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Visitors at tht horn of Mr. nd
Mn W. A. H(ll, last week, were hit
unt, Mr. Mule Prlngle, and Mr.
Brooks Prlngle and family or Berne
ley, Calif., Mr. Brooks Prlngle and
her husband are both doctors. Mrs.
Marie Prlngle Is a horticulturist and
work at a nursery in Berkeley.
Helen Patton has accepted a po
sition In Castleman's Pharmacy.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Edgemon made
a trip to Arago, Ore, to attend the
wedding 01 ner cousin, nennece ui
lie. to Ellis Rackllffe. June 20. Ken.
neth Edgemon returned with them
for a month's visit with us grand
mother at Araso.
The Merrill Post V.P.W. met the
Klamath Knights of Columbus, sun
day afternoon, on the high school
oftball diamond. The Knight were
winners by a score of 16-12.
Mr. and Mrs. William Poe are en
Joying a visit from Mrs. M. L. Poe,
of The Dalle. She Is William Poe's
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hill moved some
cattle to Langell Valley, Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell King have
returned from a 12-day vacation at
Lake Tahoe and Reno, Nev. They
were able to attend the grand open
ings of some of the place at Lake
Tahoe and enjoyed the beautiful golf
course but found the water just a
little cold for swimming.
Jean House, nelce of Mrs. King
stayed at the King home to care for
the children while they were vaca
tioning. Vernon Kilpatrlck and Lloyd Lewi
who attended the University of Ore
gon last winter, have decided to stay
In Eugene for the summer. Lloyd
Is employed by Sears Roebuck.
Bob Barry and Dick Shuck re
turned, Friday, from a two weeks
vacation In Northern Lake county,
at the Laird and Fltnterald ranches.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Stukel and
Mr. and Mrs. Verle Reeves are hav
ing sidewalks Installed around their
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cecil have as
guest Mrs. Cecil's sister, Mrs. O lin
ger, from Oklahoma City. Okla., and
Ralph Skinner and daughter, Eliza
beth, of Topeka, Kan.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Foster of
Orass Valley, Calif, Mrs. H. B. Mc
Lane of Chico. Calif, Mrs. Bruce
Purdy of Coquille, Mrs. George Nee
of San Francisco. Calif, Mrs. Henry
. Ravenscroft of Petula, Call', and
Mr. and Mrs. R, N. Diggles of Onus
Valley visited at the home of Mrs.
Joe Foster in Keno and at the home
of Mrs. L. A. Brannan In Klamath
Fall for a few days week before
last The visitors are relatives of the
Foster and Brannan families.
Vester Wilbum received word Fri
day that his mother had passed
away at her home in Arkansas.
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. orterfteld of
Veronia are visiting at the Leonard
Lummus home. Porterfleld Is an un
cle of Mrs. Lummus.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hark ens and
Elbert Jaycox are guest of the Ouy
Moor and Ray Atchinson families.
Vacation Bible school opened
Monday. June 30. In the Baptist mis
sion building. It will continue for two
For Information concemlp? the
new naval reserve, and the United
States navy, contact your navy re
cruiting officer, located In the post
office building.
J una has offered Cascade Summit
as many different climates ot wea
ther as is possible. Friday, snow and
rain fell intermittently, on Satur
day morning the hills around Cas
cade Summit were covered with
snow. Diamond Peak is still snow
covered. Monday dawned bright and
warm with weather that even a Los
Angeles chamber of commerce could
not boast of.
Grant Erickson caught six rain
bow trout from 16 to 20 Inches long,
and Saturday caught two Rainbows
about the same size.
Among summer home colonists
who are now at the lake are the
F. A. Moody of Eugene, the Cept.
Carmans. the Addison Brewers and
several others.
The Southern Pacific motorcar
asslgend to Oene Lavoy. extra gang
23. stationed at Abernethy at pre
sent was sabotamtt Friday night. All
of the wiring was cut from the car
and other damages. Lavoy's auto
mobile was standing nearby and
was not touched.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Benson and chil
dren of Halsey spent their vacation
visiting Mrs. Benson's relatives. Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Hebert. Oakridfte.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lee at Cascade
Summit. Mr. and Mrs. Oene Lavoy.
Abernethy: and Mr. and Mrs. Bud
Vaerrter, McCredle Spring.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lee. whose
outfit cars were spurred out at Cas
cade Summit, have been moved to
Crusatte. much to the regret of Cas
cade Summit residents. The Lees
spend approximately a month each
year, at cascade summit wnne ur
and his gang remove the rocks from
the slopes.
Horses for packing and riding are
now available at Cascade Summit.
Mr. arid Mrs. Raymond Porter or
Seattle srjent last week-end at Cas
cade Summit at the home of Porter
parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Porter.
Roland Lee Porter Jr. also vis'ted
his parents. The three returned to
Seattle Mondav. Ravmond Porter is
chief engineer In the maritime ser
vice and has Just returned from
South America. He left the bout at
Panama Canal and flew to Seattle.
R. L. Porter will have his vaca
tion the first two weeks In Julv He
exnects to snend this time vlsltlne
the surrounding towns. lkes and
other places of scenic beauty.
General Eisenhower Gets Decoration
Beverly Csmblon and Opal Baty
are attending 4-H summer school
at Corvailis.
Mrs. L. L. Griffin returned from
Brownwood. Tex, where she at
tended a family reunion.
Carol EUlngson is soending the
week-end with Grace Myers,
Frances McMillan is spending a
week-end with Erma Cambion.
Classified Ads Bring Results.
Williams Superrenches
. Wrenches
and Sets
End Wrenches
& Locomotive Works
Spring fi Elm
Mill Supply Dept.
Phone 5141
RETURNING by popular request
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Wednesday, July 2
DANCING 9 -1 Adm. 1.25 inc. tax
Auspices Post 1383. V.F.W.
i , V.) I
fto.,. ii irw mm mn m
r V
f i
Secretary of Navy Jame V. Forrest (left) ImpecU the navy distinguished service medal he present
ed Gen. Dwifht D. Elsenhower, (center) army chief of staff. In a nary department ceremony In Wash
Inston witnessed by Adm, Chester W. Nlmlts Irish!) . navy chief of operations. The citation was for lead
ership In the North African theater la November, 1912. general Eisenhower has accepted the presidency
of Columbia nniverslty. effective next year.
Face Charge
PORTLAND. July 2 TV- Police
Chief L. V. Jenkins today weighed
evidence before pronouncing sen
tence on two city Jailers convicted
of neglect ot duty the night Albert
W. Love, 55. Portland, died In the
Jail's ' drunk tank.
A disciplinary board of police cap
tains, which found the Jailers guilty,
recommended leniency for the pair,
Robert A. Vancil and R. T. Schmidt,
on the ground they were new at
their Jobs. The maximum penajty
is dismissal from the force.
Four other policemen, who brought
Love to the Jail June 26 after he
was found unconscious on a side
walk, were absolved of charges, al
though the' board suggested they be
reprimanded for "lack of Judnment."
An autopsy blamed a skull fracture
and a brain hemorrhage for his
Toast-masters To
Meet Tonight
The Toastmastrrs will meet to
night In the Willard hotel with
Mark Poll acting as toastmaster,
Gene Oldham handling topics and
C. Wlldermuth serving as general
critic. George Kuiuman will In
struct the group In parliamentary
procedure. Harry Jones. Paul Mc- ;
Enerny. Ted Hansen. William El- i
liott and Warren Bennet will be
program speakers.
The group met last Wednesday
and Ted Hansen served as toast- ;
master, Scotty Johnston, topic
master, and Jack Elliott, general I
ciillc. Dr. A. A. Soule gave a talk ;
on eugenics. Other speakers were
Al Pape and Oene Oldham.
Classified Ads Bring Results.
PORTLAND. July 2 (v-Eleven-vear-old
Gordon Neal Wanderling.
Vanport, fell from a raf( on which
he was playing yesterday, and
drowned In a small lake north of
There Is No Finer
Pnmlea Tile Made"
Mil t Tmrnttt BalUlaf Til.
aalph aawvll t'h. Dasfa
IMS Owat Slrtl
If between 17 and It year of age,
you must have written consent from
your parent or legal guardian to
enlist In the United Slates navy.
G. E.
Table Model Automotic
Radio and
Record Players
121-125 So. 9th Prion. 5400
Turn Down
Pay Boost
BEATTLE, July 2 (IV-Roy W.
Atkinson, regional CIO director, to
day commended the action of
Skglt-Whtfom-8ii Juan Coun
ty AKL carpenters In waiving a la
rent hourly pay raise to which It
m entitled under a coat-ol-tlvtng
"It's a sensible step, a step In
the right direction," Atkinson com
mented. Other labor leaders also esproMed
approval of the action. K. M. Wes
ton, president ol the Wellington
Suite Federation of Labor, said the
workers "evidently beiieve It Is bel
ter to have a Job at which they can
work every day at a ralo people
can afford to pay."
He added, however, that It "is a
question whether It can be an effec
tive action when It Is limited Just
to the Skagit district."
"It took a lot of nerve to do a
thing Ilk thai In time Ilk. these."
commented Harry Carr. president
of the Seattle building trade coun-
HSRAI.D NIKS, Hlsmilk rails. Ot. wsowssdat. Jir I. mi. r.t T
dl. "It niluht turn out to be tin
right Uilng."
H. V. Deni. esecutlv vlre presi
dent of the Bcnttle master builders,
mi Hi It was "a noble gesluie," uut
added that Heatlle carpenter de
cided to accent the raise a one
Justly deserved because "during Hie
war, when wngr were frnsrii under
th little steel formula, the union
took the short end of the contract.
Nuw the shoe Is on the oilier foot,"
li.MKKK qi'KKN
Al.UANV. July 2 (! Pat Mctlee,
17. Hweet liniiie high school Junior,
will be crowned queen of th third
animal Albany timber carnival her
tomorrow, rlha won a contest from
eight other candidates,
No Spud Support
Asked By Growers
poirn.ANl, July 2 or Not a
potato growar In Multnomah, Mor
row or Malheur counties applied for
government price siipimi I protection
for Hie Intermediate crop to be har
vested this month, (he department
of agriculture reKiited Uxlay,
The tlrnillliio fur application fell
yenlrrduy ami the department of
agriculture contrasted It with last
year, when 37ft carloads ot IllUr.
medial crop potatoes were pur.
rhasrd In Malheur county al aupport
price of (1.70 a hundred.
'I'll deadline for application on
late crop xitator Is Hcptember 1,
Biggest Honor
Roll Filled
EUGENE. Julv 2 (A The largest
honor roil on record at the Univer
sity of Oregon was reported here
today witn 26B students making
grade points averages of 3.50 or
better in spring term.
Forty-one made perfect scores of ;
4.00 for the term. They included: j
Robert N. Forrest. Pendleton: Bjorg '
Hansen, Corvailis, and Harry B. 1
Johnson, Salem.
Mn enlisting In the United States
navy cap now enlist for a period of
three years.
For Gala Week-End
Beit for Food
Beit Music in Town
Open 6:00 a. m. to 1:00 a. m.
1112 Main
Our Fourth Anniversary!
1, 1947
We wish to thank
' vks. if'vrJl
the many Doctors ,' c "h .
of Klamath Falls, I "l '
Portland Clinic,
Shrine Hospital,
- Mayo Clinic, The State Industrial Com
missions of Oregon and California, for
their sincere co-operation of the past
four years in referring patients to
110 North 8th St. Phone 55S8
Millions of temperate people
enjoy BEER, the light
refreshment beverage
B i m . m
hi - Y't y sir1, "Ky" - 'A M
Pits the Water
A small adjustment
may put your pen it!
perfect condition.
Bring it in Imlay (or
expert, factory trained'
Cenuinepsrls anilait
UtorisrJ repair service
on Prker, SlierTrr,
Kversharp and all
other make.
7J7 Main
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4up FomD'SEWee
Moll tvrry Jay lomr folki loie tht'tr way and
drive in here to find it. lie like that. It gives ui
a chance to ihow how much we know about the
streets and roads around here. And it's a chance
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