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Home Season
Begins With
Redding Nine
The liomn-tnwil schedule of Ihe
Kluiimlli Hons hi the Northern
l.'nllliinlii llimi'liull ttiiuun bows In
tomorrow iiftnriiiHin wiMillirr per
mill Iiik when Hons phiy the
llrdillnv Culm out oil tho Kecrriitlun
llrlil diamond.
The "weather tM-rHiltHnit' hole In
tddril III memory of upptilnic iluy
villi Krdillnit lit year, which c
cuniTlled nut liecaiwo of liu Irincnt
KihIiIiiik, lul-lce finisher In
IIMU, In Mill to nave mi Improved
bull club llilit spring, mill "bowed
miiii Uwrr lnl Humlity III liming to
the Medford Craters A to 3, lhi
showed even morn power III
liniilmnlliiK Yrrka Id to 7.
Tomorrow's game la scludiilrd to
pt Marled t 2 p. m. or sluirliy
thereafter, with """ formal srn-Min-o'nlnK
ceremonies to tukr
plure on tlin diamond before the
11111110 bruin
Irsnule Mlllrr. lefthander olio
waa nmliialny of Ihe Hona pilch,
nil ilall a well a Irriturnt
lilltrr, haa born nomlnalrtl In
atari on tbo ninuuil (nr Klamath.
Mlllrr lowed alio inning at Vrraa
lal Hllllllar and roaionllilo
lr two blta and loo runs.
Ilrlilnil the plate will l Hurt
Clator. I' Kil l'ol" ' " hand to
nik firm bane, Otherwise Joe Der
rJt will rnli h Bitrl CMbar will hold
down tbo "r"1 aerk.
Tim rot of the InfloM will Inrliiiln
Hale Oraham or Onrdv UiHmlro.
Karl llrooka mid Tim Totmnll. and
ih otiitlrld picket probably will bo
Marin I'lsaii. Ill llntllold mid Vlriill
''spike Jnmoiiaoil or Jim O'Neill
ill probably be on the hill for lied-
'"i'triroallon flrld liaa had lllllo
work doiio on It this anrlnii. al
tlimmh the repair Is tiol enil'elv
rnmiilcted. but several hiiiulrod
oailv-nrrlvln patroiia of the na
llntml sport ran ntrh tho Kamr
from uiulor it roof.
W 1. Prt. I
SS IH 09
Tl IV Ml i
H VO Mb '
21 3J .son .
M 24 Alt i
30 3.1 AM i
Itt 27 .4l3j
Ill 37 .400.
Hail rranrlrO
jn Anurlrs ....
Hnrramonlo . ...
Hrattle .. ,.
lleaulla Yeatrrdar
Oakland 4. Im Angrtoa I.
Han Kranclvo 3, Hollywood 0
Portland 3-, Han Diego 1-1 i first
game seven Innings'.
Hrattle t. Macramenlo 4 HI In
ning i.
W I. I'd
I ! H Mi
15 10 .000
10 II .5JH
It 13 .600
10 II .470
II I .4S0
t 10 .333
CIlMD .....
Now York
WasblnKtnn .. .
m. Louis .
Yesterday's Kraulta
Biton 13. fit. Louis 7.
Washington 2, Cleveland 0.
Philadelphia II, Detroit S.
Only game achedtiled.
W 1.
Chicago 14 10
lloslon 14 II
Now York 13 10
Brooklyn . 13 II
Pittsburgh 10 10
Philadelphia 13 13
Cincinnati ., 13 IS
til. Louis g 15
Yoaterriay'a Kesulla
New York 5. Chicago 4.
Philadelphia 8. Cincinnati 4.
Brooklyn 3, Pittsburgh 1.
8t. Louts 4, Huston 3.
Service Round
Occupies Links
The long-delayed meeting on the
green between golfera representing
Itotary and Klwanla clubs la aluted
for tomorrow morning nt Reamea
(loir and Country club.
The two aqmida will tnnglo for 18
holea for the service club champion
ship now held by the Rotnrtmui.
Hlnce nunllfylng rounds for the
president s cup tourney are In order
ior una afternoon mm tomorrow,
golfera In tho acrvlco toumry who
belong to the country club can
make , their rounds do for both
eventa by announcing auch Inlcn-
oiui rjerore teeing on.
face Dates Set
"PORTLAND, Msy 17 P) Dales
sot yesterday by the atale racing
commission wero: Dog racing June
18 to August 30, with the exception
of August 18-33 during the week of
thn Multnomah county fulr; Port
land Mcnilowa horse racing I8-ily
full meeting tentatively scheduled to
nlart September 8: Oregon Trotting.
i'jlna 30-dny Imrnesa racing meet at
I'ortinnd Mendowa, sinning either
JoIV 1ft ni 17 nn n rit.j.nlcvlilii-
,woek basis.
Bring Your Watch to Ui
We'll Repair It,
Hot Experiment With It!
nt! n.uipiiftl wftfrh repair ihap
in Btmiatirn urtfon.
Wftlah Mftklnr.
0 Clock Rfpiilrlnf.
Diamond Mounllnr,
Head (ringing.
Jewelry Repairing of all types.
An arenral Mlmata given on
. ? erjr Job without obligation.
HlM 'ameN... uma1
lOM' lllila. . Phoaa 4IWH
m .ll J1
A couple of down local trmila FlltlninlnaU have already signed up to
ioiiielo iii tho city open not tournament IwIiik iirniiKrd for thla aununer,
mid nmny morn arc txpcclod to enter the tourney before the deadline date
of May 24.
There la aome uiaid new tor rac'iuet funa In the fact that a couple of
now courla up at tho hlKh achool ahould be ready for play within 30 daya.
Thoao court will be built bark of the nuUitorlum building and urranucd
In aurh a wiiy ut loaat four more can be added later. .,
'Ihe courta out at Miaire purk are In pretty icood hw a to aurface.
but are iioluii to Im re-llncd In a few duya. They're Rotting big play theoe
dnya, Inrldrntiilly.
Anyone wniulng to enter the city not tourrmmenlr which la oin to
all comori of all aura ahould not In touch with accrue Mllla down at the
Kliuiiatli aurplua atore on H. Sth Inot Hroadwayl and put up the 3S-cent
entry for. It'll probably lie a limn time before you find anything eUe you
run ruler for M priiulra. The money will be uaed to pay for the ball Uaed
III the toiiiuoy from the uuiirlor-fluula on.
Mont of the eutiuuta no far plan to play In both aluulca and doublea,
uud aome want to compote In mixed double If partnerahlpa can be ar
ranitod. The hitch there, however, la the apparent reluctanre of the gala
to lin up. In fact, only a couple are down definite contcatanta a of
ll'jw. Mn) 1)0 they want to be coaxed.
Grizily Furnishes Rug For Main Home
The blwtrnt bear akin theae eyea ever aaw waa recently taken to Cum
mlng'a laxiilormy ahop for conversion Into a bearakin rug. The former
owner wu a looo.pmnid grlly who realded In Canada, but the owner of
; the rug will be Jay McDonald who reaidea In Maun.
' MclJouald and Alfred Peteratelner allot Hie big fellow while on
hunting trip in llriuMi Columbia, along with Doc Bowman and Perry
j Haley, aim of Malln. They had to pack In 42 mllea, the laat five on anow-
alioca. and carry out the hide. They also brought back amaller one.
Friqhtened Salmon Gives Seif Up
Dr. Clnirae If. Adlrr. county coroner and quite a flaherman, caught a
33-lxmnd aalmon over at Clold Doach the other day without benefit of
tackle. In fact, the fuh actually came up to the doctor and aurrendered.
The doc ni on the beach watching a aea Hon out In the water when
the lion JJKitted the aalmon and gave chaae. The flah acurrled toward
allure and a wave picked him up and toaaed him on the beach.
Graham's Injury Won't Sideline Him
Date Oraham, the Klamath Bona ahortatop who waa winged by a
pitched ball down at Yreka. wain't aerloualy damaged and will be In the
lineup Hunday afternoon agalnt Bedding. At tint It waa thought hl
right elbow might have been chipped, but It was Jiut a nerve knocked
out of killer. Gordon IScal, who subbed for Oraham. can fill the short-
Ursal (Olnarrl Hnatili captured
Ithe mythlciil Oregon iniddlewelHht
crown Inst nluhl uy oeiting nut a
10-rouud decision over Joey Album
In a miiln event fight at Portland.
Hnupp, the Merrill Marauder, look
eight of the 10 heata but never
knocked the rugged Alblna down.
In the other halt of the double
main go. Portland's rising bootblack.
Joey Clemo, added another name to
his knockout string. He sent Gilbert
Marlines of Ban Kranclsco to the
canvaa for the full count In their
fourth featherweight canto.
Clemo weighed In at 138. Martinet
at I33'.
Hnnpp'a win over Alblna waa a
one-aliled affair In which the Port
lander Just barely managed to keep
Franklin. OSC
Ironman, Dead
LKHANON, May 17 IPi Funeral
services will be held at Lacomb
Wednesday at 3 pin. for Norman
"Red'' Franklin, star Oregon State
halfback In the days of tlie "Iron
man" teams.
Franklin, whose touchdown per
formances with the IIi:3-34 teams
gained him mention on numerous
all-alnr teams, died In a hospital
here today, three days after being
struck by coronary thrombosis.
Memorial Fund s
Set Up Anew
LAKEVIEW, May 17 A Lake
county court resolution setting up
anew the Pioneer and Veterana
Memorial fund was adopted by the
court In regular monthly session
Inst week. It was announced by
County Judge J. R. Hcckmnn.
An nudll of tills fund will be
ordered ut once, nnd If It la found
(hut thero Is not $50,000 available
tho court will continue adding .to It
from aourcea act up by law until
the fund reaches fro.000. The coun
ty's special memorial committee will
proceed to ninke Us plnn nnd ar
rangement for tho building.
Paper Platea, Forks and Spoons, Napkins, Lunch Meata, Tickles,
Cookies, Pastries and Tola to Chips . . . and Mr. Flaherman, be
snre and look over our sporting goods department
(el jour California and Oregon licenses here.
Huskinson's Store
Of New Courts
Should Be Finished
At KUHS In 30 Days
his feet. Only the first two rounds
were all even as the boya Juusted
slowly, feeling each other out.
Then In the second both broke
loose with a holly exchange of
punches but the harder - hitting
Klamath county boy ended the
frame with a slight edge, mid from
then on all the rounds were his.
Hnapp pummelled Alblna through
the last seven rounds almost at will,
several times coming to the verge
of a knockout. Alblna managed lo
keen his feet and weather the as
saults for tlie full distance, but wu
always on Die defensive.
Snapp had trained down to a
bare minimum, for him, of 157
pounds. Alblna went In at 101 'j.
Bruce Miller of Chlloquln, ap
pearing In a middleweight prelim,
drew with Ray Onrcla of Denver In
four heata. Other prelims aaw Jim
flooding of Portland decision Bill
Slruta of Fort Lewla In a light
weight encounter.
Sectional Meet
Set For June 7
recommendation to allow the defense
to advance football fumbles was
voted. 77-18. la.u night bv the Ore
gon Stale Coaches' association
iiie rocommenoauon will go to
the board of control of the State
High School Activities association.
Tlie coaches also voted to hold
first annual track meet between tlie
PnrtlntiH TnUnphnlolln l-.-n- ...
Ihe Southern Oregon conference at
Medford June 7.
Competitors will be the first three
men In rneh fiviinf Itt U Dfl.il.,.J
city meet and the flrat three men In
me uinu it ri a uicei.
The navy reserve is something
more than a hobby. IU training
program possesses tlie most valuable
attraction Which hnhhUa
Tilings learned In- tlie reserve are
worth while and have a valuable
Is It a hnrd-to-get article you
need? Advertise for It in tlie Herald
and News Want Ad Section.
Put Five
In Finals
COnVALLIH, Miiy 17 lI'i The
tnlk wns all Southern Oregon today
aa 31 high schools entered the finals
of the annual Oregon class "A"
prep truck and field meet.
Medford and Klamath Fnlla raced
through preliminary heats yester
day aa expected and remained the
fnvorltea to dominate the meet.
Moot of the talk, however, wna of
another Southern Oregon perform
er Oeorge Pullerton. the Ashland
mller who hopes to better his own
record of 4:24 minutes. His aim ts
a 4:17 mile, which would be a na
tional record.
The wenthcr promises to be Ideal,
little breeze and with a warm sun
bv the time the event la scheduled.
The big question la whether Puller
ton can pare himself to the mark,
for he la not expected to have any
one close on hla heels.
Medford qualified three men
yesterday, glvlnr the Poarnirkers
sis in the finals. Rill Hinder
qualified In the day's flel Hme
In the low hurdles: IJovd Carr
waa among the 440 loaders and
Herb Mil qualified In the discus.
No heats were held for the mile,
the ado, the high Jump or the pole
In the 8g0 Medford will have two
contestants, and another In the high
Klamath Falls placed one each In
the high and low hurdles, the Jave
lin and the broad Jump. In addition
the Pelicans will have Oarv Dawes
In the high Jump, an event he is ex
pected to win, possibly bettering the
slate record of 6 feet 3 Inches.
The onlv downatate hope appeared
to be Washington of Portland, which
will have entrants In the mile, the
discus, tlie 100-yard dash and the
The rest of the entrants In the
21sl annual classic are scattered
Uilnlv among the 28 other schools.
While this Is going on another
Houthern Oregon team, Henley
from Klamath county. Is expect
ed to pocket (he elaaa "B" title
with ease. Henley, a school of 100
atudenta. aent nine men to the
meet and landed 16 places and a
relay team In 13 final events. The
nearest competitor In rlaas "B"
will be Hiuslaw with six placing.
Chief Interest elsewhere is In Dave
Karl, the Seaside hefty, and John
Preeman, husky negro sprinter and
weight man from Sabln of Portland.
Earl qualified In the shot-put and
discus yesterday. The discus toss
wss 144 feet 3 Inches, and today he
guns for the state record of 153
feet 10'j Inches.
Preeman. who tied for the 100
yard dash crown last year, turned in
the best qualifying times yesterday
In both the 230-yard and century
dash. He also placed in the shot
put event, and appears certain to
emerge as high point man.
Local Men Join
Naval Reserve
The following named men were
enlisted In the naval reserve for in
active dutv at the locnl navy re
cruiting office this week, Roland
Charles Major Jr.. OM3. PO box
818. James Ray Ounn. RMS. 1540
I-nkevlew. John Alonxo Shoptnw.
8P2. 3125 Delaware. Edwin John
Lukl, Y3. box 7, Lakevlew. Wilton
Clarence Chaplin, SI, box 1010. Les
ter Gail Brown. Y3, box 82. Tule
lake. These men were sworn Into the
naval reserve by Lt. Comdr. Ooldlng
and Lt Petersen, local navy reserve
recruiting officers.
President Truman today appointed
Lt. Oen. Oeoffrey Keyes to be
United 6 tales high commissioner on
the allied council for Austria, effec
tive at once.
General Keyes will replace Oen
eral Mark Clark who has been as
signed to a new command In this
Keyes Is in commnnd of U. S
armed forces In Austria and Is now
acting aa high commissioner. No
senate confirmation of his appoint
ment Is required.
Fish Worms
For Sale
2421 Oregon
12 to 15 Months to Pay!
All Our Work Guaranteed
Factory-Trained Mechanics
Painting Motor Overhaul Motor
Tune-Up Washing Greasing
New Motors 1936 to 1947
U. S. Golfers
Take Walker
Links Trophy
8T. ANDREWS, May 17 Wt
Catching fire on today's final
round, America's Walker cup golf
era scored a stunning 8 to 4 victory
over the defending British In the
International team event by winning
six of the eight concluding singles
matches after the twp sides had
been deadlocked at the end of the
morning round.
After Smiley Quick, public links
champion from California, had
clinched the American triumph by
scoring the fifth singles victory over
Jlmmle Wilson of Scotland, bv 8 and
6. Prank Htranahnn of Toledo add
ed the sixth and nnneeded win over
Charlie HUiwe of England. 2 and 1.
Joe Carr, Irish amateur cham-
filon, and Ronnlo White of Kng
and, scored the defending side's
only singles victories. Carr defeat
ed Ted Jilshop, 6 and 3. while White
turned back Frank Kammer Jr., 4
and 3.
The American victory came with
dramatic suddenness. At lunch
time the two teams had been tight
ly deadlocked, four players of each
side having piled up leads In the
morning round.
But at the start of the afternoon
round the Americans, one after the
other, began catching fire while
their opponents wilted.
Ward, three down at noon, shot a
brilliant 34 going out to go two up
on Leonard Crawley at the 27th
hole, and then closed out his 44-yenr-old
opponent, 5 and 3.
Rlegel, six up on Gerald Mlcklem,
English amateur champion, at noon,
went on to beat him 6 and S. Willie
Turnesa, also six up on Cecil Ewlng
at the end of the momlng round,
scored the third American win, 6
and 5.
On Track
Prrmns iunlor hlnh copped Its an
nual track and field dual meet
with Altamont yesterday on Modoc
field, 62 'i points to 42 The meet
was under the direction of Joe
Peak, athletic director.
Tommy Schubert of Altamont was
high point man with IS. while Gay
nor Huck and Richard Ha far of
Fremont scored 14 ' each.
Officials for tne meet inciuaea
Dutch French, starter: City Re
creation Director Sam Smith, first
place Judge and timer; Aiumom
Prlnclnal A. C. Olsen. second Judge
and timer; and Lowell Kaup. Fre
mont principal, tnira juage ana
timer. Members of the KUHS track
team handled the events.
100-yard dash Huck (F), Myers
(Ai. Herrera P. Time. 11.2.
220-yard dash Huck IF), Hafar
P, Myers A. Time. 25.5.
330-yard run Hafar tP). Lund
(A". Bufflngton (F). Time, 433.
660-yard run Carr I Pi, H. Lyons
A Davis (Fi. Time. 1:43.5.
1320-yard run J. Lyons (A), Carr
(Fl, Arnold (Ai. Time, 3:47.6.
Pole vault Hafnr Fi, Olsen (Al
nnd Shepperd 'Al tied for second.
Height, 8 feet.
High Jump Schubert (A). Buf
flngton (F: Ross l A) and Badorek
(F) tied for third. Height, A leet
10 Inches.
Broad Jump Jones F. Huck
tr. neck (ri. Distance, u ieet ni
Football throw Liable F, Ross
(Al, Westrom (A). Distance, 190
feet 1 inch.
Discus Schubert (A), Liable (F),
Sexton (Al. Distance, 101 feet 11
Shotput Schubert A, Ross A
and Jones (F). Distance, 42 feet 7
" Relay Won by Fremont (Huck,
Beck, Liable and Hafar). Time, 47.9.
Wotters Wins
Tom Watters, representing the
Klamath gun club, won the class 4
firing In a trap meet at Sacramento
yesterday, knocking two straight 96s.
Several other Klamath gunners are
also In the Sacramento meet.
with Operator
Cox Bros.
Merrill, Oregon
By The Associated Fresa
It was quick change night In the
Pacific Coast league.
San Francisco took undisputed
first place, beating Hollywood 3-0
and sending the Stars careening into
the cellar.
Los Angeles' Angels dropped a
game behind the Seals, losing to
Oakland. 4-1. The victory moved
the rambunctious Oaks up a notch
Into fifth position, supplanting the
San Diego Padres.
The Padres took a twin thumping
from Portland's (hard-to-beat-at-home)
Beavera, 2-1 and 8-1, and
fell to sixth.
And for tiie first time In weeks
Seattle's Kalnters bounced out
of the basement, ahading Haers
mento, 5-4, In 11 Innlnga to move
a half game ahead of Hollywood.
It was a glad night in Seattle as
the Halnlers took a 3-1 edge in their
Sacramento series on Johnny Ruck
er's single scoring Manager Jo-Jo
White with the winning run In the
11th Inning. Rex Cecil went all the
way for the winner, spacing eight
hlU. The Ralnlers made 16 off Tony
Freltas and Ken Holcombe, who
took the loss.
Portland got a pair of slick pitch
ing Jobs a three-hitter by Vine
Biblasi In the seven-inning opener
and a five-hit trick by Vic Raschl
in the regulation second game. The
double win made lt four atralght for
the Beavers over the Padres and
strengthened Portland's grasp on
third place, two full games ahead of
The unrelenting Seals, notching
their fourth straight victory over
the Htars, got another blue ribbon
pitching performance from big
Cliff Melton. The ej-New York
Giant allowed but four hits in
chalking up his third straight
shutout and running to 30 his
string of scoreless innings.
For the stumbling Stars it was the
seventh consecutive defeat longest
losing streak of the season.
Ralph Buxton and Al Wilkie held
Los Angeles to six- hits aa the Oaks
got to Red Adams for nine blows
and ail four runs in the first six In
nings. The Oaks' victory squared
the series at two games apiece and
marked another step upward in their
steady climb from the cellar where
they started.
Short scores:
i First game) R H E
San Diego 000 000 11 3 1
Portland 200 000 X 3 ( 0
Mulligan and Kerr; Dlblaai and
Second game)
San Diego 000 100 0001 S 2
Portland 105 200 OOx . 11 0
Trelchel. Elsenmann (4) and Rice,
McDonnell t6); Raschl and Silvers.
Eugene Keeps
Cage Tourney
CORVALLIS. May 17 (Pi Mac
Arthur court on the University of
Oregon campus again will be the
site of the state high school class
"A" basketball tournament next year.
The board of control of the State
High School Activities association
voted last night to hold th.e tourney
there March 10-14. The tournament
there last year grossed the most
money- In history of the event.
The "B" tournament was scheduled
for Arlington, for the third year,
on March 5-7.
Field Trials
The Shasta - Cascade retriever
club will hold a field and water trial
tomorrow at the Dick Morgan ranch
on Klamath river near Keno. The
trials start at 12 o'clock, and all con
testants are asked to be on hand
a half-hour earlier.
Noon to Midnight
Sunday 2 p. m. to 11 p. m.
For Legionnaire
and Guests
221 Main Next to WUlard
Saturday Night- j
Surprise Night!
BJiaAI.D A Nam, HUatalk rails. Ore.
Mize Endangers
Bambino's Mark
Associated Frssa Hporte Writer
Big Johnny Mize, a frisky pro at heart desptta hla 34 summers,
continues his home run spree for the New York Olanta at a pace
designed to force comparisons with Babe Ruth' all-time record gait.
When the Babe set his famous record of 60 In 1927, he didn't clout
his tenth until May 22. Mize hit No. 10 yesterday off Hank Wyse at
Wrlgley field on the Giants 22nd game of the playing season. Arlthmetlo
deductions, which ignore such factors as John's susceptibility to broken
hands, sprained ankles and the hot summer sun, Insist his final total
should be an even 70.
With Mize setting the long distance pace, the entire club haa gona
hit crazy. The club batting Average la a rosy M0, only one point
below the Boston Braves who top both major leagues.
Winning six of their laat seven and four In a row from St. Louis
and Chicago, the Giants have edged Into third place, only one game
"back of the leading Cubs, today
fyiom tit
We've all heered of 'Be Kind To
Animal Week' and "Boy Scout
Week' and a million other slch
slogans, well sir, yore ol' wrangler
has been ask to call to the pub
licks attention 'n' appeal to folks
drlvln' cars and them rtdln' boss
back fer a new watchword 'Live and
Let Live' not for a week but now
on. Yuh kin git dry-gulched mighty
easy if yuh hang In a stirrup so
when yuh see a feller or a purty
girl on a hoss long side the high
way, don't go blowln' yore horn and
racln' the motor so she'll back fire
and scare the llvin' daylights outt
a critter Jist ta see if the little sage
hen or cow-poke kin ride ... and
then let out a holler 'Ride 'em cow
boy.' Who knows it might be a
beginner in this here ridln' bizness
or a green colt with a top hand
sittin' In his. middle, either way a
scan mustang is Jist as apt ta Jump
smack in front of yore car up
settln' the applecart and a sendin'
yuh all to the horsplttle. Most peo
ple don't aim to do any harm but
I always sez 'A ounce of suggestion
is worth a pound of lure.' Take a
sportsmanship slant of this here
ndln' fer health and recreation 'till
bridle paths are provided . . . share
them paved trails and we'll all live
longer and happier. Now yuh buck
aroos, don't go try in' to turn auto
wagon like it wux a cow on the
range. When yuh want to cross the
street yuh should orta look fer a
clearin' in traffic 'fore headln' ta
the tother side. Cars kin slide. '
1 turn and skid tn a buckin atnn '
throwin' the occupants clean thru'
a windshield Jist to keep from hit
tin' a careless rider that thinks he's
got the rlte-a-way . . . The dem
thing might even Jump In a ditch
UK a spoo&cu uuss wiui uwukiuw
body who owns a hoss Is rldln' ever
time they git a chance, new cars
kin be bought so the other folks
are a throttim' down the boulevard
in a shiny gas-buggy so let's be
thoughty and proud we live in a
You Will Find
Complete line of Hand
Tied Fly
Aiorted Spinner for
lake or river
Model "12" 12-Gauge
Winchester $78.50
Gaff Hook $1
4-lb. Nylon Leader - 15c
Bicycles & Sporting Good
222 So. 7th
V . ' -.
- i
SUNDAY, MAY 18TH, 2:00 P. M.
This is the first home game
in the Northern Calif. League
IATUSJDAT. Msy It, IMT, rasa Nla
Monty Kennedy waa the benefici
ary of yesterday's assault on Wyse
and his successors. Mize set a new
National league record by scoring
In his 16th consecutive game, even
before he hit his two-run homer to
solidify a 6-3 win over Chicago.
Despite the loss, the Cubs retained
undisputed possession of first place
because 8t. Louis again stifled Bos
ton's ambitions, edging out the
Braves, 4-3, in a night game. Brook
lyn got to Klrby Hlgbe. an old mate
who now tolls for Pittsburgh, beat
ing the Pirates 3-1. and the Phila
delphia Phils backed Schoolboy
Rowe with a 15-hit attack against
Cincinnati to give the Schoolboy his
sixth straight victory. 6-4. Rowe.
however, needed relief help In the
Boston's Red Sox outacored the
St. Louis Browns, 12-7, with Ted
Williams' grand slam homer, his
eighth of the season, the most Im
portant of 10 hits.
Walt Masterson's four-hit shutout
of Cleveland, 2-0, was the day's best
pitching effort but lt failed to lift
Washington out of seventh place.
Philadelphia knocked out Virgil
Trucks In the first Inning when they
scored seven runs to assure them
selves of an 11-5 romp over Detroit.
New York and Chicago were not
community where the west still
lives, also, a prosperous metropolis
and the biggest little city In Amer
ica. My advice, when yuh ride
don't drink when yuh drink Invite
us over. Bye now.
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Pappy Gordon
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