Herald and news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1942-current, April 17, 1947, Page 3, Image 3

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    Boyle's Column
f Deep Sea Fishing Urge
Breaks Out In The City
NEW YOKK, April 17 (fl'j There
In klriiiiue fever thin II mo of yrnr
that run through thin city of peiit
ip millions mid si-w.cs mora victim
than a plHguo in Unlliny.
U In tlio annual aubwey circuit
Uryo to go deep aca (lulling.
"Let's charter bunt," soma buay
uotly aiiuuoata to lielpleaa co-work-rrs
In ton thouaniid akyncrnper of
fices. And straightway the pabifaics
decide to to down to tho ana again
to tin lonely aim unci the aky Hint
have alruiiKled on without them nil
winter long, .
Two thlniia the Lord never gave
me were a rich uncle or dealre
to go (lulling. 1 think flailing la
calm, healthy, hnrmlraa and line
exercise. I like llkherinen loo. I
will lialen to them tell lull tales lor
houra and never doubt a word.
No Kacape
But I have no desire lo go flail
ing with thpin. And that brlnga up
the only thing wrong with all the
fishermen I know: Booiur or later
they Invite me to come along. They
love to Inflict their Hirt on unbe
llevera. And you can't earnpe them.
Ho I know that aome balmy morn
aoon t will have to aubway out to
eUieepahead bay or cauil a fuller,
man'a apm-lal on the Umg Island
railroad and clamber aboard a roll
ing boat with a couple of doien
other dime atore whalers.
It happens every year when Oer
man submarines aren't off the
The laat time I win trapped Into
a flailing expedition I didn't get
araalck for 16 mlnutea par for
Bheepahead bay. The amall aalllng
craft didn't amaah through the
wavea like a aeualble ahlp. It rolled
and wallowed, pitched and bobbed,
rocked like an uneven playground
"What you need la aomethlng on
your atomach," aald a nature lover,
lie hnndrd me a glaaa of warm,
auday beer and a mushy ham sand
wlrh with pickle. That flnlahed
what the boat had begun.
The reat of the day 1 aiient swal
lowing my atomach aa It shuddered
up and down my aplnal column
Ilka a Jerky elevator. U-u-p, down;
up, dow-w-n. U-u-u-u-p, dow-w-w-w-w-nl
Beneath the troubled aurfaca
the flab awam about unseen, aerene.
peaceful. I envied them aa I
dropped my baited hook Into their
twilight world. 1 would gladly have
bitten on a hook myaelf If aome
body would lust let me down gently
over the aide and never haul me
back into that boat.
Twa en One
"Lookl You got two flah caught
on one hook I" aald one tlaherman
t midday. "Borne (lulling, boy I"
Wonderful." I agreed, straight
nlng up from the other aide of Uie
boat where I had been feeding ma
rine life free fur 10 mlnutea.
Then II came I me to go home.
There were at leual two doten flail
aboard. The flahcrmen Blurted to
toaa them away. I objected.
"I don't eat tho dnrn thlnga,"
aald one man. "I luat like to pull
them In.
Ho two houra later I ataggered up
my home atulra aun-bllaUired, ex
hausted -carrying tho entire catch
In a wet gunny anck.
"Didn't you leave any In the
ocean tor next week?" naked my
aympalhetlo wife.
lor aix aaya running ane aervco.
me flail buked flah, fried flah,
broiled flah, alewed flah, I waa
beginning to bientli through my
ciua In the bath. Cata rubbed up
ngaluat me on the alreel and
howled outaldo our windows at
nlghta. The neighbors augueated
we luke an apartment In the Pulton
flah market.
Please don't anybody Invite me
10 go deep aca nulling tills year.
Umpqua Dragged
For Missing Body
KKKDSPOriT, April 17 VP) The
UniKUu river was being dragged to
day for a possible aecond victim of
an automobile accident which killed
a man Identlflrd by police aa Wil
liam T. Ardla. 21, believed of Scotla
burg near here.
Bute Police Officer Clifford John
son retried a Ford aedan bearing
a Texaa license plunged off highway
38 and crashed at the edge of the
river, pinning Ardla under Die
Papers belonging to a aalcaman
of a Dallas, Tex., electric firm were
found In the car.
COLUBA, Calif., April 17 W
Daniel met a lion yesterday and
couldn't understand why clrcua folk
laughed aa the Hon pawed him.
District Attorney Daniel E. Wey
and tripped over a clrcua stake to
which the lion waa chained and the
lion began pawing hla cheat.
When the laughing clrcua workera
pulled the lion off, they explained
the animal had no teeth, no claws
was Just being friendly.
CHICAGO, April 17 Pour squad
care loaded with 12 policemen sped
to the home of John L. Lynch on
hla franllo call for help. Upon en-
King Christian's
Condition Same
official bulletin aald today that
King Christian X, who auffered a
heart attack on Easter Sunday, had
spent a quiet night and that his
condition generally waa unchanged.
Crown Prince Prede.-lk told a
cabinet council yesterday that there
waa "little hopo" for the 70-year-old
monarch's recovery and physi
cians aald hla alrength was dwindling.
terlng his home, Lynch aald he
heard "threats" In connection with
the use of guns In an adjoining
The police stationed themselves at
the doors and ordered the "gunmen"
to come out. They did. They were
Lynch'a son, Chnrlca, 10, and his
friend, James McC'ormlck, 18, who
had been playing "cops-and-robbers."
Friday, April 18
Dancing to 1
Admission Couples 11.10
Ladles 75e Tax Int.
Hydra-Matic Drive
Is Easy To Keep Up
It's (Mat? ij keep it serviced
Hydro-Marie Driva does a great
deal FOR you . ', . but requires very
little attention FROM you. All that's
necessary Is to have us change the
fluid In the transmission every 15,
000 miles. (1941 and .942
models need changing at
10,000 miles.) If in doubt
about your Hydra Matic
Drive, come in tomorrow and
we'll check it.
Olds-Cadillac Division
OLDS TOWER 7th and Klamath
Phone 4103
Naselfe School
Head Quits
KAfiRLLE, Wash., April 17 fP
The superintendent of the Naaelle
schools and a board member have
resigned as the result of a strike
of high school students protesting
dismissal of two teachers.
Z. W. McCoy, the superintendent.
aid his resignation was the culmi
nation of minor differences with
the board over several years, but
Harry Larson, the realgned board
member, aald the strike repercus
sions had affected his dairy -business.
The student strike began after
dismissal of David Duvall. coach,
and Mra. Marian McKnlght, a
music teacher. The students re-
nr.SALD NEWS, Rlsmalk rails. Ore. THURSDAY. Aprlf IT, HIT, fast TarM
turned to their classrooms after
conferences between, officials and
Your assignment to duty after
completing the navy recruit train
ing will depend on the results of
your classification process and the
needs of the fleet.
PORTLAND, April J7 M The
Portland presbytery opposes admis
sion of women to the ministry, Dr.
W. L. Kllllan. clerk of the Presby
terian synod of Oregon, reported to
day. Classified Ads Bring Results.
4y g Terms
e Weighs anly pounds. Carry
H by hand a ever shoulder
Operates en batteries, AC a
DC current
Complete with Batteries
Famous Hllrertone
Table Model Radio
Push Button
Triple-tuned station selector,' 2
posltlon tone control. Built-in
loop antenna. Automatic volume
Portable Record Player
Beautiful Imitation Reg.
alligator cose. 39.95
This Event
Radio and Phonograph
C95 Sear,
f 1 Easy Terms
Plays 10 or 12-ln. records
Automatic Record Changer
Plays 10 or 12-in.
records through
your radio.
ij ' 'fc t1 '
Easy Terms
f) Instant Heat from 3 Wick Burners.
t) 3 Warmers Keep Cooked Food Hot.
0 Fully Insulated Oven, Deluxe Ther
mometer. A beauty that cooks a whole meal fast
and keeps It warm for only a few pennies
in fuel cost. Better baking In the larget
fully Insulated oven. In addition It has a
deluxe oven heat Indicator. Large storage
compartment, two concealed fuel tanks.
Rigid steel construction . . . beautiful
white enamel finish . . . ready to sparkle
your kitchen , . . ready to give you more
happy hours of better cooking.
Three-Burner Range
Insulated Oven 69.95
Utility kerosene ronge hat rhM
quick-heat 4-inch wlcklest burners.
White and black baked-on enamel.
Fadlilhn for cooking or baking.
Store Hours 9 to 5:30
133 So. 8th
Phone 5188
lSt 'mmjm ?Wr W.'W! 'jl r-lrrfMinr mi i.awlaii,iaaj -
1 T i -
H Ml n fl l 2-WayHlghChair
fj 6 t U ML 38-in.High 14.95
CemerH from high chair to play
able. Hardwood tWihed mo pi. or
waxed birch. Tray, foorrast odjutt
mM Height 38K inchet.
Unpainted Bed
Bed, Rail, ladder 19.95
Sturdily constructed, smartly styled
beds. Made of selected Thrift Craft
wood. Can alia be used at twitl
beds. 67-m. high; 39-kv. wide.
18th Century Mahogany
Veneer Kneehole Desk
Expertly Constructed U U
Bears Easjr Terms
The flawless workmanship, the efficient designing and
the beautiful 18th Century style makes this a desk of
distinction. Gives'added attraction to your best furnish
ings. Popular kneehole style. Has attractive serpentine
drawer fronts. Deep, roomy drawers.
Panel End Crib
54 x 30 in. Size 37.95
Good looking, smartly esodsiu crib.
Carefully constructed of durable
hardwood, finished hi ma pi. or
waxed birch. Sing l drop side. .
Inst raprlaf Crib BUttrtw 12.95
Steel Coil Spring
Helical Tied 16.95
- Provides flexibla maltreu support,
level platform top of steel bands.
HeBcal ridj hat side ttabifizert fa
prsvant sida sway. Enamel mwh.
Occasional Chair
Distinctive 14.95
Always In style. Attractive figured
SDtton tapastry, padded seat and
back, button tufted to keep shop.
Womut wood finish.
Platform Rocker
SmorHy Styled 74.95
Mod for comfort-cravat! PaMaeJ
bcjckjiwliant taprinq Wtod mat. tmm
HfvttyiphotsHr9&, Hoydwood ft ammt
xpoMd wood wotmfl flt-snlWd.
Cricket Chair
Hardwood Frame 9.95
Colorful floral pattern eovar. Seat,
bKfcplumpypadda. Widespread
logs prwnt tipping. Exposed wood
finished m ruddy staple.
jamas'i1'1 i' '
Choir and Ottoman
Two Big Pieces 59.95
Youl sink with pleasura Into the
spring-filled depths of this tilt-baek
lounge chair. Hardwood frame.
Handsome velours end tasMtsriaa,
3-Drawer Chest
28xl4x13Xin. 5.49
Place H wherever you need addi
tional storage space. Finish It to
harmonize with anyroom furnishing. .
Smoothly sanded Thrift Craft wood.
Unpainted Chest
Five Drawers 14.95
Add storage space to ony room.
Decorate this chest to suit yourself.
Thrift Craft wood frame. Balance
in masonile or plywood. '
Tubular Steel Chair
Chrome Plated 7.95
fccairlfutty styled ssmI chair has
ennrfort-curwd back) long-wecw-mg
artaVial leather cm teat cmd
, back. Easy to keep Oman.. .
Jumbo Hassock
KiaYrey Style 13.95
Comfortably padded hassock co
rtid in leather-liko Viny lotd plastic,
Hcwmoniias with any type) furnish
t9i utc twfrvd top. Burcjundy.
zmc wmzimm
r -v- v - "-vyj1 ' s'a n Jttmi' t 1 a. i' z-tm? Plastic Film Apron
Waterproof, durable,
cleans with damp
cloth. Blue or clear
WhitUln TeaketUe
Polished aluminum.
Flared sides, domed
top for quick boiling.
Carpet Sweeper
Adjusts to rug sur
face. Fingertip open
ing lever. Rubber
bumper protects fur
niture. S.9S
Square Clothespins
Tough, sturdy hard
wood. Smooth will
not scratch clothes.
6 dox. 39e
Maid of Honor thick
Ideal for vftamm-savinf waterless cooking. Extra thick walls ...
tlf ht covers allow these utensils to hold heat like an oven. Wide,
flat bottoms; cool-type plastic handles. ..."
I-qt. saucepan ... .'. 4.29
S-qt. saucepan 4.89
Dutch oven ...
Glass Coffee Maker
Whistle sounds when
coffee starts to brew.
Unbreakable metal
filter J.49
fit fMtmnay Jack"
4-qt. saucepan
Chicken fryer ..,
Drip Coffee Maker
Pastel color pottery
with aluminum top
V ana conee casket. -U
Starting Sunday
--... "Li's a Wonderful Life," starring James
CSCjUire Stewart.
PgS.ggU "Love Laughs at Andy Hardy," with Mickey
T "It's A Wonderful Life,' starring James
TOWeP Stewart
p a "Woman Chases Man," with Miriam
rlaie I Tee Hopkins and Joel McCrea, plus "Riders
of the Desert."
rJe "The Bowery," starring Wallace Beery
KulnDOW and George Raft, Also, "Trigger Tom."
Store Hours 9 to 5:30
133 S. 8th Phone 5163