Herald and news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1942-current, April 11, 1947, Page 7, Image 7

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MKRHILL, April 10 I.oval
Order of Mooao nifl In reKiiliir
icaalnn on April 1, wild pln-llon
of ufflwr. Elected lo office
rvcrc, iinvci'iinr, lilnmnl Keiiyon;
junior Hiivernor, Junic llrnd
ilinw: proliiti), James Cmiiihran;
secretary, Oivlllo Klffera; Iroim
urcr. John Sliill: Iriiatre, llrniv
Bhrrrlll; HUrry Wlnebiiruer will
irrvu a Junior iihI uovernor.
Tim new officer will serve re
freshment nt the next nieellnu,
which ha been the ciiatnin In
the punt, Installation will bo held
on Tuesday, April IS.
Mombem of the fellowship !
Rree of the Loyal Order of
lonao of Merrill und Kliunuth
Kalla. held ' breakfast meetlnu
nt the Klamath Full lodiie ban
quel room on Kimler Sunday, be-
flinnlnil at 8:31). After thn meet
ng meinberii attended church of
their choice. Fellow atlciulliiK
from Merrill were, Ivnn Icen
bice, Mpx Hartlcrnde, Kluiont
Krnyon, liny Van Meter, Wilbur
Nine and Hllery Wlncuarurr.
Women of Hit Mooae, Merrill
chapter No. 18, held their rcuu
lir meetlnu in the Merrill grade
chool biilhlliiK on April 1, with
Olevla llobba, aenlor rruent, pre
siding. The quarterly audit wni
. read and the report of stand inn
committee was heard by the
chapter. The riltin I lotlc com
mittee reported $IU made on the
upper dunce which wb erved
at the Broadway hall In Mallti
on March 2.V Member of tho
friendship deyrea will be enter
tained at a 1 o'clock luncheon
at the home of Olevla llobbi on
Friday. April 11.
The meeting wai adjourned
and member! of the chapter and
Loyal Order of Mooae were
eervrd rcfrcahmenls In the Odd
Fellow hall by the following
mcmhera, Olevla llobba, Herthn
Woodward, Lcona Strack, and
Dorl lcenblce.
An "Ambition Party" for
which Bueata will conatiune In
ambltlotia atyle la planned by the
Junior claaa of the hluh achonl
for all hluh school atudent Fri
day nlxht. The affair will be
held In the hlith achool gym'
Mra. Marie lUnaen, third
grade teucher, haa been ill at
home and Mra. Warren Fruit ia
Mr. and Mr. Tom Laird, for
mer realdent of Merrill, are
here for three week from their
home In Canny. Mr. Laird, for
mer owner of the drug ttnrc,
will be In charge aa pharmnci.it
while O. M. Cattleman, present
owner, and Mra. Caatlcman are
In Portland. Caatleman la going
north for medical care,
Mr, and Mra. Genrtfe K1IIM
and daughter Jean a pent the
Mi'H, Ncalor Kaqucdn und
three of her children, lauliel,
Jeaua und Ardcllu, returned luat
Saturday from a five monthn'
visit In Mexico, atnylrig with
relnllvea in Guadalajara, bun
I'edro, Column, Jupiilu and In
lle cupltul, Mexico City. In Sun
I'edro wu Mra. Eaqucdu'n grand
mother, an old wiinmii who haa
aeen 10!) yeara. The traveler
were cntlioidastlcally grcelud,
especially when the gifta wcru
handed out to thoac of (he family
who hud remained In Chiluquln.
There were lovely embroidered
Jackets, colorful scrapes, tiny
leather ahoea for the buoy dough
ter und tiny grundaon, pottery,
mualc, and all of thoae thlnga
which typify Mexican liundi
crufta. Sgl. und Mra. A. H. Nemeth of
Fort Lewla, Wuah., ure apendlng
hi army leave with her alater
and fuinlly, (he Anton .adlnaa.
Thev brought with them young
Clark .adlna. who had been via-
King hla aun( and uncle for the
prevloua alx week.
Tranaltman J. S. Sawyer,
working locally on highway con-
Eaater vacation In I.oi Angele
and other poluls aniith.
Mr. and Mr. Gene Hill re
turned Wcdncadny from a
week'a trip to Creacent City,
Kureka and Sacramento. They
were accompanied by Mr. Hill'
mother, Mra. Minnie Mill, who
returned to her home at Wlllit
after a vlalt here.
atructlon, fit w to New York the
flrat of (he week, called there by
(lie punning of hi father. The
elder Mr. Huwyer wu a gueat
here laat November during the
Thunkagiving holldnya and wu
formerly with Oregon atute
hlghwuy department.
Twenty-four duya, 7751) mile
und 1H alulea later, Mr, and Mr.
Hoy Cilengcr are home uguln.
Following route HO cuatwurd
they were Joined In Kvanston,
III., by their daughter, Normu
Lee, who wu beginning her
Kprlng vacation. In their loop
outh to New Orleana and back
(he trio Mopped to ace France
Bradley Wlnaton In Sheridan,
Ark., ate French food In New
Orleuua, auffnrcd from sultry
heat In Montgomery, Ala., and
low the atronghold of such not
able aa cx-Hucy Long, Senator
Uilho and Gene Talmadgc. The
two rival unique experience of
the trip were ualng an Inclined
railway out of Chattanooga,
Tenn., which wu much atecper
than the old one at Algoma here
In Klamth county, und riding
in a boat on Echo river 360 feet
underground. That wb at the
Mammoth cave In Kentucky,
Arriving In F.vanaton the par
ent vlaitcd a few claaaea with
their daughter, who la beginning
the term which, when completed,
i will make her "one-fourth a
doctor, (two yearr of (he re
quired eight). Traveling a more
northerly route home, the Glen
gcra reached Chiloquin laic Mon
day afternoon.
Local dcodIc have been very
much concerned for over a year
about the overpass bridge on the
Agency Chiloquin highway,
wondering how cara would get
up to that height in order to uao
die bridge. No more apeculntion,
Til in paat week giant bulldozen
got buay and have bultt up the
- m
KANSAS CITY, April 11 M'l
Kid get In the durndeat placcal
Police yeaterduy extricated flvo-ycar-old
Charle Stewart from
tho chimney of a buck-yard bar
becue oven after finding him
aecurely wedged in feet firat and
with only hla head allowing.
CHICAGO. April 11 (P) For
aeven yeara, Auguat Richlcr, 79,
and hla blind alater, Amelia, 80,
had lived In virtual poverty in
a aquulid south aide flat.
Yeaterduy, Auguat auffcrcd a
fatul hcurt attack and hi aiater
aaked a neighbor to aummon
"Thi i all we have," Amelia
approaches. All the local popu
lace must do now la wait for sev
eral month for the official open
ing of the new section of 07.
On Eaater night three babies
and seven young children were
baptized at the Methodist church
with the Rev. James Zellcr offi
ciating. The young ones were
June and Judy Wright, daugh
ters of the late Harold Wright;
Richard, Janet and Donna, chil
dren of Mr. and Mrs. A. E.
Clark; Micki Jo Wolff, daughter
of Mr. and Mr. G. C. Wolff;
Jcffrv Loy, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Loyal Heath; Charles Henry
Spicer, aon of Mr. and Mra. Hen
ry Spiccr; Clark and Sharon
Zadina, children of Mr. and
Mra. Anton Zadina.
told Detective Thomas Edwards
aa she led him to an old trunk.
Edward took the contents for
safekeeping (21,000 in currency
and $22,109 In domestic and for
eign docks and bonds. Richter
was a night watchman until his
retirement. .
The village board has decided
that the 700 inhabitants have
no need for a jail, ao they sold
It at auction for $373. There
had not been a prisoner here in
IS years and the village has had
no night watchman for 25 years.
Attend Season Rev. David F.
Barnett Jr., pastor of the First
Preabylcrian church, attended
the Southwest Oregon presby
tery session at Roseburg April 8
and 9. Also present were Mra.
Andrew Collier, president of the
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HKKALD NEWS. Kl.m.lh lli, Ore.
IRIUAY, April II, lull, UN!
Presbyterian women's group, and i Dr. George Wright, church elder,
a delegation of eight women Rev. Hugh Bronson of Tulelake
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