Herald and news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1942-current, April 24, 1947, Page 12, Image 12

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Fowers Jn Klamath
Experience Shows That
Wide Variety Grow Here
tvA uni.- tw u the Tint oi a
aerie ol two arucle. prPrrd by
ur. w P linn of Lakeshore Oar-
dens nursery Mid presented al a
ntini of Faculty Wives club re
cently at Fremont school)
Flowert are grown for two pur
Doaes: for outside adornment and
-.7. nnwAr fr tivudc decora 11 Oil
Some flowera lend themselves read
ily for both uses. The tall-growing
annuals, such as gladiolus, snap
dragons, salplglossis, asters ana
...r.ntr flnWfTUlfi bUlDS XXMtt a
rand display along the garden
path, as well as choice cut I lowers
for Inside arrangement, while the
.m.iw tvnua. such as sweet peas,
achlanthesus. goditia, pinks, pansies
and f orgeunenots make equisite bou
auets for medium and miniature
Growing flowers in Klamath Falls
Is not an experiment now as it was
34 years ago when I first came here.
it was tnen consiaerea a
Linnt to srow anything except
the most hardy types ol flowers,
but now we know that we can suc
cessfully grow most of the flowers
offered In the seea catalogues. nu -ever,
care must be exercised as to
tune of planting, so as to avoid the
late treeses.
Our planting season here begins
later than in lower altitudes. Some
annuals, such as sweet peas, asters,
goditias. clarkia, larkspur, salpiglos
ais and scabiosa may be planted out
aide as soon as the ground can be
worked. They are hardy and resist
late frosts. Cold weather does not
seem to hamper the germination of
the seeds. I have frequently noted
their coming up in the spring when
their seeds laid out aU winter after
falling on the ground in the fall
Zinnias, marigolds, balsam, nas
turtiums and other easily frosted
varieties should not be planted out
of doors until late May when the
APUL 24-30
Idaho's Rainbow Troot wiB
get a rousing reception this
week at the little city of
Sand point on U. S. 95 in
the northern part of the
state. This year, as in the
past, the red hatted citizens
of Sand point will celebrate
the opening of the Koote
aay Rainbow Trout season
with a week-iong festival
of special events.
Trout, dainty fish and a
mighty riser, win be in the
time light all over the West
about this time of year. He
Waitons, from every walk
of hfe, will soon be wetting
Royal Coachmans, Picket
Pins, Buddy Mites and
countless other varieties of
wet and dry flies in streams
all over the Northwest.
The flash of the rainbow
trout is perhaps one of the
greatest of fishing' thrills,
but other fish are equally
popular and plentiful in
this region. Bass, perch,
chub, catfish, and many
other finny favorites rise
to bait in the fresh water
streams of this fisherman's
Salmon fishing is another
leading outdoor sport dur
ing the spring and summer
months. Salmon derbies
1 are held in a number of '
' Puget Sound cities each
year, and of course the big
event of each is Derby Day.
The angler can find plenty
of interest in Idaho, Wash
' ington, and Oregon. Stream
waders, lake fishermen, or
salt water enthusiasts will
find plenty of sport in the
waters of the Northwest,
When you pack up the car
for that first fishing trip,
we'd like to suggest a full
tank of the new Richfield
higher octane gasoline. The
extra power in this great
new motor fuel will make
your trip a greater pleasure,
danger of freesitur Is past. They
(terminate quickly and are fast
growers, so do not take as much
time to flower as many other va
rieties do. Should they freese back,
replant them immediately and you
will still have a profusion of blooms
in August, and until frost kills the
Climatic conditions dttfer each
year, but nature sets the time to
plant when the weeds begin to ap
pear and maple trees to bud, you
know the ground is warming up and
It is time to start planting.
April showers bring spring flowers
Is always true in colder climates.
The spring rains melt the snow and
warms the soil so that spring flow
ers soon appear. Some years flow
ers come much earlier than April.
It was in February and March. 1894
and 189$, that I remember seeing the
prairies of western Oklahoma la
terally covered with what we called
"wind-flowers" a daisylike small
anemone in all the pastel shades of
blue and pink to white, producing
a fairylike effect on the landscape.
These charming little flowers seem ' oca
to have disappeared with the coming
of civilisation.
The propagation of annuals Is
sometimes difficult for the amateur
gardener. I would suggest that If
you have trouble in getting seeds
to come up. buy the growing plants
from the greenhouse and get an
early start by traiu.planllng them
to your own garden. The cost la
small as compared to the satisfaction
of getting just what you want to
create the desired effect.
The bedding plants which we find
most desirable for balcony and win
low boxes are geraniums, petunias,
verbenias. lobelia, agrtatum, pinks
and trailing ivy and myrtle. These
are not generally used for cut flow
ers, but owing to their compact
nature and constant blooming period
are most desirable where perpetual
blooming is required.
Petunias and lobelia require so
much time to germinate that they
should be planted Indoors in Feb
ruary or March to be ready for boxes
In May. I find It easier to buy them
from the store when needed. There
are three places which handle all
kinds of annual and perennial flower
plants: Klamath greenhouse. Mur
phey's Seed store and the Market
Basket. Siu Martot street.
Murder Trial
Witness Heard
MED FORD. Ore.. April 34.
The trial of Forrest Wilson. 30. on
a first degree murder charge In the
poker-game slaving of John B.
Camden. 36, Seattle, continued to
day after a witness had Identified
Wilson as the gunman In the hold
up. .
Orvllle K. White, who said yes
terday he had conducted the game
last November In partnership with
Louis O. Chambers, testified he was
near the door when the robber
thrust a gun through the door and
said, "this Is a scattergun."
White said the gun went off Im
mediately and that he struggled
with the gunmau but was unable
to hold him.
Six other witnesses previously
gave details of the game but none
positively Identified Wilson. The
state claims the defendant played,
left the game, and returned fur the
Highway Commission
To Finish Paving
PORTLAND, April 34 (An The
state highway commission advised a
delegation from Enterprise yester
day It was prepared to finish the
less than a mile section of road
linking Hint community with Lewis
ton, Ida.
Work will begin when the U. S.
forest service share of the project is
allocated, the commission said.
A street widening and bridge
project at Wlllamlna. to cost S40.0U0,
was denied the city.
Largest and most expensive library '
In the world Is the Library of Con-;
(tress. Its original cost was $7,000,- i
Blue or Grey
SUes 14 to 20
Oregon Woolen Store
New and Old
Reasonable Rate.
Call us for any of your
electrical problems.
SSI S. Slh
CAPETOWN, South Africa. April
34 mt The British royal family de
parted for Enulnnd late today
aboard the battleship Vanguard.
Irav'ng a cheering throng behind
on the docks.
COSM 'IOOK 1 IvOU 1Al.lt M
u eoa iHcM. o auto ,
tiriiMn a Nrwa. KUmaik ru, or. TiH'mnAT, ahi ii, hit, e.lt tw.i
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