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Gilchrist High
Slates Dance
, OILOHRIST, April it The Gil
christ high schol Junior claim has
in plans well under way nd nearly
completed for .he annual Jmilor
nenlor prom and banquet which Is
scheduled for Friday night. April
As customarv the theme for the
Christ high school Junior class has
vent Is a secret known only to the
members of the Industrious class.
The juniors are getting some help
from the sophomore and freshman
classes by having six girls from
those classes serve. Those girls are
Clarice James. Virginia Garner,
Jacklvn Proko, Pay Evins. Alva Har
ris and Gloria Hyatt. Two choral
numbers, "Deep in My Heart" and
"Deep Purple, will be sung by a
selected group at the banquet.
The various committees working
on the staff are, dance programs,
Emma Chaves and Joyce Ui'iffln;
decorations. Doris Griffin and Allen
Guddat: Invitations. Tommy Hnupl
man and Eileen O Conner; dinner
for the banquet, Joyce Griffin:
table setting and decoration. Jo
Clela Check: program for the ban- i
quel. Ruth Kundingcr and Bobble I
The prom itself will be in the gym i
01 me iitgu school, music is to ue
furnished by Bud Russell and his
A New Dress For Nichole
J' f'.
You Drive-Long. Short Trips
Mot Yourself Save H
Phona 8304 1201 East Main
Caste System Out
In Gl Cemeteries
The army ordered today that the !
caste system ue abonsiicd in null
um' cemeteries.
A directive by Secretary of War !
Patterson ordered that no dlstinc-
tion be made between the location
of graves ol officers and enlisted
men tn new sections of national
"The policy of providing uniform j
burial facilities without distinction
as to rank or race of deceased vet-
erans will be effected progressively i
as new sections are laid out," a war
department statement said.
"Burials In remaining grave sites i
of established sections of national i
cemeteries will continue under pres- i
em policies until these sections are i
filled." '
Raymond Dairy
May we coll your attention to the new
double cops now being used to protect
the pouring lips of our milk bottles from
contamination. To remove this cop, give
it a half turn. The 'cap then is undam
aged and may be reused handily until
the milk is gone.
. Respectfully,
Raymond Dairy
467 Spring St.
Phone 3179
jr. m m
Little Mcholr Burjtoync plays fashion model while her mother, Mrs.
Fred Burjoyne. has Tisioiis of what the finished frock will look like.
Nichole is one of hundreds of little girls whose spring and summer
wardrobes this year will be the result of mother's needle and thread
if her mother is successful In finding the cotton fabric so much tn de
mand for summer wear.
Summer Seamsiresses Snap
Up Hcrrd-To-Get Fabrics
Truman Signs
OTC End Bill
WASHINGTON, April 24 irt'i
President Trillium Wednesday sinn
ed orders formally iiuull.il unit the uf
lice oi temporary conivuts ttiul
tinnsfeirlnit rent controls to the
housing expediter.
Mr. Truman's action calls for
abolition of OTC June I, but given
the lumslnn expediter control over
rents on May i.
Also on May 4 OPA's function
wllh subsidies and price adjust
ments w ill be transferred to I he
reconstruction finance corporation
and the dcpurtiucul of aurlcultlli'c
will take over price controls over
OPA's rent division has been
haudllUK rent controls. Under tile
order lilHHl Ol'A employes will lie
transferred lu the housing expedi
ter. Auolhcr I'.'ihi OPA employes will
be trarsfcrrcd lo (he department
ol commerce, which will take over
reumuilnH OTC funcllnns. Iiiiluil
lim liquidation or the civilian pro
duction administration.
in.a u. u aM,tva. k .ih r.iu, on. thi hskav, April u. itti. ''
Our aarney devotes llsclf exclu
sively to Ihe Illiniums of liiMiirunce.
K IX) NOT have any sidelines,
Let us Insure vnu rlRhl. Hans Nor
land. I'M N. tlth St. I'hone IIIHIO.
New Homes
St thast new houses
under construction
3849 Summon Lo.no
Phono 8980
Sandy Loam
Lawn and Fill
or loadod on truck at
1248 Madison
Ph. 4050
Summer seamstresses, despite the
tremendous increase in the price of
cotton yardage, are snapping up
every bit of the hard-to-gct fabric
almost before it hits department
store counters. The old familiar
ginghams, chambiays and percales
are sky high above the few cents
a yard of pre-war days, with the
quality better lhan last year but
still not up to par.
Cottons are being received in
Klamath Falls stores in greater
quantity than last spring, but the
demand is much too great for the
supply, and milady now finds her
self beeping for the fabric instead
of turning up a scornful nose at the
'oU"'l' c c loll 'is
she did a few years ago. The best
way to find cottons is to drop in
or call the shop frequently to keep
tab on shipments.
Of the materials which are avail
able in quantity, there is a wide va
riety of fabrics and lors. Plenty
of evelet embroideries, spun rayons,
woot and rayon erseys. dover
twills, and a number of washable
rayon types in an array of pretty
summer shades are to be found.
Crepes are appearing more often.
; but are stilt not plentiful. Of In-
I tere.st for those "diTssler"' dresses
' the price of pure silk hns dropped
to nearly half the coat at its ml-
. tinl post-war debut.
I On the other side of the fenre.
almost impossible to find arc satins
. and taffetas, satin twills for jiukrt
i and coat linings, organdy and
butcher linens.
Long scarce sanforized shirting is
; being welcomed back, and many wo
men are using it. as well ns cotton
gabardine, for7 stocks, jackets and
summer sports garb.
There are a few special types of
materials often used for formal
gow ns. including Swissdow n or
gandy, which differs slightly from
dotted Swiss, and plenty of rayon
net in a rainbow of colors.
Store managers feel that the de
lay in receiving materials is in get
, ting it from the manufacturer to
the shipper, and it sometimes takes
; as long as two months for a ship
ment to come through.
i The demand for sewing materials
is greater this year than last, with
an impressive increase in the num
ber of women making summer gar-
j raents for themselves and their
Accessories, particularly metallic
buttons and buckles, are again
available in a wide choice of styles
and. ot eo'trse. nief;il Miners are
abundant. Bias tape and rick-rack,
missing from counters for some
time, are again putting in an ap
pearance. As to the availability of sewing
machines. Klamath Falls seam
stresses will be lucky if they get
closer to a new one than a wistful
look at the fancy models "for dis
play only" in most shops.
All inall, the situation has Im
proved over last season, and with
the U5e of a little ingenuity in fab
rics, the famous old "Mitch in time
is coming into Its oun.
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remarkably low operating coihl
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roiet fteldl
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Convenient Cooking
Economical Water Healin
Silent Refrigeration
Quick Comfortable Heat
The clean fuel, delivered clean
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for full information
Medford Gets Two
Guard Units
MEDFORD. April 24 UP Two na
tional Ktiard units will be csliiblish
ed in Medford. Col. Cliarle.i A. Fer
Ix. commandms officer of the 186111
infantry. Raid today.
They will be "A" and headquar
ters companies, first battaliun. 186th
infantry, and will be part of the
4st division. They will Include IS
officers and 25S enlisted men.
Be wise! Place and keep your order with us for a new 1947 Chevrolet. Own the one
car that gives you BIG-CAR QUALITY AT LOWEST COST . . .
' In all these features, in all these waysl
410 So. 6th Phone 4113
NORTHWEST DU COMtCf Pf ARS ore a famous h-vft of ptowtf
Sotiefulnett. White thousonds of acres of poors ore grown annu
ally in this region, the do Cornice claims unique distinction os an
outstanding luxury fruit. The parent tree of this species originated
in Angen, France. Large du Cornice pJontings were mode in the
Northwest at the turn of the century.
One always
stands out
lATisrriMo I WlirXaBr &ie
Blitz-Wcinhard's fame, like its golden color, shines through
the years That's because people of good taste, who know
good taste, keep right on asking for it... the beer so good
it's guaranteed satisfying!
tilt AS KIN 6 FM ST 1
r name Guaranteed Salistint BEER.
trtAwist'iiwwivi,i4,t,isitsiittiititi tti tint 1 1 1 1 1 if-tt.t.i.1.
Utilities Company
Klamath Fold
120 So. 9fh St,