Herald and news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1942-current, May 06, 1947, Page 10, Image 10

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    Ed Dunham Asserts Council
'Ganging Up' On Him
Complaints On Property
E. A. Dunham. Dlonwr property
owner and business man of Klam
ath Falls, told city councilman last
night that It looks as If they ar
"ganging up on nun wmi
plalnu about hit properties.
T-i l. . BntwarMl laxt tlMtllt In
connection with an excavation Job
on his property on Ewauna pouie
vard near the river, which the
council had ordered Investigated. A
few weeks alto, Dunham was at a
council aesalon to discuss complaint
about a partially destroyed house he
owns on Owens street, which uw
council want condemned.
There waa contusion In th coun
cil as to whether Dunham's excava
tion lob waa on Ewauna or Cedar,
but it waa finally agreed that
Ewauna is the street Involved.
Councilman A. P. Condrey opened
the discussion by stating that Dun
ham's workmen had dug dirt from
city property along the street right-of-way
and he recommended that
the owner be made to construct a
concrete retaining wall along the
excavated side of the street and re
place the dirt, also build a fence
alongside the street for the safety
of persons using it.
Dunham arose to comment, that
an even worse condition had existed
for some time at Main and 8econd,
but the council had not had any
thing done about it He also pointed
out that the propertyJie waa work
ing on had previously been a dump
ing ground for all sorts of trash, but
"no one ever complained about It
before I bought it." He asserted that
he had Intended to fence in the
street from the start and also In
tended to replace the earth, and
added that If the council would
wait until he had a chance to fix
It up himself everything would be
all right.
Councilman Paul O. Landry inter
jected to stale that he didnt be
lieve that the street committee had
ever been contacted on the matter
for an opinion and that Condrey
had made his recommendation with
out the aanctlon of the committee.
Condrey replied that he had given
the recommendation as his own en
tirely. Condrey added that he had noth
ing against Dunham, saying. "I've
known him since I was a kid."
Mayor Ed Ostendorf commented,
"He Isnt that old."
Condrey announced, however, that
he would "stick by my convictions.
If one must obey the laws; all
Councilman Landry, upon the sug
gestion of the city attorney, finally
moved that the council protest the
removal of the earth from Ewauna
street and ask Dunham for protec
tion of the city property. The mo
tion carried.
Upon the suggestion of Dunham
the council asked City Engineer E-A.
Thomas to investigate the alleged
condition at 2nd and Main.
The council also Informed Dun
ham that a condemnation hearing
on his house at S19 Owens would
be held at the regular council meet
ing May 19. The building has been
in disrepair for over a year and ac
cording to Building Inspector Walter
Sslsbery. is "a dirty, filthy mess."
E. E. Benner arose at the city
council meeting last night to Inquire
concerning tne council s permission
for the Disabled American Veterans
to iiold a children a health and
beauty contest at the KUHS audi.
tarium. He explained that when he
naa taken tne matter up with Po
lice Judge Harold Franey, Praney
had mentioned having to obtain a
regular snow license. Benner point
ed out that the DAV was a non
profit organization and that the en
tertainment would be entirely home
Benner Introduced Mrs. Alta Bar
bara of Vancouver, Wash., who he
said was helping with the show. She
substantiated tils statements.
Councilman Augus Newton stated
that he believed all Teterans or
ganizations should clear shows
through the inter-veterans council
and the chamber of commerce in
order that everything be agreeable
to them before the permit was
granted. Mayor Ed Ostendorf had
pointed out that the original date of
the child show, June 7. would con
flict with the annual Shrine dinner
lor crippled children.
Councilman A. F. Condrey dis
agreed with Newton, however, stag
ing that the lnter-veteran's council
and the chamber of commerce had
"no bearing on the matter at hand."
He added that what the two or
ganizations thought was none of the
business of the council. The council
granted the DAV the permit
Two letters were received from the
Veterans of Foreign Wars, the first
asked that the mayor proclaim Sat
urday, May 24. as Poppy Day and
asked the council's permission to
iWJL oovnf -bo
PS "flit?
i'm O. Unary TH.tV
r. M. MacBalh nAftlI
sTCMLr m
The ConrUiom. It Now One Slock '
Down lha aim! from Oor Offica.
sell popples on the streets that day.
me permission was grantea.
The second letter anted the mayor
to proclaim May t, VK day, as a day
of remembrance throughout the
city. The matter was referred to
tlie mayor for his action.
recommendation from the bud
get committee asked that (44.000
now in the bond sinking fund be
translerred to the general fund as
it waa no longer needed. The
recommendation waa accepted.
The recommendation also asked
that tiie money In a fund to eaulo
a fire truck with aerial equipment
be transferred to the general fund.
Fire cruel Keith Amoroso explained
the request stating that in 1935 he
had asked the city council to make
a special levy for the conversion
work and after tlie money was in
the fund It was found that tlie lob
was Impossible. He added that tlie
money naa been sitting in the fund
since then. The request was granted.
a copy oi uie lease oetween tne
airport committee and United Air
lines concerning the lease of a large
storeroom at the airport was read
to the council and approved by it
Fire Chief Keith Ambrose also
told the council that one of his
pieces of equipment was broken
down and he had had to order new
parts for it The council recom
mended that the fire committee look
for new equipment and replace the
parts with the view of discarding
the old machine.
Councilman Angus Newton asked
that the police Judge be authorised
to advertise an auction sale of bi
cycles which are piling up on the
hands of the police force and have
not been claimed by their owners.
The request was complied with.
cnairman uonarey oi tne street
committee reported that they had
studied the request of a group of
property owners in the BOO block on
Pacific Terrace concerning the wide
ening of the street for the length
ox the diock ana ne recommended
that the property owners all along
the street be asked to form an im
provement unit for the widening
and terracing of the thoroughfare.
The mayor stated that he thought
the UDDer end of the street would
go for the Idea, but doubted that
tne lower end would. Condrey re
plied. "That's all right, all the
money's In the lower end."
ine councu accepted tne recom-
KcnxNl oil MinroaD
Thoroughly Modern
Mr. Hi lit J. R. Rarity
and Jm Rarlar
i:"""!1 f?irf
A long list of candidates for the
'47-48 student body offices heads the
news Items lor tonight. The cam
paign will run through Monday, May
13. at which time the candidates will
be given a chance to say a lew
words on their behalf: and the elec
tion will be the following day. May
Running for orexldent are Glenn
Loreni, Pat Williams, Don Zara
slnsk.1, BUI Southwell, Bill Mosby,
Tom Edwards and Oene Hankiiu.
Candidates tor secretary treasurer
are Lou Chase. Pat McMillan and
Rosemary Bigble. Jack Lust Wilbur
Elliot and Marcella Murray are po
tential first vice presidents; Joe De
melrakos, Dick Petsoldt and Sandra
Moore, second vice president. The
position of yell leader will be won
bv one of the eight prospects. Trudy
Bennett Dick Miles, Bob Miles, Do
lores Moon, Dorothea Cogdlll, Bob
Dodson and Margie Liggett
An all -school picnic is being
sponsored Sunday. Mav 25. by Tri-Hl-Y.
The price of a 35 cent ticket
will entitle the student to enjoy the
mendation of the street committee
and asked the city engineer to con
tact tlie property owners along the
street in regards to tlie matter.
ine mayor reported to the coun
cil that John Raffetto had had a
crew working at the citv riumD.
cleaning it up as requested by the
planning commission, ana that tne
work was completed. He requested
that the group inspect the work.
and if satisfactory, thank Raffetto
iot nis neip.
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a a a
To raise money for the eniployee
employers banquet, the Retail Sell
ing club sponsored a matinee daure
today at 3:65. Sam Smith, the new
city recreation director, called a tew
bam dances and directed the dan
cing. Cokes and doughnuts were sold
at tlie two coke bars. Katluyu Ram
sey Is president of Retail Selling,
Patty Dual and Owen Berkley su-
Bsrvlsed the publicity. Advisor to
le club Is Thomas Williams.
a a a
"People are meant to live two by
two In this world. Taln't natural to
be so lonely." states Mrs. Oibbs,
character in Thnrton Wilder' play,
"Our Town," which will be present
ed by the seniors in the KUHS
auditorium. May 14 and IS. Irma
McBrlde portrays Mrs. Olbbs.
Press Resolution
Pondered In L. A. .
resolution urging passage of a house
bill "to restore the Associated Press
and all news gathering organiza
tions' their rights of contracts as
established by the constitution" was
introduced today In the cltv council.
The resolution, proposed by Ed
J. Davenport, refers to the 1945
U. S. supreme court decision which
held the Associated Press to be In
violation of the Sherman Antitrust
act in rejecting the application of
the Chicago Sun for membership in
the AP.
Council Okays
Seven Permits
Only seven building permits were
okayed by the city council last
night for the smallest amount this
year, (4340 worth of construction.
The permits were Issued to:
R. K. Simmons, new garage build
ing, Vino, HMO.
Theo Crngg, remodel store, 033
Main. 11000.
Arthur M. Cluny. repair office, S.
6th and Spring. 8.V.
Mrs. Wangoner, new garage, 930
Orant, $600.
M. L. Clurti-rlau, repair roof, 1308
California, (100.
Joe Snyder, repair roof, Kmll's
market. S. 6'.h, fm.
Oeorge F. Dumke, repair roof, 3410
Applegate, tttt.
HKill COST OF Sl'llS
ATI A MTffl illTW ft .. .. m . A a.
niunniiu vii I, niii.v a In I
AinerlcftiM re ctrlnkhiK Iphm bfr
mllllnll K..-.S.I. (U.H i. I. .I....
tan tn.iv.a rv ituiiiu IVCVt M1N1I
lltct VUUO ..... J I 1
" J Wi-fiU.-t7 Ul R. Wilt llllim
h.Kh ratal! pjioes. according to the
'iDaativi.i. ui iin n num. at nccr
WhoUwUers HiwocUt.cm. R. J, ChctU
wood of Richmond, Va.
Classified Ada Briny Results.
Alaska Official
Backs Portland
PORTLAND, May S Wl-Rnlph J.
Rivera, attorney general of Alaska,
waa en route to Washington, D, C,
from here today after Inspecting
Portland's port facilities and ex
pressing hope the maritime commis
sion would permit a purtland-to-Alaska
steamship service.
The territorial officer said the
existing Seattle monopoly of Alaska
shipping was detrimental to the
public welfare and that Alaska
businessmen were anxious to develop
trade, with Portland.
(AID KIWI. BUmitk falll. Ota.
Chamber Directors
Ready For "Queen"
The chamber of cnmmeice di
rectors will be taken up most of
Wednesday afternoon with their
"queen," the winner of today's
"Queen for a Day'' program. Tlie
director will hear the report of the
queen committee and hear the final
plans for the entertuliiinent of the
royal lady.
Otherwise on the business of Hit
chamber will be a discussion of tlie
various committee appointments to
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