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Kneilson's Tricks In Tag Match
Heavy and tricky Nlwky Knell
Mm, the li.ardrd Triiurasre momi
fNIn '". and tl lililriiimlln
llivli Parks are trsnird up nil the
niranl aid of Thursday night's
wrralllni inaliilliirr, a lai (mm
inatrli Willi a one hour time llmll,
Their niMiall mimlirrs amiss
Ihv rliur will In the niiulr
I'lrrrn rllrll mid Ihr ruimlly
fivliuUr Jai'k Klsrr, ' Ullir
m brrn a miliar performer her.
fur niiiiilirr of yeara, hill fur Ilia
fiaal aavrral munllia haa brrn out
n ilia Ulandi,
HUar It ono of Ilia tmallrr mrn
In Ilia hraikrl. and l.allrlla lan'l
bljr either, Knrllann and Parka
will hava Ilia wrliht advantage.
'Ilia picture Iirluw shows Ilia
bearded Knrlltiin stretching- out
Al N In llialr lat mateh,
Niaai la not ticketed fur liars
Thursday nlglil,
'I'ha opening bout of Ilia card
will lir a full-scale flva rounder,
Willi Hunk Weaver anil lluck
Davidson doing Ilia battling.
Waarar, altliauili relatively
eolnrleea compared to aama of Ilia
ollirr boys, liaa bran going (una
fr Ilia past cuupla nf nimithi In
tha preliminaries, Davldaun la an
tperlrnrcd loral rntry.
Bob Locke, Tired After 33
Rounds, Qualifying For PGA
DETHOIT. June II (41 Hobby
lx He. Ilia Minium. riKliiy-rnlliplrs-liinril
Month African alar, continued
hla brlllliuil tour nf American mill
Intiriiiimriila hem today I) y Irclng nil
Willi i:i7 rivnia in the Ilial iimllly
lim round lor tha wrrk-lmii na-
tirnsl I'OA clianiiUniialilp but ad-
lliliinl Ma was "fnUKUPd alter play-
li in 3J roiiiiua ol competitive iiulf In
tha Unltril Hinlra at an average
core nl HU3 atrnkaa a round.
Locke, nil hla tla for third III lha
V U. mien lual week Mini hla vlr-
tin Ira in mii h feature, aa thi Houston
oih-ii. riillndrlphla lniiilrrr Invito
tioiinl mul (IikkIiiII round-rulilii
tournaments, rated wall up with tha
Payroll Tax
Rate Frozen
WAMIINOTON. Junr la 1,1.
lha houw passed uiituiniiminlv to
day a bill frresliuj lha social w
lurlty payroll lax at present rales
for two yrara.
If poimed by tha arnnla and ae-
rrptrd by President Truman tha
inrnnire win work an automalic
I J.ooo 000.000 annual IncrraMi In
tha Irvy on January 1.
i na iruiaintion proviors, huw
rvrr. fur an Incrraaa In tha tax In
J DM) to from ono liar cant to 15
)cr cant aarh aimlnst employes'
pay and rmplnyara' payrolls. In
tuhl tha lax would jump to two
Jxr cant aitaliul each.
Wlthcnil lha freer, Uie lavy
Vulilil hava Incraajtad January I
to 24 par rant axalnat aniployar
pud aniploya. Tlia praaant one
4rr rrnv tax cowrru about 11.500.
000 000 anually for tha awlal aa
eurlty old aita and turvlvora In
kUranre pniimm.
fnvnrllaa aa tha long arrnmbla ovar
Plum lliilliiw'a rollliia SUU-vard nar
Ti layout brKiin.
DalaiulliiK Champion Han Hoeon.
whoaa Ioiik Kama la nmda to urdrr
(or I'Iuiii llollow'i daaliin, ramnliiad
tha man to brat.
Olhar wrll-llkrd atan Inrluilrd
Sain Hnrad, lirltlah 0aii champ and
U. 8 ruiiurr-up, who wax II undrr
par for hla two practlra rounda of
Ml and 87 miiea lia arrived hara; Law
Woraham of Hltlaburith. who beat
Hnrad In tha uprn playoff: Kd
Corky) Oliver of WllinlnKton, Drl .
who waul lo the Inula a year ago at
Cortland, (lie , before bowing lo
llonan, and Jimmy IJemarel, lha
rroouliuf Texan now playlni out ol
OJal, Calif ., who laada the 11147 tour
nament inoiiry-wlnulng parade.
Ikes Will Meet-
Tha Klamath Modoc chapter,
Iraak Walton leaiiue, will meat to
night al tha Wlnema hotel for a
rrxnlar acaalon at a o'clock. Pinna
are lo be made for a aporta allow
nnd riitartuliimcnt during the month
of July.
Hunt Goes On
At Odcll Lake
Tlia bodleii of the two flahermen
drowned 111 Cxtell Ijike the flrat
day of lha tlahlim aeaaon have not
yet been recovered. Two men from
tha navy have been here In aenrch
of them and alrplanca have flown
over tha lake In hopea of alRhtini
Cither tha bodlea or tha motor from
Uirir boat which vni loat at the
i - llecauae of the grant depth and
;the coldneaa of lha wnler Odell Inka
Ita Head.
Fur Free F.atlmatea or
Information on Any Type
Wiring or Repair
B. & B. RADIO &
Ml 8. 6lh . Phone 81126
To St. Helens
ST. IIKI.RNS. June 18 ot Bill
McClmkey. cx-Orrgon Hlale col
lege athlete and graduate of Lew la
and Clark college Uila aprlng, haa
been named aJuUtanl football and
baaketball coach at Bt. Helena high
Uouglax Olda will be head coach,
ucceedlng Melvln Bnldenow,
. . . and good
"tightoning up" will
v you
For utmoet motoring
fileaeure and ruonay-aav-ug
car aarfornuiire, drlra
In now for a complete car
lubrication. Ramambar
whan Dodge-Plymouth
lubrication apeclallaia do
tha Job. you can know that
it'a done rifhr.
522 So. 6th Phone 3136
Again Available for '
Immediate Installation
Conversion Oil Burners
. . . NORGE . . . PAYNE
Oil and Gas Fired
Airconditioning Systems
231 Market Street
' Phono 3616
College Calls
KU Athletes
Oregon'! own collrgra will likely
clnlm moat of the KUIIS athlete
of the cliuix of '47, with OfcHJ pcr
hupa holding the edge.
Mnny of tha boya' jilntia are uttlt
laniitllve, M many of them are Mill
awnltlng aoma notice of acceptance
from the liiKtlUitlonx.
Hob Mocabrir Clarence Btiaaman,
Jerry Thorne and Chuck Hellbron
ner are all aiming In the direction
of Oregon HI ate. Uene Hover and
Joa .nrnalnakl are nl 11 1 undecided,
thotiah' Oene la nlunnlng on one
of tha mala hutllutlona and Joe
will either tik" lulvnnlnge of h'
Ht. Mnry'a aehnlarahlp or go to tha
II. of O. John roter will orobnblv
atli'ild Oregon Vocntlnnnl achool
and Do" rvnnnun la iilnnnlns lo
wnrda Wlllameit unlveraltv.
Ihniivh III plnrta are not complete,
Iliera nre aevernl other bnvx atMl
honing to atlen'l annie colleae or
unlveraltv. but who hava till not
mnda up their mlnda or who mny
wnlt a yenr before leaving. r
WE8TV1LLE, N. J., June 18 IA'i A
freight train blocked a croaahig for
M mlnutaa and o a jxjllccman wrote
out a traffic ticket, giving It to D. H.
Mend, conductor of the Peunayl-viuila-rteiKlliiK
Haaahore Line train.
The charge: Illegal parking.
BKA1TLE, June 18 t&t William
Brhlllera, aarvlca atatlon operator,
complained Id the sheriff's office
about a volunteer watchdog.
A large atrny police dog haa taken
over the Job of guarding Mchlllera'
atatlon, and the uverzanloua volun
teer la driving away cualomera and
ruining bualneaa,
SKATTLE, June 18 W When a
car la parked too long or In a re
atrlctrd tone the city Impounds It
and the driver muat call to get It
When Mr. and Mr. a. A. God
frey Jr. met at the Impound window
In the city traffic bureau they atared
at each other and choruaed:
"What? You, too?"
The Oodf reyi are a two-car family.
Rival Coaches Not Happy
Over Prospects In NCAA
HALT LAKHCITY, June 18 iJfr-
The two coachex whose teams are
coiwldared moat likely to xuereed In
tlila week-end' NCAA track and
field, meet are not counting their
point before they are cored.
Neither Coach Leo Johnson of Il
linois nor Dean Cromwell of South
ern California neglected today to
consider the possibility that New
York unlveralty and Penn Htate
possas enough potential power to
win Ilia title Saturday night. Pre
lim are Priday night.
Johnson brought only nine mem
bers of his defending champion
Illlnl team along, but three of them
Heavy Scoring
Features Tilts
Oamts began lost night among
the teams of the YMCA church
league, with tha Plrst Baptist outfit
trampling the First Christian church
18-2 In the A league. The Nazarene
B team overcame the Plrst Chris
tian it's, 18-10.
The A league gnmes will be played
at the high school practice field on
the diamond nearest the cleaners
and the B games will be held on the
Mills school diamond.
will be attempting lo keep their In
dividual titles In four events.
The cinders were given some
rough treatment today as coaches
of Connecticut, Washington, North
Carolina, Minnesota, Pittsburgh,
Ohio Htate, Michigan, Yale, Mich
igan Htate and Han Jose State put
their boys through some practice
Don Wold of Washington uni
versity, who placed second In the
mile event last year, looked good in
practice sessions.
nraai n Nt:ws, KUmmiii f;ii. o.' winNOAT.'jns n. mi. ps mv.
Moths Threaten
Umatilla Forest
Senator Morse (R-Ore.i said today
the forestry service had arranged to
treat about 14.000 acres In the Uma
tilla national forest to prevent in
festation by Tussock moth.
The senator said the service In
formed htm It had arranged Its
funds so as to provide money for
spraying insecticide upon the forest
from airplanes.
Consent Paper
Rule Cancelled
Consent papers are no longer re
quired for young man who have
reached their 18th birthday and
wish to enlist In the navy, the local
navy recruiting office announced
today.' Also they may enlist for a
period of only three years with the
present ruling.
Por men who have served In the
UHN, UHN-1 or UBNR and reenllst
within 90 days, enlistments may be
had for periods of two, three, four
or six years.
Enlistment or reenllstment In the
peacetime' USNR does not qualify
men for enlistment or reenllstment
In the regular navy under contin
uous service.
The best way to disembark from
a canoe upon landing la to get out
while the craft I afloat unload-,
and wade ashore. Then lift mioo
out of water and pork It on shore.
Bporta Afield.
Classified Ads Bring Kesults.
Oregon Employers Save In
Jobless Tax Reductions
SV FHA.NCIRCO. June 18 (r
Fllg B"b Chesne of the Bnn Frnn
rln Bee', v'th '2 wins and fon
dcfajiu. led Parlflr const basehxll
lenmie nilchei In gnmes won,(
thruah June 15, j
He was followed hv Cliff Cham
bers, t-o Anne1e left-hander, with
10 victories and four defen'a Ches-N
nes h"d M "rlkeout to Ins credit;
Chambers. 53.
8ALEM, June 18 Wi Oregon em
ployers will save almost 17,000.000
in unemployment tax rata reduc
tions in 1U47. bringing to' t25.0O0.OO0
the tola) savings to employers since
exixrlence rating became effective
six years ago. the state unemploy
ment compensation commission said
The average unemployment tax
rate this yeur Is 17 per uent of pay
rolls, and tha highest rate la 2.7 per
cent. Tha lowest rate Is Ji of 1 per
cent. About half of the state's
I5.0O0 employers can qualify for the
lower rates under experience rating.
The commission paid out t625.0O4
during Muy to unemployed persons
who were not veterans, compared
with 12.045.477 In May. 1848. Bene
fits in the first flva months of this
yenr totaled M.182.433. compared
with tll.748.044 In the similar period
of last year.
The commission said the state's
civilian labor force now Is past the
550.000 murk, compared with tha
record high of 593.500 In June. 1943.
whan shipyard employment was at
Its peak.
Unemployment at the end of May
stood at 31.000, a drop of 6000 from
the preceding month, and a de
crease of 25.000 from a year ago.
Classified Ads Bring; Results.
Richfield Gqi
Fountain Service
Open 6 A. M. to 1 A. M.
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repair work on the
basis of competent, ef
ficient work at fair
Electric Co.
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in the 4th
of July Parade!
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ardine and all-wool Elastl
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the West's first
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It !;
jr ira-
A wrench is all you need-
Just Bolt it together.
. For economical, instant housing, summer
resort or hunter's, cabin.
For utility house, garage or hide-away.
' For tourist cabin, tract office ond temporary
housin .
Only 650.00
F.O.B. Modoc Point
In Iota of 5 or more $625 each
rAmmlatanacr. Tne e&biDS complete; ready to assemble.
lOllipiClCnfiSS! There is nothing more to buy. All bolts neces
sary tosjissemble are provided with each cabin; all windows and
front door ore included. Roofing and roofing nails to apply roofing
are furnished.
01 LOnSirUCllOn! by 8 ft. size. Roof sections are made
ud In 4 ft. by 8 ft. size. The floor sections are made up In 4 ft. by
6 ft. size. Holes are already drilled ln the proper places for
bolting together.' .
ArramMu. The cabins re eas"y a"eriblcd. All that is needed Is
ASSclllUiy: a hammer and a wrench. Sections bolt together;
bolt holes are already drilled. When bolted together walls, roof
' and floor make a sturdy, comfortable, two-room cabin,
n ; One Inside partition is provided with each cabin. This
I flrilllOllI partition may be placed wherever the buyer wishes.
l...:l-L!i:i Cabins are ready for delivery at once from factory
Availability: at Modoc Point.
Weight The cabins weigh about 0,000 pounds.-: ',:
I f Complete Information may be obtained at our of-
inTOrniallOn: nee, Room 20T Pine Tree Building. 7th and Main,
Klamath Falls. Floor plans and assembly instructions may be seen
there. Panels and wall sections may be seen at our plant at Modoc
p . Cabins are priced at 650.00 T.OB, factory at Modoc Point.
IT IC: in lots of 5 or more $625.00 F.O.B. factory at Modoc Point.
Klamath Prefabricating Go.
Room 207, Pine Tree Bldg.
P. 0. Box 464, Klamath Falls
Phone 7735
7th and Main Sts.