436,249.83
Reserves Allocated for Taxes, Interest, etc : . 1,291,398.03
Interest Collected in Advance .........-.. 545,220.76
. Other Liabilities 228,168.03
Deposits (exclusive of reciprocal bank deposits) . . 473,125,672.61
TOTAL LIABILITIES $501,626,709.26
In addition to Its 40 branches throughout Oregon,
also affiliated with the First National Bank of Portland
are 10 other Oregon banks
First National Bank of Portland and 40 branches ("'""a ""a "'Tt1' a $473,125,672.61
10 other Oregon lanke affiliated with Fint National Bank of Portland..., 84,838,574.43
total deposits $557,964,247.04
First National Bank of Portland and 40 branches
10 other Oregon Banki affiliated with Fint National Bank of Portland.
. 13,554,474.05
TOTAL LOANS AND DISCOUNTS . ... . . . . $121 ,701 ,471 .03
8:30 A. M. te 5:30 P. M.
Working Men and Boys
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