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    Registrations For DAV
Carnival Close Tomorrow
Registration for the Disabled
American Veteran Kiddle Karnlval
will close tomorrow. May M. More
than 260 little tots and "teeners"
have already been entered for the
Ulcnt content and baby show, and
IS. E. Benuer, commander of the
DAV chapter here, say they hope
to have nearly 600 youngsters In
the competition when the registra
tions close tomorrow. Children can
be entered In the program at the
booth In the J. C. Penney company
Idle Figure
On Decrease
Unemployment Is on the decrease
In Klamath county according to fig
ures from the Oregon state employ
ment service which show a total of
only 1438 unemployed on April 30
as compared to 2348 on March 31.
The figure for last month Includes
437 women who are out of work. At
the same time, the figures show that
the number of migrants to the
county is increasing with 33 more
listed for April than In March.
The employment report Indicated
that the Increase in mlr rants and
decrease In unemployment was due
largely to Increased activity in the
labor market, brought on by the
advent of good weather. Many log
ging and lumbering concerns are
nearlng peak production and con
struction work, despite a continued
ahortnge of materials. Is picking up
rapidly, according to the report As
a result of the Increased employ
ment and the increased availability
of "hard to get" items, the report
shows that the retail trade has in
creased considerably.
The report also Indicated mat trie
number oi openings is oeing in
creased with the cooperation of
employers. During April the local
office placed 191 persons of a total
referral figure of 294. At the end of
April there were still 98 unfilled
Jobs on the lists. Openings In trade
and service establishments totaled
26. logging and lumber Industries
called for 29. and 44 were In various
other occupations, Including gov
ernment service.
The employment report places
450 ex-service men on the unem
ployed list ct the end of April, 98
veterans registering during the
month. Increased personnel in the
labor office has enabl the serv
ice to enlarge Its Job development
plans for veterans.
Chemawa Students
Get Sheepskins
CHEMAWA, Ore.. May 13 (PI
.. Diplomas were handed to 15 grad
" V-oatee of the Indian school here yes
terday In what E. Morgan Pryse.
regional Indian affairs director, said
may be the last commencement ex
ercise at the school.
Congressional cuts or tne runos oi
the Indian bureau may mean closing
of the school June 30 and Pryse said
the 445 students, many of them
- orphans, might be returned to reser
vations or to orphanages.
Students came here from Wash
ington, Idaho. Montana and as far
away as Alaska.
store. Little tots up to five years
of age are eligible for the baby
show, and children up to 15 years
can enter for the talent contest.
There is no charge for entering a
child In the contest, and everyone
la welcome.
The committee in charge of the
program has announced that. In
the event five or more sets of twins
are registered for the program a
special twins prise will be awarded.
Youngest entrant for the baby
awards Is tiny Sylvia Louise Andrew,
2-weeks-old daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. L. R. Andrew o( Midland. Also
entered for the show are Sylvia's
big brother, David, 4 years old, and
sister Ruth, 3 years old. Youngest
old. Oldest of the talent ent: tits is
Joe D. Blspham, 3' -year-old son
of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Blspham, 2422
Homedale road, who will tumble
with big brother H. Vaughn, 7 years
old. Oldest of the talen entrants Is
Mark Miller, 14 years of age, son
of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Miller, who
is registered for singing.
Following various preliminary
events the Kiddle Karnlval will be
staged at KUHS Monday night,
June 9. The program will be the
crowning of the baby king and
queen winners, and a variety show
by the talent entrants.
Twins See Twin Brothers
C Of C Board
To Name Heads
The appointment of new com
mitter rhnirmen is evnected to oc
cupy most of the business time at twin brothers. The boys are named Gerald (left), and Robert.
Constance day (left), and Diana Joy Adler, 3-year-old twins of Mr.
and Mrs, Gerald R. Adler of Los Angeles, get first look at their Identical
the Klamath County chamber of
commerce directors meeting Wed
nesday noon, according to Charles
Stark, manager of the chamber.
Stark said C board members were
to enter their suggestions on chair
man positions with President Phil
Hitchcock before the luncheon and
they would be acted upon during the
Stark also reporter that the
chamber tourist committee had
gone to Dorris Monday night to talk
over summer t wist plans with '
ficials of that town. Arrangements
are being made for close coopera
tion between the two groups on
tourist program.
Following the director's meeting,
representatives of the forest serv
ice will conduct a meeting on
changes In forest service sales poli
cies. &the outlook for the three
forests in Klamath county and
other matters relating to local lum
ber and forest operations. All per
sons Interested In the meeting are
asked to contact the chamber of
The USS Salem, another of the
navy's new air-conditioned cruisers
recently slid down the ways at
Quincy. Mass.
AP wlrepholo.
Senate Democrats
Eye Tax Cut Delay
WASHINGTON, May 13 UV-Senate
democrats began lining up to
day behind a movement to delay
action on the proposed 14.000.000,000
income tax cut until mid-June.
By that time, they contend, con
gress should have a much better
idea of what economies it can ef
fect In President Truman's $37,500.
000.000 budget for the fiscal year
which starts July 1.
With most of the 44 democratic
senators not sold on the idea of cut
ling taxes until the probable sur
plus can be computed, only a few
republican votes would have to be
pulled over to achieve the postponement.
Mrs. E. Sunndberg (10728 London).
Seattle, collapsed and died in the
powder room of a Vancouver
theatre yesterday. She had Just
arrived at the theatre with friends
when she succumbed.
You Drive-Long. Short Trips
Mot Yourself Save H
Phone 8304 1201 East Main
Expert. Gurtat4 Work
(A I) Mke.
unskl price Fr Estimates
Sewing Machine Service
Ter independent Dealer
PkD C771' 3? It SbaaU Wmy
Post Office
Row Looms
Speaker Martin R.-Mass.) said to
day a pending house Investigation
may lead to a divorce between the
postmaster general and the demo
cratic national committee.
"There ought to be one," Martin
told a reporter.
The house schedule this week
calls for action on a resolution di
recting the post office and civil serv- i
ice committee to investigate matters
in Its field. The committee would
be required to report Its findings
to the present congress and submit
any "recommendations for legisla
tion' It considers desirable.
"Running a billion dollar busi
ness ought to be a full-time Job." '
Martin said, "and the government )
ought not to finance political trips 1
around the country under the guise
of official post office department
Award Slated
Btartlng this year a scholarship
award of 1100 will be presented an
nually to a KUHS or a Marred
Heart graduating innle student by
tlie Jnycees.
Qualifications for receiving the
award were agreed on at the Mon
day meeting held In the Pelican
cafe and a committee of John Baud
meyer, Cliff Jnv, Charles Finch, Jim
tSllwell, Fred Eltlers, Jerry Thomas
and Art Trlebwiisser, was appointed
to select the student.
The two schools may submit
mimes of graduates and these will
be silted by the committee and pre
sentation made on the night of
Plans fur the bout regatta to be
held June 12 and the bout allow
June DO and Ul ; j rolug iiheud,
with committees appointed to ar
range detulls, and selection ot a
aueen and princesses to reign over
le three-day event will be made.
James Keriu Jr. was voted as
general chairman for the regatta.
Art TrtebwaMtr, Jack Insley and
Letghton Sleight are on the finance
and progrnius committee; log buck
ing contests, Fred Ehlers: publicity,
Bill Bishop: concessions. Everett
Ball and Mo Kierulff: sailboat. Kay
Garrison; boat show. Warren Poole;
outboard races. Al Longe: air races,
E. E. Phelps: gate, Oeorge Flltcrult;
ground, Ben Drlggs.
The six new members voted Into
the Jaycees during April and May
were: Dr. Rnvmond W. McNulr,
Jim Barnes. Ralph Brisbane, Wil
liam B. Siddena. Francis Landrum
and Barney Fetzer.
Colonel Powell
Headina Home
Lr. Col. George D. Powell of
Klamath Falls has been discharged
from Madluan General hospital at
Tacoma. Wash., and Is exoeoted here
within a short time. Col. Powell Is
a long time resident of this city and
at the time he reported for active
duty. In 1940, was secretary of the
Elks club. He served in this country
during war years and at the close
of hostilities went to Japan with the
occupational torcea.
Col. Powell's plans for the future
are not known although friends
anticipate he will spend some time
To Every
Creed and Pun
Ward's Klamath
Funeral Home
Marguerite M, Ward
and Sons
925 High Phone 3334
Classified Ads Bring Results.
i,n wtws, aumiiii rails, oi.. tumdat, ut u, nit, r.
Klamath Federal Building
Disturbed By Office Moves
The Klamath Falls federal build
lug la being turned uiislile down
these days, with moves and chnnites
affecting most of the office and the
post office department about the
only one to be found where It la
expected to be
The U. B, bureau or recluinntton,
which occupied all of the third floor
except the nark service office, start
ed the shift when It moved out (o
the navv base early this yeur. It. R.
Best, district supervisor of the
liHDR, who remained In the post
office bidding until last week has
Joined the other bureau offices at
Basin Woman's
Mother Dies
Word of the passing of Mrs. Kuth
erlue Fails, S3, at her home In
Hiiulder, Colo., was received here
this week. Mrs. Funs, motlnr of
Mrs. Charlotte Martin and grand
mother of Mrs. J. Hardin Carter,
both of th'i cltv, died Wednesdnv.
May 7. She had been In excellent
hftniih ami hue rientli unex
pected. Mrs. Mnrtln. due to 111
health, was unable to attend hen
mother's final rites, 81' and Mrs.
Carter returned this week-end from
San Francisco where Mrs, Martin
has received medical care.
Mrs. Faus was born In Bwluer
land and came to the United States
as a young girl. Her husband. Jack. ;
died In Boulder five vears ago. At
the time of hei death. Mrs. Faus'
son, Ben, formerly of Merrill was ,
making his home with her. Bur
vlvors ln hide two daughters. Mrs.
Martin and Mrs. Ernestine Kabel
of Evanston. Wyo.. three sons. Dr.
Hobiui F. Faus of Honolulu: Jack
of Cheyenne and Ben of Boulder, i
the base and a scrnmbln of anvern
incut agencies for the varauelrs has
occupied the t several weeks,
11. S. army and navy recruiting
offices formerly on the second floor
hnve moved to the third, II. H. soil
roiiscrvalloii la also mi the third
floor, having moved from the Htew-art-Uievv
building. .
While on the second floor nn
Lchange Is expected for the U. H,
bureau oi internal revenue or ine
county agricultural agent, Hie home
demonstration office Is moving from
room HOB across the hull U 3011,
Forestry service is diking over
the office formerly occupied by tlie
army recruiters, room 310 In ad
dition lo 317 which It now has.
Allen T, Fletcher, federal alcohol
tax unit Investigator who has had
a desk In the Trlple-A office, will
move Into SOU when the home dem
onstration get Its files and para
phernalia moved out.
File oases are being used In the
Triple-A office to partition It (iff
In several sections and other moves
In the building are expected, land
ing transfer of telephone service
and authorisation from partlrulnr
agencies' headtiuarters, postal auth
orities advise.
Gambler She
Down In Sfrc
teminl V
lllil rum to
fram 1 fi
kc1 lo (
Dnrnkv, 3J-ycai'-old minor
rharncler mid ouce-roiivlele
ler, wits shot down In the i
day lu a slaying lemlnii
Detroit s muring rum
oi tne lows.
Police expressed
murder may bo linked
end crarkilown In which
rliilined to have igiislied aif
000 gambling Byiuili tn wit
deep in the city's utideiw f
Nine bullets were pumib
ruirnnys in Kly by a man
called him and an unlil
woman companion outside
In) alley and bur.
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