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    .Portland Goes 20
.Frames After Won
; Jock Salveson Pitches Entire Game, Allowing Sacramento
; Eight Hits; San Francisco Moves Into Tie For First Place
May Come
Into Own
By Th Assorlulril lrru
Baseball mtuktits notr:
Boston Braves si'i'tnlllM firmer
alter slinky stun: Pltlaliumli Pilules
m PMnimts iiiu-crtnln alter earlier
optimistic, outlook.
Translating nmrket pne piulimre
Into sport pu Hiiro, the nboa
would menu that Eurl ToiKesoti,
rookie first bn.-enimi Irom Seattle
Bt The Auorlatrd Prrsa
Right Hander Jack Salveson hurled ft 20-lmilng Pacific Coast league marathon and 1 to 0 shutout for j
Portland here last night against Sacramento, allowing the Senators only eight hits until the Beaver batsmen !
Droiwm in tneir lone run in me win. , . ... unontio finnllv
The 33-year-old PorUand pitcher turned In a sparkling mound performance with the Senators' Guy Sun to Sr iter a
Fletcher for 13 innings and then kept up the duel when Bruno Someiud took over from Fletcher to finish out getaway.
the contest. On the other hand. Pitchers Klrby
Tha vlctorv was the fourth for Salveson this season against three losses. The former Cleveland Indian ; Hlgbe and Hank Uehrman and
nri ooklnnrt hurler collected 15 mound victories last season against 14 losses. He has always been a calm ' K'.?11. P1'? Howell, three-fifths
moundsman and was never in serious trouble as he kept control of the game last night,
By chance, Uie longest previous game played by Portland was also against Sacramento when the two
teams battled in 1811 through 34
innings to a 1 to 1 tie. That game also
tied the Pacific coast record held
jointly with the San Francisco-Oakland
94 Inning contest in 1909, won
by San Francisco, 1 to 0.
The Beavers' winning run last
night came on Harvey Storey's tin
gle after two outs and with two men
on base.
Saa Francisco acquired a first
place lie with Lot Angeles by
defeating the San Diego Padre.
to 1. as the Angela hot to Hol
lywood. 4 to !, evening their cross
town serin at one game apieee.
The Seattle Ralniers scored two
runs tn the 10th inning to break
K v e k fit
"Sunt" - '
: Tennis Enthusiasts
Show Interest In
City Net Tourney
; J."3 .".;n.d P.1,"!. 8 ,,0!"rr from Snohomish. Wash
of the $300,000 uurcllasr from Brook
lvn. who were expected to make first
division finishers of last years
seventh place Pittsburgh club, have
thus far disappointed.
In addition, the Hurt fared the
prospect today of losing Ihelr
freat slugger. Hank tireenberg,
or at least two weeks. The former
American league home run king,
who cost the Pirate a reported
S44.004 last January, is en route to
New Vork to hare an iniurrd el
bow treated by a specialist. X-rsvs
revealed bone chips.
' Hank did not play last night as
the Braves squeered out a 3-3 de
cision over the Pirates when Tor
geson drove out an eighth inning
home run to break a 2-3 tie. It was
the second homer in two nights and
lourtn oi tne season lor the young-
Bar Bell Hoffman, Seeking An
Olympic Weightlifting Champ
For Years, May Have One Now
,3. It was their second straight over
the Oaks, pitchers Rex Cecil and
A bevy of racquet swingers has already evinced an interest in the Sig Jaltucki permitted Oakland only
four scattered hits while the
Rainiers got 13.
In the 10th Seattle's Hillis Layne
singled. Tony York walked, Hal
Sueme singled, scoring Layne. after
which Jakuckl was safe at first on
a fielder's choice and York scored
when Billy Raimondl dropped a
throw from Gene Lillard.
In Boston the Braves announced
they were sending Southpaw Pitcher
Dick Mulligan on option to San
Diego subject to a 24-hour recall.
Manager Billy Southworth said he
believed that Mulligan, injured on
the first day of spring practice,
would develop faster In iction with
San Diego thn warming the Braves'
Th box:
All a h o A
Rimwv. cf ..
T. Nelson, Sb
Meaner, 3b
Marty. If
Thompson, it
Zipay. lb
Wells. s
Moor, c ..
. 7
a is
proposed city open tennis tournament and it's becoming apparent that
the net Iree-for-au wtii go over big 11 enougn wore is put in on it.
Oeorge Mills, down at the Klamath Surplus Depot on South Sixth.
Is the father of the tennis tourney idea and is handling the details, with
help from Matt Finnigan and Sam Smith. Matt is getting together some
trophies to go to the winners, and Smith will help out In arranging courts.
The tourney will be open to all hands -divided into age etas
competition senior and junior division for men's and women's
singles and doubles and mixed double. If you haven't a partner for
the doubles. George will try to locate one for yon. In fact, he's already
had a request for partners, so there shouldn't be any trouble in pairing
them up.
The tourney will be an Informal affair. After all the entrants have
signed up May 24 Is the tentative deadline early round pairings will
be made and the entrants told to start work eliminating each other. When
the field gets whittled down to the quarter-final or semi-final stage. It
will become more formalized.
- In the early rounds each contestant will just be told who his opponent
Is, then have 24 or 48 hours to get the match over with and turn in the
George Mills Will Take Entries
Entrants should turn in their names, addresses, ages, telephone num-
oexs ana B u&t ot uie events u or puayea, 10 irrorge mm at tne mamam . Schemer, xx
surplus Depot or to Matt ruinigan at nis store on Main street as soon as , somenzi. i
noasible i '"" "
i4B tj)ic ui tviuiu tvui luuniii, m sitae uvfc rAaviiJ willing uuuer 1
USLTA specifications, has been staged in many cities here in the West Totals . .. m o iam
and is always a lot of fun for the fans of the game. If we can get the ball A'S.'wtn' .5
rolling this year, there is no reason why it shouldn t be an annual summer xx Ran tor Moor in nth.
sporting highlight. f"""'"' R
As for courts available for play, there are four out at Moore park. slJ",' T7 i '
one In Mills addition, will be a couple of new ones up at the high school Escobar, cf s o
before long, and any private court will be legal sites for the tourney '..v- ibk,. J ?
matches if you have one available. gggr. " J
I Vico. lb 7 0
' Mura tore, c . 3 0
I Salveson. p 7 O
I Capps. z 0 o
; Dobbins x as s
. The highly-publicized night racing venture at Portland Meadows has
struck a discordant note among many turfmen, and a group of the big
shots of the sport of kings such names as the Wideners, Woodwards,
Vanderbilts, Headleys. Whitneys and duPonts have banded together to
keep horse racing in the sunlight and away from the mazdas.
The far-flung Racing Protective bureau's now code of standards
for tracks puts the frown on night galloping, and Portland Meadows
. won't be under the sanction of the Thoroughbred Racing association.
Neither Is Bay Meadows down on the San Francisco peninsula.
. Bill Kyne. the Portland Meadows promoter, has lined up a galaxy of
reasons why floodlight racing is okay. He (even goes so far as to say that
the bangtails will be breathing purer air at night, which seems rather
foolish because the horses are bound by nature to inhale and exhale every
few seconds, daylight or dark, and that's not going to be changed by
having them gallop at night.
Night Racing Given Black Eye
Pesky Has Steady Work
On Third For Boston Sox
CHICAGO, May 8 UPi Manager he planned to "go along" with his
Torgy. a hiithlv confident lad
experienced one of the worst de
buts ever made by a player when
he struck out three times and made
a misplay in the field which cost
Boston the season's Inaugural in
Brooklyn. After a few davs when he
continued to flounder around. Man
ager Billy Southworth seriously con
templated benching him, biit the
spirited youngster suddenly found
himself and has steadllv lifted his
batting average where It l now a
resoectable .300. IS hits in 50 at bats.
He is well un among the leaders
In the extra base droartmnt as
well as in runs batted In. Jn the
field, he has also shown steady im
provement. Nastr weather which stopped
all other scheduled dav games
almost hurt the chance o' te
world chamoion St. Iiuls Card
inal. But the rain let uo long
enoarh far the Rrdbirds to de
feat the Dodgers '-1 in a thrilling
battle at FbbcM field.
A home run bv Terry Moore with
one on In the seventh nrovld ,Me
margin of victor for Hnwe Pollt.
Dick Fowler's tM nifh'np and
a two-run homer h- "nk "eiesitl
helned lh PhMadelnh' thti
d'SDow of las' nlac to t ft. l'i'J.
0 1 rowns as t A's whlowd
.Brown fl-1 In the mrlran l"eue's
first n'ffht nme of the season.
YORK. Pa.. May I iNKAl A
34-ycar-om shipping clerk whose
heaviest duties are pushing a pencil
tuny be the flint American to win
Olympic weightlifting championship
next year.
If he is, Bob Hoffman, who has
been looking for a winner since
1933, can sit uack and relax.
It's no accident that Shipping
Clerk Frank Spellman Is an em
ploye here at Hodman's bur urll
equipment company. Virtually any
one capable oi lifting a 10-pound
suck gets the call from Hoffman,
for he may be the one who will
turn the trick.
But Spellman proved he could
compete with the best of them. As
a OI he won the British welghlllfl
iug championship In London in 1944.
He Is also the holder of the United
States light heavyweight weight
lifting title.
Following his discharge from the
army, Hoffman Invited Spellman to
come to York where he works at
the plant and trains with other
potential champions.
In International meets up lo now,
Hoffman's boys have won tram
titles but never the trophy for Indi
vidual competition.
Last year In Paris, Hoffman
groomed Mlddlewelghts John Ter
pak and Spellman were second and
third to Egypt's El Tounl. Russia's
Novak Is present world's heavy
weight champion. The U. S. does
not have a comparable contender in
the top division.
Hoffman has found over the years
that a welghtllfter develops belter
when training for competition. As
there is a scarcity of competitors
and virtually no school or college
competition, almost all meets are
privately sponsored. Hoffman has
been the sport's chief promoter. (
Tne next International meet is in
Philadelphia. Sept. 36 and 37. Spell
man Is in training now to compete
with llght-heavywelghts from of
other nations.
falaWliil .,:J: aw o
Frank Spellman , . , holder of
two national urlglillluiua'
If he wins there, he feels he will
have a more than even rhaiire to
win the title In London next year.
Double Main Go Slated
For Tonight's Mat Fare
m au n a sr. a n. r . nn ' ' r'" T"
Prep Tracksters . . .
Final Touch Being
Applied To Squads
Ul Oil 1 110 OI'I'Ullll M t II 1 14 I'llllipiln
ill l.omiiiiN iiiiiii iiiiuiigciiiiMiin uiu
gc 1 1 m niMial this tvevk un' Uiu ill.it
UIIIIMItl oivhoii Mill Ui luiill school
iriiik mill licltl meet In be held iViuy
10 uiitl II, iiml licio on the pruclk'H
ileitis of Kliiiniith Union liliih mill
Henley liiull schools fliuil Intielien
ii in being plucrri on the local sounds
I'lilerrd In u prepmntoiy buttle ill
The Pelicans will ruler elitss A
competition Uiiltinluy, hkiiIiiM Med
ium, iirauts I'n.v, inn As Ii linn .
while the llornols of Henley are In
class II action against smaller
schools of the Southern Oregon dls-
First and second uliirrrK III rneh
event of the district track meet will
gnlu admlttiinre to the ainte-ultle
rhampinnshlt) Ihmls on Urll field
tne Inllouing week.
Couch Paul Deller. ervalnl . hull
gasliiK. has figured that the Prllrnlia
should tiliice from seven to 10 men
III the state tournament, while Max
.vervilt or llenlev. till nftpr a Itmv
sclge of sciirlel fever, lies about the
Mime number of possibilities In the
II uivixiou.
When all the district mni a,
run off. apinnximetel" 4un of tl
best eiwlr ari'sts in Hie -tnie win
lie ehitible 'or the Iwn-div nsr
iiiurne- th- bWgest flelii In Ins
low of l lie meet,
IMaltlnp Dran ftlhlrte U'lll Un
hnuted nn the r a m n ti i, In f-nt
homes ilinliiB the ni"t anil Hie
ent're oun papoius w'U he turned
over In IM hlt sehiwl hovs.
Speedway Wreck
Injures Driver
Tim cuiu'lien will nut u (ul Mullen,
eltliei', mid Lull miner plans tn get
In his lit ka by loiiiliitilliig n iooilmll
cllnlu llio Hiiliiiiliiy morning of th
meet, Hided bv his flinching slnff
anil I he lleuvei' spring training foot
ball SIUllll.
A double main event, two top
bouts of five rounds each, is In the
hopner for tonight at the armory.
Wrestling fans will s e Wild Pete
Belrastro of Weed In one of the
mainliners, going to the mat with
his No. 1 ring enemy
French Canurilali Georges
Belrastro and Dusrtte have Inutiut
many, many times before, so therr's
nothing new about that other than
the fHCt that the two huskies can
alwav be counted on bv the fans
the stocky i not to stint on the excitement ami
aei'on In the ring.
The other main event struggle will
be between Eilv "'e'diie' eni --)
Parks and should be Interesting.
'while nerhnns not us i-.ilo- ui m ,.
j Bclcastm-Dusette duel. Weldn" Is
verv popular, and Parks Is okay
with the rallblrds. too.
As Sundav Is Mother's Day. the ! . The huskies will flip a coin in the
committee nlannlnr for Ihe service ' dressing room lo see which match
lolf club chamnionshlD finale has ! lakes precedence on the curd
PORTLAND. May M't-Hlrhard
Roy Curler, 33. Snlom. was In the
Vanport hospltnl tixluy with mul
tiple luliirles suffered when his
trlpiel-rtoivn stork car overturned
late yesterday on the Portland
I Deputy Sheriff Lee Perkins re
' ported Carter was making a lest run
. when the car skidded on a rtirve
and went Into a stuii. He suffered
Duselte bnek. Internal and shoulder and
714 Main
Service Golf
Date Moved
14 SO
z Ran for Muratnre in 8th.
X Batted for Ratio In Slh.
Sacramento O0O 000 OrtO 000 000 000 000
Portland 000 000 000 000 000 000 011
Errors Wells, Fletcher, Kscobar. Runs
batted in Storey. Two-baie hits stor
ey. Marty. Lazor. Sacrifices Fletrher,
Radulovich, Salveson, Silvers 2, Somen
zi, Reich, Meaner. Double playa Nel
son to Wells to Zipay: Radulovich to
Vlco: Moore to Wells. Ramsey to Nelson
to Zipay. Left on base Sacramento -14,
Portland 6. Bases on balls Salveson 1,
Fletcher S. Somenzi 2. Strikeouts Sal
veson 3. Fletcher 4. Somenzi 3. Earned
runs Somenzi. Hits Off lietcher 7 in
13 Innincs: Somenzi 7 In S 3. Wild
pitch Somenzi 1. Losing ptcher So
menzi Umpires Doran. Kober and Bor
ate i. Time 3:29. Attendance 3&I8.
By The Associated Pres
I : W. L.
7 Brooklyn - 10 4
J j Boston 10 6
J I Chicago D 8
jj ! Pittsburgh 8 7
rnunacipma - o v
Cincinnati 8 10
New York 5 8
St. Louis 4 13
yesterday's Results
St. Louis 3. Brooklyn 1.
Boston 3, Pittsburgh 3.
Other games postponed, rain.
Joe Cronin. whose Boston Red Sox
won the American League pennant
last year without an established
third baseman, thinks he has finally
found one In Johnny Pesky of Port
land. Ore., one of the better short
stops in the loop.
Cronin Wednesday revealed Uiat
Eugene Man Named
Logging Engineer
PORTLAND. May 8 (Pi Carl
Hildman. Eugene, has been ap
pointed logging engineer in the for
est service division of timber man
agement, H. J. Andrews, regional
forester, reported today.
Hildman, now sales officer in the
Willamette national forest, succeeds
Paul Logan, who moves in to Mis
soula, Mont
Lumber Shipments
Hit Record High
PORTLAND, May 8 (Pn-Ship-ments
of lumber from Portland the
first four months of 1947 almost
equal the total lumber cargo moved
from here all last year, the mer
chants exchange reports.
The exchange cleared 1PO.000.000
board feet of lumber in the quarter
compared to 117,000,000 board feet
last year.
latest infield switch Pesky at third
and Edward Pellagrin! at short. (
Cronin said: j
"Pellagrin! is a great defensive ;
Pels Slate
Playoff Tilt
With Chiefs
decided to postpone the last round
of play until Sunday. May 18.
Manv plavrrs have Informed the
committee that they would be out
.of town this coming wecx-enc
Pet. I The Rotarv and Klwanls squads
1 I are due to plav off for the service
- I club title. IB notes, in mat tne quaii-
fving rounds for the Reataes Presi
dent's cup tourney are slated for
May 17 and 18. Rotarlans and Kl
wanlans who are members of the
Openinir the docket will be a
match between Harold iBorki Da
vidson and Gorilla PorkI, slated for
three 10-mlnule rounds. Davidson,
local resdent and one-time mer'n".
la bark on the scene from a lengthy
trip back to the east const .
The curtain goes up at 8:30.
633-Pound Sturgeon
8 irVl A m:t-twilinrl fem nil, tin.. '
country club mav turn In their cards jgeon. bePeved lo be the lurneit fib.
W.' L. Pet.
Chicago 10 6 .635
Detroit 9 8 .600
Cleveland 7 6 .538
Boston 8 .53"
New York 8 8 .500
Washington 6 8 .500
Philadelphia - 6 10 .400
St. Louis . 6 11 .353
Yesterday' Results
Philadelphia 6. St. Louis 1 i night i.
All other games, postponed, rain.
W. L. Pet.
Los Arigeles 33
San Francisco - 23
Rai-ramemn 20
The undefeated Pelican baseball ! 8an Diego 17
t w al .aens,ve i players will tangle with the like- j Portland
tev'!?rlL5".?'e?r?r5!l undefeated" Roseburg Chiefs HoUyWOo
lit j ,i'- next Wednesday on
NEWARK, N. J. Pat Comiskey,
214 li, Paterson, knocked out Joe
Muscato. 193 :i , Buffalo, 2.
hitter and fielder. He can play any
spot and I don't think the switch
to third will affect him. If it works
well be a lot stronger defensively."
The Red Sox will have to get
along without Mickey Harris, star
left-handed pitcher, for a while
longer. Harris was left at St. Louis
to undergo daily treatment for his
ailing left arm. Winner of 17 against
nine losses last season, Harris hasn't
pitched an inning thus far this sea
son. He plans to rejoin the Sox in
Boston next week.
Fremont Moves
into Last Round
Fremont school topped Mills 6-3
yesterday afternoon in a grade
school B Softball tourney game on
Modoc field, and the Pathfinders
move into the finals with Fairvlew.
That game will be played this
afternoon on Modoc, weather per
mitting, rairview holds one decision
over Fremont, 11-2. Chet Squire.
Fairvlew, and Jim Scott are the
opposing coaches.
TT class A Softball tourney starts
Saturday morning, with Mills play
ing Fremont and Riverside tangling
with Pelican, at 9 a. m., and Fair
view playing Roosevelt at 10 p. m.
neutral dia
mond at Medford. The game will
determine the Southern Oreion
Lentry In the state prep school tour
In games so far this season the
Pels have turned back all opposi
tion usually by sizeable majori
ties and Roseburg has also beaten
teams from Grants Pass, Medford,
Coquille and Marshfleld. The In
dians lost a B game to Medford two
days ago.
Only one tilt will decide the dis
trict tltllst, and the winner will go
to Portland as one of the eight high
school teams in the state diamond
playoff. Those games will be held
May 22, 23 and 24 In Portland's
Vaughan street ball park.
If the Pelicans, coached by Ed
Ryan, make the trip to the state
tourney, it will mark the first time
a baseball team from the local
school has gained any state recognition.
Classified Ads Bring Results.
Hollywood 18
Oakland 16
Seattle 15 22 .405
Yesterday s Scores
Portland 1, Sacramento 0, 20 in
nings. Seattle 5. Oakland 3. 10 innings.
San Francisco 6. San Diego 1.
Hollywood 4, Los Angeles 2.
Managers Called
A meeting of all Softball team
managers of the Men's city league is
called for tonight at 7:30 In the
office of Sam Smith, city recrea
tion director. League play gets un
der way Monday.
for both tourney, making
round of golf do for both.
I The only stipulation l that the
l Intentions of the round be declared
before starting. Qualifying round for
the President's cup may also be
! played this week-end. Saturday or
Cal Coach Looks
For Errant Miler
BERKELEY. Calif.. Mav 8 ',TV
Brutus Hamilton. University of Cali
fornia track coach, looked hope
fully toward the Pacific Northwest
todav for news of his missing miler
Tom Hartzell. captain of the Bear
track team, disappeared before lst
Saturdav' meet with the San Fran
cisco olvmplc club.
Hamilton discovered yesterday
that the 37-vear-old war veteran
once had worked In the Northwest
and might be visiting friends there.
Hartzell. a senior from Pennsyl
vania, was scheduled to compete
Saturday against University of
Southern California Trojans" Rol
and Sink at Los Angeles.
hooked this senson. was liindrd bv
P. Onbrlel of Fort Lnnnley. 11 C.
Monday. II was r-Mieht In the fr-- r ;
river near the Hnnev wharf. The '
fish yielded 100 pounds of roc. I
Y Mother's Day $
Thursday Night, May 8
Elks, Mothers and Wives
t th
Lodge Convenes at 8:00 o'clock
Darinr Ihe Garden 8oit
' Anderson Boarding Krnnrti
fens Delaware, off llomedaU Kd.
Phont 3047
Sandy Loam
Lawn and Fill
Delivered -or
loaded on truck, at
. 1248 Madison
Ph. 4050
Complete with oars, pump
and C02 Tanks.
Just right for your Lake 0' The Woods Cabin
Roller Bearing, Bronze propeller, lOOKA
Magna pull starter, 3.2 HP, IdfcO
Bicycles and
Sporting Goods
Register How for the
Conducted by the
Disabled American Veterans. Chapter
No. 12, Klamath Falls
Registrations Open Saturday, May 10th,
in J. C. Penney Co.
Main Floor and continue through May 14th.
No registration charge.
Out of town judges will select the "Stars" of singing,'
dancing, music, readings, tumbling and baton twirling.
. "Oscars" awarded June 9th KUHS
Come Rain, Come Shine, '
We'll have a fine time at the
An Unusual, Large Selection of
Cut Flowers Potted Plants
Dish Gardens
Flowers by Wire . . . Anywhere
Telephone 8877
222 So. 7th