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    Pelicans In Second
Atf IHay ward delays
Locol Tracksters Top Two Events; Mcdford Repeats Title Win
By Edging Klamath Runners In Final Event of Annual Meet
KUCIKNB. April IU fl'j (In-iiou Mull school lnuk atlilrU-ii rut Ioomi III record-buatliiK performance it
Jw lentil iiiiniiul lliiywuid rrluyH ypnii-riliiy mill wlirn H' dul nettled cilit new records were on tlie
Diiokn mid Mcdfonl iiuntii n i liniiiploii ol i'Iumi A iwliool).
Mi'iKord won three event. eMuUllnhi-d two rocoid mid miiiwM-d Uilnl o( 00 polnu III mcliiK to IU
llltli llllo nl tlio inert liure.
The victory ciinm only In tint lnt event, however, wild the Mrdtord mile reluy Utm turning In t
record time iir ;i :M4 U mliiiiten to none out Kliiiuutli I'iiIIh,
Kliiiimlli FiiIIh win teiond with 54 polnu mid (.limit l'n nmde It Southern Oregon' dity by totting
up 'JU point lor third pliicu, Kliinmtli KiiIIh nnd tirnnU I'hmi ruch won two event mid broke record.
Tim oilier mliool tlnlalird like thin: ICtmeno !)': WiuhliiKtoii (Porlliindi ait; Bond 23; Jefferon
il'orlliindi 111: (Hunt il'oitliiiuli Id; Mllwaukle li; Heiwoii tl'ortliindi 1(1; Bprlngflcld, Corvnlll mid Lln
ruln (l'oilliindi 8: Commerce il'orlliindi II; Oretliiini; b'.i,; Hulrm 6; Primkllii iPortlnndi 4; iloonevelt
, Mm.., iniuboro 2; Oregon
K li: VLV
f Bytoe, SoaitodtifU Sports Editor v-j
Circuit Blows Spell
Victories In Majors
AwwUtrd I'rpw Hrl Writer
'' Awniullon with Hunk Clreenlierit nnd Itulpli Klner. the innjor
leuKtie. home run king, nppiurntly him become contiigloun iiinong the
ltl tiburuli 1'lrntc.
' Bonis of the ihiiliitnon' Jour-p'y elumii yeilcidiiy rubbed off on
four of Ihrlr trnminnteii who avnllrd tlienwlve ol five home run,
rnouiih to give the Nntlonul leiuiue lauding Hue u 12-11 victory over
the ClncliinuU Redo 111 o wild nnd wooly nlugfri.1 before t, record
I'ltlftburgli niieiilnii day crowd uf :1H.J 1 0
l.ed by Itookle Uobby Thomson nnd Hilly Ilimiey. Hie New York
(iiunu annulled out mx circuit wullopj to hiind the Hrooklyn Dodttcru
ihrlr Inlllul wibtM-k of the aenMUi A
iy-4 before 31 .MB Polo Oruundt Iun.
jntftlf miuiiimni, ii"'B'
flrnl bnnemiin, iluiniiird hi firnt
Imnie run oft winning pitcher Ive
Koala nnd rhlpped In with it tirotlr
fur hli beil hilling diiv III the
mnlor. 'the IJiKlnem were undrr
the direi tlon of Hurl Khotlnn. who
vtn autiied mi muuiiger only hour
before the smile.
ItiHikle Karl Torgeaoll of Sno
hnmi.il. VYmIi.. en)oyrd lerfr.-t
rtav with ft home run. double,
jungle mid two walk a the ltrave
tiularorrd the rlilladrllill I'hlla
In ltolim 10-7.
Andy I'nlko'a four-bugger m the
only acore made by the nullum Chi
cago Cuba b the world rhumplon
Bl. Uiul Curdiunlii. Iiehlud the
eight-hit pitching of Hurry T)ie
Cull Biochccn, whipped Uic Brum
Ted Wllllmiu mucked hl first
home run of the uon. with.two
board, to help Die Uoalon Red Box
letet the Phlludelohm Alhletlu m
Bhlbe prk t-3. Bobby IJoerr. who
got three for five. lo homered to
make It tiuy for Uuve (Bool KerrtM
to notch his (Hut pitching triumph.
Home rima by Hoy Cullentilne mid
Put Mnlhn ve Itrolt 2-0 victory
over the Clevelund Indlmin Virgtl
Truck belled Ked fmliree In .
hurling duet.' - i
With Rookie Outfielder Dave Phll
Iry belting triple, double and two
Inglca In four trlpx to the plute.
mid Johnny luxury combining with
Vrmnk PanuJi to nltch five-hu ball.
the Chicago White Box wored their
second traluhl ahuUiul victory. I
beating the Bl. LouU Browns 1-0 In
Led by l.arry (Yugll Herra. and
Charley Keller, the New York
Yankees, behind elght-hlt pitch
ing of Allle lleynohta, blanked the
Senatora In Washlnglon 7-0 for
the Nuta' third loaa. One of tho
2X.S79 apeelatnra Maa the nation's
number one southpaw, President
Harry H. Truman, who threw out
the tlral ball rlghthandrd.
Swooner Backs
Heavy Tangle
1X38 ANOEl.ES. April 10 eV
BubjKt to upprovul ol the Califor
nia alhlctlc commls.slon. Crooner
Frank Bluutrn suvs he hun urrnngrd
a mid-June heavyweight boxing
nuitch at Hollywood . Ollmore sta
dium between Jersey Joe Walrott
anil Joe Maxim of Cleveland.
Definite date and number of
rounds w ere not announced by I he
singer, who heads a group culled
Hnllywixxl Bquare Gardens. Inc. He
hopes to mulch tho winner ugHlust
Champion Joe Louis.
Joe Webster. Wnleotl's muniiKer,
an ul In Ciiniden, N. J., however,
Hint Jersey Joe had not signed to
meet Mnxlm.
BCAPPOOBE. April 10 (l'i Jim
Buker, IB-yenr-old Bcnppoose high
school pitcher, hurled n no-hlt, no
run baseball gnme here yesterday ns
Ills tenm defeated Rainier. 2-0. He
willed 13 baiters and walked none,
but errors by his tenmnintcs allowed
Uin-e Rainier men to reach first.
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W. 1..
1 000
Pittsburgh 3
Bl. Louis
New Yoik
Doalon 10. Philadelphia 1.
New York 10. Brooklyn 4.
Pittsburgh 12. Clnclnnnll II.
Bl. Louis 4. Chicago 1.
W. L.
New York
' Hu I.ouls
: Cleveland
I WojihliiKton
Chlcjign 1..SI. Louis o.;
IJewilt J. Clevelaml 0.
New York 7. Washington 0.
Boston 0. Philadelphia 3.
W. L
San Diego
.611 i
Bacrumento ....
los Angeles
Bun Francisco
Hollvw'ood .
..n, i
Sacrnmcnto 4. Oiikliiud 2.
Hollywood 3. San Diego 2.
Beattle :t-4. Los Angeles 1-S
Portland 2-2. Bun Krunclsco 1-1.
CHICAOO. Anrll 19 Charles
W. Bidwlll. owner of the Chicago ,
Cardinals professional football team,
died today of nneiimonla In Bl.
George's hospital.
Sore Hand
. Tommy I! en rich, tin u ally one of
the IiIr .Hlrkft of the Now York
V.iukees, oMjHhU, the . sore hu net
vhich is riicpttiK him out of tht)
j tm ;
City mid Aluuny
Class B and C schools begun com
petition tfKlay.
Borne of the records fell by wide
margins. Jefferson of Portland cut
111 seconds from the Iwo-mlle relay
in irk. and In the same event Med
ford and Commerce, finishing second
unci third, also bettered the pre
vious time.
Thrati arc Hie new marks:
Discus llrrb Nlll, Medford, 140
feet bi Inches. Old mark set by
Leonard Klnearaou, Oregon City,
137 feel Inch. Ill 1945.
Shut Put Relay Orunl of Port
luud. 132 feel 10 Inches. Old mark
set by Vancouver. Wash. 131 Jeet
4' Inches, In 17)41.
Pole Vault Lvle Dickey. Lincoln
i Portland i, 12 feet 2 Inches. Old
mark set by George Rasmussen,
Bend. 11 feet IP Inches. In 104U.
Two-Mile Relay Jefferson of
Porlliind, 11:34 8 minutes. Old mark
sol by Benson, 8:60.8. In 1048.
KHO-Yard Relay Omuls Pass,
1 :33.2 minutes. Old murk set by
Grunt, l:3fi.2. In 1II40.
Javelin Chuck Mlssleldt. Mll
waukle. 170 feet 4 ' j Inches. Old
mark set bv Dick Barker. Bprlng
flrld. HII feet 6'. Inches In 1048.
Distance Medley Benson of Port
land. 11:05.4 minutes. Old mark set
by Roseburg. 11:30. In 1946.
Mile Relay Medford, 3:34 3 min
utes. Old mark set by Vancouver,
3:3.12. In 1041.
Klnniulh Pelican trackaters placed
third In the shot put relay, third
in Die shuttle relay, second In the
440-yard relay, third In the Javelin,
first In high lumo relay, third In
dtiiaiice medley, first In broad Jump
reiav. second in me nine reiay.
The high Jump team was com
tiosed of Clarence Busaman, Joe
Zaroslmkl and Gary Dawes, and the
winning broad Jumpers were Tom
Kilwards, Bob Dodson and Irvln
The Pels are staying crier In Eu
gene for a track clinic today, and
also to see the B and C competition.
Shotton Choice
Startles Brooks
BROOKLYN. Aorll 10 (i The
Brooklyn faithful were still some-
867 : ocwiioerea loaay over ine ap-
Gtn polntmenl of mild-mannered Burt
'3't3 Bholton as manager of the one
333'"""" "ferocious gentlemen" for the
oob ' reason.
'um, I Following the suspension of Leo
; Durochrr by Commissioner A. B.
Chandler for "conduct unbecoming
a major"- lengue "manager." the
names of such famous baseball fig
ures as Bill Terry. Joe McCarthy
nnd Bill McKechnle were bandied
about as the possible successors but
Bhotton. a comparative unknown,
lunded tho Job.
President Rmnrli Rlrkv marl
inr nuninsing announcement just
before the Dodger-Giant game at
new xora yesternay.
Police Hold Man
In Murder Probe
ARLINGTON. Ore.. April 19 11
Police today held Jesse Dall Lawson.
47. Seattle, for questioning In the
slaying of an unidentified man near
the Arlington ferry landing yester
day nflernoon.
Ktate Police Officer Robert f!.
Buker arrested Law. son about a half
mile from the ferry approach. He
said ' Lawson reported he was a
member of a Spokane, Portland &
.Hen l lie railroad gang working at
Roosevelt, Wash. Although he gave
his address as Seattle, Baker said
he carried check stubs with the
name Ralph Harding of Eugene or
Roseburg. Ore., dated March 1.
The unidentified, victim was
.strangled. Coroner James Burns
Youth Gets Life
For Murder
HILLSBORO. Ore.; April 19 (4
Albert Jack Green, lfl, was to go to
tho slate penitentiary today to be
gin serving n life sentence for shoot
ing a man to rob him of $12.
A first-degree murder charge was
changed to second-degree murder
yesterdhy and young Green pleaded
guilty. Judge R. Frnnk Peters at
once Imposed the sentence.
The shooting occurred February
7 as Ralph Porrltt. Vancouver mu
sic salesman and father of four, sat
In his parked car on the lonely Ti-gard-Aurora
road. Six bullets were
pumped Into his head with, a .22
caliber rifle and his pockets emptied.
Ho had only $12.
Whether one Is using an antl
bncklnsh or a free-running reel,
remember that the whole cast Is
made entirely with a snap of the
wrist, timed to speed of rod and
weight of plug Sports Afield.
Saturday Night-9 to 1
"Music As You Like It"
Admission, 74c, Including Tax
Sponsored by Post 1383. V.F.W.
' . ' " ' f r
L f s ,
t . 4 t V 7 .
Myron McCormick. Boston Braves right fielder, tildes safely In to
second base in first inning of the opening game with Brooklyn at
New York City. McCormick beat Dodger Catcher Bruce Edwards'
throw to Becond Baseman Eddie Blanky (12. center) and was credited
with a stolen base. That's Brooklyn shortstop Pee Wee Reese backing up
the play. AP wlrephoto.
NEW YORK. April Iff Pt Little
Benny Leonard, the greatest light
weight of them all. came to the end
of the trail last night. Just as you
would expect him to in a fight
ring, wuh the smell of rosin In his
nostrils and the slide of the canvas
under his black boxing shoes.
The smooth Utile fighting ma
chine from uptown, who retired un
defeated as king of the lightweights
In 1924 Just about fighting himself
out of opponents during a seven
yenr reign, bowed out while ref
erecing a fight In St. Nicholas arena.
It was all over In minutes lor
the Sl-vear-old master of the ring,
He had refereed the entire Si.
Nick's card, as referees do in the
small clubs, had finished handling
the main bout in which Eddie Olosa.
a n up-and-coming Philadelphia
lightweight himself, outpointed Julio
Jlmlnez. a Mexican mauler. Then.
Marin Ramon, a Los Angeles wel
terweight, and Bobby Williams of
New York came on for the windup.
Two minutes of their first round
went by. Suddenly, Benny stag
gered into the ropes. He fell, fare
forward, with such force that later
they found a bruise, on hit fore- ,
Legal-Size Trout Being
Planted At Lake O1 Woods
An undisclosed number of legal
sized rainbow trout will be planted
In Lake o' the Woods next week, ac
cording to Cole M. Rivers of Grants
Pass, head biologist for Southern
Oregon for the state game commis
sion. The fish have been held at
the Butte Falls hatchery until the
road to the lake from the west side
was opened.
Warmerdam Back
April 19 P Cornelius Warmerdam.
assistant Stanford track coach and
only man to pole vault 15 feet, en
ters competition again today but
only on an exhibition basis.
Warmerdam is Jumping in the
8lanford-San Francisco Olympic
club track and field meet in an at
tempt to clear the 15-ioot mark for
the 45th tlrne
715 Series Rolled
LOS ANGELES, April 19 tt
Bowling's match champion. Andy
Varlpapa of New York, rolled a 115
series last night good for second
place in Individual standings of the
American bowling congress tourna
ment. His games were 236, 238 and
NEW YORK Eddie Glosa. 137 'i.
Philadelphia, outpointed Julio Jim
enes. 138. Mexico City. 10.
HOLLYWOOD, Calif Joey Bar-
num. 136' i, Los Angeles, outpointed
Memo Lanes. 136', Hermostllo,
Mex., 10.
No Loaa of Tim
Permaneat Reaullal
Chlrapraclle Pbyatetan
! Na. Ilk Kaqalra Thaalrt Bldt.
Phana last
Steals Second
IW less.1. w tyim W'Wt
rf i.. u'ati ;
4l iM ' 1n j- 1 i
''&".- .'. .
head. The old ring Inttinct must
have been with him to the end,
because almost as he hit the can
vas he tried to roll over on his
back. Just as a knock ed-down
fighter would do, to watch a
Dr. Vincent Nardlello. the state
commission physician, hurried into
the ling. A stretcher was brought,
and Benny was carefully carried to
a dressing room. But he was al
readv dead. Dr. Nardlello called It a
cerebral hemorrhage. In the death
certificate Issued later. Dr. William
Benenson, an assistant medical
examiner, gave the cause as cor.
nnnrv tlirombo.sis.
Thus ended one of the most bril
liant careers In fistic history.
career that saw the little Jewish
Jolter from Harlem, who was bora
Reniamin Lelner. win the light
weight crown from Freddie Welsh
In 1917. less than five years after
he first put on a glove, that saw
him on 11 vears from 1913 until
his first retirement without losing
a fight, except one he dropped on
a fnnl when he went out of his
class to challenge Jack Britton for
the welterweight crown in iva.
The number of fish to be planted
In Lake o' the Woods was described
as -sufficient. 7 to n incnes in
length and legal catches for the
angling season which will start next
Saturday. April 26.
The state game commission will
do the planting work.
Karl Bond, biologist, will be at the
lake all summer to study fishing
conditions, work at controlling trash
fish, and is to map out a definite
program of Improving fishing at the
Both Bond and Rivers have been
working at the control of trash fish
and have already eliminated thou
sands of undesirable non-game fish
which were about to spawn. This
destruction alone should result In
better fishing at the lake this sum
mer. Jack Dutcher and Tom Neely,
operators of Lake o' the Woods re
sort, report that the ice Is almost
gone from the lake and that the
road is quite passable.
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Chicago Ring
Gets Biggest
Fistic Plum
CHICAOO, April 19 IPi What
promises to be the biggest fight of
the year a return IS-round engage
ment between Champion Tony Zale
and Challenger Rocky Orazlano for
the middleweight cnampionsnip
will be held In Chicago between I
June 2b and July 15. .
Boxing observers predicted a gate
of at least $600,000 which would
easily overshadow the gross of 1342.- :
000 when Zale retained his crown
by flattening Graziano In the sixth I
round of a thriller In New York's
Yankee stadium last September 26. '
Chicago bid for the rematch when I
the fiery Orazlano's application for I
renewal of his revoked boxing license
was denied last week by the New I
York athletic commission, which ;
barred him for failure to report a i
8100,000 bribe offer.
The return bout was approved I
yesterday by the Illinois athletic
commission, a member of the Na-
tional Boxing association which does :
not recognize Orazlano s ban by the
New York body. The IAC required :
the managers of both boxers Irving .
Cohen for Orazlano and Sam Plan
for Zale to post a $10,000 appear
ance bond for the fight within 30
The last time a title fight was
held In Chicago was in 1941 when
Zale successfully defended his crown
against Al Hoslak in Chicago sta
dium. He had previously won the
title from Hoslak In Seattle.
Beavers Nip
Frisco Twice
By 2-1 Count
AP Sports Writer
The Pacific Coast league uennant
race today was virtually a dead
heat Involving three teams San
Diego. Portland and Sacramento.
Portland's Beavers, continuing to
confound the skeptics who con
signed them to the cellar, took two
2-1 decisions from 8a n Francisco
last night, making it four in a row
over the Seals. Sacramento, on
Tony Freitas 200th coast loop vic
tory, eagea uaktana, -i.
These doings lifted the Beavers
Into a full-fledged tie with San
Diego, which lost 3-2 to Hollywood,
and left the Solons mere 14 per
centage points behind the two pace
Portland got a pair of slick six
hit pitching Jobs from Jake Mooty
and Vince DiBiasi. Seal errors
gave Mooty the opening decision
over Jack Brewer, who together
with Frank Rosso allowed but four
hits. DiBiasi fanned six to edge
Bob Joyce, who yielded 11 hits, in
the nlghtcap.i
It was DiBlasi's third straight Im
pressive victory. The hustling Bea
vers earned It for him with two
outs In the ninth.
Rookie Righthander Clint Huf
ford checked San Diego with six
scattered hits while his Hollywood
mates made better use of five blows
off four Padre fllngers. It was his
second win and the first complete
pitching Job the Stars had re
ceived in 13 games.
Seattle's Rainiers battled nearly
five hours to annex a double win
over Los Angeles. 3-1 and 4-3. in
a wild 11-lnning thriller. Walt
Dubiel checked the Angels with four
hits In the opener.
Drew Chosen
Softball Head
Probably eight Softball teams will
be in action here this summer, and
Frank Drew was elected manager
ot the Men's Softball league at a
meeting of teams at the city hall
last night.
Sam Smith, city recreation direc
tor, was chosen secretary of the
league, and arrangements are being
made through his office for playing
space at Recreation park and on
one other field.
Play is tentatively set to begin
May 12. Lack of a floodlighted
field again this year makes it neces
sary to play twilight ball games
starting at 6:30 p. m.
Phone 3181
Cream in every drop!
nr.RAI.D Nl:wi. Klamath Falla, Ors.
High School Football
Latest Rule Changes
Won't Effect Game
' Football Coach. Klamath Union High 8ehool -'rl
A number of minor changes In
1947 none of which will change the game to any great extent hay 1
been made by the National Federation football committee, and that
state of Oregon has been asked to
auier mc complexion ui tile gumo mr Bict;vtuia. - j
That rule. If accepted, will allow any player of either team Ul
pick up and advance any fumbled
an IncomDleted lateral Dass.
Each coach in Oregon has been
experiment. I voted for It for this
The fumble rule will make the
game more spectacular the under-
dog team will always have that
added chance of scooping up a
fumble and taking off for a long
gain or touchdown. Linemen will
also have to be more alert.
Then. too. the rule would elim
inate the indecision as to who re
covered a fumble there will be
no doubt when one man. possibly
a tackle or guard, emerges from
the scramble and streaks off for a
The overall tendency, with thia
rule In effect, would be for
coaches to be more careful about
having the ball tossed around at
much in the past. If "man In
motion" plays are used at much
as in the past, there will defin
itely be more scoring.
My only objection to the pro
posal Is the possibility of more in
juries In the scramble for fumbles.
High school rule actions for 1947:
1 Substitutions. The wide popu
larity of the ' liberal substitution
rule led to the retention of the
rule for 1947 two subs per team If
clock Is moving, unlimited when
clock Is stopped.
2 Substitution rule violations.
On violations of the substitution
rule at the time the ball Is snap
ped or free-kicked, new rules will
let the ball go into play. Last
year the ball remained dead on the
assumption that it was not legally
In play because of the illegal sub
suiution. As an example, if a replaced
player should tail to clear the field
oeiore the ball is snapped, and if
the offensive team maxes a gain,
the gain may be kept. Last year
the Dall was brought back to the
scrimmage line for enforcement of
tne penalty.
3 Linemens position. Former
restrictions on position of center.
guard ana tackle nave been re'
moved. A player who is listed for
one of these positions now has the
same rights as any other player
for position at the time of the
snap. Such player may line up
one. two or three yards behind the
scrimmage line, provided one of
the backs is in the line to make up j
seven line places.
This is another step in the di
rection of giving the lineman more
opportunity to handle the ball. It
wlil be possible, for example, for a
coach to alternate a guard and a
nallback as ball carriers.
4 Ball in play. For a number
of snap or free kick Infractions the
ball will be allowed to go Into play.
Last year nearly all these infrac
tions resulted in the ball being
dead. The modification allows a
team to gain distance after an In
fraction. 5 Return kick. Two slight
changes were made In connection
wiui tne klctt return. In 1947 it'll
be okay for a team to dropkick a
field goal on a return kick if It
has a kicker good enough to take
advantage or the rule. This plav
won't occur very often, if at all.
but It gives encouragement to drop
kicking and kicking from a moving
Another modification permits the
kicker to advance a return kick
which is blocked. Such advance
Noon to Midnight
Sundays 2 . m. to 11 p. m.
' For Legionnaires
and Guests
221 Main Next to Willard
1 Saturday Night- ,
Surprise Night! i
We don't wont the
We want the
o O
Olds-Cadillac Division
OLDS TOWER 7th and
SATI XDAT, April It. !17, r Unas
the high school football code fori
experiment with a rule which nay
ball, except one which result from J
. 1
asked to vote yea or no on. tht) I
Snapp Okays
Portland Go
Tlrsal Snann will make his Port-1
land ring debut next Friday night I
at the municipal auditorium In a
six-round special event bout on)
Matchmaker lex sameias next!
fistic card. I
SnaDD Is slated to take on toitih.1
exoerienced Wayne Parker of Ta-I
coma. Parker has a long record of
middleweight victories in tne Nortn
wesU Two of the Coast's best light-1
heavies, Costello Cruz and Georgsl
Milllch, will headline the card. Cruij
Is the California!! who holds two!
wins over Joe Kahut, and la ratedl
as No. 7 In the country by Ring,
magazine. ; . I
Milllch, on the other hand, is thef
puncher who stopped Roy Hawkins"!
skein of triumphs. They will light!
10 rounds.
The eight-round semi-final nasi
Joey demo fighting Chris Oregon)
of New York, featherweight dlvlaioni
Bonneville Dam
Salmon Running
PORTLAND. April It UP) The"
best spring salmon run since 193
was reported today at Bonneville
Fish counters said the to tar of
Chinook salmon for the month haoj
reached 32.030, a figure that 0x4
ceeded the mark for any previous
corresponding period since the dam
was built. I
In addition Bonneville said April
17 established a record for single
day. 9191 salmon passing upstream)
7898 of them chlnooks. Hhe best
previous day for chlnooks was S22ti
on April 23, 1939.
Lew A Candidate
' CORVALLIS. April 1 UPy Lett
Beck, Pendleton, captain- of thi
championship Oregon State basket
ball team, is one of the nominee
for next year's student body presi
dent at the college here.
He and Bill Proppe, Fortlanel
were nominated by the associate
students for the April 30. election
will be permitted either team if th
recovery is made behind the ape
oi me kick.
6 Fair catch aignaL - The re
ceiver who wants to make a lal
catch, he will be reo Hired to hoi
his hand at full arm's length ovt
his head and wave it in a side-to:
side motion.
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UR finance charges always hava
been lower than those charged any
where else in the state. Our charge to
you on finance is exactly what it costt
us ... we do not expect, of want, to
make a profit on the finance charge.
We want YOU, as a satisfied cus
tomer, to come bock and do business
with us again.
Ask about our low finance on
Phone 4105