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    Voters Of District Two
To Go To Polls Monday
For Vote On KUHS Budget
Registered voters of District No. 3, . was Included and Is also bclns car- ;
which embrace. Klamath Union '"TeSri.v Maintenance
high school, will go to the polls In Umter ,,., Rlu) repair, n
KUHS Monday, May 12, to approve was pointed out that the boards
or reject the operating budget of j have carried forward a policy of j
mm Main for the 1947-48 school 1 d0'n8 "ul one -fifth of the miiln
$431,8,18.70 101 the i4( m sciiooi , tt.1imre ca.h ar Thjs fx.
year. Voting hours are from 2 to 7 . ,.,(, wiu tolA $21,588. as com
p. m. Eligible voters are taxpayers pared to S13.455 last year. Labor
of the district, At the same time a , Increases are the big Items In this
similar election for District No. 1, i column. Some additional work Is I
elementary schools, is slated at Frc-; being done on grounds and rooting. I
niont school 1 Under auxiliary agencies, trans- j
Explanation of the budget for Dis- ! j""0 "hl l'"1""? "'S I
trlcl No. 2, Is included here today in " ?0m& m?a$ I
. story dealing with the high scnool . U,e 1941 quo,- ;
ntant and its alteration. On Thurs- , uo.n:u,,P!, ."!. ... :
2 .. .- . similar tinrt will nere tne oouar spent in tin
yii,lmnd evnUin U,i budget nec- : '""i ''" dollar's worth of goods. ;
outline and explain tne Di aget nei u dollars we spend this year buys
essary to operate the elementary ; rou(,hlv wortn , rom.
tt"uP- j . ' paratlve basis." Oralapp advised. "In
This year's estimated receipts con- . caMs is (nr ,es5 ..
tain, for the first time In the his- xotal levy for the coming year's ,
tory of Oregon school finance, Uie operation Is $431.835 70. Total estl- I
state aid item listed as a direct re- mated receipts are $141,943.98. The
celpt. District No. 2 will receive ap- I amount to be raised bv taxation on
nrnvimntjilv 'tfl33.SH. as a result i thl. n.rill., ..-a.. I tM BOI ?)
of passage of the basic school sup-, of u,,s 8moum there Is an estimated
port fund. Previous state aid was ; ux o( 6 n, Which will not be
a direct off-set and did not appear , counted within the fiscal year and
as a receipt Item on the budget. It tnRt ,llen reqU1rcs evv 0f j304.
was explained by Superintendent 3g63o. This figure, plus the
Arnold L. Omlapp. : serial levy of $60 000. voted In 1944,
Actually the levy will be a little , will amount to S364.386.30 as coin
less than last year due to state aid. pared to last year's levy of $364,-1
The budget approved by the 518,53.
voters for the 1946-47 school year ' Under capital outlay, plans now ,
totaled $389,171.59. as compared to call to tie in the two hot water ;
. this vear's $431,836.70. This years ' wells together in order to achieve
budget is $42,664.11 over last year j more efficiency in heating. This!
due to four direct causes, all of them tern costs around soOOO. Other ma- i
. nf rois This 1 lor improvements is a large Duniu- !
covers Instruction, cost of equip- . n p!nt for Modoc field and auxil
ment and supplies, operation and ; Jjry fields for irrigating purposes,
last the public employes' retirement I This Is one point In the budget that
leoulrements 15 under last 5'er's ,iKure- Thl
Taking the first point cost of In- i Sear the budget calls for a capital
stmction the biggest Item In the outlay expenditure of $39,083. as
budget is Increase in teachers- sal- i compared to $81,054.37 last year for
aries. Of the total budget. Uie district No 2.
teacher salary figure is close to : All eligible voters are reminded
$235,399.12. or more than one-half of : again that voting will take place at
the operating budget. Last year's ; KUHS on Monday. Mav 12, from 2
teacher salary item was $167,155. j to 7 p. m. for District No. 2.
Staff Increase Members of the budget committee
The increase is the result not only ' for District No. 2 are. Rov Ralte
of the up in salarv. but an increase : straw E. H Thompson. Vern Owens,
in staff membership due to the Frank Eberlein and William Metier,
growth of the high school popula- ;
tion. After months of study, the Board To Consider
higher salary scale was incorpor- . '
ated In the budget to be submitted ! HoSDltal DUlldina
to the voters. Not until this increase i " ,V " U Z . .
is approved will contracts for the I . SALEM. May 7 f.J - The state
coming vear be signed. This is a JBHJ board will meet here at
sinele salary schedule, uniform 8:30 m- tomorrow to decide
throughout the enUre svstem. and whether to authoriie the start of the
ts merely piscine Klamath Falls Ions : - dela.ved program for new
competitively with other cities of ; busings at state hospitals
.!. in ih. mnr. nrmrmsslve The board will consider the pro-
ViM of the nation. GralaDD point- : Posed new treatment hospital for
Winner In "T-Bon Derby"
wkMaaiM -V. . ...v t i. a timMMiiiat nBftrYiti'Han
Mr. Kthel Swltier. whose poem won first place In a contest recently
conducted by Talaee Market, Is shown here receiving the prise. tw
luscious T-bone steaks, from Butcher I'ddle Mcelroy.
Borthell Named To
California Job
BERKELEY. Calif.. Mav 7 (
Russell W. Burthen, 38, today be
came administrative assistant to
President Robert Gordon Sprout of
the University of California.
BarUtell. native of Seattle and
graduate of University of Washing
ton, was assistant director of the
bureau of municipal research at
University of Oregon before joining
the California staff in 1940.
As President Sprouli staff assist
ant he will conduct studies, prepare
information, and analyse adminis
trative problems.
Barthrll was adjutant and execu
tive officer of the 379th heavy bom
bardment group of the eighut air
force during the war.
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Boys Chorus To
Sing At Elks
The boys chums of AlUinonl Jr.
high school will slug lit the Klks
temple. Thursday evening, as part of
the Mother's Day program, Mem
bers of the churns n: tenor, Billy
Arnold. Junior Davenport, Bill Gor
don, Don Weslrom, Tommy Oilon,
and Don Tliurmuu.
Biiiitone. Toiuinv Schubert.' Rob
ert llnnson. Oene RtwsfDuug West
rom, Frank Dell, (lien Jackson.
Marvin Bland. Doyne (julgley. Keith
Sexton, Jerry Wagner. Roger Bliss.
Bass. Dunne Wolfruiu, Howard
Cain, olrn Rlneharl, James Plielnu,
Donald Quick.
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ed out-
Other Increases embrace:
1. Instructional supplies: S, ex
panding the audio-visual education
program in accordance with plans
made last year: 3. fuels, both for
heating and transportation; 4. main
tenance and repair: 5, labor.
Under fuel increases, it was point
ed out there is no increase in the
use of fuel, but the price has ad
vanced materially.
For the first time the pension
item appears in compliance with
legislation passed two years ago.
Last year the retirement provision
the state hospital, and the new ward
building at the state hospital's cot
tage farm.
The treatment hospital would cost
$1,516,002 while the ward building
would cost $660,293.
The program has been delayed by j
high building costs, and the board 1
will have to decide whether now is 1
the proper time to start building. !
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