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    Klamath Basin Outlook
Good For Spud Planting
During Year, Says Agent
- Four mlmiuy facturs arn Indiii'iii.liiu potato mower decisions In
itMUOCit to extent of auivaga t be plnntod In the Klamath Basin thin
season. A usual a few me soiirud un spuds. But production of koort
ylnldn f good quality polatws lias usually nmiuiKttl lo net a few nltkols.
Tim basin aiucl f''l unman! uvur H,A00,(HHI last year. Advent of (iprlnii
tends U) mellow oined dispositions. H is expneted tlint moiit irower
will plmll tip to ncrvaii allotment clcspltr shnrlnife of uood quality
need mid despite hort fnrlilltar supplies. The four tactors Hie, land,
nlli.liiH'iiln. niMid mid firllll.ri A filth factor In financing;. If nil costs
Ale ini'luded, mi Here of potatoes ropri'stnits un Investment of from KM
lp llu ly the time. Client Northern or Uoutliern Pacific start wheeling
out tlin production, , .
Apparently not very iiiiiny growers will over-plant allotment becue
government price support In to be denied In such case. Nolle of final
poluto acreage nllotinent was mailed thli week,
Kluiimth county's poluto acreage allotment him finally been Milled at
13.443 aoriu. Aa things look now about thai acreage will bo planted next
yrur. Perhaiis an addlllouul IIOOU aires will be grown In the Tulelake
auction of Hlnklyou and Modoc couuiles. ,
;; According to bent record aviilluble In the county agent' office baln
potato acreage wit IH.MIO In 1114(1, 2s ,0118 In 11)45, MMOO In 1044, 34,300
lit 11143 and MAID In 1IMX :
In prewar years llnatu acreime
figures lmw n 'J 16 acre In 1041,
iu.sikj in iimo, lu.iiuo in iu:iu, 'jn,o:i
in ifi:n, 'JO.UMi In lli:7 and less ihuii
llt.OOu acres for any prevloua year.
In I It JO potato acreage waa 0742
net en.
. Coat figures worked out by Klnm
uth growers indicate thul lat year
No. la and 3's could be pill on enra
for $130 ler cwt. In caara of 3110
sacks per acre total yield of uood
iiuallty potatoea. 1-ownr yield of
poorer quality run cosls H lo over
13 IX) III aome euae. III 103d 3IKI
Mirk ylelda resulted In f ob. coat
of 70c per cwt.
Land Iteady
rt.and 10 be ready for potuloea
It they are lo be grown profitably.
Ul general, the well drained, well
leveled anndy type olla In which
fertility hna been mnililnlned pro
duce the bettor ylelda of iiuallty
puda which reaull In grealeal pro
fit. In 1048 land of (hi kind rented
for 1100 per acre. HeiMirt thla year
llicllcale thai auch limd are rent
ma coiulderubly lower. In 1840
iltiite a lot of auch land cash reiitrd
for 3J. Hhnre crop rent ordinarily
NEWS and
Cooperatives Pay Their
Fair Share of Taxes?
Thla eubject will be debated Over
KFLW at B30 p. m., I'ST. Thurs
day, April 17. The debate resulta
from Die attack of Kulton Lewi
Jr., on cooperative. We believe
every point on cooperative tuxea
will be brought out. and Unit a
much better understanding will re
Mill. We almo.it envy the boy
representing the cooperative on
thla program, aa we would like lo
add a few word of our own.
i ItaHvrlvH - Tirvn
Nice ahlpment of both Just In . . .
top In quality and priced right!
i iMnilpUtHtvr
OihxI stock on hand I Also tome
10-18-8 fertilizer available.
"' CO-OP
Complete line of fnmoui Co-op
brand. A good assurance of high
production I
co-op y
Weekly News Events
- Noticed lot ot Klamath Fall
people at the annual meeting. We
Ike that! The board of directors Is
holding the next meeting at the
Wlllard Hotel the 19th. Like that
also I Means good ent. (Should rate
a cup of coffee far that plug.) The
Sioard Is planning on better service
or Klamath Palls. That' good for
Uio entire basin. Every day some
one asks, "Do you like this part of
the country?" Yes, this Is a great
country I Oraat people, and a grand
group of business men , . . and a
future for everyone I Far beyond
everything we might expeot. We
will be an ardent booster for the
Klamath Buln.
CO-OP ' .
Watch for this New Service
Column Each Thursday.
Homer M, Smith, Gen. Manager
Klamath Basin
bring land owner one-fourth of
the crop.
Fertiliser I practically a must.
Fertiliser trials on six Klainulli
farms In 10411 show Increase rang
ing from 00 lo 1H0 sacks per acre.
Trial in 11)38 showed approximately
the same Increaaea,
The six 11)40 trial allow that a
complete fertilizer Including potash
can be prufltubly used on many
farms In preference to tho cheaper
1(1-20 which Is the alundard ferti
lizer In (his area. Complete ferti
lizers out-yielded 18-30 In all 1040
inula except one. i
Complete terminer which showed
up well were Klamath Bpeclal
c 1(1-10-10 10-10-8 and 13-10-8. The
hater itm a home mix of 18-30 and
potassium sulfate. It did nol have
a unllurin texture and would be dif
ficult to use on a large scale.
Itates of application vary. Usual
ly grower apply fertilizer lo furnish
80 lo SO pounds of nitrogen per acre
on second year land. Till require
300 lo 600 lbs. of 16-30 or MX) to
900 pounds of 10-16-8 or 10-10-6.
Application rales are lower wnen
tpuds follow clover or alfalfa. Ap
plication oi lo-zu on sucn laiuis
rarely exceeds 300 lbs. while 10-18-8
or 10-10-6 are applied at 800 lbs. or
Fertiliser I'..
There I considerable Information
lo Indicate that beat use ot fertlllier
can be made by applying part at
planting lime and the balance of
the application later a a aide
dressing. More experimental work
must be carried In respect to this
before definite recommendation
can be made, One mistake made in
side dressing I damage to young
plant by application of fertlllier
too close lo the plants. Apparently
the side dressing application can
be well out from the hill.
A 330 sack yield of potatoea draw
on ine son to uie amount oi 143
lb, of nitrogen, 38 pound of P308
iphosphorle acid), and 333 lb, of
K30 (potash). Twenty per cent of
thl I used In the first 80 day
after planting. About 60 per cent
I used In the next 30 day.
By June 30 .potatoes planted May
10 will have used about 30 per cent
ot the total nutrient used during
the season. During the month oi
July 60 per cent of Die total use
will occur. During July tuber In
itiation occurs. In the period 10
days prior to tuber Initiation and
30 days following the heaviest rale
of nutrient absorption occur.
All this would seem to Indicate
that If side dressing 1 planned, 11
should be done before July 1. In
any case not- later than 50 day
after planting and about 10 day
before tuber start forming.
100,000 Hack of bleed
Around 300.000 sacks of seed are
needed to plant the county allot
ment, this year. The county pro
duced around 80.000 sacks of reas
onably good certified seed. Some
of It I better than reasonably good.
Your guess It as good as anyone
In regard (o what will be used to
fill the remaining need of 130,000
Of BOO acres of russet entered
for certification In 1846, about 360
came through with less than 3 per
cent leafroll. The planting slock
was quite good. Most of It was
Montana seed. But leafroll spread
ran up to 14 per cent In some lot.
Can you guess what happened In
ordinary commercial fields? Broth
er, It doesn't mean a thing that
seed I one year away from certi
fication If that I all that 1 known
about It,
Experience ha shown that the
laal minute ncramlile for seed get
a lot of Junk planted which In a
lot of cases turns out lo be pretty
hard to look at while It Is grow
ing and very often furnishes ma
terial for the weak side of a poor
argument with the Inspector while
It I being loaded for market,
Borne people still think net
necrosis Is a happenstance, But
Maine ha had a bulletin on leaf-
roll for years. Our pathologist
gal leafroll every time when they
plant "browned" spuds. A hundred
or so plant now allowing leafroll
In the Klamath Experiment Sta
tion green house came up , from
seed piece cut from locally grown
pud which howed "browning,"
wny try to kid youreii7
Spud Shipping
Season Wanes
The potato shipping season of
11)48-47 I rapidly drawing lo a
cloae. To date approximately 30
car remain to be diverted for live
stock feed making the total of such
diversion for the year omewhal
above 1380 cars. A few commercial
lot are atlll on hand but the next
few day should see them pretty
well cleaned out, While shipment
total for the season are not avail
able, It I believed that the total
will be somewhat Ins than last
year. It I Interesting to not Unit
while the dumping of potatoes was
general throughout many ootaio
districts of the United States, very
lew were dumped In the Klamath
basin. The few lot that were dump
ed were deteriorating pretty badly
due to wet rot, making dumiilng
absolutely necessary. No- potatoes
have been accepted for dumping by
the county committee unless de
terioration was pretty severe.
Salem Consolidation
Moves Started
SALEM, April 17 WV-The Salem
city council made Its first move
toward consolidation of Salem and
West Salem last night when a com
mittee wa appointed to consult
with West Salem officials.
The consolidation wa made pos
sible by the recent legislature, which
passed an enabling act. Salem I
In Marlon county, while West
Salem I acros the Willamette
river In Polk county.
Mayor R. L. Elfatrom also ap
pointed the council as a committee
lo atudy- whether the city should
adopt a business and occupation
JleAaM and AetM
Basin Spud Acreage Drops;
Big Wheat Crop Looked For
Prospective national potato acre.
age In 11)47 totals 3.300.0OO ai res as
compared with 3,624,700 acres In
11)41), according 10 uiiormaiion
brought out at a state UHDA coun
cil meeting In the county agent's
office lust week-end.
While the Klamath busln potato
acreage seems lo be considerably
decreased from last year, prospec
tive planting In the western suites
III general Is 81 per cent of 1046.
To Visit Here
TULELAKE, April 17 A. W. Lar
son, entomologist for the Pacific
Cluano company will be at the Tule
lake Machinery companv Thursday
and Friday to confer with farmer
on the Infestation of lygus bugs
that hes developed in thl area. The
Infestation has been found to be
heavy and Larson will make a sur
vey of field.
The bug, a sucking Insect, simi
lar to thrlps wintered here can be
controlled by dusting either from
the air or by ground machinery.
Larson will give details ol control.
The Insect attack flower heads at
the time the flower are pollinated
and thl Injury prevent seeds from
Larson plan to return In May
and an announcement will be made
through the columns of this news
paper on the date of his second
Devers Named To
Road Committee
SALEM. April 17 (Pi J. M. Dev.
era, counsel for the state highway
commission, wa advised today of
his appointment to the right of way
committee of the American Associa
tion of State Highway Officials.
The committee, which will study
practices of states In acquiring
lands for highway construction, will
meet in Chicago May 7-9.
Acreage totaling 440,100 acre ex
peeled for 11)47 compares with 645.
l')0 planted In western slates In
Outlook for a July 1 nationwide
carryover of 160 million bushels of
wheat I In prospect, Walt Jendrae
Jcwskl, assistant county agent who
attended the meeting reported.
The expected carryover I not
excessive but would be consider
ably larger except for heavy ex
port, Jendrzejewskl said, and Indi
cation are that export demand
through Indirect subsidies Is sup
porting grain prices at present
Production throughout the na
tion effect production In the Klam
ath basin, the county agent ad
vised, and wheat production 1 ex
pected to exceed one billion bushels
for a fourth consecutive year.
Thrce-bllllon bushel corn crops
have been harvested for five con
secutive years. Oat production ho
exceeded one and one-half billion
bushels for two years.. Food pro
duction In the United States Is 36
per , cent larger than pre-war.
The group discussed 1S47 acre-
age goal and prospective acreage
for varlou crop.
The USDA council Is made ud of
sute representatives of USDA
agencies operating In Oregon, and
hold regular monthly meetings.
The Aortl meeting wa held In
Klamath Falls to gain first-hand
information concerning the Hat
field potato starch and glucose
plant. It was held Jointly with
the Klamath County council. '
Machine Shop To
Open In Tulelake
TULELAKE, April 17 The Tule
lake Machinery company announces
opening of a machine shop, black
smith shop and repair garage In the
hnllrilntr nHiarnfc ta th enmnnnv
! headquarters, with J. D. "Doug"
Walden In charge.
Waldcn ha been with the Harris
Machine shop at Merrill for 19
months. He will have several as
sistant and Is prepared to do all
types of repair work with no Job
being too large or too small.
Seed Plane
Cracks Up
TULELAKE! April 17 H. C. Berg
man, flying a rebuilt navy trainer
plane for the Interstate Commer
cial Flying company, Davis, who Is
one of two pilot spreading sul
phate ammonia fertilizer for the
Wlnema Farms, pancaked his plane
Monday afternoon on sand dunes
near the Lava Beds and escaped
without a scratch.
The plane, carrying 800 pound
of fertilizer, developed engine trou
ble and Bergman was forced to
land. The plane came to rest up
right after making several long
Jumps through sage brush and mes
qulle, without serious damage.
Spreading fertilizer by plane is
an experiment here this year that
Is proving successful and 6200 acres
f qALD MW, Klsmslb' rails, Ors, THltaaDAf. April I7. IMT, Cat ThlMf'aa
of grain land that will be seeded
later In the month Is being pre
pared In this way. The land that
will be seeded to barley Is being
disked with tractors pulling three
14-foot drills following the plane
operations. Night and day oper
ation will require a 12-day period
to complete preparation of the
The planes fly 30 feet above
ground while dusting and fertlllier
Is spread through a propeller duster.
Seeding will begin about April 30.
Wlnema Farms are operated by
Lee Dixon, Steve Takac and Lewi
1919 First transatlantic, flight,
The navy plane NO-4 completed tha
first leg of the first transatlnntla
flight on. May 30. ,
734 80. 8th Ph. 4IT
Grown by Tupkerman
Broi. 8200 foot olora
tion. virgin soil. Ocean
aid test show fro
from discs.
i-mc; (nun ".WW mtti ,.- '.
Now Being Painted by ' ' i
1430 Klamath Ave. Phono 9271
Crews working In Bonanza, Tulelake, Malln and Fart ,
Klamath. We are available for country work Interior s
and Exterior Decoration. . ,, :3
The commissioner of Internal rev-!
enue has decided that the first
$1600 of pay received for drills,
lllghl, and other training duly by
members of Uie naval reserve may ,
be excluded from gross Income for
tax purpose. !
Pest Control Service
For Sale
Seed Potatoes
Netted Gems
Cut or Drop
Bluet Tag Drop Gmi
Whit Roto ''
Blu or Red Tag
Alio Drop Seed
Crawford & Wolfe
Tulelake, Calif.
Phono 4441
Let Ut Cut and Wrap Your Pork for Lockers
A. G. "Butch" Zweigart
427 Market St.
Phone 7060
Certified Netted Gem
Seed Potatoes
Size runs from 2 oz. to 5 oz.
This Lot Passed "Oceanside Test" With
No Disease Showing
Call or Write GEO. G. YOST
Phone 2968 Tulelake, Calif.
Draft Unit for Wheel Tractors
Drop in and let us thow
you the advantages of
this new draft unit. '
PHONE Tulelake 2171
i tlmimtVtt 1 . lit
Offering I
Weed Control I
In Grain ' B
On Ditchbink H
Insect Control
On Cattl
. On Crops
fro llmtlnf Groun Rita
Prompt Sarvlca Naaaoaabla Itatta
Tulelak Phon 201S
Klamath Falls Ph. 326
within reasonable amounts'
. Write or wire us regarding your requirement.
2nd and Hearst Streets
. Berkeley, California
f N V. '
mfmmmtv -st rggatm v. ' --i ' , w
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, -
Come in anil see our modern sliop facilities for faster
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farm machinery. See our system of following factory k
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This is the way to keep your machines working like new. .
It's the way to get all the extra years of use from the EN
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' "No Job Too Large or Too Small"
Tulelake Machinery Co.
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