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    Flying Hospital Ships
Held Possibility In
Very Near Future
ATLANTIC ( I I V, June 5 ()'
teiular hospital plmiMi flying dallr
selween New lurk, Minnesota, t'lil
iao, Huston, tlia West Coast end
die Honth, earrylnc sle tieoplo to
nedleal centers were predleletl to
lay to the Aero Medical association.
Rear Admiral J, V. Adam, president
f Ilia aaawlatlniit made ilia pre
dlnllaii In nullliilni a irrat new field
' madlral research all dua to plane
lolnf hlihar and flyliwr faster.
"1 look," lin said, "fur a ureal
irivam-A In ciiinmcrclnl airline trans
portation nf 1 1 io nick. I'liine sped
ally fitted and vnrrylim doctor and
nurse ran ba made economically
The aiMiroucli to tlx speed of
aound, Admiral Adaina nuiil, also
reache 111 limit of curtain klnda
of human endurance and skill. Thle
siiaed pose problem for the avla
lion doctor, both In keepli!j mili
tary pcronnel hralthy and In f IttliiK
man Into Ilia fnat planea In audi a
Bill Proposed
WAHIIINUTON, June 6 (A't Lei
lallon to permit mineral exploration
on Uie Oreiion and California rail
road mant liiuda lina been recoin-
mendrd to Uie house publlo lunda
Icommlltce by a aulKommlltee.
-itep. Kllsworlh ilt-Urc.l, author of
the mraaure, mild he hoped It would
not be ouiHwrd and explained:
"Tlila bill, If pawed, will llnve the
result of ouenliiii up 3,600,000 arrea
of O and o lunda to mineral entry
and exploration.
"When the Inmta were revested In
1010 It obviously waa the Intention
of convreaa that they ahoilld be aub-
iwt to the tame mining and mineral
ws aa other public domain land.
"When the O and O act of IDS?
waa enacted It provided for admin
lalrnllun of the lands on a atutalned
yield baala and Uie general account-In-
office held It repealed the min
eral pmvUloua nf the IBID act."
He luld a reporter that the lrl
laiion la necessary to unblock the
present almnal total prohibition of
minim on the landa.
Senator Cordon (R-Ore. has
almllar bill pending.
way that they can llulil efficiently.
Ha anld that the tremendous cen
trlfiuinl force of aupnr aed planea
when they make turna affecu the
flow of blood In a human body. The
blood trlea to go the aame direction
aa the mile, edge nf the plane'
curving flight. A peraon can aland
a hard pull on hi blood fnr a very
brief time, but even a mild pull If
long continued may do harm.
Admiral Adam aald that human
reflexe will not be faat enough for
aomo of the fighting that haa been
customary. Between the lime a
pilot ee an enemy or target, and
the few hundredth of a aecond It
take the brain afterward to puah a
button or Muee.a a trigger, the
distance will be too much changed
fur a allot to be effective. Even at
present till change might be at the
rate of aa much a MOO mile an
hour and I likely soon to be faster.
In some com ha I alluallon, aald
the admiral, the faat plane pilot
may be unable to do anything more
than head the ahlp In the right
general direction, leaving It to robot
and radar control to aim and fire.
With much greater speed he aald
It appear poulble that personnel
cannot ball out because of the
smashing force of wind they must
Cavalier Breaks
Record Again
ASTORIA, Ore. June 6 lA'i The
Hulling vessel Cavalier again broke
the record for halibut landing In
Oregon when she discharged 35,000
pound of iiill and medium fish at
the Paragon Packing company here
till week.
In her tint trip thla season the
ship brought In 34.000 pounds, the
largest landing up to that time.
Tuesday alia again aalled for Uie
fishing grounds, hoping to get an
other load before the season end at
midnight, June 8. The aklpper 1
Prill Boldl of Astoria.
PORTLAND. June 6 Ml Oregon1
second Rocky mountain apotted
fever ease thla year waa reported by
the stale board of health today. It
occurred in llaker county.
The total of communicable disease
In the elate dropped last week. No
new caaea of Infantile paralysta or
typhoid fever were reported.
More Pay, Less
Hours Worked
Mote pay for fewer hour worked
waa evident aguln In California In
dustry In April a compared with
year ago.
Tliii April report of the atute de
partment ot Industrial relation
The average work week for all
manufacturing In the stutc had
shrunk from 311.(1 hour In April,
1U4U, to 30.3 hour In April till year,
hourly earning advanced from
$1,305 a year ago to 11.385 and aver
age weekly earning from g50.47 to
M.44. lioth were allghtly above
New Ship
Service On
KETCHIKAN, Alaska, June t A)
Inauguration of teaiiuhlp service
between Prince Rupert, U. C, and
HoulheHslern Alaska by the Brlgga
Hteamshlp line came at 7 a. in.
Wednesday with the arrival of a
450-ton motor vessel, the Southeast
ern hlp, carrying 100 tons of cargo
fnr Ketchikan, Wrangcll, Peters
burg and Juneau,
President Phil O. Urlgg said the
service would give Alaskan the "ad
vantage of buying In midwest mar
kela at lower prices." He wild the
merchandise so purchased would be
carried across Canada In bond to
Prince Itiipert, no mile south of
here, for shipment.
He suld there would be a "con-
slilcriiljle avlug" for Alliskuns, and
that starting rate for the service j
were 30 per cent below Uie Beatlle
carrier costs prior to the 25 per
cent Increase granted the latter a 1
month ago.
Pour of the Brlgg line officer
are Alaskan. I
No Assault
Charge Made
Picket George Hardy was refused
an assault and battery complaint
today tg al nit John Roosevelt,
youngest son of the late president.
Hardy, testifying briefly before
Assistant City Attorney Don M.
Redwlne, declared Roosevelt took a
punch at him In front of a women's
wear store during picketing oper
ations, Roosevelt, an executive of the
tore iOrayon') giving his version,
aald : "I had my hands In my pocket
as I walked In front of the store.
I have a peculiar habit of walking
with my hands In my pocket..
"Hardy threatened without provo
cation to amash me In Uie face.
Later, when police came, he plead
ed with me to have him arrested.
I declined to accommodate him."
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