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Kecent bride is
Honored At Party
MAI. INA brlilnt shower wim iclvcm raeiilly nt Hie Mnllii church
In hnilur of Mr. I'nul Wlillliilcli. Hie lurniir Hurbiirii Nvhnrt, by Mm.
t)hil liiiinllUin, Mm. John McCulloy, Mm. Clmrle Hpolok. Mm. doomo
1IIIIM mid Mm. Hliilllny Jnhiuum.
Flower decorated the tiililnn. mill puuilng (liirinii Iho evenlwt worn
Mm, Nimh Nylmrl mill Mm. Hurry lloollt, Mm. Wliltliitcli received ninny
beautiful iilft from Irlont'n In the comiiiunlty.
Oilier uuent for Ilia evoiilnu wero Mm. Effu Johnson, Mm. George
Hiimlley. Mm. Iliuel j'Ihiiiiihuii.
Amelia Hikhoii. Mm. w. w. imirx,
Mm. Merle Uiiinlny, Dorothy Limit
ley, Mm. ClarcMU'e Klrknulrlrk, Mm.
Hurry WIImiii. Mm. Crunk Vie
lorin, Ijorrtln Vein Meter, Clui'u
Mrn. Hurry llixilh, Mm. U. Hcott,
Mm. Hliliy Jellnek, Mm. Dewey
Hinlih. Mm. Itov Vim Mi'li'r, Mm.
Nonli N vl nut. Mm (lenrite Mli'kn.
Mm. Catherine (,'hnmlierliiin. Mm.
I,eitlle Unriih, Mm. Dob Henry. Mm.
j! Lliiclnev. Mm. Mcrvyn Wilde,
Mm. tester I'leri'e. Mrn. Jen John
non. Mm. Kl.lf Robert. Mr. John
Kreltim, Mrn. Jiiinrn Otloiinin, Mm.
Hubert Mori-lock.
Mrn. NiioiiiI Vnn Meter. Mm. Will
Clrulmin, Mm. O. II. Joliiwon. Mm.
Ivnn I'eliwwk, Mrn. drome Hroih
miFk. Mm. Clnii'llp Trye, Mm, John
llallev. Mm. rjlmrle Duiiciin. Mm.
Hose Duiirun. Mm. Itkhnrd Tiikmn,
Mm. Henry Varkiill. Mm. Vucliiv
Kallna, Mm. tenter Hi'lirelner, Mrn,
W. 0. IJulton. Mm. A. Kiillim. Mm.
led Evitiw mid Mm, Hubert Hymen.
I "
t ',.,
Hl new menibem, I'liylll I'olloik.
HhoiiiI Kulmik, Alpha Newton,
f uiiim Huiumk, Vereu Hubbuut mid
llnilyn llrown were Inllliiled Into
the auxiliary of the Veteran of
Forelwi Wnrn At Uie group' April
IB iiii'ctlnii, held III the city llbrury
At Uie next nevilon K Junior and
tenlor vice president will be Ill
stalled, The reMKiintlon of Pamela
Henry u patriotic Instructor ni
A Inrue delenallnn of member
from Uie Tuleluko VFW auxiliary was
present, tiuludliiK Mm. Kntherine
l.lllrd. Mrn. Marie Klrby, Mm. Vlr
llllll Went. prenUlem: Mr. Allro
ENGAGED is Marjorio Thorn
dike, daughter of Mr. ond
Mrs, Lcc F. Thorndike of
Croat Falls, Montana. She
will wed Harold M. Potterson,
son of Mr. and Mrs. James
Potterson of this city. No date
has yet been set for the nup-tiols.
22 Mr. mid Mm. Jiiine uiKiicy,
the new owner ui minium loanu
here, )Biil Hiindiiy Bl tlusciulu bum-
mil. rue iiuoiey are unm in
tensive Improvement on their new
property. A new electric Unlit plum
iind a new oil burner lieutinit plum
Iiiivb been purctuuicd mid will be
InntiilleU. Ilooin arc bolim lidded
on the third floor for the help.
New cabin will be added next year
when lumber become available,
Umlley hit nlo purchased several
new boul and motor. The lodge
will bo opened on May 10, with
Clyde rrunklln, brother of Mm,
Dudley, a manager.
Accompanying the Budleyn were
Paul Ackormann and two win.
Ackermaiin 1 a bunnies aiuwwiaui
,.i imrilev in. Ills Portland business
Nel Miller, neciion lorouuui ".,
Iia returned to hi work aiier iwv-
oral day aunence uuo vu a uwuj
k,i,imI niiklo. Ho wa relieved
by John Kill of McCrudle Hpi'lng.
Word ha been received that Mr.
mid Mr. L. L. Hull and children
are vlnlllng 111 Han Jono with relative.
Mm. Elmer Adklnuu wan a Port
land visitor recently. Hhe ulno went
to Astoria to vlnll her duughter,
Mm. Hetty Knoll. Mm, Knoll ha
moved to The Ditllc to Join her
hunbiind. Kobert Knoll, after Mr.
Adklnon visit. Knoll Is manager
of un oil company there, bul the
family wa unublo to obtain living
quarter when Knoll wa trun-
Mr. and Mr. F. A. Moody of Ku
gene spent Uiinduy ut their um
mrr home on Udell luke. Moody l
a lumberman In Uie valley city.
The nnow I dlmliilnhlng and the
renldenl are welcoming the firm
putchen of buro ground cen here
Unco the latter purl of October.
Many of Uie fishermen hero are
bemoulilng the fuel thul the flnhlug
in Odell lake will nol open until
Uie latter part of Muy, too late for
the early Dolly Vorden furring.
The women oi uuncaoe buiimiiii
met at the home af Mr, ft. L. Por
ter Wcdnenday for a cwlng bee.
The renldenu here are trying to
get Uie forel road from the Wll- I
liimette highway to Concede Bum-1
mitt cleared of mow. A petlUon
n -m t j
JUDY KAY is the young
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.
R. Brannon of 315) Bisbee
street. She is 14 months old.
Senior Class
Slates Play
TULELAKE, April 23 Grand
mother can nometlme learn more
through a keyhole than by going to
college a can bo proven in the
three-act lomedy, "Through the
Keyhole." to be given May by the
nenlor clu of the high nchool. Mr.
Lillian Pradkln I coaching.
Grandmother ferret out and ex
POmm two fake friend of her grand
children, poMng an wealthy young
fry who hope to marry a fortune,
nimpiy ay peeping wiruuan mo nu
In a door where a key hould go.
Mary Robertson win piay urana
ma Tlerny, David Crawford will
tilnv her arandAon. Jim, and Caro
tin 7.inhek will olay the grand
daughter, Mary; Helen Stoddard I
the French maid, Joanne; Bob Han
non. George Allen, a Xrlend; George
v,M,i wiiiinm. the butler: Pat
Klrkney. Genevieve, a friend of
Marv'n who hone to capture Jim,
and Robert Blrtwltle, Archie Van
Camp, who hope to win Mary.
mage manager win ow ncru
Altrua Group
Member of the Altrua group
Hurby, Mr.'virgliila Moc, Mm. Ellen j the Klnil Methodlnt church mot for
lllac-kwell. Mm. Kihm Thoiiipnou,
Mr. Helen June, Mm. l.lna Hontu,
Mrn. Dorothy MlnUer and Mm. Nlta
Mm. 'led Hopkliu. prenldcnt of
the Hogue Hlver auxlllury, wo ulno
guenl, and both ahe and Mr. Vel
poke at the enlon.
After Uie meeting the pont nerved
refrealimeiiU and Mm. Krauk Hnjcxek
received Uie eelal award.
Honor Guest
BPHAtlUK ItlVtlt Mm. Bonnie
Hrothrrion wa honored at a lark
hower on Tuendny, April 16, at the
home of Ida Htory. Mr. Ollle
Welch wu In charge of game, and
receiving awards wore Mr. Mildred
Young and Mm. llelll Thoma.
Mm. HroUierton ooened manv
lovely gifut, after which re Irish
men! ware aerved to Mm. Ruby
Runnels, Mr. Ruth Welch, Mm.
Ituby link and daughter, Bhella,
Mm. Lucille Craln. Mm. H. L.
Maerx, Mm. E. L. Jone. Mm. 1)1
lek. Mm. In Bhepard.
Mm. fin llnrouuh. Mm. Naomi
William, Irene Keleey, Mm.
tnancne Montgomery, Mm. sinei
:iara Karge. Mm.
Olady Pauolt.
Young. Mm,
lleui Thorn, Mm. Joyce Thonm-
aan. Mm, Siory, Mm. welch. Mm.
Krnentlne OrlU, and tilt gueat of
their regular monthly meeting,
Wednewlay evening. April 10, at
the home of the chairman, Mr.
W. C. Prenton. 1006 Portland Ureel.
AMlntant hote wan Mm. Ray
l.lndberg. Mr. Proton preilded
over Uie bunine teuton, after
which work wa continued on the
crupbook for the children at
uoemoecner noapitai.
Itrtrenhmeiitn were terved by the
honien to Mr. Paul Deller, Mr.
Eldred Putnam, Mr. Bruce Blnk
ley. Mm. Weley McNee, Mm. Wall
er Henidan, Mm. Victor Phillip.
Mr. Jame McLellan, Mm. Loy
Barker, Mm. Rhen Howry and
Maude WeaUierspoon.
The May meeting will be held at
wa circulated luat aummer to have
the road become a county road and
be kept free of, now during the
winter month. It la hoped that
now that the lodge will remain
open the year around that It will be
accenalble by auto o that winter
nporUinen can dilve to the lodge.
Tin area In attractive to many
nixirtn tan and the nkl allele on the
Junction of Uie highway and Ca
cade Summit road attract hun
dred of people from Eugene each
Sunduy during Uie winter month.
Kirnv mil Huvne and Peggy Tay
lor. Janell Boyd I In charge of the
program number tnal will ue pre
sented between acta.
The curtain goes up ai ocioca
In the high achool gymnaalum.
To Attend Rites
Mr. and Mr. John Rose of 1220
Bown plan to leave Thumday for
Lo Angele to be prenent for the
wedding of their daughter, Olle Lee
Rose, at 8 o'clock, Saturday.
Accompanying Uiem on their trip
will be their daughter, Bonnie Jean
and Beatrice, and the aunt end
uncle of the bride, Mr. and Mr.
Bill Brannon of 2639 Tumage.
The InvUlble ray of the un
are the mon deadly germ-xiuer
FFA Award To
Be Given
TULELAKE, April 23 Prexenla-
tlon of an award offered by the
California State Banker asnoclu
tlon will be made to an outstanding
member of the Future Farmer of
America chapter 01 tne luieiaao
high achool oy W. O. Hagelnteln,
president of the Butte Vallef State
bank, at the annual Father and
Son banquet to be given here Fri
day night. The dinner will be
nerved at 8 o'clock In the annex of
the Tulelake Community PreDyier
lan church.
Dick Moore I chapter prenldent.
Robert BlrtwUtle, vice prenldent,
Bill Jone, necretary, Bob Laird, re
porter, Ray Laird, treasurer, ana
La Verne Hemntreet, leader.
Mivon rvt'vr t
CHICAGO, April 23 P Douglas I
Maurer, , fell off hi bicycle on the
Rock Inland railroad track last
night and ocampcred to safety iut
before a train crushed the vehicle,
"My dad'll gel me a new bike,"
he axnured police, a though more
concerned about that than hi nar
row escape.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis' Frltach ' and
Mrs. Frltch' mother, Mr. Well, i
nrgAI.D NttW. Kl.msia mill, Or.. WtPNUPAl.a.r.M. IMI, t MIltM
entertained last Saturday evening In I who are home after ipendlnt: the
honor of Mr. and Mr. C. A. Poole, I winter month In Sarasota. Florida,
Beginning April 21t the following new Kur .
will ke) In effect mt
Dob's Laundryctto ,
Slf-Sryic Laundry
Monday nd Friday S . m. ! 10 p. :m.
Tuesday, WednMday Thursday .... a. m. t 5:10 a'in.
Saturday .. .......,..i...,...i I a. m. fa Xi'H
1719 Main Wmk,
laasified Ada Bring Roiulti known, ayordlng to scientist.
the home of Mrs,
niollt street.
Howry, 330 Da-
New Homes
See theie new houses
under construction
3849 Summer Lane
Phone 1910
-Opening Saturday, April 26-
Lake 0' Woods Resort
O Cabins for Rent.
O Restaurant Open.
O Grocery Store Completely Stocked.
O New Outboard Motors.
O Boats for Rent.
Lake has been
with Balnbewa.
recently stocked
And Stop Doftlnf Your Stomach
With Soda and Aikatizara
Don't fa-p" to trt tm rtlUf from hMulaHt,
our itomwh, fu a.nd bed braath by Ulrioc
mU And othrr llultxr tf U Um nun of
your trouble? (a coWlptlon. ...
la thit out, your rU UmiM M not in tn
tonurh at all. Hut In th lntwtioa) tract
bcri 80 of your food dicrtL And whm
th low part (U Uockird lood may fail to
ditt propwly.
What you want for ml rHIf tn
thlng to ''unblock" your lower intmtinal tract.
Bomethinf to dtan It out tflectivcly ndp
Nature f K bark on bar f.
Grt Cartar! Pilla rirht now. Taka aa dfc
rttrttd. Tbay ctmtly and effectively "unblock
ur difeatJva tnrt. ThLa pcrmiU all 6 of
atura'a own dirrwtiv iulma to mix brttr
vitb your food, rou atmuint mm irom
UdlctoB a you can (f rtalif good afaia.
atmuint rHif from
Buv Cartar'a Pilla today. "Unblock" your
tatwtlnil Uact for real ratiaf from iiulicavtioo.
Right you are . . .
Mother likes the woy
Men's Hand Laundry
does 'em. Tot's
dresses come back
smiling. And the cost
is very reasonable.
Phone 4360 for Pickup and Delivery
llth and Klamath
rhene 4SM
wiuianu, Irene :
Blanche MonUinma
ITaliky, Mr. Clan
Ivenell Btnry. Mr.
Hurylee Lake, Mr
April 26
Music by
Pappy Gordon
Dancing 10 Till 2
Admission 11.00
Store Hour 1:00 a. m. to (:30
Ninth at Pine
Phone 31SI
So gay
and pretty .
You'd never guess
they're for
Il'i time to wear the gayest, j
most becoming frocks you
ever owned! Sketched here
are two of Wards four brand
new styles, that are flatter-
, ing , , . young . . . concealing.
Rich floral patterns in soft-as-a-cloud
rayon that's clev
erly cut for "letting out.'.l
In lizri front 12 to 20.
Add tlii purchase to your
Monthly Payment Account,
y r 1
Sizes 12 to 18
Tune in Art Baker, 9:00-9:15 a. m., Monday through Friday, KFJI
ssjs iiniL,is iiBwsr;isi i, a;; ;,.'!!',',: yJ""
Sj - '-;
So Priceless Looking..So Low-Priced..
Sacony-Palm Beach
Cool, cool Palm Beach cloth stays crisp no matter how -high
tha mercury climbs. And thost sleek Sacony linn
have such a flattering, good-fitting way about thtm.
Perfect example t this lady-likt suit with Hi winged
sleeves, willow waist in lush colon. Misses' sii. Q