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Day's lews
THE U, 8, count guard Itnfi Just
completed mi Investigation ol Mm
Texas (Jlly explosion mid fire dl
oaler lanl ni oil 111, 11 rtmorUi
of unfitly regulations governing tin
handling of "ilntiHToim" cargoes.
(The French ship wliri'd Ilia flint
explosion occurred ni bctntt loaded
with ammonium nllrnle In Irrtlll'r
. form. Ammonium nitrate In only
hub ahort chemical Jump away from
THE count guard reports Unit
"hardly wlUiout exception" tlioao
handling lli cargo were Ignorant
of llt fety law governing audi
Those engaged III the operation
had not txrn given Inntructlun re
gal illng null dangerous cargu.
There wan much smoking aboard
tlin vennel, despite a "no smoking''
And o on.
frr aouiula bad.
1 Hut carelessness of thia sort la
People art) careless with automobile
- -wliirli. when mtahamllcd, are
dangerous, death-dealing liinlru
mrnla. 'Filey are carelenn with fire.
They are FRIGHTFULLY care
Irnn with giilia,
During 1 1 m upland bird season lant
fall, 1 11 1 a writer aluuKlerlngly
watched a hunter who wna lining
till alnglc-barrr.1 ahotgun aa a walk
ing mirk, gripping It with liln hand
OVFH the munrle, no that If It had
been discharged Ilia hand would
have been blown off, at the very
leant, and If liln body had been In
line he would have been killed. lie
waa accompanied by liln wife and
Monte guardian angel watched
over him, and the gun didn't go
flS long M there la audi careleiu
" neaa. Ulere will be dlnaslera. That
la aa Inevitable aa Uie rising of Uie
aim tomorrow morning.
How are you going to make people
mure careful?
Thai I a tough one. Maybe you
can anawer It. Till writer can't.
tUE have been reading all Uiln week
" of multiple hanging, of war
rrtmlltala In Germany. Mont of
thoM hanged had been convicted
of inhuman deed at the Infamotu
Mnlltlmiu.il coiireutratlon camp.
here more than SEVEN HUNDRED
TIIOUrlANU persona of varioua
imtlonalltlea were done away with.
Mont of thone executed pro
claimed their Innocence lo the hut.
One who had been reprieved even
demanded defiantly to know why
he waa not being hanged along with
hA comrade. Another ahouted from
t (caff old: "I regard It aa an
ffonor for me to be hanged by the
moat Inhuman of all victor. Ood
nave Oerniany."
TIIWiE convicted criminal denerve
1 death, of courae. Tlie world will
be better off without audi cattle.
Hut will audi hanglnga atop war?
W hope no. nut we are troubled
by Uie thought that execuUon
baven't (topped murder.
JJOW can we (top war?
" How can we atop murder?
Again, these are tough question.
War and murder have always been
more or leu dlanpproved. For an
long aa we have a record In writing
or in tradition, human beluga have
been trying to atop war and murder.
We have probably made aome pro
gran In both cue. But It haa been
MORE Intelligent mlndi are the
only ultimate cure. Both war
and murder are unprofitable enter
prise. Neither nettles anything,
both atlr hatred that lead to MOKE
war and murder. Both work like
toppling over the end one of a raw
of domlnoc. They atart a chain
Human Intelligence ought lo tell
tin that It doesn't aeem to.
CO we come to one more question:
u How are we going to moke more
Intelligent mlndn? Engineer can
tell ii with certainty, In advance,
how to build a better automobile.
Nobody haa ever been able to tell
u very definitely how to build bet
ter minds.
Jews nun
'Bombs At Oil
Jow drove a truck Into the heavily
guarded Haifa port area today and
threw explosives near oil barrel of
the Iraq Petroleum company, offi
cial said. Jjlttlo damage was re
ported. A British policeman wan injured
slightly when an explosive went off
a he was trying to extricate It from
a fence. Another bomb tore a hole
In Uie fence and out a watorplpe
line. The assailants escaped.
The attack came shortly before a
Jerusalem military court postponed
until Friday the trials of five Jews
accused of active participation In
the May 4 prison delivery at Acre.
Dofonno attorneys pleadod for time
to prepare their cases for Anion
Ben Mlkhallov and Reuben Zltcr-baum.
Mormon Crickets Invade
1 Huge War
ORDNANCE, Ore.. May 28 Ml
Mormon crickets today threatened
VHH1. stores oi war duiijiub wuuiuuo,
soaps and other material stored at
the depot here as they saturated tho
Warehouse, nrca.
Col, Raymond Ctiitin said the
(Hunt Inn : wm serious and ho di
rected trucks to spread more poison
in their path.
Hoi'mlston residents meanwhile
worked' foverlnhly to stem the ad
vance toward the rich Irrigated
lands there. The Insects were mov-
S- g Northottut townrd Hermlston
id were only some five miles dls
nt, along a six-mile front.
Whether Uie Hermlatan-threalon-Ing
group now In tho depot area Is
nn offshoot of the main body Is un
Mas. (May 1)1 .. U Ml 44
I'ranlpllnlUia Innl 4 k.uin .,..
nirnnm rnnr I (ni. 7. HI
l.a.l rnar .. ! N.rin.l ...ll.M
Cr.ii.ili lnrlly el.HSr,
Flays Story
Of Slaying
I.APKKR, Mich., May 28 '
Proaeculor Kenneth II. Smith aald
today that he will seek to prove
that four young Imlay City children
were alaln because they Interfered
with ls-yer-old Oliver Terpriilng's
attempt to rape one of them.
Ho said he will attempt to shake
the stolid farm youth'e story that
he shot hi four playmate Monday
afternoon "because I wondered what
it would feel like to put a bullet
through a human being."
Murder 4'harge
Smith aald Terpenlng will be
asked to repeat Inn statement to
slate police In which he waa quoted
as admitting Uie seemingly motive
less killings. Terpenlng I charged
with murder.
"If he sticks to that story he will
be taken to Uie eceito to reenact the
crime." Uie prosecutor added.
Hmlth advanced the theory that
the children were killed after they
surprised Terpenlng In an attempt
lo aenault 16-year-old Barbara Hmlth
on the flower-plrklng foray near
their farm homes.
State Police Commissioner Don 8
Uonard said Uie boy also admitted
killing Stanley Smith, her 14-year-old
brother and hla best chum, and
her alatera Oiadya, 12, and Janet, 2.
Budget Public
Hearing Set
Public hrtirliiK on th proposed
1M7-4 county budct, which calU
courthouse June 20.
At that time the members of the
budget committee and county court
win oe on nana to listen to any
and all complaints about the bud-,
get and Individual allotment.
The budget till year la held a
few dollars Inside Uie i per cent
statutory limitation on increases so
will not be subnUtted for popular
vole. The publlo hearing will be
Uie taxpayer's dav to express him
self on the matter.
The entire budget document will
be printed In The Herald and News
twice before Uie hearing date.
By dipping Into reserve funds
built up during Uie war years, the
budget committee managed to meet
or compromise with moat of the
excessive allotment demands made
upon It for the next fiscal year
without asking the Uxpayers for
more money. The actual amount to
be raised by taxation for 1D47-48
Is about 141.000 more than was call
ed for In the 1640-47 budget.
Music Festival
The all-school Instrumental festi
val, one of the largest and most am
bitious undertakings by Uie music
department of Uie city schools, will
be held In Pelican court of Klamath
Union liloh nehnnl at 7:30 o'clock
sharp tonight, Wednesday. The
original plans called for the massed
nerfnrmnnce on Modoo field but
weather conditions foreed the
change In location, It was announced
Ihln mornlnir bv Andrew Loney Jr.,
director of music education In the
schools. Time on the program Is
given at 8 p. in., but Loney will pre
sent the festival at 7:30,
The publlo Is Invited and there
will be no admission charge. A full
program will be found on page 7 of
thla Issue.
Education Board
Slates MB Meet
SALEM, May 28 (D The state
board of education will meet here at
9:30 a. m, tomorrow to moke plans
for operation of the Klamath Ma
rine Barracks as a state vocational
school. , ,
The board hopes to name a su
perintendent of the scliool at the
meotlng. The school, acquired from
tho government for $1, Is expected
to open early In July.
Surplus Depot
certain. It was believed possible
this group crossed ine nignway
about six or soven miles wost of
Ordnance, leaving the main body
still hopping about along a line from
Boardman to Ordnance and south
ward. Itmichei's fen red Ihe crickets al
ready were laying eggs, threatening
another infestation next year. Tho
Invaders still were dying In the
areas dusted with chlordane and
Stanley Tucker's 1000-acre wheat
field was given a poison treatment
yestorday. It was not certain
whether another new poison tr')d
yesterday was successful, but It ap
peared It was not.
Some 400 gulls were In the depot
area, but ranchers continued to pin
their hopes on poison.
' A 4hJpm ) 'A
". (I 1 f :,
or ii i i If?igi i i i ni in i i tiiii'ii UN in ii aasfcn I i rir--,' .T-tfti
LAPKfllt, Mleh, May t Oliver Terpenlng Jr., 1. accused In the slaying of four children, found
shot through the hrada at Imlay City, Mich., relaxes In hla cell at the Lapeer county jail 12 miles from
the aeene of the alleged crime. This picture waa sent to The Herald and News by wlrephoto this morning.
Attempt For
J rial tor: Overell Fails
6,.,.rA ANA. Calif., May 28 (
A lluny of releases to prospective
jurors on uie grouna uiat tney
would not vote for the death penalty
in the overell yacht deaths cose
led today to another unsuccessful
attempt to gel a separate trial for
Louise Overell, 18-year-old heiress
defendant. Miss Overall's attorney. Otto A.
Jacobs, halted a colleague's ques
tioning of prospective Jurors to re
new an earlier motion.
"This court Is excusing prospec
tive Jurors for service because Uiey
Ford Offers
Wage Boosts
DETROIT, Moy 28 P The Ford
Motor company today offered 130,
000 CIO production workers the
equivalent of a lS-cent-an-hour
wage Increase and simultaneously
boosted 20,000 salaried employes 10
per cent.
The boast In salaries was limited
to those making less than $1000
monthly and becomes etfecUve June
1, the company said.
The offer was worded In such a
way as to exclude 3800 striking
foremen as long as they were not
covered by a contract.
The proposal to the CIO United
Auto workers, which has threat
ened strike action after Uiree weeks
of negotiations, was conditioned on
their acceptance of their old con
tract virtually Intact except for
wage Issues.
It provided an ll'i cent hourly
wage boost plus six paid annual
holidays, Identical with the pattern
established In settlements with Gen
eral Motors corporation and Chrys
ler corporation.
Divers May
Join Search
A navnl officer from Portland,
representing the 13th naval district,
Is ot Odcll lake today to determine
whether there is anv chance of
bringing in navy divers and equlD
ment to help In Uie search for the
two men who were lost on Odell last
One of the men was Chief Pettv
Officer Leonard Oallller. 39. navy re
cruiter here, and the other, Harold
Hadley, 36, deputy collector of in
ternal revenue.
With clearing "weather today re
sort operators and fishing parties
on Odell are continuing the hunt for
the bodies although the exact loca
tion In Uie cold waters of tho lake
where tho men went down Is not
Oregon Actors
License Vetoed
PORTLAND. May 28 JP) The
club license of tho Oregon Actors
club lins been refused renewal bv
the state llounr control eommlnnlon
afler an investigation of the group's
financial background. , t ,
The club wos ordered to cense
operating immediately. The order
cannot be appealed to the courts.
Witnesses testified only 15 to 18
of the group's 1300 members wore
eligible to vote and that owners of
the building held mortgages on the
furnishings, recouping their invest
ment from slot machine revtnue.
Accused Slayer Relaxes In Jail
admit they have conscientious
scruple to the death penalty," Ja
cobs argued. . "They might be quite
competent to act In Uie case ot my
client, une inereiore is peing acmea
ner rights. -
Miss Overell was only 17 at the
time her parents, Financier and Mrs.
waiter E. overell, a lea aboard uietr
dynamite-blasted yacht and under
California law could not be put to
aentn u convictea. ner co-ae-fendant,
boy friend George Oollum,
nowevcr, is 21. ana suoiect to cam
tal punishment If found guilty of
first degree murder, unless Uie Jury
recommends leniency.
Jacobs' demand brought Uie retort
irom Eugene u. Williams, neadini
the state attorney general's stafl
that "his client 1;. not entlUed to
any particular Juror. All she Is en.
titled to Is a fair and Impartial per
son, not any particular persons.'
Superior Judge Kenneth E. Morrison
sustained him.
Three men, one of Uiem a one
armed negro, Norman Buchanan,
had been excused In quick succes
sion before Jacobs made his motion.
They had been called to replace
Mrs. Nora Mae Brashler, who was
tentaUvely accepted for service yes
terday but today told Uie court she
did not believe her health would
stand a long trial.'
Tax Proposal
Voted Down
Washington; May 28 yp The
senate today rejected a proposal to
recognise family partnerships for
federal tax purposes.
By a 54 lo 29 vote, the senate
turned down the plan, offered by
Senator McClellan ID-Ark.) as an
amendement to Uie Income tax re
duction bill.
McClellan declared that the In
ternal revenue bureau refuses to
allow husband-wife partnerships In
non-community property states the
advantage of splitting their paruier-
snip income lor income tax pi
poses, even In cases where Uie h
band has paid a gift tax on the
partnership interest given the wife.
Gulls Disappear
From Waterfront
SEATTLE. May 28 MV-Thousands
of seagulls have disappeared from
Pugct Sound shores in recent davs,
waterfront people report, but have
they gone to Eastern Oregon to
feast on Mormon crickets?
No, said Dr. Arthur Sslhla of the
University of Washington soology
department today.
That's an easy explanation, but
here's a simpler one. he-believes:
It's the nesting season now, So the
gulls are nesting. There's also amnle
food along the waterfront. So why
fly to Oregon for a good meal?
Loaqina Bids
To B Cnlled
PORTLAND. Ore. May 38 iP
Bids for logging somo 39,000.000
board fect of timber on the Fort
Lewis and McChord field military
reservations near Tacoma will be
called June 3. the corns of ena-1-
ncers renorted today.
uoi. u. ii. waisn, district engi
neer, said the work would cover
approximately one year starting
about next December 1. Bids will
be ODoned June 16. '
They are to Include both logging
and manufacturing Into lumber.
MAY 28, 1941
W Urn
Police Hold
VANCOUVER, B. C, May 28 dR
Clifford Ervine Laplerre. 35, arrest
ed last night In a surprise raid on
a downtown hotel, was charged to
day with bank robbery In connection
with Monday's daylight holdup of a
suburban branch of the Bank of
Nova Scotia.
Det- James Berry said 81832 found
In the room had been IdenUfied as
part of the $5129 taken from the
bank. A pistol, also found in Uie
room, was identified as that taken
from Uie teller's window during the
holdup, Berry said.
Two men, a woman and a 18-year-old
girl also were taken Into
custody for investigation. They
were In Laplerre' room when po
lice broke In, Berry disclosed.
A second man also is being sought
In connecUon with the holdup.
YFW Slates .
In conjunction with the nation
wide observance of Memorial Day
by Uie Veterans of Foreign Wars,
members of Pelican post 1383 will
honor their comrades who died In
World War I and World War II.
Commander Ralph Jones announced
Leading the VFW national tribute
will be Commander-in-chief Louis
E. Starr, who will place a wreath of
Buddy Popples at Uie Tomb of the
Unknown Soldier In Arlington, Va.,
Jones said. ,
"This wreath symbolizes our re
membrance of our comrades who
died in defense of their country, Uie
manner we chose Ho honor the dead
by helping Uie living.' "
Commander Jones urges members
of his post to give their complete
support to Uie 79th Memorial Day
services. Jones stated that all mem
bers of VFW would meet Friday
morning at 8:30 a.m. at the KC hall
where they would assemble and pro
ceed to Link river bridge where the
services will get under way at 9:15
Friday morning. .
Likelihood Of
Showers Dims
After a brief rainy respite Tuesday
from hot, dry weaUier, the sun shone
again today with little likelihood of
more much-needed rain In Uie im
mediate future, according to the
state, weather forecast. The predic
tion for Wednesday Is parUy cloudy,
with no mention ot showers.
Recent high afternoon tempera
tures In the 80's were replaced by
Tuesday's maximum of only 51 de
grees. The weather today was con
siderably warmer, with the mercury
a( 11:30 a.m. reaching 60.
PORTLAND, May 28 (P) A fall
through the deck hole of a ship at
Swan Island was fatal yesterday to
William Benson, 57, who died in
Good Samaritan hospital. .
Shortest Speech
Here Is the complete text of one
day's shortest speeches In the
house, aa delivered by Rep. Mat
thews, (K-N. J.)i
"What this country needs is a
foreign policy that Is less foreign
and more policy."
(Telephone 1111)
No. 10945
Split Over
YREKA. calif. May 18 Siskiyou
county voter empbaUeally rejected
the proposed county charter In yes
terday's election.
Latest return showed: Yes 2814,
No 4351.
That was the count with all but
calterrd small precinct accounted
for, and the margin waa so great
there appeared no possibility It
could be overcome. ,
Communities of the county split
down Uie middle on the charter
proposition. Eastern and Southern
Siskiyou communities went strongly
for it, while Yreka and Scott val'ey
points hit It bard with a heavy op
posltion vote.
Big Turnout
In Yreka, especially Uie opposition
assumed vigorous proportions and
one of Uie largest voter turn-out in
years cracked the charter with this
vote: xe lu, no
Observers pointed out that It was
In opposition communities where
Uie vote was unusually heavy, while
in those places where there was
sentiment for change, Uie voters
failed to 'show up in anticipated
The charter would have given
Siskiyou county a manager and pro
vided a number of other Important
changes In county government. It
grew out of a demand for re
districting the supervisor district to
give recognition to population and
economic growth which has occurred
since Uie present district were set
up In early days.
Here are the votes In a number
of communities of Uie county:
Yea No
Dunsmuir '.; '. - 69 1
L Tolelae- .&: 205 ; 71
Winema j.
. 118
. 341
. 632
. 19
ML Shasta,
Fort Jones
McCloud ....
Summer Term
Slated Here
Summer school will be conducted
In Klamath Falls by both Uie ele
mentary and high school branches.
It was announced today by Super
intendent Arnold L. Oralapp . and
Principal Stanley Woodruff, of
Both schools will start Monday,
June 0 at 9 a. m. The KUHS sum
mer school is designed primarily for
students who wish to make up crea
its and not to expedite graduaUon,
Woodruff stressed. RegistraUon will
be held In room 210 prior to 9 a. m.
There will be two periods, both in
Uie morning, from 9 to 10:30 a. m.
and 10:30 to 12 noon. This is a six
weeks' session terminating July 18.
The fee is $6.50 for each subject, the
student limited to two subjects. The
teaching staff will depend on the
demand. Woodruff advised, but at
the present will probably Include
Mrs. Aaron Hoffman, social studies
and English; Donald Ross, mathe
matics and science, and Harold
Palmer, commercial subjects.
Elementary students will gather
at Fremont school and fee for the
six weeks' course is $20. All en
trants are subject to conference with
Mrs. Lena Hackett, summer school
director. Gralapp stated. The
course is open to all grades. Prospec
tive students may contact Mrs.
Hackett during Uie coming week
and she will also be available for
conference the first dav of summer
school. June 9. Others assisting
Mrs. Hackett will be Mrs. JT"bert
Kirid, Roosevelt, and Julia GIgler,
Nebraska Gets
Heavy Snowfall
OMAHA, May 28 ( Spring
snows ranging up to 12 Inches at Alli
ance coverea much of Western Ne
braska today.
The snow began falling last night
and continued today. At Alliance
trees were broken down by the heavy
wet snow which contained 1.86 of
an inch of moisture, roads were
blocked, traffic snarled and all
snow removal equipment called Into
play. The snowfall there was
heavier than any experienced during
the winter.
Temperatures dropped to freezing
in some places.
Bevin Wins Vote
Of Confidence
MARGATE. England. May 28 M
Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin
won a vote of confidence from Brit
ain's ruling labor party by more
than two' to one In a preliminary
skirmish on foreign affairs at the
party's annual conference today.
The delegates voted 2.357.000 to
1,109,000 for rejection of a com
posite resolution calling for a "re
view of our military commitments
and the distribution and organiza
tion of the armed forces, in order
that they may be reduced consider
ably below the government's target
for March, 1848."
. - 1 ' . ' 1
Seven Men Face
Kidnap Charges
In Lynch Case
JACKSON, N. C., May 28 OPHITie
state ol North Carolina, following
up fast breaking development In
attempted mob action against a
young negro here last Friday, today
prepared to bring seven white men
to trial on charge of kidnapping In
Uie affair.
Names of the seven, arrested late
last night, were withheld by authori
ties who hinted that there might be
additional arrest and that dis
closure of the names would Inter
fere with the continuing investiga
tion. The men, however, were re
leased on bonds of 82500 each.
A warrant for Uie seven, naming
each of them on three counts, was
issued at the office of Magistrate
J. H. Boone, only a short distance
from the Northampton county Jail
where an armed and masked band
seized 24-year-old Godwin (Buddy)
Bush shortly after he was-arrested
as a suspect In the alleged attempted
rape of a young white stenographer
In nearby Rich Square.
Texas City
Probe Shows
WASHINGTON, May 28 m The
coast guard reported today an In
vestigation of Uie Texas City dla
aster April 16 showed Ignorance and
vlolaUons of safety regulation gov
erning Uie handling of "dangerous"
A death-dealing chain of explo
sions which killed and Injured hun
dreds was set off when a shipment
of ammonium nitrate blew up while
It was being loaded on the French
vessel Grand champ.
The coast guard said its Inquiry
did not disclose a specific cause of
uie oiast out:
L "Hardly without exception,
those involved in handling the
cargo "displayed lack of knowl
edge1 of safety laws.
Z hTere was smoking aboard the
vessel during loading operations,
despite a "no smoking" rule.
a. Although ammonium nitrate
1 officially classed aa "dangerous,1'
longshoremen were not given In
struction on leading it.
4. The Teasel did not receive, as
required by regulations, an ad
vance written noUce that a dan
gerous cargo would be hipped.
The coast guard said samples of
nitrate similar to the shipment had
not blown up when tested with
bullets, fire, oil and contact with
study to determine "hazards" of the
suostancc -
During Uie loading operations on
tne uranacnamp, uie report said,
longshoremen were given no "specific
instructions" aoout smoking.
Quiet Today
NANAGUA. Nicaraeua. Mav 28 JP
Stores and business houses here
were functioning normally and air
transportation was again on regular
schedule today after a brief inter
ruption resulting from Uie bloodless
coup which forced President Leonard
ArgueUo out of office Monday.
Only a few armed soldiers were
seen on the streets. They were sta
tioned at Uie principal corners, per
forming the usual duties of traffic
Deposed President Anmello. his
wife and several army officers who
remained loyal to film were stui In
refuge at Uie Mexican embassy. The
ambassador refused to let newsmen
interview ArgueUo.
Gen. Anastasio Somoza. head nf
the army and former president who
ica uie coup, nas promised the
nicaraguan people that a new pres.
idenUal election will be held soon.
LONDON, May 28 yP The Brit
ish government has called In a crew
of Italians to dive for "buried
treasure" 3000 tons of copper In the
steamer Alaska, 250 feet below Uie
surface of Uie English channel off
Uie Sussex coast. The ship was a
wor-iime casualty.
LltUe Betty Scoveli, whose head
1 1aT'lMiirai aISV ' J "'-v ii , , . j ,
was busy weighing a head of cabbage at the Bafaway store on Mala
street when the 8 o'clock Specialist wandered in. Betty oMlgedt
Two Issues
Block Final
alor Tart (R-phlo) said today that
eanrreaa member wrltlnv h lnl
draft of labor leglilatlon are tag
-nai disagreement" on two issue,
but are In accord oa nearly all other
The Ohio senator told reporter
thai lamina, nml tuhlnl,
conferees ore deadlocked are:
1. Whether food processor and
plant guard ahould be excluded
from coverage by the Wagner col
lective bargaining act, oa provid
ed in the home bill,
.What rule or evidence
should apply In consideration by
the court and the national labor
relations board of unfair labor
Taft said the conference commit
tee members will check with their
finllDQITIIM In , V. t,n,,M J
on these matters before trying again
to iron them out.
He said the committee expect to
- -". i. uti virtually
all other provisions of the bill later
The two matters ui dispute prob
ably will not be setUed until tomor
row morning, Taft added.
The Ohloan lifted a gag rule tho
committee Imposed yesterday In
. - bh i ii una mucn in
formation. Ranchhand
Yins Damages
DORRIS. May 28 Russell Beal.
Don-is ranchhand who lost his
right leg as Uie result of gunshot
wounds received last October when
hi employer, J. I. "Shorty" Brewer,
shot hi mat his ranch near here,
was awarded $37,500 In superior
court at Yreka late Monday. ,
Brewer, now serving time In San
Quentin following hi conviction
this spring on a charge of assault
with a deadly weapon, did not ap
pear In court nor .was he repre
sented. , Beat's suit asked for 862.500 puni
tive and actual damages. He testi
fied briefly before Superior Judge
James C. Allen and at that tlmo
gave his occupation as a painter.
George I. Varnum, who was with
Beal the night of the shooting, also
gave brief testimony. The three
men had been in Dorrls earlier tho
evening of Uie quarrel and Brewer
left -Bal and Varnutn an entered
his home. The two men drove Into
a field and Brewer said he feared
they were going to harm him aa he
had recently sold his ranch and
was - In possession of. considerable
money. He fired the shot which
left Beal lying in a stubblcf leld for
six hours. -
The wounded man was moved to
Hillside hospital in Klamath fall
where his condition remained Criti
cal for days. Amputation of the
leg at the hip was found necessary
to save his life: Brewer admitted
fixing Uie 12-gauge shotgun.
J. Everett Barr. Yreka attorney,
represented Beal. The decision gave
BBeal $22,500 actual damages and
$15,000 punitive damages.
Truman Eyes
ORANDVTEW. Mo May 38 (A)
President Truman is planning an
early return to Washington In view
of the amazing Improvement of hi
mother In Uie. past few days. -
Presidential Press Secretary
Charles G. Ross said Mrs. Martha
E. Truman's Improvement has
reached such a point that U there
Is no setback today, "the president
may safely consider an early re
turn" to the White House.
Ross made his observation at a
news conference a few hours after
Uie president said his mother had
"Uie best night" last night .since ho
flew here May 17.
Brig. Gen. Wallace H. Graham,
Uie president's physician, said that
Uie 94-year-old patient' tempera
ture "is now normal," that her
respiration "is excellent" and her
pulse "Is good."
Just slightly tops the cash register,
Capital Trip