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    Lewis. Clark
Head To
Talk Here
pr. Morgan 8. OdeU will fill the
DUlplt at the 11 . m. Bunday
wrvlre of the First Presbyterian
church. 8th and Pine. Dr. Odell
'" president of Lewis nd Clark
college, the Presbyterian aiwtuored
school In Portland. He came to
Sta and Clark in 1WL from Oc
eania" college In Los Aiigelee
where he was professor of religion.
Mrs. Robert Banister will sir
The Lord s Prayer" by . Malotu.
Mr.. Elbert Veatch 1 the organist.
Vacation church school com
nJnxcmcnt will be held Friday.
June 20. at 7:30 p. m. Steve Moth
er will be the epeaker and will
.lw present certificates and awards.
r.Titr j w,m.t trill take Dart In
f?J "v.w n the work
they have been doing, and handi
work will be on display.
A picnic Is scheduled ior cniur
day at Moore park for members of
the vacation church school. Trie
group will meet at the church at
10 a. m. and will return at 1 p. m.
Each person Is to bring his own
uTnch. and dessert will be Provided.
Prank Drew and Mrs. B. Palmer
Kldd are In charge of Uiep
In case of rain the picnic will be
held at the church.
Junior Choir
At Lutheran
Parish Education Sunday will be
nhsorved al Klamath Lutheran
church. Sunday. June 23. Com
roenceinent exercises will be neia
lor the class of young people who
have completed the Bible course In
the high school Bible department
The pupils who have attended trie
dally vacation Bible school will pre
sent songs and Bible and catechism
drills. The Junior choir will sing
two anthems. "I Think When I
Bead That Sweet Story of Old.
and "Lift Up Your Heads," both by
Keating. The senior choir will sing
God So Loved the World." by
Stalner. The public is invited.
The Ladies Aid meet Tuesday at
1p.m. Reports of WMF conven
tion at Tacoma will be given by
Mrs. Victor Ongman and Mrs. L. K.
Ellson. Hostesses will be Mrs. Sverre
Murtson and Mrs. J. D. Buck.
Students To
Present Program
At the Community Congregation-
al church. Market and Garden, the
students of the Dally Vacation
; Bible school will present Sunday a
program of their work completed
'. during the past two weeks. The
' program for the beginners' depart-
- ment will be under the direction of
: Mary Stone; the primary depart-
ment, Mary Eckstein: and the ju
; nlors. The Rev. Godfrey Matthews.
- Parents and guardians of the
: children are Invited to attend. The
program will begin at 9:45 a. tn.
At the regular Sunday morning
. service. June 22, The Rev. Mat
thews will speak on "The Christian
Doctrine of the Trinity."
Gideons To '
Sponsor Service
The Gideons will be In charge j
of the 11 a. m. service at the First 1
Covenant onurch. 833 Walnut, 6un-
dav. June 22. In the absence of the '
pastor, the Rev. S. T. Jacobson, who ;
is in Seattle attending the annual i
eonlerence oi we tvangeucai mis
sion Covenant Churches of Ameri
ca. I". .1 Mum at 1A m
with classes for all ages led by j
capable teachers. Parents are I
urged to place their children in i
Sunday school where spiritual and j
; Bibllcan Instruction can be .given, j
"The Lome Prince" j
Sundstrom Topic
Th Pru Pharlp Sundstrom Will :
speak Sunday, June 22, at both
services of the Immanuel Baptist
' church, located at 11th anF High
streets. The subject for the morn--A-,ta
( mvuiwif TVirnnirh Sur
render" and for the evening evange-
llstic service "The Lame Prince."
Sunday school begins at 9:45 a. m. I
In Charge Or Services
ii i i i i i mmmmJ '
The Rev. Don P. Shorten and the Kev. Edwin C.nber are conduct
lDC meeUngs of the Bible Baptist church, 4 Wlard. In absence ef the
Rev. Keith T. Fields. '
Chicago Man
Slated Here
The Rev. Don P. Shogren of the
extension staff of the Moody Bible
Institute in Chicago is conducting
meetings of the Bible Baptist
church. 2244 Wlard. in place of the
Rev. Keith P. Fields. The Rev.
Shogren has had over 20 years' ex
perience as pastor, evangelist and
radio minister . He is a former stu
dent of the institute and has held
pastorates In Iowa, Pennsylvania
and Washington.
The Rev. Edwin Ouber Is accom
panying the Rev. Shogren as solo-
as pastor of several churches and
has traveled extensively.
Services are held at 11 a. m. and
7:80 p. m. each Sunday and at 7:30
each evening. .
Baptist Youth
Week Slated
Youth Week will open at the First
Baptist church, N. Slh and Wash-
-tiH -rv.l nrrwram fiuil-
day night when the pastor will turn
over tne Key oi uu nmrxii w
young people wno jnu. aire, me
.rrh nrifcram for the week. June
.U-n.,h Inn. 94 .
The church wiu select omcera
from the young peoples groups to
.ti . - HcHMtihl rwisltlntts. TheV
i ui uw ii3iw.." , : - -
will furnish the music, conduct the
mid-week service, iuncuon on com
mittees, study the ff airs and prob
lems of the church, and fill all ma
jor offices. ,.,,
. Youth weex. wiu unit-uuir
at the regular Sunday evening serv
ice when the .pastor. .C. C. Brown,
will srjeak on the subject, "Be Thou
An Example." After a dedication
service, tne 6ymooi o iric
sponsibillty will be presented. The
pastor states that this program is
one of the unusual events sched
uled for the summer momns.
At the close of Youth Week the
l W. ...Ill Hnnn tttM Vnlinff tVODle
with a special event to be announced
Young People To
Attend Conference
Six young people will attend the
Fir Point Presbyterian Young Peo
ple's conference June 23 to June 30.
The group, which will leave Mon
day, Is composed of Morris and Dick
weaxiev, kuiji reyiun, mini rmin-
i Al. U..,ao -.. 'I Marlla
Crawlord. They will be accompanied
. . 1 ,u- D-u W 1 1 V.
Oy A. . fuil win wiv . . . . , .
T. Mltchelmore. pastor of the Peaee
Memorial Presbyterian church.
Other young people will go from
the First Presbyterian church. 6th
ana rine, ana rresoyienan ciiurcn,
th and Pine, and Presbyterlau
churches In Lakevlew, Tul elake,
Merrill and Malm.
Phillips Attends
Methodist Conclave
The Rev. Victor Phillips, minis
ter of the First Methodist church.
Is attending the Oregon Conference
of the Methodist church which is
being held In Portland. Sunday
morning the guest epeaker at the
First Method lit will be Cecil Kol
lenborn. general secretary of the
Klamath county YMCA. His sub
ject will be "God's Fellow Work
ers." Mrs. Robert P. Craig will sing
the solo. "Eye Hath Not Seen," by
Gaul. Mrs. John A. O'Connor will
be at the organ console.
Other services for the day will
be church Sunday school at 9:45
a. m. and Methodist Youth Fel
lowship at :J0 p. m.
New Son Mr. and Mrs. Howard
Harris of 303 Commercial are par
ents of a son, born June 15 at Klam
ath Valley hospital. The young
man has been named Michael Lynn.
His father is an employe of Big
Lakes Lumber company.
Children s Day
Children's Day will be observed
at the Peace Memorial Presbyterian
church In the inuslo room of the
Altamont Junior high school, 8.
6th and Summers Lane. Sunday
morning at :4 a. in. There will
... u.i.t. ,.. tuiKAii(Ni. annua
Uf, U1UIV ,1 II 1. .... , .
and demonstrations which have been
part ol the vacation own kiiwi.
Murv Lou Hales will lead the
children's music aiut Mrs. H. 1.
Mttchelmore will act as accompan
ist. Mrs. C. P. Peyton is general
chairman of the program. Depart
ment leaders are Mrs. E. A. IJavls,
Mrs. J. Moore, Mm. H. D. Curry,
Mrs. Pevton and Mrs. L. L. Parker.
Closing exercises of the Vacauou
Bible school were held Friday morn
ing and were followed by a picnic al
Moore park. Hubert Lumotl, Boy
Scout executive, directed the play
ground activities,
Methodist District
Change Planned
PORTLAND, June 20 A' The
Oregon Methodist conference, now
divided Into three districts of about
60 churches each, will be regrouped
into four districts of 35 to 45
churches each.
The change, approved by the an
nual convention now underway here,
will mean the appointment of two
new district superintendents: the
head of the new district, and a suc
cessor to the Portland district sup
erintendent, who is retiring.
Brass Ensemble To
Appear Here
The Bob Jones university brass
ensemble, representing; B"b Jones
university ol Greenville, H. C, will
conduct a siwiial service at Ihe First
Baptist church Tuesday evening,
July 1.
Composed of young people Irom
four different slates, the gmup lias
included in its program many old
hymns of the church. Varied ar
rangements of the musical selections
have been made esiniully for the
bras quartet by DUk Oiencll, barl-
- ...- ll..A,t,ri,.li.,.ul 1ft RtlOll-
soring this musical program and th
public is mviien iu an-m.
Winter To Preach
At Service
Kvangollst Clus Winter lias re
turned lo Klamath Falls after a
,3icc of a month and will Piwh
at the Church of Clirlt, 3J0 Vnl
liuid, al 11 a. m. and 1:30 p. m.,
sumliiv, June 32. Ills morning top'f,
will be "What Think Ye of VhtM J
I., !,. ...nlnu lilt Will SOCUk Oil A
8timrtlat Chinch"
Bible school, under Hie direction
.,.. Nk, .!!2L
T.Ta "."."IhlM mrl at lOt Blates employment servlcs iwrms.
of trained teachers, meeti at iwa ( jh(( Mmf tf ,,,,
a. m. with classes for eveiy age.' t(l)(t .PorUis the vui. wi
Ulble' slmly will l) lri l1y e''il
at 1:30 o'clock.
Senate Approves
USES Shift
Over nblecllons by chairman Tall
ill-Ohlnl. the senate labor com
inlltee Thursday reco"iiiie;idd
In s
A senate tabor sulii'iiiiimltlre yu.
tenliiy approved Ihe tninsfer pro.
Ifllfltt'll ri.liri.al.1.-,, .
rplnn No, 3, by a vote of i j,
'Hi prugram win go into tfftot
aiiloiimtlinlly July 1 unlit th
Mimic dliipinivrs. 1'h liouia hM
rvjci'ted the pliin.
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