Herald and news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1942-current, April 25, 1947, Page 6, Image 6

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Mrs. Ounllelino DeBortoll mid
Illdr. entertained at a bridal supper
n their home lor the iicwly mar
led Mr. and Mrs. Bono DeBorloU
in Buiuliy evening, April 20, tol
owlng the formal wedding lecep
Hon at the home ol Mr. and Mia.
Kenneth Roberta. Guest era Mr.
md Mrs. John Sartor, Mr. and Mia.
Paul Reainnlo. Mr. and Mrs. a. Ue
Bortoli. Silvio Zandano, all of Weed.
Oallf . Elldo DeBortoll of Greenville,
Calll., Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Monks.
Robert, Mary and Jerry, and Georee
CourlrHM. all of Klamath Agency,
Mra. Emlllo Pastesa. and Mr. and
Mr. Joe Reglnato, all of Klamath
Falls, Leo Oalllna, the Rev. Michael
Ahearne, and the bridal couple.
Mr. and Mrs. George Brautlacht
entertained at a birthday dinner In
honor of his mothers 73rd bjrthda.
The guest of honor, Mrs. Elisabeth
Cain. I from Alturas. Others at
tending were Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd
Carroll, June and Ronald. Ah in
Cain, also of Alturas, Mr. and Mrs.
Ace kenoyer of Midland. The party
was given on the evening ol April
V. ..
Lyndell Harrison was hostess to
a group of friends, with a bridiie
party Thursday In honor of Lynn
Kendall of Ashland who was visit
ing here. Two ioies were m
with high score going to Elisabeth
Youth Held
For Arson
EUGENE, On-., April 55
Donald Glenn Morgan. 21. was held
Thursday on a chaine of arson after
police and firemen investigated five
Tuesday night lire here.
Police headquarters reported
Morgan had been released from Uie
with high score going E!'bmt days ago where he went voluntarily
Campbell, secoi d high to"". HU,. being charged with selling
aooou, noiior 'V"C.i; . , v five minor New Year's Eve lues
ni. rmisol-Mlon to "F- Mlwinni. h(Tr
Enjoying the evening Betty by tho tim lu,lt. t,,.
iwi. tetiv rm.-um .. rl e u j ,,, ,'. , ..,...i i,jj
Smith. Thelma Abbott. Fay Schwi-! doill(rs U) (wo ,lwrtm.iu buildings,
berg. Ellabelh Campbell, m-nor ne WR,,0US0- empty home and
iwo cure aim iu irmKs.
Grand Larceny
Charge Made
1 Auhrev Luzell Moonev. IN), of Hood
River, waived a preliminary hcar-
uuim nil .tendnll ana nosiess.
Lyndell Harrison.
Last Wednesday evening Mr. and
Mrs. Herb Hadley were host and
hostess to a group of friends with
a bridge parly.
... ,nhi u-r In ttlnv during
the evening with high score, going
to aHrt- Jclioi-iibeiv and lo- io lni and was lodsed In the countv
Clark Abbott. Hljh for women went vesterdaV afiemoon on a charge
to Mrs. Jack Harrison and low to 0( anlmt un-enr. Justice of the
Mrs. Harold Powell. Peace J. A. Mnnoney set ball at
At a late hour refreshments were $500.
served to Mr and Mrs. Spike Arm- Mooney Is accused of stealing four
Strong Mr and Mrs. Harold Powell, ; wheels, tires and tubes from a car
Mr and Mrs Harrv Schoenberg. owned by Earl V. Lamb. 435 N. 9th.
.nrt r riark Abbott. Mr. and The car was driven away from
i vnelle Jane received her first Mrs. C. A. Sriith. Mrs. Jack Har- ; Lame is aonrcss April it, niici tout g
.tteJS2. ?JKSS ;iss Mr- "" M- Hwb md' SXX'ZXJ?. old
she and her mother returned from (e Moon,v hB(t been held In the clo
the WamaUiVnlleyhasp Tenty-one Boy Suts u ndeMhe tor wvtmi days Ix-fore being
the young lady had wped I leadership ' .b' p"''; traiv-ferred lo the countv.
scales at 8 pounds 14 ounces, bne is , smmaer. and Vere Patterson oi -
j.n.hi.. nf Mr. and Mrs. Di ,., iq tended the Lake' . . . ... ...
i nere is no cioseu season on
In Carloads
144? 1948
April 14 16 VI
April to date 34'J 359
Season to date 10,577 10,547
CHICAGO, April 35 () tU8DA
nilfllwa. nintitin 1.1, uii limn.
total U. 8. shipments 94U: supplies
iigui; iii'iiiniui kuum iui uroi, iiihikoi
firm with slightly stronger tendency
for red stocks: for new stocks sun-
plies rather liberal; demand rather
light: isaruct about steady with
sligluly weaker tendency: Idaho
russet Burbanks $4.15: Colorado Hed
K.cClui-es S4.J5 unwaslii-ii: Mluue-sota-North
Dakota Keil River valley
Ullss Triumphs $3.75: Wisconsin red
and white varieties $3 30 unwashed;
new stix-ks: Texas 50-pouud sacks
Hllss 1'rlumphs $385 washed. Call-
Inrnln lOil.iwtimri K,i,lrtt ittya u'ttlltc
S-i.35-4.40 tall U. S. No. II.
SAN FRANCISCO. April 35 !!')
tVSDAi Potatoes: Murkct steady;
no early sales.
LOS ANGELES. April 25 uP)
lUSDAi Potatoes: 31 care on
track; Idaho 15. Utah 17 arrived:
Idaho Russett offerings light, hold
lug for higher prices.
Los Anqeles Man
Held Here
Merle H. Croibv. 36-vear-old
held in the county Jail today for re
lease III i.iiiiimiun UlllVl'IB IMl m in-
ony charge.
. Information from UW Angeles re
veals that Crosby is accused of pass-
iiiK mifiun i'iirKn nirir. ih- .
rested at his room In the Wlllard
hotel at 3 o'clock this morning by
city police.
Crater Lake Mail
Bids Attract 5
Interest In the contract to carry
mull li r?rtilr.r tjtke nittlnlliil nnrk
between June 18 and October 16,
seven limes a week, is picking up
with five bid forms Issued so far.
P-lds will be oiv-ied May 1, postal
ituiiiui iiks luuuminc, nun m
nwnnied In 30 days thereafter. Bid
forms are sent to Washington when
they are filled out anil Washing
Ion will notify the person receiving
the award and the local post office.
We wish lo extend our heartfelt
thanks and appreciation for the
acts of kindness, messages of Vvm
paihy, and beautiful floral offer
ings for Friuick Smith.
MOC AIIFK Kuril tl KUmalh Vsllev
iHuuiml. Klsmalli rslli, On , Anvil U.
IH47. In Sfr. anri Mn. AUn Mim-u Jr.,
ImimijR litiutlits, buy, Welgliti 0 puunUt
IlKi'llkN Hnrn l Klumstli Vllv
liiutillal, Klsilistli rlli, UK., Alirll n,
IMf, to Mr. anil Mn. Joint flvt'litii,
SDrmu. Illvcr, On , a but. WtlglH; a
IMUIIlll uuitcvi.
ANUHIRII Bern al Klamslh Vallav
lmplll. Klsmalli rails, Oi, Am II ti.
to Mr. Slid Mn lult Andrlpll.
Mldlanili a girl. W'alglit: I pounUa II
ICENIIlrK-Bora al Klamalh Vallav
hiullal, Klamalh ralll, Ol., April ii,
U14T, lu Mr. ami Mm t'tam Iranlili-i-,
Mtfrrili, Or., boy, Walglit! T poumU
1111 olllli:aa.
SHOWN ' Burn al Klamalll Vallay liiu.
pllal, Klamalll I'alU. Ol. . April a
IU47, In Mr. anil Mra Allan Urown.
UIO Marlln, a alrl. Walahl: I poumla
Id nim-M.
Mr.RAI.D NKW, Hlamalk rallt. Ora.
imilAY. April II. IHIi hl !
Experlnient at New Jersey agil- A new plunt-kllllng ohem'cal
ouiluial experlmenuil slallon, New known as iNHA-a-lodo-S-nllro.
Brunswick, Indlcnte that feitlllseii beiwolo aclil-bclongs to tin ssin
do not harm eaithwotius. chenilciil family a
the daughter of Mr. ana , B1). lroop l9, attended uie "r-o ;
Leonard Norris. district camporee ai ur
The annual business meeting of cmp on Qv.arta mou,t",,?,.ur"
the Bible Standard church was held day and Suuday. April 19 and JO.
last Mondav evening and the fol- it looked like rain Saturday after
lowing officers were elected lor lhe noo but ,he weather cleared and
coming year, which will begin on ,as quite nKie for camping, al
July 1. Church officers, pastor. Rev. ,hough there was a half-Inch of ice
A C Grimes of Powers. Ore.: secre- , oll ttla buckets Sunday morn
tarv Mrs. Ed Harkey; treasurer, u
Reno R. Barnes; board members j gouy from Lakeview and Pine
Mrs Ruth Lewis. Earl Wade. Ed j attended the Cmooree.
Hkey. Jesse Mangum Sunday OW"
5i MniiBiim: f.ssisuint superin-1 Howard Campbell, district gnuier
mountain lions In New Mexico.
Na l.aaa al Tim
Permananl Rriolu!
Chlroprarlie Phrsirlan
Na. Ilk llhqalre Tbeatra Bldg
Phona iOUe
...,.r,t b.u A. o. Onmes: secre-
Ury-treasurer, Mrs. Ed Ludermau;
asslsunt, Mrs. A, C. Grimes.
Little two-year-old Janet Hall,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl
Hall, celebrated her birthday on
Monday with a party for two. her
self and Cherry Wolff. For the home
movies and refreshments her broth
er. Lyle Hall, and Bob KeUlson were
also present. On Sunday evening
Mrs. Hall had had a birthday din
ner for her father. George Freld of
Modoc Point, and for Janet, with
onlv the two families In attendance.
Week-end guests at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Les Hoback of Pine
Ridge were Mr. and Mrs. John Alex
ander of Bly. The two women be
came acquainted while attending
summer school last year In prepara
tion for their accepting teaching
positions In Klamath county.
Camp 4 W
Mrs. Elmer Wilson was elected
card club chairman at the regular
meeting of the club, held April 10
at the home of Mrs. Rltter.
The study club met Wednesday
with Mrs. Cook.
Mr. and Mrs. Rex Frost are get
4 ting settled in their new home at
-The men have been working on
the local ball diamond and 11 will
soon be ready for baseball.
The Traveling Card club- will
meet tonight. Thursday, with Mrs.
Dave McLaren.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Prescott, Mr.
and Mrs. Loren Chase and Mr. and
Mrs. E. Cruikshank attended the
nm Lakeview. was In charge ol ;
camping. The purpose of the meet- :
inn was to irain wc wo ,
raniDtng methods and sport&man- ,
iP . - v tt'nn the
award for the best stunt at .the big
fir. on Saturday night. The
Tiger patrol 19 won the coveted ;
ward lor ine u-i.v -
Camporee. Tlie Judging was based
..T r tv,Bi. famivslte. lo-
conveniences. sanuauyii.i".. -
cilitles. preparation of food, general
scouting behavior and participation
In the various stunts and contests.
On Sundav morning, church serv
ices were conducted by Rev. Al
Place, pastor of the Methodist
church of Lakeview. The subject
of the sermon was A Scout Is Al- :
wavs Prepared." :
The bovs all reported an enjoy
able week-end.
A.hiand barn dance Saturday
nInr- ., i
salmon iisniug "'"V.-.n
Lee Prescott the week-end of AprU
13. A good cascn was rci
The new books Just received and
the ones already In the library are
being Inventoried for the new li
brarian, Miss Davis.
Dr. M. C. Cassel
' Chiropractic Physician
Headaches, -Gas, Stomach
and Spinal Ailments
127 So. 7th St.
22.50 - 26.50
jl All Wool H
VM Harmonize tj
T 10.95 to 16.50
ym Winema Hotel Rlilr. JHfi
M 11JS Main Ph. BiC I
Pine Street at Fourth
VT Ji attllHfl it.. S
On You!
Dial 3278
For Sale
Seed Potatoes
Netted Gems
Cut or Drop
Blua Tag Drop Gemi
Whito Rot
Blu or Red Tag
Alio Drop Sood
Crawford & Wolfe
Tuletoka, Calif,
Phono 4441
K.U.H.S. Vocational Dept.
Accounting and
Bookkeeping Classes
To Start TUESDAY, April 29
7:00 P. M. Room 204
All bouki will be furnished. Knrulhiienl fee, J0 per hour.
For Further Information, Call 7595
Limited Time Only
5 Vard Load $J
Loam Top Soil
Free dolivory within 3 miloi of
Shaita Way and Madiion
CALL 4265
Klamath Concrete Pipe Co.
Final Appearances
T- ;
O Complete Fishing Supplies
O Fishing Licenses
O Complete Fishing Information
Get Your Copy of the Fishing Regulations.
Drop In and See the $1000 Map of Where
to Fish.
532 MAIN
a. .w
-'HHiiaiiaai m
Sat Night
Fine Stealu
Fried Chicken.
Dancinf 9 p. m. to 2:31) a. I
Merchant's Delivery
DIAL 7423
for Fast Efficient Serrice
7 Days a Week
Trunk. Btggage,
Appliance. Furniture.
Groceries, etc.
Fully Insured
232 Main St,
In Columbia Ala you got tha premium
of that dlstlnctiy-ainerenr w
Tho Tank" flavor whith can result only
from true top formontatlon. A light
ness, smoothness otcompltshable In
no othor way. It Is truly premium . . .
In ovorythlng but prlcol Next tlmo . . .
Call for Columbia.
Dollar Days
Leons TotS-MeetlS Shop
603 Wain
"Son Francisco's Favorite
Joaquin Garay
Phone 9063
For Reservations
Iron Age
Potato Planters
?: ' "ajaaiMaj
w mi i i - s
1 ;
This is the product which
Is made in St. Helens, Ore.,
and which has been told
all over the United States.
Brandenf els' Scalp and
Hair Treatment can be used
at home without danger of
soiling hat bands, bed linen
or clothing. The simple
directions are easy to fol
low. There are approxi
mately 60 application in
each treatment.
9 your air b belnnlnf to ect hr ago
cheer up! Our veteran mechanics will
give her the famous Motor Rejuvenator
Treatment, and keep her humming along
nicely until your new Chrysler it ready.
Here's what they'll do: (1) Tighten
Mnifold studs! (2) Clean end space
epark plugs. (3) Test compression. (4)
Teat coil. (5) Test condenser. (6) Adjust
distributor points replace if necessary.
(7) Inspect and clean distributor cap.
(8) Inspect rotor. (9) Intpect lead wire
far current leak. (10) Inspect ptiaaary
and secondary whet and tilth ten. (It)
Re-set ignition timing. (12) Intpect fuel
level, clean carburetor bowl, blow out fuel
line. (13) Test vacuum and adjust carina
retor. (14) Clean fuel pump sediment
bowl. (IS) Clean and re-oil air cleaner.
Bring your car in today.
Just Arrived
Immediate Delivery
Byron Johnson
CURRIN'S for drugs
Phone .m
or 173
9th and Main
Phone 4514
PHONE 7011