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    22 Nations Invited To
Attend Paris Conference
To Talk Europe Recovery
PARIS. July J iiF) The French
forelim office announced today that
23 nation will be Invited to a meet
ing In Paris, July 12, to discuss
European economic coo aeration aa
outlined in tne Marsnau propose.
The countriea Invited will Include
Austria. Turkey, Albania, Ireland
and all former enemy atatea except
riermanv. It wai announced. A
foreign office spokesman aald the
lnvltaUo u would be aent to Parti
embassies tonight.
The p n. h fnreim ministry an
nounced earlier a British-French
decision to Invite all European
atatea. "with the provlnlonal excep
tion of 6 pain," to take part in araii
tng a reply to the proposal advanced
by U. 8. Secretary of State Marshall
for European economic recovery.
A foreign office spokesman said a
letter had been aent to Russian Am-
4AP-CSDA) Cattle salable none;
for four days' recelpta 1400; mar
ket generally steady; fat steers and
heifers scarce; few medium-good
ateera 21 00-23.25; feeder steers
$20 00-21 00; feeder heifers S19.00
20 00; bulk good range cows $16.00
18.50: one load good young cows
$17.00: common cows $1J.OO-1SAO;
cunner and cutter $9 00-11-50: medium-good
sausage bulls $14 00
16.50; calves, for four days, receipts
250: market steady: top $22.00: bulk
medium-good 300-400 lb. calve
1800-21.50. . ,
Hogs salable none: for four days
receipt 850: closing around SOc
lower: nominal top on 180-240 lb.
barrow and gilt $26.50; bulk 270
300 lb. hogs $25.00-26.00; medium
good sows $19 50-21.00.
. Sheep salable 350; market steady:
double choice 83 lb. No. 1 Dorsett
lambs $2500: for four days' receipts
K600: choice lambs steady: bulk
$22.50-23.00: medium-good shorn
lambs lower, bulk $1". 00-20 00; medium-good
yearlings $16.00-17.00;
around $2.00 lower; around 3000
'feeder lambs medium-good $17.00
19.$0; cull and common unthrifty
feeders $12 00-16.00: many cull to
good ewes $2.25-6-50.
,;" CHICAOO, July S W (DSDAl
Salable hogs 5000, total 8000: steady
to 50 cent higher: top $25.00: bulk
good and choice 170-140 lb. $24.00
$25.00; 250-270 lb. $23 00-$24-25:
,. 280-300 lb. $21.00-$23.00; 300-360 lb.
U9.001.5: good and choice sows
J&dpr 425 lb. $17SS-$l.S0; 450-550
nti $15.O0-$17.00.
tt Balafcis cattle 3000: total 3000;
laalable caWB 500, total 500; gener
ally steady, to 80 cent lower:
Jthotca 1250 lb. tteer 815; most
Zfcood to low-choice steers $25.50
527 JO; choice yearlings to $27.75;
Totnmon and medium 950 lb. h elf
era $1850: clearance incomplete on
' cows; bull steady to 35 cento low
er at $18 00 down; reelers weak at
$34.00 down. i
, Salable aheep (00. total 3600;
good and choice spring lambs 50
cents higher; lower grades little
changed: top good and choice na
tive ewe and wether springers
$24.00: common and medium spring
ers $16 0O-$21.50; shorn aged ewes
(5.00-$7.M; choice quoted to $8.00.
Shooting Victim
.Said Improved
'., PORTLAND, July 3 UPt The con
dition of Herbert W. Johnson, serv-
tr f o t inn nnmtnp nf nt,th nt xtnnA
River, hit in the fnrehMri hv . ut
cauoer muiei i-esaay, vat report
ed fair today. -
His wife was held m the Hood
River Jail on an open charge after
the shooting.
VZST I -a smM U
1 ill, lag- '
a' . f- . sm
, gs S mm lr an. Cm
v Kl m W Mr r
" aotmmm
j'lansW'r M vottt
" aVSB-ii B-Qt "oc
L-.O Q..T7 r..
Ford V-8 Motort ... 85 and 90 HP . . . $118.50
Federal Tax .... $5.32 (exchange)
Mercury Motort 100 HP $130
Federal Tax ... $6.78 (Exchange)
Lincoln Motort $350
Federal Tax . . . 13 (Exchange)
Reconditioned with Genuine Ford Parti
' Guaranteed 4000 miles or 90 days
bassador Alexandre Bogomolor ex-
Sre&sing the hope that the Soviet
nlon, which has denounced the
Marshall plan, would reconsider her
refusal to Join in economic coopera
tion. However, he said no invitation
would be sent to Russia for the July
12 meeting.
The spokesman said that while
Oermany was not Invited, the com
manders In chief or her lour occu
nation sones "Including the Rus
statu, of course will be consulted
regarding the availability and needs
of their sones." .
The spokesman said the United
Stale "will be informed of this
(July 12) meeting and will be sent
a codv of the letter of Invitation
He added that the United Nations
economic commission for Europe,
now meeting in Geneva, "will be in
formed but since an Important
member (Russia of the commission
is known to oppose the protect, we
see no need for plunging the com
mission Into a needles debate on
the subject."
Stocks Still
Pushing Up
NEW YORK. July 3 uFV-For the
seventh successive session stock
pushed upward in today's market
as short covering and further in
vestment purchasing more than off
set considerable profit cashing on
the lengthy advance.
Irregularity and relatively alow
dealings ruled during the forenoon.
Selling never was urgent, however.
and oy tne fourth hour prices began
to harden in virtually all depart
ment with volume expanding.
Gain of fraction to 3 or more
point predominated at the close
with assorted oils, rails and Indus
trial at new high for the year.
Transfers for the full stretch ran
to around 1.100.000 share.
Zenith Radio Jumped better than
t points on word the concern was
working on a new type of televi
sion. At '1947 tops were Union Pa
cific. Nickel -Plate Preferred. Phil
lips Petroleum. Gulf Oil. Superior
Oil. Texas Pacific Land Trust, Joy
Mlg.. and Pepsi-Cola.
In the rising division were U. S.
Steel, Youngstown Sheet. General
Motors, Chrysler, Montgomery
Ward. Sears oRebuck. U. & Rubber,
American Telephone, International
Harvester, Kennecott, American
Smelting, Air Reduction. Dow
Chemical. Philip Morris, Southern
Pacific, Baltimore and Ohio. Nickel
Plate Common, Southern Railway,
Consolidated Natural Gas, Publicker
Industrie, Wesson Oil. Distillers
Corp., Twentieth Century -Fox,
Paramount Pictures and Electric
Power and Light. ,
Reorganised railway bonds were
favored. Cotton, toward the finish,
was up IS cent to off 30 cents a
bale. At Chicago wheat ended
down 11 to 24 cent a bushel.
Corn was up cents to 2 cents
and oats to IS cent.
Closing quotations:
Al Chem 4c Dye 181
American Can 93 H
Am Pow St Lt , US
Am-Tel Tel 158H
- 36 S
.. 37S
- 34
.. 29'i
.. 57
Bendix Aviation
Beth Steel ,
Boeing Airplane
Calif Packing
Canadian Pacific
Case J I
Chrysler ..
Comwlth A Sou ..
Conaol Edison
Con Vultee
Cont Ins
Crown Zellerbaeh
Curtis Wright .
Douglas Aircraft
DuPont Dene
General Electric
General Foods
General Motors
. 60
Goodyear Tire
Ot Northern Pfd
Int Harvester
Long Bell "A"
Miami copper
Montgomery Ward
Nash Kelrtnator
. 404
lni '&
43 -
29 H
Jiat Dairy
N Y Central
North Am Co
Northern Pacific
Pac Am Fish
Pac Gas & Elec
Pac Tel Tel
Pan American
Penney J C
Radio Corp
Rayonier Pfd
Reynolds Metals
Safewav Stores
Sears Roebuck
Sinclair Oil
Southern Pacific
Standard Brands
Standard Oil Cal .
Stewart Warner
Studebaker Corp
Sunshine Mining
Union Oil Cal
Union Pacific
United Airlines
United Aircraft
611 i
138 'i
U 8 Steel
Warner Bros Pic
. 16S
. 28i
. 49
West El ac Mfg
Rodeo' Program
July 4th, 6 th and fth
4(h of July parade 10 a. m. Friday.
1:15 p. m. each day rodeo at fairground.
$ p. m. to 1 a. m. each day rodeo dance at armory.
The 4th of July parade will start al Spring and Main street
promptly at 10 a. Friday, and proceed down Main to Second, thence
left to Klamath and Walnut. The police department will direct at this
K. P. Ivory, parade chairman, will be at the Black and White serv
ice station at the corner of Main and Spring. The phone number I
Each section marshal will assemble his section on Spring street In
the order listed In the march program and instruct hi entries to main
tain moderate distance between element. All entries must report to
marshal personally and he or his assistant will assign place in the
Pony riders, small carta, and bicycles will compose the Juvenile
section. These must be arranged so that they are in separate unit.
The mounted horse section, under direction of Lou Serruys. will be
Interspersed as directed. AH entries for best-dressed cowboy and cow
girl, both fancy and working costume, should report to Serruys and
will be grouped In an Indicated position In the line of march.
Each section marshal will proceed up Main at the head of his sec
tion and lake a position at the Judges' stand to Identify his float or
group a they pass.
Judges will use their own discretion as to awarding prise and
their decision will be final. There will be a first and second award In
each section and a grand prise for the best entry in the whole parade.
In the Juvenile section. In addition to prise awarded by the Lost River
dairy, there will be a first, second snd third ribbon award in each group.
Color bearers.
1. Queen Olnger and court.
3. Saddle dub. ,
3. Music
4. Stunt section to be interspersed through parade R. C. Woodruff.
5. Civic section Judge Vandenberg.
6. Community section Brady Narey. ,
7. Shasta County Posse Lou Serruys.
8. Fraternal section Brady Narey.
. Dodge drill team.
10. Commercial section Nick Long.
11. A. B. Corrals Jim King.
12. Industrial section Don Kenyon.
13. Contestants for best-dressed cowboy and girl with 35 riders
Lou Serruys.
14. Labor sectiorf-O. C. Tatman.
15. Automotive section John Ashley.
16. Group of riders.
17. Aviation section Bill Jenkins.
16. Indian section.
19. Group of riders.
30. Juvenile section. .
21. Veterans section.
32. Group of riders.
33. Harness horse section Chet Barton,
24. Klamath Sheriff's Posse.
25. Individual mounted horsemen and women.
Judges' stand wiU be at 8th and Main on northwest side f the
street. Judges are Ed Ostendorf,
Zirkle, secretary.
Event No. 1 Grand entry and Introduction.
Event No. 2 First section bareback tiding.
Event No. 3 Dodge drill team (Medfordi.
Event No. 4 s -mile stock horse race.
Event No. 5 Second section bareback riding.
Event No. 6 First section calf roping.
Event No. 7 Quskey family fancy horse catch.
Event No. 8 First section saddle bronc riding.
Event No. 9 S' horse (registered) S-mlle race.
Event No. 10 Shasta County Sheriff Posse (Redding).
Event No. 11 Second section calf roping.
Event No. 13 Ouskey family rope spinning.
Event No. 13 Second section saddle
Event No. 14 s-mile free for all.
Event No. 15 First section team roping.
Event No. 16 Best reined cow horse.
Event No. 17 Second section team roping.
Event No. 18 Seven furlongs free for
Event No. 19 Guskey family trick,
Event No. 20 Bull dogging.
Event No. 31 Pony express race.
Event No. 22 Brahma bull riding.
Wheat Shows
Some Losses
CHICAGO, July 3 P July corn
futures today pushed to another
all-time peak of $2.05 a bushel.
and July oats hit a new seasonal
top of $1.00 . Although corn and
oat were strong, wheat was weak
throughout and lost almost 3 cent
at times.
Demand for cash corn was good
but receipt continued light only
35.000 bushel reported book over
night. Wheat closed 1"4 to 3 i cents low
er than the previous close, July
$2.13-12.17,, com was up S to H,
cent. July $2.05 "4 and oat were
to is cent higher, July
$1.00 .-,.
Manufactured by
Klamath Falls Creamery
PHONE 5101
Frank Sexton, I. D. Rumer. Betty
bronc riding.
all race.
Potatoes: arrivals 164: on track
387; total U. S. shipment 876: sup
plies moderate: demand good: es
pecially for best stock: wide range
In condition of offerings, market
firm, sllphtlv trmnw ratf .i.
Long Whites $4.50-4.60; Pontlac
-u . ;rnsas miss inumpn
$4.65: Washington mixed Ells Tri
umph and Red Warbu $4.65 (all
washed and U. 8. No. 1 quality).
Vacuum Cleaners
Lifetime Guarantee.
Freo Demonstration
Telephone 9200
An entirely differ
ent product than we
' have had before.
Try a quart today .
you don't toy it it
the bett buttermilk
you hava ever totted.
Red Broadcast
Gets Funds
WASHINGTON. July 3 h Sen
ate and house passage sent to the
While House today a bill providing
$6l78.:t2 for the state, commerce
and Justice departments and the
federal Judiciary for the current
fiscal year.
Included In the mra-iure. thlrd
major appropriation bill on which
congress ha completed action, I
$12,400,000 for the slate depart
ment foreign Information prow mm
and "voice of America" broadrasts.
Both the senate and houae posited
the measure on voice vole.
The bill Is approximately $147.
000.000 below the president's budget
estimate. Of the total $.34,000,000
goes to the stale department; $106.
ooo.ooo, to justice: iisjooo.ooo to
commerce and $17,000,000 to the
federal Judiciary.
Molin Student Hos
Perfect Grades
rwll f . -, i nr ii mi
v. ..n I I 141 WIU
Ull. m .1 11,11 I'M. I V nl fi.,.H ....
deuu receiving a perfect grade point
average of 4 00 or str.iuht -
uuiuuc spring term. Listed among
Uie 268 student making the Uni
versity of Oregon honor roll with
4 4 - K,, . .
- - -"v. -ru on not i cm man
13 term hour, acre Nina 8. Feml-
niRIi Man, B? n.iii. n
ONetll Oeorge H. Proctor and
Mary Latiory Wa.unann of Klam
ath Falls, and Elbert F. Floyd Jr.,
of the Klamath Agency.
Paul Jones Day
To Be Observed
Personnel of the regular navy
and the naval reserve will join the
public In ceremonies honoring the
memory of John Paul Jours. "Fath
er of the Navy," on Sunday. July t.
This is the bt-centrnnlal of Jones'
An appropriate program will be
held aboard the USS Bon Homme
Richard berthed at the U. 8, naval
shipyard, Bremerton. Wash., and
the local navy recruiting office wiU
broadcast a memorial program
sometime thl week-end. the time
and date to be announced later.
General Clark
Sounds Red Warning
, FORT LEWIS, July S (A-Reiter-ating
hi anxiety over the role and
attitude of Russia in Eurone, Oen.
Mark W. Clark told Fort Lewi
troops last night that "Insidious
forces and underhanded methods of
communism are seeking to destroy
the freedom of Europe which you
and I foucht so hard to ureserve."
An estimate lOOO persons were
in line to meet the general and
Gov. Wallgrcn at an evening recep
tion at the officers' club.
Insurance en yoor fn-nltu I
snrprtslnglv Inexpensive. Phone Han .
Norland. 6060.
We will be open for your photographic
needs July 4, 5, and 6
-1031 MAIN
.4 '
This Editorial Appeared in Western
Trailer Life Magazine June Issue
Retired Ohio Business Man Becomes T r a i I e r i t e, Then Trailer Dealer
VJI",, J ... fMS-Si'
t,irisisin-r sisi wish mi Tinawiaiiimi
One of the newest, substantial additions to the trailer
industry on the Pacific Coast is H. L. Morgan's Medford
Trailer Sales, Medford, Oregon. Mr. Morgan started to in
vest $20,000 in a modern trailer sales business, but writes
that the amount is nearing the $40,000 mark now and
that manufacturers who have visited him say he has the
finest lot on the Pacific Coast.
. Be that os it may,, it is certainly a fine-looking lot, as
the picture readily shows; and one of the interesting bits
of background to this new business is the fact that the
owner of it had never seen the inside of a trailer until a
year or so ago. The whole business blossomed from his
puchase of o trailer with which to travel to the West.
"Pappy" Morgan, as he introduced himself to us, says
he and his wife had long dreamed of living in the west
amid the snow-copped mountains, deep canyons, trout
filled, turbulent streams and all the grandeur and majesty
that lovers of nature cherish. So finally he sold his busi
ness interests in Youngstown, Ohio, and prepared to ex
plore the west leisurely. and to settle down in it somewhere.
Friends advised them to buy a trailer, to ovoid the daily
headache of trying to find a place to sleep and the pur
chose of that trailer, although they didn't know it then, ,
was the seed that sprouted into the Medford Troiler Sales.
They started their trailer tour in some trepidation,
naturally enough; but they soon found that the troiler
was tractable and that their fears 'were unfounded. They
Prison Convicts
Slate Pen Relays
8AI.EM. July S The slate
prison convict will hold their an
nual "pen relays" tomorrow.
Tilt Fourth of July show, lasting
all day. will Include boxing and all
form of track and field events. Ex
cept, of course. Die pole vault, be
cause the warden doesn't want any
convict vaulting over the wall.
Predator Control
To Speed Up
PORTLAND, July 3 (Preda
tory animal control work will be
stepped up this (all, Frank B. Wirt,
atale game suivrvlsor, said today.
-Aerial poisoning, aerial coyote
hunting, trapping and use of dogs
are among methods of control plan
ned, he aald, with emphasis given
in a number of areas which have
been reporting urgent need of con
trol. Wire said that aerial hunting has
been reducing the number of coy
ote In the high desert country and
that some decrease In thai work Is
likely with other areas ruing cor
rextiAiitltiurlv greater attention.
Last spring, he said, hunters In
J71 hours of living time killed 834
covotrs as well as b additional
priibablv killed. The commission
paid $M for the airplane hunting
Mosquito Stopping
Praise Given
PORTLAND. July 3 () The
time Portlandera used to aiend
swatting mosquitoes apparently Is
being used to write letters to City
Commissioner Dorothy McCuliough
The letters thank her for prac
tically ridding the city of mosqui
toes by a DDT dusting program
of the breeding ground.
Mrs. Lee said she had learned !
mosquitoes from undusled Colum-
bis county attempted to Invade
Portland, but intervening tree
were dusted and the Invasion was
stopped cold.
Air Command To
Investigate Discs
DAYTON. O. July S Wright
field public relation officials said
today the air materiel command Is
conducting an Investigation of "sau
cer shaped" missiles which have i
.,.h,t4 . t In.anal, rfitrln the !
oast few weeks by observers In the I
Pacific Nortnweai ana icxas.
nffirl.li said the command would
report their findings later. .
tsaert. Gaar-l Wsft
tan is..i
R-sMasale arlsss gr tsllssslss
Sewing Machine Service
rts sin mi (
Home of Medford Trailer Sales
SUtAl.0 KtWt, HUiallk Mill, On.
Combines Used
REOINA. Bask., July 3 (CP) Ap
proximately $00 combine from Has
katchswan art now assisting with
the United Stales mld-wealertt lisr-
vest and appioxlmately lot) inure
me on the way, M. K. Ilurtnett,
Haskatchewan'a deputy minister of
agriculture, said today.
He aald most of the combines
now en route would probably be
sent to Kansas whert harvesting Is
reixirted delayed by a shortage ol
equipment, but added that alloca
tion of combines was the reHhl
blllty of American authorities.
Because Maskatrhrwan has sgreed
to send farm workers to Eastern
Canada for harvesting It was
doubtful If any more men or equip
ment could be seht to the United
State. I
Chamber To Add
Man To Staff
The appointment of an additional
mnn to the staff of the Klamath
County chamlwr of commerce was
approved by the chamber board of
directors at t noon meeting Wed
nesday. The new man, who lias not
yet been selected, will handle much
of the chamber's activities In the
Industrial development of the Klam
ath area.
Plan were also made to send t
drlrgatlon to the meeting of Die
Tulrlake Rotary club, Wednesday
noon. July Topic of (he meeting
will be tourist promotion. Members
of the ".lamath tourist committee,
Inter-clly corvi illteea, board of di
rectors and other groups will repre
sent Klainath Fall.
Nursing Care
Ate- tr Convalescent
sr Bed Cases
Even Tide
Rest Home
lit N. Main -hone 7S04
Ashland. Or.
401 So. Ith
crossed the Rockies, toured the west for six months and
came one day to Medford. It was love ot first sight, os
anyone will understand who has been through that breath
takingly beautiful country. They were thrilled with its
green forests, vast fruit and lumbering industries, tower
ing mountains, and decided this was the paradise they'd
been dreaming about and searching for.
Inactivity soOn became Irksome, however, and being
by now thoroughly sold on trailers and trailering, "Pappy
decided to go into the business of selling trailers and
talking up trailering to everybody. He set out to build a
sales lot that would be a credit to Medford and to the
trailer industry and he has done a good job.
The tower on the office building is thirty-two feet
high, with floodlights on top and brilliant neon signs. The
posts supporting the arched display signboards are topped
by large electric lights and the signboards themselves ftiay
be detached easily for changing merely by pillling two
bolts and sliding the sign down. The color scheme is blue,
white and orange. The lot is landscaped with green spruce
trees and flower 'beds ot strategic spots; trailers with awn
ings, bright umbrellas and patio furniture are displayed
in the inner areas which do not show in the picture; and
those are ornamental, white curbings with green top to
represent natural grass, which you see in the foreground.
Business is booming ot "Pappy" Morgan's Modford
Troiler Sales and he aims to keep It that way.
TMI'tSDar, J. If I, HIT, rsis T.
jjRoseburg' Budget
Hits Second Snag
ROMKBUKO. Ore, July 3 (,-.
llo-sbuii s endeavor to establish a
budget fur the current fiscal year,
slymlrd by defeat at the poll lat
May, struck a new suag today whrii
the city's attorneys discovered in
error In the advertisement for a
second election, net lor July I, anil
advanced the opinion Hint lite nmr
wuuld becloud legality of (lie builnni
lit the sv.ul of II adoption, ciiy
officials Immediately planned lo
meet next Monday and to eaorrl Ihs
election call. This will be followed
a day or two later by the nmensai y
budget correction and a Iresh call
(or i popular vole.
Most Portland
Business To Close
PORTLAND. July H I4tllusl.
lies here will be largely suspend
ed over the lung Independence Day
Virtually all businesses will r
a usual (or July 4, and a lam
proHirtlon or retail stores will re.
main closed Saturday. Ill addition,
banks, the livestock market, liquor
stores and ml oftlcea will observe
the double holiday.
The grain excliuiige and fann
ers' produce market will have only
the single holiday.
1st and lrd Tuesday. t:0t
a. m.. Veterans Memorial
Midi., 4th and Klamath.
Club Rooms
ttl Main, neil to WUIare
hotel. Open dally nam to
midnight except Kunday
t:M lo 1I:M p. m.
For Legionnaires
and Guests
Phone (Ml
llPfll.Uji ll mi 1 1
' .
waHsnasafe-y m I
,i t ' . a .it
e--trfff srwt'-.
-V W rjn JfV-
422 So.
Phone 6437