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    Airline Asks
Klamath Via
Reno Route
Klnmnlll Full Mr trnvrlrr would
ImvK nil Important short-ul In
pastern ellln vln Heiw, a wrll a
illinct wrvlie to numnriilM Norlli
ni it California cities, uiiilrr nil up
pllnillon Junl fllrtl Willi the rlvll
aeronautic board by Southwest Air
ways. Loral officials were notified tn
dny by thrulliwral, which pinsmlly
In llyhiK hi jr I'ltli-n between Metl
ford mill Um Augr-lr fin Its government-authorized
fr-rcler airline sys
tem, ot the carrier' new applied
tlciu. Outstanding feature In I ho pro
posed new rniitri liotu Mititlnru to
hi'iin, vln KIiiiiiiiIIi 1'nlls, Alturna,
rlusiinvllle ii i id I'oimla. Ily connect
Inil Willi transcontinental flight
at Hello, liK-nl passenger would
live iiriirly 200 mllra over tlielr
present routing east vln Hiu iiiiiienio
or Hun h'riini'iMo, the airline suiil.
Alternate Hlilil
The application also ielltlon the
CAII lor the right to nlirrniue
night over Southwest present
Hniiaiiieiilo valley roide between
Meilloid mid Bun KriimlMO, vln
lleddlnu. Yrrkn mid Dunsiiiulr, with
n proposed new roiitlim from Med
toid to Klmnuth Falls to Hcdillug,
then south.
All told, HouthwrMi application
would provide Kluiiinth Full wllh
dlrei l lr aervlte lor the llrl llino
to 13 C'nhfiirnln, Orrumi nod Nevndu
Airline olllclul mid thul the P
phrntlon would be hcurd purl
ol Ihe nrw Ciilllornln ruse, winch
they estimated would como brtore
CAII examiner lor lirui Init In
Annual or Hepteinher. Meanwhile,
It will be necessary to prepare ecu
iioinlr mid statistical dulii supimrl
Inil the need (or the proposed Kla
math Falls Itrno mid Klamath
ralln - Hurinmciitu vnlley Hrvlrm,
Uiry nld.
Marlnn Wilson. Nrll llelleruth,
Ktiirl lUiiillton mid Avne rkhrrln
er motored to AillUml lust week
to ntteud the worthy iirmid matron
rereplioll lor l.orrnn MrNnlr.
Hnturdny. April I'J. several cur ol
Winners mid thnr Imllrs motored
to l.nkevlew to ntteud n bmiiiirt.
pnmdc mid dmiro, given by the
Lnkevlew Hhrlnera.
Noble mid their Indira nllrndlng
liom Mnlln Included, Mr. mid Mi.
Ivan ottonuiii, Mr. mid Mm. Joe
Ilulouack. Mr. mid Mm. Vnrlnv
Knllnn. Mr mid Mm Lester fcVhrcill
er. Mr. mid Mm. Charles llmullton.
Hirhuid llnlouark. Mr. mul Mm.
Heriuue Wilson, Mr. nd Mm. 'led
l Merrltt.
The meeting ol Interinedinte Olrl
Brunt wn presided over by llertrn
Hhottren. vlre president. In Ihe all
wnre of Penrl Ottoumn. premdent.
Ilie girl are going to have pnr
ty lor Mother Day. o practiced
their purl nl Uie meet lug . Mm.
tinundrm, lender, " benl, ao
Mm. MrVey helped out.
The committee of Mnlln Brownie
troop 2 met In the iirude achiml
rnleterln. April 17. mid Mm. Klale
Mock wii unanimously elected as
clinlrmnn for the ensuing yeur. Mm
llrrnlre Stewart wua elected vice
rhnlrmnn mid Mm. Ethel Itobert n
Mm. Mock waa appointed program
ehairmun: Mm. Josephine Miller.
Ilunnce: Mm. Am Arnold, member
hlp; Mm. llnzel Knllnn, Irnnaporlu
tinn and publicity.
The VKW mncillnry of Mnlln will
tpoiuor the Urownlea lor the com
mit yenr. Membera of the VKW,
mother mid anyone Interested In
scouting, are cordially Invited by the
rommlttee to attend nny Hrownle
meelliifiii and acllvllle. The com
mittee planned to hnve a party for
the Brownie each month on the
)nt meeting day. There will be no
roitiilnr meeting date during June,
July and August, but there will be a
special trenl each month (or the
Brownie to keep Ihe group to
gether. Mm. Irene FrelUag and Mm.
Ara Arnold are Icadera of Brownie
troop 2.
CHICAGO, April 2", 111 Albert
T. Andemon, 17. lot hi wnllet ron
IntnlnK SIM and turned all the mon
ey over to the finder.
HI lou occurred In the county
treasurers office while he was
there to pay hit taxea.
When Anderson returned evornl
days after the Iomi, he found the
wnllet and money waiting (or hlm.
He handed the money back to the
- - - Klamatli Falls' N
C 'Aa! I '
niiiiilii j Ml In-ajtft'aJ Lmbbbi
V ?T
New Pine Creek
'Hie blUKl'nl event on the MXlnl
dmket Oil week-end t the big
Youth club cotton and cord dunce
given by the iirwly-uruunlwd club
to rnle (und lor trniiMMirllug h
iiiemberK en muiove to attend the
tale grunge inert 111 Bend next
mouth. Although the group ha
not yet g"t It orchestra oluhrd
down to the line point they hope
to huve It In the lutiirr. they prom
Ue kihhI inuilc lor the ocraMon.
The club I rupidly growing mid
(rom pie.vnt Inulcatlon prom'.w
to lie one of the moil nrlive Kroupx
of It kind In the vallry. Nenrly 40
member were prewnt at the week
ly Hireling held InM Tuesday eve
ning. The club 1 planning to give
Mime phiyn In the nenr future and
nulat It xmorliig liwtltullon. the
Cnl Hide urnnge In whatever wny
ixuulble with the talent It attract,
and at the aanie time provide a no
dal Mlriuhi lor the yoiuwer et
thul will be wholesome autl con
Mruciive A large nttrmlunre I
nnllcinaled to turn mil In Minport
nl tin liilllnl uiiderluklng of the
new active club.
Mr and Mm. "Ilnlie" Dhirlnn re
turned Hundav from Han Frnnrlwo.
where Ihev have been apeudlnir Ihe
winter vIMtlng relative and under
olnc mettlral care. Both are fil
ing line now and expect to enjoy
the ktimmer here.
There wa n good turnout (or the
Olrl K-ont nartv hel'i l".t Satur
day afternoon with Bnrbnrn and
Anne H"tnmrrdev nervine n host,
e.w. The girl are having n aerie
of pnrtlr no earh Scout ran earn
her hrwte hndge. nefrealimepf
of lleht nnrl dark home-m"de cake
and Ire erem were nerved.
Mr. and Mm. Otman X'lneenl and
gictn sw,rt
- .... r
tli. OPENING of
fywi Baton
Now fun with a varloty cf mart new itylei to choose from.
Garment to order for individual tastes with
assurance of correct styling and
-. workmanship,
Remodeling and Repairing Expertly Done.
Cleaning Glazing Storage
203 Underwood Bldg. 7th and Main Phone 9372
PTA Officers End Year
(umlly ol Ixjfllui. Calif., vlalted over
Ihe week-end with their duughler.
Mm. Jim Cooper and family and
ii1m with Mr. mid Mm. Charley
Vincent and family.
Five of the local Boy Scout at
tended the tiroul Jamboree held at
CJunrl mountain over Uie week
end. Those attending were Ken
neth Butler, Kugene Rom, Eugene
liwaon. Bob Cook and Harvey Mc
l.nin. mid the coutninter, Penrl
Hirwarl. They reixirled having a
big lime and learned nomethlng
nlxjul cooking mid enmplug mid
oilier Scouting pointer on the trip.
Eal Side grange member were
to have a Plxit Party." all day
Thursday, April 24, at which any
one Interested wn to come with
their hammer. pner hnnglng
equipment, pnlnl brushe and plen
ty ol M' to revamp (he Modern
Woodman hall (or a cozier meeting
plnce lor all those who use and ap
preciate Ihe hull. A potlurk dinner
will be served al noon lor the work
ers and their lumllle.
School 111 the lower clnsxroom has
been tfiMiilhvd till week owing to
the Illness of It teacher. Mm Katie
Pick, who had a relapse with the
flu. Mm. Kiln Dawson (rom Altur
a l helping Mr. Dick with her
housework during her Dines.
Mr. mid Mr. O a. Kirks took
their one yenr and a half old baby
to Klamnth Fall to hnve an eye
R) G0IB9 airf toaight? J
tm Enjoy tb comfort- Q
H oblo foll9 of
II Imowlatj hot if I
". 1 1 fl your komo. yoy or M
t -1 ' IvVi '"oelolly pro. im
5 M Hctod by oa lad). H
rjl bargtary policy. I
iimuMCiuniirvcD fi
ftJUnal JHHIlMLl Ell II
I CtaOtltMOW aMCV jl
i: Ax
A huy year baa )uat panaed (or
member of Ihe Mill fTA. Top,
left to right: Mra. T. J. O'llarra,
president l Mra. J. K. f alder, flrat
vice prealdent; Mra. Ray Garrison,
aenond vlre prealdent Below, Mra.
Herbert Pounda, secretary, . and
Mrs. Hlewart Day, treasurer.
weakness treated which h lust
recently developed In the ln(nnt. ,
Mr. mid Mr. Cliff Ros mid
family left list Bnturdav (or Red.
ding, where they will mnke their
home. Kos will be body and ten
der repairman In the Chevrolet
garage there.
Martin and Larry Snyder and
Mm. William DeCew went to Bend
Saturday mid spent the day there.
Mrs. Mae Anderson attended th
Snrty given by Mr. Maude Hoaley
uturday adernoon.
i-arry cmyaer wn quite 111 Mon
day and unnble to attend school.
Several (nmllles here went (lull
ing Bunda"
Miss King 1 assisting evenings
In the accounting deuartmenl at
uie Ainuory market Here.
Several neighbor had their gar- :
dens plowed and put In condition !
(or spring planting.
It la thought that cosmic rays,
bombarding the earth (rom spaces .
beyond the stars. Influence our plant t
and animal life. i
I i
mse they're all elastic I
You can lead an active
life without restraint
when you're wearing a S
Slenderwear girdle by
Luxite. For this won-
derful new J-wayi
Hi i
With Satin Panel
With Two-Way Stretch Back
Klamath's Complete
On Wednesday, April 23, at 2
o'clock the Bhasta PTA was called
to order by Mrs, C. V, Golden. The
fifth grade presented a play, "Musi
cal Bprlnit Fever," and everal'(olk
dances, Mrs. Wlnnllred Clnwson,
Mrs. Ethel Buckingham mid Mrs.
Lois Carpenter were responsible (or
the delightful program.
The history of Uie Bhasta PTA wo
rend by Mrs, Ivan Crumpacker, his
torian. The members passed a resolution
(uvorlng the building of parks and
playground In the south suburban
Principal Elton Flshbatk an
nounced the county bookmobile van
would not run this summer as in
the past. He o((ered a room In the
school to the PTA to use as a library
l( the PTA members would donate
tune once or twice a week to check
books In and out, There will be
books (or adults as well as (or chil
dren. Enough members volunteered
to keep the library going at Bhasta
school this summer. The days and
time will be announced Inter by the
chairman, Mrs. Bud Lyon.
Mr. Frank Peyton, regional vice
president, installed the new officers,
using the (lower ceremony. Ueautl
lul corsages were presented to Mrs.
Hherldnn, president; Mrs, Dale Bux
tor, (Irsl vice president: Mrs. John
Ferrell, second vice president; Mrs.
Jnmes Brown, secretary; Mrs.
Thehna Jnnssen, treasurer.
Mrs. C. V. Golden then turned the
gavel over to Mm. Sheridan, who In
turn presented the retiring olllccm
with corsage. Mrs. Golden was pre
sented with a bar (or her PTA pin.
Mrs. M. R. Houser presented Mrs.
Golden a gilt (rom Uie executive
Kelreshment were served (rom
beautifully decorated tables by the
second grade room mothers. Mrs.
C. V. Golden would like to extend a
vote of thank to all members who
helped her this past year and
especially to Mra. Bill Steele who
hn served so evidently a refresh
ment chairman (or the past two
Hans Norland
123 N. 6th HU
Auto Insurance.
Margaret Wheeler
Phone 40S4
stretch girdle allows you :
perfect freedom of:
movement, even while
holding your hips and
tummy In check. I
Department Store
Directions Given To Help
In Finding
Atlrantoinar, EiliniUa Olvlilaa, Orafaa
llllhar Eaacstlaa Srli
How Interesting It Is to know by
name the brighter stars In the sky.
With proper directions, only a little
Initial eIIort Is necessary. Such di
rection are attempted below, and
are (or April 27 around 8 p. m. A
week later, due to the earth s move
ment around the sun. the stars will
come to these same positions half
nn hour earlier. Pronunciation
may be (ound in dictionaries,
l-et us first look toward the
southwest. A long, straight line o(
three bright obiect extends (rom
somewhat above the horizon up
well toward the zenith. Thee
three In order upwards are: Slrius,
the Dog Star, the brightest star In
the entire heaven; Proqyon, the
principal tar o( the Little Dog;
and Snturn, the planet. Procyon
and Saturn are of about the same
brightness. Saturn, the only planet
visible at 8 p. m. does not twinkle
as do the stars. The hnl( moon will
be only a little east of Satum on
April 27.
To Uie right of Saturn, almost
lined up with It and of lesser bright
ness, we (Ind the Twin; orange
Pollux and white Caster. Fnr be
yond the Twins and considerably
northwest o( the zenith, yellow
Capella shine In slightly greater
brilliance than Saturn.
Orion's Belt
Toward the horizon a little south
Vi'ek-a-iloo Menh
of fine rayon and nylon Is used
for the lovely Jean Lang originals
just received at WHYTAL'S . . .
where there's a much more varied
choice this sea&on due to an in
creased demand (or mesh (rocks
(or summer wear.
Bold or narrow stripe over cool
pastels of pink, yellow, blue or
Sray predominate In these new ar
rivals , . . and the selection in
cludes modish, uncluttered styles
tor uie tall (Igure . . . youthful
numbers with full gathered, hori
zontal striped skirts . . . smartly
tailored shirtwaist dresses with
high, collared necklines and simu
lated pockets at the belt.
More dressy are the pastel mesh
weaves In animated parasol or
flower print . . . some enhanced
by fluted Tuffle trims . . . and
other new meshes are coming in
right along for pre-vacaUon ward
robe shoppers.
Whytal's assortment of pretty
rayon prints and vivacious Jerseys
becomes more Intriguing with each
new shipment . . . and one of the
cleverest arriving this week . . .
another Jean Lang . . . designed
with a Junior Miss In mind ... Is
a soft blue, and brown checked
Jersey that (eatures the figure
molding torso style, ending In a
swlrly skirt of unpressed pleats.
An arrow of brown grosgraln point
ing to a "sweetheart" pocket . . .
and a brown ribbon belt provide
fetching touches to this cutle now
on display at WHYTAL'S ... in
Uie Medical-Dental building. Main
at Ninth.
Frock & Toppers
In a timely and varied selection
ance in a post-Easter sale now go
ing on in uie rrauj-iu- wc
Dartment of MILLFJl'S second
A number of choice dresses have
been cut one-third In price . . .
in.i..jin .... 1 D,i1a Rmnkc nr.
lglnals and a (ew pin-stripe two-
piecers. Also on mis speuiai
are (ashionable crepes, rayon Jer-
cvc and fain- . . . rje.-fect for
late spring, autumn or even sum
mer wear in Kiamains cumaie.
Most of the coats designated ior
i . m.rlrMl nn -fnnrth
off . . . are three-quarter or fin
gertip lengtns . . . sizes a uirougu
20 . . . with either cardigan or
lapel collar necklines.
Among tneir spring weigut
. i worsted and
nus sic v.. j-w... ,
brushed wools . . . and the color
range has some o( this season's vivid
shades like geranium, as well as
green, blue, ngnt gray anu we if
r.i .i i.mwi .in this
clearance at MILLER S ... 512
Background clothes are the
wise investment to look well
dressed and save money. Classical
simple suits and dresses remain
In style, then you can splurge on
hats, bags and other accessories
to vary their appearance.
Pure Silk Vrinis
have been vastly reduced in price
a. t nvrv.Q 71Q Main . . .
giving you a splendid opportunity
to acquire one of these gorgeous
hued frocks for little more Uian
hall their (ormer value!
Light as flu((y-down and non-,i.i.ii-iflt-ir
. . rtipv'rA marvelous
to take along if you're going travel
ing . . . ana mcir uiuicutMm
drnped styles make them perfect
for nnv party occasion that might
If for no otner reason tnan mat
lhav'M -vr.rAmnlv ffnnrl travelers.
you'll be interested In learning that
these ethereal pure silks . . . with
their eloquent color combinations
. . . hnve been marked down (rom
$35.00 to $19.75 ... at LONG'S
Bemberg Sheers
. . , designed by Cay Artley . . .
are avatlable at WHYTAL'S . . .
in the Medical-Dental building...
in more varied prints and styles
than we've seen in several years
. , . and there's an outstanding
selection in hnlf-siies, as well as
regular. Parasol designs or vivid
nosegays stand out on delicate pas
tels . . . while, dainty floral prints
are used over deeper shaded
grounds of blue, rose or green. One
style has the set-In belt (or "fitted"
lines . . . and another the all
around pleated skirt. These com
fortably cool Bembergs for hot
weather are still Inexpensively
priced, too ... at Whytal's.
The best dressed babies, they
tell us, are flouting white this
season to break out In bon bon
shades of pink, blue or malic,
frosted with hand embroidery
and lace.
i I I.I.H..L ijmi4i.jMjii 1N ..uiiiaii.i.-r..iii'i;nainyT
. . . . sV.m. v. ,
. ... . ... ... : LX
raI.D NKW. Klsaaaia rails. 0.
Brighter Stars
of due west, wa see tha thru star
of Orion's Belt extending In a short
horizontal line. They are of about
the brightness of the Big Dipper
stars. Somewhat above this line,
bright Betelgeuse, reddish In color,
marks Orion shoulder. Sparkling
Klgel, his shoe buckle, Is very close
to the horizon. A month from now
this splendid group will be gone
(rom the evening sky.
At about the height of Orion's
Belt, but a little north of west,
orange Aldebaran twinkles at the
trill nf thm ltt hnnah r.t U. IF -
small stars known as the Hyades.
i me say i quite clear, we can
see to the right of the Hyades the
Considerably aouth of the zenith,
white Regulus scintillates in the end
of the Sickle's handle. The moon
will aDDenr nenr tha nicku n-n
28. Well UD in the southeast' hu.
Bplca glitters. Somewhat to lu
right there 1 a conspicuous quad
rilateral of small stars known a
the Crow. High In the east, orange
Arcturu mark the right end of the
large figure of the Kite, now lying
on Its side.
Almost overhead we find the fa
mous Big Dipper, upside down. Low
in the north northwest, the five
stars of the W of Cassiopeia are
nrnmln.nl AnA m,.. ,
the brilliant star (lashing over the
wniuMwiii Horizon, vega, cne gem
Beaded Bags
are coming Into the fashion spot
light again, especially (or evening
occasions . . . and If your finger
are skillful with a crochet hook,
you can make your own ... (or
. . . located upstairs In the Mel
hase building . . . has obtained the
widely advertised Hiawatha beads
and Bead Twist (or this purpose
. . . in a variety of glittering col
ors, including crystal, gold, silver
and let. Cost of materials, Kath
leen Krlz told Martha, is about the
same a for a handmade corde'.
A shipment of Shellcraft Seta
ha also been received , , . the
same as pictured on page 60 in
McCall's Needle Work magazine
... (or creating dainty shell pins,
earrings or lapel ornaments . . .
the most summery of costume
Jewelry. The larger sets are priced
at 13.95 .' . . and smaller ones . . .
at il.M . . . would be a nice gift
for a youngster who likes hand
craft. Separate packet ot colored
shells are also available to fill in.
Look for the new Main street
. . . 325 Main . . . where you really
save on purchases because of S.
and H. Green Trading Stamps.
Kitchen equipment, from scour
ing pad to cook stove. 1 receiv
ing increased attention from in
ventors and engineers. Some
handy space and work savers
include a bantam electric range
for kitchenettes, a magnetiied
metal rack for knives, a scouring
pad in a metal ease to prevent
damaged manicures, doughnut
makers in the shape of a stream
lined aluminum gun.
Tussy Deodorant
should be Jotted down on your
shopping list for the coming week
. . . because it's a warm weather
necessity for the entire family . . .
and because the annual half-price
special on this item la under way
at CURRIN'S ... an event many
have been awaiting to stock up on
another year's supply.
The recipe for fastidiousness is,
to apply Tossy' Cream Deodorant
wherever perspiration bothers . . .
on the feet and palm of the
hands, between the shoulders, at
the nape of the neck or around
the waist, as well as under the
arms . . . and the nice thing about
Tussy's is that it dries immediate
ly and doesn't have to be washed
off . . . for It vanishes.
This whita cream la safely pleas
ant to use . . . and much too
subtly scented to Interfere with
your otner favorite fragrances.
During the limited time of the
half-price special, the regular dol
lar size Jar of Tussy Deodorant Is
selling for 50 cents ... at CUR
RIN'S FOR DRUGS . . . corner of
Ninth and Main.
If your shorn slips won't ac
commodate the longer hemline,
add a row ot laee. but use the
heavier, closely patterned types
for less transparency.
A Uegular Party
atmosphere . . . not one whit di
minished by the uniformed guard
at the door . . . prevailed at
RICKYS this week . . . during the
three-day showing of the famous
Hatrv Winston gem collection . . .
in a setting of effective flower ar
rangements and fresh, cool back
grounds recently installed . . .
adding to the attractive Interior of
the store ... at 700 Main.
Klamath people who flocked to
Ricky were voluble In their appre
ciation of this unusual opportunity
to view at close range some of the
world's most precious stones . . .
while lots of us practically drooled
over the exquisite platinum and
diamond plume clip, the 00-carat
star sapphire ring ... to say not h
ing of better known Jewels In tht
A gratified "thank you" was ex
for the extreme Interest of the
public . . . which they feel 4s a
tribute for their effort In bring
ing such a worthwhile exhibit to
this city.
SATIiaDAT, April ft. 1M1, Pan Bana
Poe Valley
fitea Railing, ion of Mr. and Mra,
Wilbur Relllng, was taken to the
hospital seriously 111. He la now
reported better and has gone home,
Mr, and Mrs, Forrest Bralthaupt
have a new car.
Emll Wells and H. M. Tucker sur
prised their wives recently with gifts
of new electric, ranges.
Mrs. Buck Rogers and daughter
spent several days with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Brown of Takll
ma, Ore. Mrs. Rogers flew back la
her father's new plane,
Mr, and Mrs. Hugh Barnelt had
as their dinner guests Sunday, April
30, Mr. and Mr. Howard Burkhard,
Mr. and Mrs. Vern Schortgen. Frank
and Ronnie Schortgen and Mr. and
Mrs. Oscar Lee and daughter from
Klnmath Falls.
Delmar Kelley la working for Emll
Wells this summer. Mr. and Mrs,
V. C. Brown have started their new
home. They took a trip to Kerby
and brought back a load of lumber.
SfjW rwm nfllflaH ...il. .
......fu ur.u Wn.lllllM U
unit will be established July 1 at
the University of Washington, Oon
zaga university and Oregon State
college. Gen. Jacob L. Devers, army
ground (orces commander, has an
nounced. The units are among 70
being (ormed at 4fl American uni
versities and colleges.
of the mythical Harp of Orpheus.
Arouna p. m. the planet Jupi
ter, slightly brighter thon Slrlua,
will be rising in the souuieast.
Classic Brief ers
by "Sportlelgb" were presented thul
week by LaPOINTE'S . . . and
without doubt they're the niftiest
coats in fingertip lengths Martha's
viewed this season . . . besides be
ing most inexpensively priced at
IS. for either of the two stylea
... Uie Cardigan or the Double
Fashioned of quality soft Fiesta
wool and lined in lovely Rayon
Earl-Olo ... the SporUelgh were
featured In recent Issues ol Made
moiselle nd Seventeen.
The Double Breasted Briefer . . .
with 1U lapel collar and two row
of buttons for dash . . . will win
the fancy of Junior-Misses, to my
notion . . . and it comes In four
shades . . . smart white, gorgeous
shamrock, adaptable sand beige or
pracUcal navy.
The gracefully full, collarlesi
Cardigan U available in white,
black or sunburst . . . and both of
these new models being displayed
in LaPOINTE'S ready-to-wear . . .
507 Main . . . have the front slit
pocket (or added swagger e(fect.
Manufacturer are striving to
uupreceuentea demand
(or baby clothes In a booming
market, but with live milUon ex
tra babies born during war year
and more than three million 'ex
pected to swell Uii year's census,
supplies of essential needs are
still short.
Cleaning Aids
a new product looming up among
the big variety of items that help
with Uie annual Xreshening-up Job
at home . . . "New Life for Rugs'
... a cleaning, demothlng com
pound put out by W. E. Mccracken
at Medford. With this it's unneces
sary to remove the rug from the
floor ... one package being suf
ficient for two 9 by 12 s . . . and
It's fine for upholstery, too.
Even the garbeae pail has come
in for more attention with "San-A-Lirer"
... a deodorizing gadget
to suspend Inside the lid to repel
dogs, cats, flies and ants.
To get back to more appetizing;
shopping . . . have you tried Vlta
mlxed Ruskets yet? This Is one of
the famed Loma Linda foot.: . . .
a whole wheat ovensweet, flaked,
toasted cereal that'll add a bit of
variety to breakfast menus ... or
it can be served as a crisp short
cake with strawberries.
Del Monte Whole Onion ... al
ready cooked in Jars . . . found A
the canned vegetables section or
of Seventh and Pine ... are won
derfully good and so easy to sxrve
creamed or buttered. Back ai-'n
after a long absence is Lynden'a
Chicken Fricassee with "half a,
chicken In a can" . . . that you'll.,
want to order for the emergency '
. -"
Those 15 denier nylons heer
as pipe smoke require extra pre
caution when donning them or
In laundering. Gloving the hand
will prevent nail nick, and an :
air-tight container such as a dec
orated coffee Jar, . safeguards
them from moisture, silver fish
or moths.
to lawns and shrubs are the pow
erful hormone weed - dandelion
treatments if .iot used properly
. . . and Martha has heard that
some so-called expert gardeners
are doing more harm than benefit
by flagrant use of herbicides . . .
but you can be assured of a satis
factory and guaranteed Job from
ED GREENE'S Pest Control opera
tors ... all Uoensed experts!
In quizzing a few of the home
owners who've already tried the
Ed Greene 8ervice ... I received
highly pleased comments on results
obtained at a moderate cost . .
which, after all, Is the best recom
mendation. As Important to a lush, healthy
lawn as destruction of dandelion
and other pesky weeds, Is correct
fertilisation . . . and ED GREENE'S
operators have had thorough train
ing In yard needs for the Klamath
Phone numbers of the Pest Con
trol Service for appointment or e-.
ttmates are 3JM Klamath Fall..,
or .2013 Tulelake. .
. Fur-hearing animal are giving
their pelts to turn a new trick
in men's spring fashions. Musk
rat, wolf, rabbit or fox far ki
blended with wool to make fabrle
for sports shirts, iweater and