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    tfonaf Potato Letter ....
itato Crop Estimate
Shows Drop From Last
Year But High Average
I.I DoLto crop eatlmal. for
pUU 111. UlUI early coliinier
luuuollon at 6ll.D30.OVO uuahcla.
far cry from last year a
jlllloi). but .1111 In A million
k over tli. 10-yonr average. Hy
. comuarea witn in. ran-
r t month .vo, w. find; win
loh.nged; early spring, down
; Into aprlng, up luii.uou; sum
ureuorled ;n ovluunly. 10.4 mil
I.IU. .r. well below laat year
area., but .bov. tit. 10-yeur
In .11 eKcent tn. winter
for tli. .iiin. rly coin-
crop, acreage I. now rii
.1 300.H00. or J 1 00 buahela
han . month .no. 'I'hU flmr
k I pr cut b.low tli. 10-yc.r
lo. but resulting production In
10 per cent auova tno average
Ilia Influence n( .n ovr-.ll
(Ft .1 nearly 23 pr cut .bovc
in. significant to report on
on nroanecia. eKcent to cm-
b planting delay. Much of the
an .rim. wr. troubled with .
Bale aprlng. Homo sect Ions
t get into tn. Ilewa iiniii two
r weelta later than uaual, Nor-
potatoes tend to catch tin
thry lull behind schedule, but
o( the north will need . I.I.
to mule, a food crop. A It
I, w predict little more than
n lal. crop production to ae.
ough. very little price auppnrt
y .xr.pt In apol altuatlona
k the aumnier, and prlcra iren
"belter than aupport. While
n't 10 In much (or thla aort of
lion. w. are trying thla on.
or lurk.
ini.nl. laat week lumped clear
h the relllni. The total waa
are, IS3g can mor. than the
llnf week. Only li rare were
la government, ao tli. com
tl nel averaged 1UI eara prr
menu laat week Jumped clear
III Uia celling. The total waa
Ura, I Ml cara more than the
lng week. Only 13 cara were
a. gov.rnineul, eo Uie com-
Sl net averaged l ull I cara per
Ilia figure la aeldom equaled
ii March, the bulg. month ol
le.r, Blggeal waa California
l73 cara (or the week. Houth
Ha outdid ItaeK with 1106 cara
tlabama climbed back up to
forth Carolina will be In the
fig from now on. having hit
Irs laat week. California now
I aeaaon total of loops rare.
puta that area well over (he
1 Alabama and both of the
Inaa are doubling on Call
I, and Virginia la cloae behind,
may mean a tough apot altua
!or the next ten daya or two
. For the (Irat tlm. In veara.
avy California movement mar
to be beneficial bec.uae It will
th. period of he.vleat over-
Detnanel And Marketa
th Carolina, reporting for the
tlm. thla aeaann. Indicate a
demand, weakening market,
rlcea at floor tn a nickel under
nor, but down 40 renta on reda
loor. Alabama's lant report
Ith. demand alow, 'market
r. and prlrea down 10 to 15
mi reda at 411 rent, over the
Mown S to 10 centa on white
rent, aver th. floor. None of
(astern market report, any
demand at .11 for B'a. Arlnma Am
mend la reported good, turning fair,
with th. niarkot firm but turning
weaker and prlcea down 3ft cent, (or
reda .1 tl ao over III. floor on a
waahed baala. and down to 10 to It
renta for whltea at 20 oenta over th.
floor for waahed .lock. California
demand I. reported fair for beat
atock but alow on other offering
with th. market allghtly weaker
(or alx straight daya and prlcea
down 30 cenla .1 (loor, wnnhed
baala. All market, ahow the effect
of heavy ahlmnent with a boom In
government buying expected within
the next 10 riava.
Terminal report, ahow Chicago
demand fair to good, th. mark.l
firm on weatern atock, unaetlled
and weaker on aouthern. New York
ruled moatly weaker; Atlanta gen
erally ateady; Boaton, mixed and
ending weaker; Detroit, weaker:
Philadelphia, mixed but moatly
weaker: Han Francisco, allghtly
weaker, Tracklioldluga are reported
.a drooping but still plenty high:
and will go higher after laat week I
heavy movement.
I'rlc. Hupporl
Hearing, thla week on a bill to
aulhorlM aurvey to aee If potato
flour can cur. potato aurpluaea haa
turned Into an all-out Inquisition
on the whole field of price aupport.
Thla la bad. but waa bound to come
latter th. dumping of 1947 apuda
wnue in. IMS meaa I. still Irish.
Publicity la hurting th. future of
price stabilising programa, largely
because much of It la one-aided, even
Inaccurate. The meaa has put po
tato price aupport Into poll Ilea.
Hearing allll In progress with no
indication as to where It will go be
fore It ends. Timing, when DoA ap
propriation atlll la In doubt, la likely
lo lessen chance of aenat. restora
tion of section 33 price aupport
funds. The potato Industry mual be
ready to take Its medicine, becauae
It la not blameless on aeveral count.,
farm Price.
Parity price Index turned down In
May for the (Irat time In I mouths
. . . not much, just one point, but It
may be the turning point antici
pated by many economists (or sev
eral months. Downturn li caused by
decllnea In (eed, (ood and seed
along with household supplies. Par
ity price of spuds la now 11.69 per
bushel compared with 11.70 In April
and 11.34 a year ago. Index of price,
paid used In computing potato par
ity now la 161. Thla Index, which
varies from month to month, la
multiplied by 11.13 (the base period
average price to get th. parity I
prlc. Actual prlcea received by
farmers on May 16 are reported as
averaging 1163 per bushel for the1
country, or tl per cenl of parltv. (
inia percentage wa. ae on April 16,
and 114 a year .go.
Papal Cross May
Give History Clue
VICTORIA, B. C. June 18 MM
papal cross carved on a tree al Al
bert head on Esquimau bay, four
mllea aoutheaat of here, mav prove
an Important link with the Spanish
explorations In Juan De Puca strait
167 years ago.
A party of historian haa ex
amined the crow and Provincial Ar
chivist Wlllard C. Ireland said today
Activity At Ninth And Pino
K ITgIrl.ll
, hjiZP .4.;- k .jsr..-9
mmm . ' mi 'rtflgaV laiiaaasaarnaasaMsaialai " ST ii l i i ' "
This picture alio a plenty going on .4 Slh and Pin. .IreeU, where Kmll'a .tor. la In a remodeling
Local Market
Remodeling of Emit' Super mar
ket, eth and Pine, haa been under
way since Haturday and workmen
are striving to complete the change,
for (he grand opening Thuradny. A
number of new features will be
offered to ehoppera when the atore
re-opena (or bualneaa.
Oreatrst changes will be found In
the fruit and vegetable department
where new refrigeration cabinet,
are being Installed. The produce
case, located In the rear of the
atore, la a continuous unit 46 feet
long. Keven new display "gondolaa"
for rltrua fruit olfer self-service
facllltlea to shoppers. Meat will be
displayed in new cajtea and two Ice
cream cabinet, and four cabinet
for frnxen food are a I .so being In
stalled Walk-In meat boxes and a
vegetable cooler have been added
for th. storage of meat, and vege
tables. Natural hardwood fixtures and
ahelvea will replace old ahelvea In
the canned goods department and
additional lines of merchandise will
be displayed. Color acheme for the
building la being changed to whit,
with black trim.
Uftlng of shopping basket, to
checking counters will no longer be
necessary with the Incorporation of
new type check atanda In the atore.
Shoniepi may now roll basket Into
checkout lanes for checking. New
ahnnplng buggies are also being Installed.
Two Burned In
Portland Fire
PORTLAND. June It iP) Two
persona were burned on the feet and
rga late yesterday In an attempt
lo stamp out a fir. that spread to
I destroy a frame house.
The two were Donald Burrat, 20.
and Cecilia Jimenez, 63. The fire
I started when the cook sLove ex-
pliKlrd. Loss wa. estimated at
It apiie.red to (ally with one de
scribed by the Hpanlslf explorer
Manuel tjulmpcr In . diary on ex
plorations In 17D0.
Cecil French of Victoria made the
discovery following directions given
In Qmmier s chart..
YMCA Space
Being Fixed
Considerable work haa already
been accomplished toward remodel
ing the Teen-Age room, at the
Klamath armory for use as head-
quarters of the YMCA, Cecil Kal-
lenborn local airecvor eaia loaay.
Carpenter work Including re
modeling and repairing In the
nuartera haa been completed by
liurkhart and Hhorlgen contractors,
I at cost. Plumbing repairs were
imade by Krlcsen-Welman Plumbing
company whose services were do
I tinted. When the floor are fin
'Ished the building will be ready for
the painters and thla work will be
.done at coat by the Painting and
i Decorating Contractor, of America,
Klamath chapter.
I The Teen-Age club will continue
' to use the facllltlea as a part of the
i , .
Sm mt Tlm
Prrnitnrnl Rotulltt
ChirajprBCllo rh Irian
Ntt. lib Inquire T tot aire BUg.
. rba 7iM
Charter Ready
For Talk Club
Climaxing alx month, of reor
g.nlzatlon, the Klamath Pall
Toaatmlatresa club will receive Its
charter Saturday evening at a ban
quet to be held in the Pelican cafe
party room. Presentation will be
made by Mrs. Esther Campbell,
president of TouUnlalres. Interna
tional. While In Klamath Palls. Mr..
Campbell will be the gunt of Luclle
Tweed, at 422 N. 8lh. The two wer.
classmates in high school and the
Unlveralty o( Washington, where
Mr.. Campbell majored In EnglUh.
A tour of th. city and the high
spot of the county has been
planned for Saturday. Member, of
th. executive committee will ac
company her on this trip.
Invitations have been extended to
other aervlce club, and reservations
are .till being accepted by calling
YMCA program, according to Kal-lenborn.
Queen Fete
Plans Shape ,
Special plana for entertaining the
queen of the Jaycee Boat Regatta
Sunday on Upper Klamath lake are
receiving particular attention by the
committee In charge thla week.
Th. most enterprising young l.dy
of the nine lovely candidate, for re
gatta queen will be determined when
admission button sale, for the
aquatic ahow are totaled up. She will
be announced at 10 p. m. Friday at
the boat ahow at Main and Es
planade In the Balslger Motor com-
fany showroom and official corona
Ion will follow Saturday night at
the armory, at th. Rodeo Queen',
On- Sunday morning the queen
and two of her court will be
whisked out to the airport to board
the amphibious Republic Seabee (or
an air tour of the city and a water
landing on th. lake. The other six
princesses of the regatta queen'a
court together with the rodeo queen
and her court will be met at the
courthouse at noon Sunday, by
members ol the junior chamber of
commerce and taken by car to Cop
co dock where the boat race, will
start at 1:16 p. m.
Both queens and their court will
be guest of the Jaycee. at the re
gatta which they will witness from
two launches anchored in the cen
ter of the lake. Regatta girl will
board Dick Fielder's Chris-Craft, the
"Bonne Mae," while rodeo girl will
go aboard Copco's launch, the
"Shark." Both group of girl will be
under the supervision of chaperone
throughout the day.
NXRAI.D Ngwg, fclaaMia rails, Ore. TMt'B.OAT, Jaas It, lT, Pal. tlllaaa
Brutal Killing Of Pet Doe
Revealed By Investigators
fcovf Standard Insurant
He will five
you full details
oo the loiur
ance plan tbal
enables you to
retire with a
life income.
. Lynn Roycroff
412 Main St
Klamath Fall.. Or.
Ooll will never come home.
The pet doe, found a. a tiny
orphaned fawn by Mr. and Mrs. E.
L. Davis and raised "Ilk. a member
of th. family," retired to the woods
early In March to have a fawn, of
her own.
Mr. and Mr.. Davis waited patient
ly a. their Clatsop county home
near Bradwood Junction, on the
Columbia river highway. They were
certain that Baby Doll would come
home with her (awn despite a wide
scientific belief that a doe will not
remain tame after mating.
But Baby Doll had no chanc," to
prove her loyalty to the Davlsea.
Bobv Doll wa. killed before th.
fawn was born,
Albert C. Uassner. state polio,
game officer, says that a doe was
brutally killed and burled on th.
hank of Onat creek, near the Davla
Th. manner of her death con
vinced Oassner that the victim wa.
Baby Doll.
With Ouy Taylor, .tat. gam. of
ficer of Portland. Oassner conducted
an extensive Investigation because
Baby Doll wasn't .hot. She was
killed by someone who perhap.
knew she waa tame and trusting.
Someone who lured her cloae pel
ted her, maybe, and then crushed
her skull with a heavy blow.
PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT of every kind is brought k
every moving job by our trained Moving Men. Packing
pads, corrugated paper, portable wardrobes, rubber tired
dollies, "reefer" handtruck, packing materials, etc. Your
possessions enjoy a safe, protected ride.
In thh commvrhy wm offer a Mmptfor mcrvktt
(rvic, including: I. City-to-city moving vans covering
routes in the four Northwest states and northern Utah.
2. Local cartage for in-the-cisy moves, large or small.
3. Safe storage of household goods. 4. Packing, crating
and preparing household goods for shipment anywhtrt.
645 Brood PhoM 4111
One always stands out
H MA IP MOON. M,tMA M,.. t
llJ loiteabtf I, UOt, It
f!tt)( whlg-h (Man i tbltMi't
(vi ( Mt f)lllg tfittft ( th.
' f r MvgJiM dvtMf tn' i ih,
OwKk tjttlbtlfUM JtflJtj f til
N 1t,k ' l.t Uf l-
varuia H Hut4t Ititt Hall Mn,
Haw Tatb Ctly (olfkl Mr ht
t 9) Uhllts)
Blitt-W.inhard, the beer of unvarying
goodness, his a history of more
than 19 years' ittnding. People who
appreciate real t.ite enjoyment have
always preferred It . . . and always will ! .
They know Blit-'einhrd is
worth waiting for . . , the beer so godd
It's guaranteed sttiifying,
Guaranteed Sattsfyt'ny BEER
Distributed by Martin's
j '
If you need a small building fast, that is low in cost and
has the permanence of steel construction, you will find
the "Quonset 20" perfect for almost any purpose.
Easily adapted to office, production, storage or other uses,
it has a clear-span interior that permits any desired inte
rior arrangement. Interior walls and insulation are easily
accommodated, if needed.
Width is 20 feet; length as desired, in 12-foot extensions.
Stran-Steel framing goes up fast. Joists and studs have
a patented nailing groove; steel siding and covering
are nailed directly to the steel framework, and gripped
securely. All-steel construction is fire-safe, wind- and
weather-safe, and proof against sagging, warping, rotting,
and the destruotive action of termites.
Let us give you complete information about prices, struc
tural details and possible uses.
"liaMUt" aaiWiilt n liaSKtl ( Sr.at Lakis Still CoiM'HIm, salt ll Natiaaal SMI CiifiraUaa
40 feet wide; length as desired, in
20-foot exten.ion.. 12-x-12-foot
roller doors, four window, and
ventilating louver, in end-.ection.
jlT pa; a
Supplied in any desired dimen
sions, with extensions of 20 feet in
length and 20 feet 6 inches in width.
Useful for any industrial purpose..
For garaging or ahelteriag
vehicle.. Supplied with front
roller door, or open front.
24 fact wid.t length a. d.
aired, in extensions of 12 feat.
i I