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TUB NuUoiml Rivers mid tlnrbon
congress, meeting In Washington,
dnwi up resolutions protesting "any
drastic curtailment" of the country's
naviiiatlou mid flood control pro
Irani. Senator McClellan, of Arkansas,
president of the congress, says: "We
reriHdiiM need (or economy In
government but I object to the
shelving of river project ' already
Biitliorlncd mid others yet to be con
sldred by Die senate and the
WITHOUT changing 'hi meaning
" very much (merely putting It
Rmre blunllyi the stmator might
ve Mid: "I'm fur economy In
government everywhere EXCEPT
HV.nK Ik disturbing thought:
Our U. S. KKDKKAL debt (not
, com
' Mild
counting stale, county, city, school
rtlMrlcl clcuti I getting none to
DUO Iter person which means that
you are in Dreiin-wiuner lor a
family of four, your 'there of the
federal debt U something over
HERE U anoUinr thought that may
be useful: 1
Every time congress appropriates
guo.ooo.oon, It adds a dollar per wr
on to your federal tax bill. If you
are Ilia bread-winner for a family
of four. It adde (4 to the tax burden
you must carry.
, . . .
DONT make the mistake, of think
ing YOU don't have to pay It.
You do. 'Ill coat of taxes Is added
la the cost of everything you buy.
It has to be. Otherwise, the seller
or broke. Nobody wants to go
broke, so taxes ars addet. Into lite
selling price.
IN Shanghai (China) M0 bllU ar
now Uie smallest change Uiey
have. If you read Just that far and
po farther, you will be left with the
tmy notion that Shanghai would be
swell place to live. Wouldn't It be
grand to trot around with your
pockets stuffed with M0 bills?
But If you read a little farther,
you will discover that a Shanghai
1500 bill Is worth four cents Amer
ican. : Thai Is to say, four cents Amer
ican Is It BUYING power.
. .
UOW did Shanghai get that wayf
14 Oh, It's all quit simple. They
Ju:t went on adding the COST to
the PRICE and producing mora
pujier money (but not much of any
thing cliei until now a IMJO bill
has tli buying power ol only four
cents American.
That's whHt always hitppen when
people spend and spend and swnd
Miid never pay olf.
TOUR U. 8. warship steam through
the Dardanelles this morning
'Mid om to anchor olf Istanbul
Vhlch, when you and I went to
school was known as Constantinople.
As they enter Die famous harbor,
around which so much history has
revolved, the hills In Uie bade-
t round echo with the thunders of
e ceremonial salutes.
The guns of our warships roar In
traditional greeting. They are
answered by Uie welcoming guns of
Turkish worship and Turkish fort.
Turks row, sail and motor out In
small boats to get a look at our
bis. moguls of the sea. Flags break
out on all aides.
It Is all very gay and thrilling.
On top of that, It Is a great display
of naval and military might. We
and Uie Turks hop Ui Russians
arc looking.
Things like thst have been going
On around Istanbul for almost more
centuries Uion we can count-.
HERB la a chilling thought:
A few small planes, carrying
small atom bombs, could sweep over
and In about ten seconds It could
ALL be wled out. There would be
left only radioactive dust and ruin
which would CONTINUE to deal
death In mysterious form.
The pomp and the glory have
Planes Continue
Air Search
i EUGENE, Mny 2 (TV-The Eugene
CAP hcadqunrter announced here
today Uiat between 13 and IS planes
are now searching Uie Cottage
Clrove and Drain areas for a missing
two-seated plane that Is missing I
dit from Medford to Eugene slm
Twelve plnne covered 400 sounre
i m..ea 111 the search yesterday,
iriivcuuK suuui to nonoourg ana to
the Paclflo ocenn, There was no In
dication regarding the possible plaoe
of the Inevitable crnnh, but the
searchers are working on master
Among the planes searching today
am four or flvo from Portland, and
six other PorUand plnnes are ex
pected to Join Uie group here to
morrow, i
Phalanx And Faultless
Top Favorites In Derby
Hero Is Saturday's Kentuckv run-.
by picture In a few paragraphs, a
viewed by the horse expert on the
scene In Loulsvlllo:
The talk Is mostly about Just two
horses Phalanx and Faultless but
thero Is general disagreement as to
which of the two will win the famed
mile and a quarter Churchill Downs
olasslo for thrce-yenr-olds.
Actually there, are 14 horses the
13 expected and the annual "long
shot sleeper" entered In the 73rd
running of the big race, but the
field will probably total Just 13 by
post time tomorrow afternoon. And
f 14 start, Uie winner will drag
. down $93,700. -
The dark horse from the blue
yass, Charlie Fisher's Star Reward,
las first tn be listed for the race,
ad On Trust, owned by Earl Stlce,
in Inst, but the two to beat are
1 1 II Phalanx and Faultless.
' 'he "sleeper" In the field Is Bu
rn, a fair mud runner from the
irloKg farm of Mrs. R, J, Murphy
I d her daughter,- Susan Kellogg,
JEvnnsvllle, Ind.
Then thero are the others Jet
lot, RlAkolator, Oosmlo Bomb,
illot Proof, , Stepfather, W. L.
ckle. Double Jav (who was last
I M a. A -
Bach In Bill
senate today voted Into lla pending
labor disputes leglslaUon in amend
ment prohlblUng union coercion of
Adoption of the proposal restored
provision which hsd been knocked
out by the senate labor committee
over Uie oblectlon of Clialrman
Taft (R-Ohlo).
Mponsored by Senators lis II (R
Mlnn), Byrd (D-Va.1. (leorg (D
Os.l and Smith (R-N. J.I, lh
amendment snakes It an onfslr labor
practice for a union or Its agents le
restrain or rorree" employs In the
nereis of their rights lo self or
ganisation and lo bargain through
representative of their own choos
ing. Krapferer already ars prohibited
from such coercion.
Senator Taft It-Ohio) and Morse
(R-Ore.) clashed In debet when
Mors appealed for acceptance of
Uie measure wlUiout amendment
thst Taft want.
"My appeal for the amendment la
based on Its merits." Taft told the
senate. "I am making no appeal for
party regularity. I am asking every
one to vote on Ute merit."
Mors replied Uiat It would be
"good republican policy" to accept
Uie bill a approved by Uie senst
labor committee "If we are trying to
gel some good legislation."
He said Hint If proposed amend
ments are adopted, they may csiw
President Truman to veto the bill,
and "all Uie week of work In com
mittee will come to naught."
Driver Asks
Jury Trial
A Jury trial In police court ha
bcn asked for John D. (Jack) Mc
Coy, of 60 Uerllngs, on a charg of
reckless driving, and the lR-year-old
driver of a "hot rod" car which
was Involved In a head-on crash
with another vehicle Wednesdsy
night, put up another 110 bsll this
morning at Uie police station for
not making out an accident report.
Seven teen-agers, Including Mo
Coy, were Injured In Uie accident,
which wa caused, according to In
vesUgallng police, by McCoy pass
ing anoUier vehicle on a curve. The
accident took place on Nevada, near
Moore park.
McCoy, who ha been Involved In
number of oUier traffic scrspes
and once had his driver's license
suspended, was supposed to be in
court yesterday on the reckless driv
ing charge. He did not appear, how
ever, and his attorney, E. E. Drls
coll, requested Uiat he be given a
Jury trial. No date was set. McCoy
had posted $100 ball on the reck
less driving count.
Track Meet Gets
Off To Start
This afternoon up at Modoc field
the Klamath county B school track
and field meet I under way, with
Uie Malln Mustangs defending the
clndcrpath title Uiey acquired by a
narrow margin Inst year.
Track squads from Henley, Mer
rill, Bonanza and Chlloquln, In addi
tion to Mnlln, are In the running.
Perfect weather and a fast track
greeeled the approximately 100 high
school athletes aa Uiey took to Uie
clndera at 1 :30 p. m.
AFL and OIO today rejected eaeh
other's plan for a merger but agreed
to cooperate on labor problems and
eventually work out details of a
year's second best two-vear-old).
Liberty Road and Uie mudder, Jett
Some of Uie best handlcappers
around Louisville are reported to be
leaning slightly to Faultless, de
claring that Uie Warren Wright en
try will run oVer Uie rest of the
field, but there Is one angle on the
side of Phalanx Uiat Is keeping the
Virginia Galloper up ahead In the
Eddie Arcaro Is riding Phalanx,
and Eddie ho already booted home
three .. winners In the Kentucky
Derby, Arcaro, Uie country's No. 1
tockey, wasn't merely hired for the
ob of riding Phalanx. He picked
halanx as the horse to be on aa
he tries for his fourth Race of Uie
Roses victory, - ,
The weather forecast In Louisville
Is fair and warmer, and an antici
pated 130,000 horseraclng fans will
be out at Churchill Downs for the
Derby, Post time Is 4:45 CST (3:45
PST), -and the running will be
broadcast over stations of the Co
lumbia Broadcasting system starting
15 minutes before the thorough
breds go to post.
Get your bet down. . .
Bore Field
" ..,' jfti ,,
.V v j: . -T- ...
if.,' - '
A square block, bounded by Applegate, ReelamaUon. Division and Mitchell street, ha been selected as
the locaUon for the Klwanls-sponsored five-year program which Include the construction of a fine children's
playground fully equipped from nrlrur and sand boxes to a Softball lot. Above, the block aa it looks now with
a few loads of dirt dumped on the site In preparation far actual work. Below, the architect's drawing ef the
finished playground. Sheldon Brumbaugh la the architect. Merle Swansea the artist Two generous contribu
tions were received by the club Thursday when L. U Lombard and Dick B. Miller Sr., both members of Ki
aranls. presented checks of SU each toward the project . . Pictures by KenneU-Ellla.
Wreck Victims
Said Improved
Accident victims receiving treat
ment in Hillside hospital were re
ported improving today.
Both girls Injured In Uie Wednes
day night two-car crash on Nevada
avonue were said resting comfort
ably this afternoon. They are Lucille
Behind. 3318 Home, and Oneta
Rider, 333 N. 10th. both 19 years of
age and employes of The Paclflo
Telephone and Telegraph company.
Five young men who suffered minor
hurt were also reported recovering
from their Injuries.
Treated at Hillside over night
Thursday was Mrs, Floyd B. Elder,
36, Honioja Housing unit, who was
hurt when a car driven by Glen El
mer Davis, 3801 Washburn way
struck the Elder coupe at Johns
avenue and Altamont drive at 1 p.m.
yesterday. Mrs. Elder was first
treated at Klamath Valley hospital
but entered Hillside later for
shoulder treatment. Her four-year-old
daughter, Beverly Jean, was re
covering from e bad cut on Uie
LONDON. May 3 Iff) The story
of a whnlo that tangled with a ship
and lost was told today by Port
Lines, ship operators.
The company said the master of
its 11,745-ton Port Hobart reported
the whale became Impaled on Uie
ship's bow In mid-Pacific.
When the ship put astern Uie
whale sank.
WASHINGTON, May 2 OP) House democrat and republicans are
formulating plans for a sharp party conflict a Softball game for charity.
A small group of house members met yesterday and decided: -
1. That President Truman will be asked to throw out the first ball,
2. That Rep. Bishop (R-I1U, managing Uie republican team, and
Rep, Emory Price (D-Fln.), handling the democrats, will name commit
tees to pick Uie players for each team' from some 100 volunteers and decide
what members will sell peanuts, popcorn and soda pop. ' '
3. That senators will be asked If they want to participate.
The group expressed the belief that all proceeds should go to the
Metropolitan Police Boys club of the District of Columbia. Price estimated
Uiat possibly 36,000 ticket could be sold.
But first, the group decided It must find out whether and when It can
use Griffith stadium. If possible, It wants the game soma Saturday after
noon In mldsJune. ' ..
Reps. Stockman (R-Ore.), the biggest man In congress,, and Rep.
Keefe (R-Wis.) will be asked to be republican umpires, Bishop announced,
"There should be one rule about umpires," one of the group quipped,
"and that Is thero shall be no speeches between decisions,'1 . - ' '
..in "JiA . ssi
l, MAY-
Soon To B Children's
Mercury Soars To 87 In
Basin For Year's High
Klamath folk sweltered in mid
summer weather Thursday and not
without good reason. The mercury
soared to 87 degrees to set a new
season high at 4 p. m.
The state weather bureau forecast
clouds and occasional showers late
today and Saturday, but Uie tern-
Parade Death
Toll Hits 7
ROME, May 3 MV-The death toll
from a machine-gun ambush of May
Day marchers near Palermo yester
day rose to seven today. Strong
forces of police arrested 64 persons
in a hunt for the assailants.
Interior Minister Mario Scelba said
Uiat Uie dead included one woman
and that 33 persons had been wound
ed, Including three women and a
Two columns of workers from the
towns of San Giuseppe Jato and
Plana Dcgll Albanese had Just met
at a road Intersection In the village
of Portella Delia Paglla when a 30
mlnute crossfire from a gulch above
Uie village scattered their ranks.
In Uie past Sicily has been a
monarchist hotbed, but in the
Island's first election as an auton
omous region April 30 and 31 a communist-socialist
bloc polled the
biggest vote for assemblymen.
Z, 1941
(Telephone 1111)
perature threatened to go Into the
80's later this afternoon. The CAA
weather station reported Uiat at 10
a. m. Uie mercury stood at 73.
Similar weather prevailed through
out Oregon Thursday with high
temperatures reported at 93, Rose
burg, highest in the state; 90, Med
ford; 88, Eugene; 37, Pendleton and
Bend; 86, Burns; 83, Salem; 84,
Lakeview; 83, PorUand, . and 81,
Meanwhile California cooled oft
today after a record May Day heat
wave which shot the mercury up to
103 degrees at Blythe, In Riverside
That Was Uie high mark recorded
yesterday by Uie weather bureau,
which tempered its forecast of a
cooler week-end with predictions of
temperatures near 100 in the San
Joaquin volley today.
- Fresh breezes, however, brought
relief along the coast with more re-let
promised for interior sections
on Saturday.
San Francisco had its hottest May
1 on record with 86 degrees. San
Francisco had one case of heat
Other high temperatures yester
day included Red Bluff 101, Fresno
99, Oakland 89. Sacramento 94 and
San Jose 95.
Signal Theft
Still Mystery
' -Nothing new has been turned up
regarding the 3300 burglary of the
8lgnal Oil company's office at Pell
can City, according to Deputy Sher
iff Jack Franey, although the
company has requested that pay
ment op all checks taken tn Uie
burglary be stopped.
Most of the amount taken from
the office Wednesday night was in
checks. The checks had been
stamped preparatory to being taken
to a Dank tor deposit. '
AH persons and firms on whom
the checks were drawn have been
asked to stop payment.
The Signal Oil company here Is
headed bv Marshall E. . Cornett.
president of the state senate and at
present t.ctlng governor of the state
oi Oregon. : uorneti was in ine
statehouse at Salem In the midst of
Uie ceremony attendant to accept
ing tne local Marine HarracKs irom
the war assets administration when
Informed of the robbery yesterday.
No. 1R025
Demo Calls
For Hundred
Million Cut
senate republicans rallied today be
hind the administration' full i
qaesl for 3M,M4M foreign re-
ucr inna.
But Democratic Senator McClel-
Ian (Ark.l called for a reduction to
$250,000,000, or only 50 ,000.000 more
tnan trie nouse voted earner tni
McClellan also served netlee that
the bipartisan foreirn poUcr leader
ship would face a batUe unless the
Din is amenaea additionally so pan
relief far any oommaiiiat-dominated
ine ATKansas senator told a re
porter he wants to g even farther
In this respect than the bouse,
which provided that relief money
coujq oe spent xn sucn area unaar
ugni American control.
Tn House limited the relief rjro-
gram to aid in Italy, Greece. Aus
tria, Hungary, Poland and China,
with S15.000.000 set aside for emer
gencies In such unspecified areas as
Trieste. Of the countries listed only
Poland presently is classed a communist-dominated.
The Arkansas senator seemed as
sured of suDDort from those col
leagues who have been complaining
that furnishing of food, medicine,
clothing and other1 suDnlies in Rus
sian-Influenced area would circum
vent iresident Truman s program of
bulwarking Greece and Turkey
against communist threats.
A similar argument Is being used
by opponent of early ratification
or uie Italian Deace treaty, on
which Uie foreign relations commit
tee may wina up Hearings today.
Japs Ge Back
TOKYO, May 3 The Japa
nese people got their national flag
back today on Uie eve of inaugura
tion of Uie country' new consUtu
Uon. General MacArthur restored Uie
rising sun banner with a strict pro
viso on where It could be flown
wlthoot restriction the emperor's
palace, Uie national diet and su
preme court building and the prime
minister's residence.
"Let this flag fly," MacArthur
wrote Premier Shlgeru Yoshlda, "to
signify the advent in Uie Japanese
life of a new and enduring era of
peace based upon personal liberty,
individual dignity, tolerance and
Until now, MacArthur has permit
ted display of Japan's flag only on
certain holidays. He has approved
display of Uie banner in ceremonies
tomorrow ushering In Japan's post
war consUtuUon.
Price Cut Plan
Continues Today
suburban PorUand community's 10
per cent price cut program con
tinued today with some new firms
following Uie, reduction plan and
some others out of It
Those dropping out included two
drug stores, which reported most of
their items under fair trade regula
tions prohlblUng price cut, a hard
ware store and some others.
Merchants standing by Uie price
cuts said business continued above
National Flan
. ( Newfangled methods of laying a cement sidewalk were under way at o'clock this morning when H trad
Ume to map the 9 o'clock Special out on S. 6th street Two fellow are pulling oa Uie smoothing gadget a-k&aV
apparently ladle out the cement coating, while another man a shovel. , .
- J
f c
Houck Named
SP Agent Here
Rnbert A. Houck arrived here to
day from San Francisco to succeed
Lloyd 8tltt as district freight and
passenger agent for Uie Southern
Pacific here.
Houck comes here from the chief
clerkship of the district freight of
fice at San Francisco. From the
start of his railroad career he has
been with the Southern Pacific,
serving at Fresno, Oakland and San
Francisco. Hi original home was in
San Rafael
SUtt is leaving tomorrow to take
over his new duUes a assistant gen
eral freight agent of Uie Northwest
em Pacific with office at San
Huuck. whose last May at San
Francisco wa for three years, said
he ha heard much about Klamath
Fall both as a railroad point and as
an interesting community, and Uiat
he and Mrs. Houck are enthusiastic
about their move here. He Is now
engaged in the newcomer' usual ao-
uvity nouse nun ting.
Phone Strike
Still Stalled
ernment conciliators, unable to
break a stone-wall deadlock in tele
phone strike negotiations, an
nounced today they are ready to
submit their own "compromise wage
iormula" far the- first time, '
They didn't describe Uie formula,
but there were Indications Uiat they
might try to end Uie tie-up now in
Its 36th day with a combination of:
L An Immediate wage increase,
smaller than the M a week de
manded by the National Federation
of Telephone Workers.
. 2. An arbitration board to deter
mine the extent of any further
raise, if any.
Peter J. Manno and William N.
Margolls. fast-talking, hard-working
conciliation team, spent last night
steaming back and forth between
the representatives of the American
Telephone and Telegraph company
and its 20.000 long - distance em
ployes. This dispute Is only one part of
the nationwide strike of more than
300.000 workers which started April
7, but It Is a highly Important part,
and a settlement would undoubtedly
AT&T-controlled companies.
Bodies Of Crash
Victims Found
COEUR D'ALENK, Idaho, Mar 2
UP A three-day search for two
men missing on a flight from Kel
logg to Coeur D'Alene, ended last
night when searchers found their
bodies a short distance from the
wreckage of Uie plane on Honey
suckle ridge, some 15 miles north
east of here.
The victims vere James Fisher,
41, Wallace, and Harvey Meacham,
43, Kellogg. They had been missing
since Tuesday morning.
Sheriff H. H. Haner said deputies
reported the victims apparently had
tried to crawl from Uie wreckage
after it struck a tree In the rugged
timber-covered country.
9 ociock Specie
H 7; 4-
Land Search'
By Rescuers
VANCOUVER, May 2 (CP) Laa4
search f Mi cloud-shrouded Maaaa
CoquiUam and It rain-soaked vai
leys for traces of the missing Traaa
Canada Airlines transport, ha keen
Tb mountain searcher, under di
rection of Firing Off leer Jack Ola
son, returned to the 8e Island baa
headquarters here today, and Iha
search will be continued 'froas taw
Treacherous weather condluona
brought a halt to Uie !nd search.
When the weather clears, a United
States army helicopter, sent from
Seattle, will Investigate a "Strang
object" sighted on a high peak,
across a mile-wide valley northeast
of Lake Buntzen, about 20 mile
northeast of here.
Looked Like Wing
Some of the searchers said tt
looked like an aircraft wing "stand-
lng straight up"; others thought it
migni no a mountain snow lorma
tlon. The helicopter, piloted by Angus
MacKay, of Seattle, returned to the
Sea Island base followed bv tha
big Canso flying boat of tha RCAF.
a gigantic aerial pattern scare a
Is planned In the quest for th
missing plane which disappeared
early Tuesday carrying 12 passen
gers and a crew of three.
It will take in a square bounded
by Powell river, B. C Straight at
Georgia, 80 mile northeast of tier;
to Uie International border on tha
western aide, and as far inland a
Princeton, B. C, 297 miles east of
Vancouver on Uie TCA rout.
Fire Destroys
Old Building
Spark from trash fir burning
In front of the old Anderson Motor
company building across from Swaa
Lake Moulding company's plant oat
S. 6th street late Thursday after
noon, set fire to the structure and
destroyed It before fir buck
could reach Uie scene. ;
The call came In to '.a .Sty flra
department at 4:43 p. m. Both city .
and county trucks responded and
due to Uie location both city and
state ponce were caned on duty
to direct traffic. The building had
burned partially a year ago, ac
cording to Swan Lake Moulding of
ficials who own the property. An
derson Motor moved last week to s
location on Spring street and th
building had been sold to Prank
Gabriel. Olene farmer, for the lum
bers Gabriel-was tearing the build-- .
trig down at the lime of the fir. Tha
structure was built about eight yaara
ago by Uie Klamath Trailer work.
A second call was received by
tne city department Thursday at
10:31 p. m. when a cigarette caused
a blaze In the davenport of th K.
A. Pansier residence, 2328 Horn, '-j'
There wa alight damage, ilrcmsa ,
reported. . - . ;
Hitler Posters i(
Appear In Munich )
MUNICH, May 2 t&tTUvA poster
praising Adolf Hitler as an lOal
leader and announcing: a new anti-
Semitic party appeared mysteriously
aa oiuooaro m inc central qur
of Munich early today.
Crowds gathered to read tha text,
which appealed for election of a
"people's bloc" In the national so
cialistic , Interest of tha working
Of four posters fn Karlsplat. twa
were removed by passersby, a third
was partly torn off, but the last at
them was still Intact at 0 ml
Hot Cargo Dill
Made Permanent
SACRAMENTO, Calif., May S (
The California, assembly yesterday
made permanent Uie war-time sta
tute which outlawed hot cargo and
secondary strike practices. The vote
for the Hatfield bill was 48 to 2t.
Previously Uie senate had passed
the hiU 32 to S. '
Representatives from farming
areas were almost uniformly behind
Uie measure in Uie debate In both
houses and they were supported by
a considerable nortlon of the state
industrial spokesmen. . .