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    German 'Hard Work' Trait
Washed Away In Post-War
Era Of f eatherbedding'
MUNICH. Uyt iimny, Keath
tueddlnif ruing tu Clcriiiiiny.
It can he eerii anywhere Oermuiia
work (or Aiiii'i'liium.
('imthuiurililliiK I tlii iinu tln of
ruiiniHIlMK the Miiiliiyiiir.il o( limrn
workrra than tlx leak rrqulrrs.
Tl (Irriniuia uir uurkinii II In u
(are-Uiae-well. fuur ol llii'ln lnw
over your rnr w1kiiII you want la
tuMilliiv. Three will ili k up it Inliln
a rhlld could rerry U nwvo It (rum
one riHiin tu nnnllier.
Many Anierliun Inalallatliina tit
lunilrd up Willi Unman riiiiiluyiia,
paid 111 mark pnlil liy Ilia uiiiwi
ini'latrr Ha purl u( rnuurnlluii iimU.
ilia nlil Herman trail nl dawn to
duak labor Ima been washed away
by war mill ilclrnl.
Kitrh worker stela an Amrrlian
innil (rre. Tlirm I III rub. (ler-
Midland Group
Hosts Party
' Midland grange HI rnlertainrd
the Merrill granite on Wriliieailiiy,
Juno IB. Ill their newly renuaii'led
lull Willi over au urnliKria jireaenl.
Merrill grange put on mi rllnl
program during Un lectin ar a liuur
with aklla, reading. miIim mid group
(lulling. Mildred Noriiiun. slate
wputy (or lli Orrgun (roup,
aurprlae visitor mid vt mi Inter
rating talk. Jnat uetore the aupoer
hour. Mia. Norman led the iiroup
in a urmid niarih. Mrrrlll grange
extendrd Mil tnvltutlun to the Mid
land yuhih gioup ,la vimi iu
Tltoa aervlng relreahmenta were
Mil. Key Hull. Mm. Jor Mllalil.
Mm. John Miatlrr and Mm. l--r
Hutlnii. Mritibrm of the elraii
iip column tee were Mm, Krnjiru
Klowera. Mil Krrd C'rapo. Mra. Roy
llnurk anil Mm Jame flower
Much prnlae U due Oit building
roinnitttr and membera and (rlrnda
who- heled with Ilia) remodeling
n( I ho hull, alao to th woman who
rrvrd lunch to Ilia workera and did
thr final cleaning Job.
Thar will b a rard party on
Halurday, June M. at tha homa of
Mr. and Mm. I,eun Andrleu. epon
aored by the Homo (economic club
of tha Midland (rant.
Ann Bogart Heft
For Tcmplo Sermon 11
Kvangellat Anna Boa art will apeak
at tha Klamath Tampla, lorn pin.
Nunday night at 7 45 p. m. Mra. Bo
tan play the arcordlan and la
known aa tha whistling evengeilat.
ha Hev. D Anilrraon. pastor
nl tha Klamath Trmpla, will sjienk
at tha nunday mornlnt womhlp at
II a. m. Tha Hev. Anderson haa
)uat returned (rum a oonfaranra of
tha Open nilila Standard chutehrs
In Daytnn. Ohio.
Kno Mission
Conducts School
tl"lr Kano llaptlat Mlaalon will
riHiriUrt m vacation lllbla achool be
ginning Julia 30 on tha property re
ran! ly purchaard aa a plac of wor
ahip. Mra. Prrlry Webatrr and a
corps of workara (rom tha Calvary
HaptUt church will aaalat.
'nia aohool la a community affair
and avary boy and alrl from i
throuah 18 yaara old la Invited to
participate. aVhool will bailn at 9
a. m. and will be dlnnuwcd at 11:30
a. m. each day.
St. Paul's To Hold
Holy Communion
Regular aervlrea will bo conduct-
at the (ti. Pnul'a EuimxwhI
church, tlh and Jrfleraon, Bimdny,
June 20. Holy Coininiuilon will be
held at S a. m. with Holy Com
munion and aprmnn at II a. tit. The
arrvlrm will Iki conducted by the
Krv. F. C. Wluenbarh. who haa Jtut
rrturnrd (rom tha Eaatarn Orritoii
Aacrnamn achool at Cove, Ora.,
where he nerved aa dean.
man lainlllra can't hire a maid
a drlvai or a auulcmir. Uiirinuna
Uon i wiiiit to wuik lor niiiika alona.
. The alluiitlon In Miinli li la typl
cul. Tim (li'iiiiiiu lulxir offico re
liorui Jii.ftliu pcrnuia workliiK ''
Ilia Aiuerlruiu. )f Unit UilaT 3,.
liUH are men and lO.Uiii are woman.
The men include olllte work
ara, 4UIHI mrliil UiiiIiw, UHl In
lianafHirUttloii, liolelmaii and
iWl unakllled. The women breuk
down Into m office workera, 173
liotnl wurkvrn, IS79 Ixiuaeiiialda and
1H without akIIU. There are othera
In aiallerrd minor catraorlea.
In nil Ihe Munich urea there are
JUIUHIi winkliiK people. That aeetna
like a Int. but Mlaa Aiml Kuka.
head nl (emala ainiloyinit. aaya
there la a arcat aiwr ahorUue.
"Wiiineu who wnrkrd bi-lnre ran
nol du It nuw," ahc aaya, "All tlielr
timo la occupied by the one bin
problem of llinllnn food for their
laiiilllea ."-
Manv Karuaed
The labor office called III thou
iinda of women and Klrl to nk
why Ihey were Idle. All hud rerllfl
cnlea lo allow that their health for
bude work, or that thty were needed
by their parenta.
The real anawer In many caaea la
dial the tlerniana don't want a Job,
unleaa It la with lha Americana,
Willi ihe free meal. Ihe charter to
cadce claareltra, chocolate, aoap
and coffer.
And what hlipiiena. to Ihe tintla
lonilrmiiiMl to iiiinmoii liilxir? They
Jual do iiothliiv. Apurlmrnt, bal
omiea are full of aiinbuthera thrae
aummer afiernooiui. They are moat-
r parly memlirra. or thoar waltliif
fur a Job with the Americana to
turn up
Meantime, the (lerman liibnr of
fice la lealeKed Willi rcollcata for
malda. kitchen woikera for board
UK houaea, alt, ottraphrra and form
The offlciala any
When maika will buy what the
Oeranan needa, he II work afaln for
marka alone -bill not before.
Ensemble To Present Progrom
rU??.r"'rm? ..".V.-:"1"" '. """,ll,U "l" '"
mm:;: I
Kepraeentlnf tha Bob Jonaa unlveralty, a braaa enaambla will preaent
a proiram In the Mmt Baptlat church, Tueaday evening.
Youth Revival
Group To Be, Hosts
The young people leading the
Youth Revival In the city library
auditorium will act aa hoata to the
youth of Klamath Falla. Friday
evening. June 37. Jimmy MrOown
la In charge of thr meeting and H.
(I. Hhlrey will direct the King feat.
The meeting will begin at P. m
Immediately following the youth re
vival eervlce at 7 46 p. m.
Group Offers
Sacred Music
The braaa enaemble representing
the Hob Jouca unlveralty will pre
aent a program of anrred mualc at
the Flrat Baptlat church.-N. Ith and
Wuahlngtou, Tueaday, July 1 at S
p. m.
Thla group of tmllonally known
niuairiHtia are under the direction of
John Bcrlppe. The program will
feature aolo numbera aa well aa
duela and quurteta. Many new r
rniigrmenU of the old hymiu n
arranged by Dick Orenell will be
'Ihe quartet la touring the North
weal In Intereat of Hob Jonea unl
veralty. The Men'a Brotherhood of
the Flrat Bapllat church la apunaor
lug the group. The public la Invited
to thla aervlce.
Youth Week Will
End Sunday Night
The youth week program now In
progreaa at the Flrat Baptlat church.
N. tth and Waahlnglon. will close
Sunday ' night when . the young
people will climax the day of ac
tivity with full participation In the
regular aervlce.
The paator. the Rev. C. C. Brown,
will bring a meaange to tha youth
ualng aa hl aubjecl. "The Choice of
In a aiieclal ceremony at thr cloae
of the meaaage Wilbur Welch, choir
man' of youth wrek. will return thr
keya of aervlce and Iraderahlp to
thr paator.
The mid-week aervlce Wednesday
night waa conducted by the young
Phillips Begins
Ninth Year Here
The Rev. Victor Phillip", minister
of the Flrat Methodlat church here,
will begin the ninth year of hi
paalorutc of the local church, next
Bunday. He haa Jnat returned (rom
thr Methodlat annual conference
which waa held In Portland laat
week where he received hla align
ment to the Klamath Falla church
for the ninth year.
Hl subject for Bunday morning
at 11 a. m. will be, -T)ur Oreateat
I Need." A aolo, "Come Ye Bleaaed,
by Scott.' will Be aung by connie
Hunt. Mra. John A. O'Connor will
be at the otgun. Other aervicra (or
the day will be church Sunday
achool a 9:45 a. m. and Methodlat
Youth Fellowship at 8:30 p. m.
Church Youngsters
To Give Program .
TUI.ELAKE Children who have
attended the vacation achool of the
Tulrlnke Community Presbyterian
church Will preaent a closing pro
grum In the church -Hunday at 7:30
p. tn. when all parenta and friends
are invited.
The achool haa drawn a dally at
tendance of 100. and 15 teachers
have taught claaae In Bible study,
aria and crafta, and other tubJecU.
Children of the two lower depart
ment are picnicking i Friday i here
and those of the two older classifica
tions will picnic- Saturday at Moore
park. Kl math Falls.
The school was In tension for two
Church Holds
Gideon Meet
A Oldenn banquet was held at
the Flrat Covenant church Bunday,
June 32, at which the local camp
was hoat to the Medford-Aahland
etimp. Seventeen members (rom
Mcdford and Ashland were gursta
at the hum dinner Klven by the
KlHinuth Knl la group. Visiting mem
bers aiwke 111 aevrral of the local
churcliea both morning and evening.
After the banquet, election of of
ficers was, held. Officers electt 1
wore W. N Richards, president; B.
K. Robinson, vice president; Edbert
Zell, secretary: Chorine Hathaway,
treaaurer: C. R. Laraon, member
ship; J. P. Sexton, church assign
ment; M. R. Johnson, Bible secre
tary : H O. Bhlrey. song leader, and
H. E. Biirndt, chaplain.
New officers of the ladle auxll
lary of the Oldeona are Mra. W. N.
Richards, president; Mrs. J. P. Sex
ton, vice president; Mra. E. Zcll.,
aecreUry-treaaurer,. and Mra. C. R.
Laraon, chaplain. .
Pastor, Hopes
To Aid Lepers
Dr. Don R. Morrill of Portland
will be the speaker at the evening
aervlce of the Immanuel Baptist
church, Bunday, June 39. Dr. Morrill
la training (or the mlaalon field
where he expecla to minister to the
lepera In India.
The paator will speak at the
morning aervlce and the mualc will
be under the direction of Mr. and
Mra. Lynn Hayden of Portland.
They are student at the Cascade
college of Portland, spending their
aummer vacation here.
The Sunday achool will have IB
promotion da this Bunday. Instead
of the usual promotion time In
September. The 8unday school con
venes at 9:45 a. m.
Holy Communion
At Lutheran
Holy Communion, will be cele
brated at the Klamath Lutheran
church at the morning worship
Sunday, June 3. The Rev. S. M.
Topnesa will apeak on the ubject.
"The Quality of Mercy." Com
municants are asked to register In
the pastor's study from 10 a. m. to
11 a. m.
Sunday achool meets at 9:45 a. m.,
with classes for all age.
Klamath Lutheran extend an IrP
vltation to attend Bunday achool
and worship every Bunday.
Dist. Superintendent
The Rev. 8. Raynor Hmlth of
Halem waa recently appointed the
dlatrict superintendent of the
Houthern district at the Oregon
conference of the Methodlat churcb.
Church Of Christ
Sermons Named
Topic of the Sunday fnornlng
service to be held at the Church of
Christ. 2305 Wantland. will be
"Touching the Hem o( Jesu' Gar
ment." The evening sermon to be
given by Evangelist Ous Winter at
8 p. m. will be "Positive Divine
I Law."
I During the summer month all
evening meetings Including the
Wednesday evening Bible study con
venes at 8 p. m. Bible classes meet
each Sunday morning at 10 a. m.
HiaALD NKW. maaialk ralta, Ora. FRIDAY, Jaaa t, 111, Far Wavaai
Th Rev. Don Bhogren ot the
Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, III.,
will be the speaker (or all tha serv
icer) at the Bible Baptlat ciiurch,
Sunday, June 39. The Rev. Bhogren
Is a member of the Moody Bible
Institute extension stnf(. Sunday
will be hi last day In Klamath
The public l Invited to attend all
the services.
Liquid helium bnila at 450 de
treta below aero Fahrenheit,
ilea Marur aa name oaratl
raoMrr oauviat
111! gasritia rkaae nu
First Church of Christ, Scitntist
A krasa al Tks Malkae Ckarrt, Tha Flrat Chore at Corlll, lelrwlltt,
la Baalan, Mais.
10th and Washington
Service! Bunday School, 9:30 a. m.
Sunday service, 11 a. m. ,
Wdnsdy Evening Meeting, 1:00 o'clock.
Letton-Sermon Subject, Juno 29 "Christian Scion)"
Christian Science Reading Room
1023 Main St.
Subject, "Proof That 'Christian Sclanco Hol" '
PflinTR P6T
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Complete Stock of Wallpaper
Varniihet Enamel
Shingle Stain
BriUuuil, Uftfor.
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V out. Ml pt
General Paint Store
515 Main St
Phone 3829,
for the time of your life
Saturday, June 28, 8 P.M.
Speaker Dr. Don R. Morrill
)t International Christian Leper Miion
Picture! Religious Film
V Musical Social, Vocal and Instrumental
Plus All tha regular features for
A Great Rally
Fremont School Auditorium
400 Free Seats
a.Twiiywiia i people. a fv"v
J f ' t ' ClaaaKled Ad Bring Reult. i rfL&TS. oT7
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f- tni V?M MoBY sov oB imjmiJr MOTOR OIL
W iei .tJLJl Of shop. t,a 1 . VJ?V rd.iiT bMhrj , ci. '
TIZJmZTZX... p..r VTe'J. o" f-ytC ' " Vsis.
her aarordlcin at the Klamath .tn, H01"" 1 eja aH97l
Temale, Hunday evening at 1:45. L&lmmmmmmmm wmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Convalescent Home " -J"J 1 '"SI
trormerly o( Ashland) 8 InCfl DOmolOV $ Laaa-aJ I' jj
I U.4(.r4, Or. i. a rhaaa Ml I Ov ANGLE WRENCH A I l p hSS I
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ZAf AHDt'Ws j 3 Hr 10 I C" '
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