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entered as mean claaa matter al he pmtoffice of Klamath
rllfi On oriAugust SO. MOS. under act of comma.
' March t. 187a
Today's Roundup
AT the end of a legislative session in which
he gave an outstanding performance as
president of the senate. Marshall E. Cornett ot
ftianiam rails may uc rvgoiu
ed as a possible candidate for
the republican nomination for
governor in 1948.
Senator Cornett, who is in
offWt lieutenant covcrnor until
the 1948 election, has given no
r hint oI ambition toward the
I 'J governorship, but a size-up of
V!1 J the situation certainly points
1 I in that rlirwtinn if the Klam
ath senator and business man
intends to remain in and ad
vance in politics.
He is now in his second
term as state senator.
and has
desire of most politically ambitious senators
the presidency of the upper house. It is true
there are ex-presidents In the senate at present,
but for Senator Cornett, if he intends to bid for
further political honors, it would reem that the
time to step up is in 1948.
a a a a
Prestige Widens
SENATOR CORNETTS statewide prestige has
increased greatly in the legislative session
just ended. Around Salem throughout the ses
sion, there was warm praise for the Klamath
senator's work as- president of the senate. As a
presiding officer, he was alert, impartial and
firm. He won the presidency in a rather warm
pre-session contest, but his fair treatment of his
opponents in that contest won general com
mendation. The experience of the last session wiped out
the bitterness which developed in the previous,
sessions when Senator Cornett, faithful to prom
ises to his constituents, attempted to bring about
division of the 17th senatorial district in the
cause of equity.
As president of the senate, it will be Mr.
Cornett's job to step in as acting governor at
such times as Governor Snell is out of the
state, or if for any other reason the position
should be vacated. In case of the governor's
resignation or death, Senator Cornett would be
come governor. It is certain in that case he
would ruD in 1948 to succeed himself; it is
less certain, but a possibility, that he will run
in 1948 to succeed Governor Snell, who by con
stitutional prohibition cannot run for a third
term. "
a a a a
THERE has been a recent revival of the rumor
that U. S. Senator Guy Cordon may resign,
and that in such case Governor Snell would
resign to take appointment to the U. S. senator
ship from Mr. Cornett, who would automatically
become governor in case of Snell's resignation.
Vie are certain there is now no such "deal"
among the three men, but such a turn of events,
is not beyond the realm of remote possibility.
At any rate, it is highly interesting that a
klamath county man looms on the political
horizon as gubernatorial timber. In the Klam
ath country are many people who have known
Marshall Cornett as a genial fellow citizen, have
watched him grow in political stature and de
served prestige as a sound-principled public of
ficial, and would welcome the opportunity of
giving him home country support for the high
est state office.
News Behind The News
WASHINGTON, April 8 New dealers in the
past have tried to interpret the legal
guarantees of the constitution, flloeically and
unnaturally, by applying them socially, for in
stance. The constitution supposed that socially
you would choose what you wish, and can get.
The new dealers thought they could make
everyone equally acceptable socially a cruel
defect in their reasoning. Impossible of enforce
ment, equality could not be attained any more
socially than all people can be provided econo
mically the same. This was their common dis
Boy III After -Pet
Dog Lost
I Young Lloyd George Shipley
can't imagine a more wonderful
birthday gift than the return of
his dog. Tiny. Lloyd will bo
eight years old Wednesday, and
has been ill since the loss of
his pet. Tiny apparently got out
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In Prit.il
Managing Editor
achieved the
right to vote.
Thit was an
this a mistake
. tions will be just as confusing and vague as the
recent pronouncement by their new group. (See
yesterday's column). How can they define what
they do not know? Until they learn, they can
never be liberal.
The philosophy of the American system has
been corrupted to an unbelievable extent in
current thinking. The framers were particularly
wary about freedom of press and religion. They
did not say; "Only those newspapers supporting
. the administration shall have newsprint" They
did not say one type of newspaper knows it all.
They recognized there would be opposition even
to themselves then in charge of the govern
ment. They gave the opposition equal freedom.
On religion, the philosophy of the constitution
recognized there would be many sects, including
whatever the various framers personally be
lieved at the moment.
They did not say one religion knows it all.
They provided freedom for all, but particularly
for their own opposition. This is sound philoso
phy because their individual freedom really
could only be perpetuated by maintaining com
mon freedom. Those who create the sword shall
die by the sword.
The new dealers were always confused about
freedom and they nearly extinguished it by
strange and unnatural new interpretations in
many lines against the simplest understanding
of the terms. Dictatorship can capture this last
stronghold of freedom by similar means, utilizing
the framework of democracy to crush opposi
tion and establish one-party government.
of the Shipley car Easter Sun
day evening when the family
stopped briefly on East Main
The dog is a medium-sized fox
terrier, all white with black ears.
Her license is attached to a har
ness with white sewing thread.
Anyone seeing the dog is asked
to call Mrs. Shipley, 7131, or
., APRIL 8
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Just listen and be ready with the right
answer April 14th and 15th,
tortion of the constitutional guarantee of com
mon economic liberty to do things for yourself.
The constitution did not guarantee wealth
only legal right to pursue same. It did not guar
antee happiness only legal opportunity to pur
sue same. It did not amend all the greater laws
of God or nature but acted in consonance with
The new dealers might say these constitu
tional rights were granted only to an extent
and constitutional liberty was granted only to
an extent "compatible with liberty, justice and
economic security for their fellows." This is true
enough, but not in their meaning or In the il
logical deductive reasoning they draw from the
plain fact. Their reasoning destroys the plain,
simple original meaning.
You can see this in the following considera
tions: the constitutional guarantees were written
under the theory that the broadest possible doc
trine was necessary to provide freedom for the
individual; whereas the new dealers argue that
the least freedom for the individual is apt to
be necessary to make it compatible with state
necessities. The original constitutional theory
was that the least government is the best gov
ernment; the new dealers believe that the most
government may be the best go"' The
two theories are exactly opposit
Theory Unchanged
THE constitution did not pretend to be the last
word. It was amended before the ink was
dull and has been amended 22 times' since, but
it did have a theory which was never amended.
This was the theory that the voluntary actions
of free individuals brought better living results
than the actions imposed on individuals by lead
ers. One man could not know it all. To gain this
professed and desired result, It restrained indi
vidual liberty only to make it compatible with
the simplest common necessities of the state.
Freedom obviously does not mean a blank li
cense to individuals to murder, pillage or even
act against the simple common necessities of
society, to walk on sidewalks and not spit in the
street. We wanted order and progress and the
constitution tried to allow us to gain these ends
by installing a rule in which the restraints were,
on those commonly acceptable to the people
acceptable under their own free will. We passed
such amendments as the one giving women the
expansion of constitutional free
dom. A step designed to expand the original
theory in the common interest. Once we adopted
an amendment prohibiting the use of alcoholic
liquors. We thought a man could not have a
right to drink if he choose. We later considered
after some experience and re
pealed that amendment. Certainly that amend
ment was restrictive of individual liberty, mov
ing in a direction opposite the suffrage amend
ment. Prohibition was a contraction of individ
ual liberty, one we came to consider an un
natural one. The suffrage amendment was a
liberalization of the original theory.
a a a a
Confusing Definitions
SO I say until the professed liberals Jie new
dealers who have formed "Americans for
Democratic action" learn the meaning of the
words liberalization and liberalism, their defini-
contact her at home, 2035 Want
land. Where will I be 6ent for train
ing if I enlist in the navy in
Klamath Falls? You will be
transferred to the naval train
ing center, San Diego, Calif, for
12 weeks recruit training.
City Delivery Service. Ph. 8417.
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In Prises!
"I wish you wouldn't play
just before
The World
By Dtwrrr msckenzie
AP Foreign Affairs Analyst
This column really didn't ex
pect to get such quir?k and em
phatic confirmation of yester
day's prediction that General
De Gaulle was about ready to
come out for the political leader
ship "of France and that con
firmation by the general himself.
Our forecast was made in con
nection with a speech De Gaulle
made Sunday at Strasbourg this
one a humdinger which was an
outright appeal to the French
people to organize themselves
under his leadership. He also
made statements tending to con
firm our suggestion that he ap
peared to have subscribed to
President Truman's policy of aid
ing countries whose indepen
dence is threatened by commu
nistic aggression.
Political Bombshell
De Gaulle's forthright bid for
return to power will be a politi
cal bombshell in Paris. The pres
ent government is doing a pre
carious 'tight-rope act between
the powerful communists and
other leftists, on the one hand,
and the middle-of-the-road popu
lar republican movement and
rightists, on the other. It would
take a mighty light wind to up
set balance, because the strength
between left and right at the
polls is close to fifty-fifty.
For this reason government
leaders have been trying to keep
De Gaulle's rising spirits in hand
and muzzle him from making
political speeches. Indeed, on
March 30, after the general de
livered a semi-political address
at a memorial ceremony. Pre
mier Ramadier went to the ex
treme traveling a considerable
distance to De Gaulle's country
home to ask the latter not to talk
politics in any future official
commemorative speeches. Rama
dier explained that if the general
mixed politics with memorial
rites, the -government risked
"seeming to support such politi
cal comments." At the same time
Maurice Thorez, the communist
leader, in a speech at a red
meeting blasted De Gaulle as a
spokesman for reaction.
Exactly what De Gaulle told
Ramadier hasn't been disclosed.
However, the ex-premier did say
the general stated that he had
political ideas and intended to
express them. Such a retort from
De Gaulle is what one would ex
pect, for he is very determined
and brooks no interference.
In Sunday's speech De Gaulle
declared that if a new tyranny
menaced the world, "the United
States and France will stand to
gether in opposing it." Was he
talking about communistic ag
gression? He didn't specify, but
he is being widely interpreted as
meaning that.
PORTLAND, April 8 (Pi
Smokers' carelessness was
blamed today for the death of
one person and the injury of an
other. Henry Eicholz, 80, died last
night from burns suffered in his
burning bed April 1.
Mrs. William E. Griffith. 48.
suffered serious but not critical
burns when her bed caught fire.
Bring Your Watch to Us
We'll Repair It,
Not Experiment With It!
Our tUff of watchmakeri, all
factor? trainee! men, all I teen tea
and under auparrliien af a cerll
fled watchmaker.
a) Our Itt.OO abop equipment en
ablea at ( bava ar make any
watch part aod repair any type
af watch.
J awaaTa)w-C' y
WNf1 J)
so roughly with the children
their bedtime!"
Father Of Eight
Shot As Prowler
PORTLAND. April 8 iA'i
Arthur Richard Vocks, 49, futhrr
of eight children, was fatally
wounded last night by a .22 cali
ber bullet a sheriff's deputy said
was fired by James K. Trecarton,
22. Deputy Sheriff Dave Mc
Millen, who witnessed the shoot
ing while investigating a report
of prowlers, said Vocks was
smashing through the door of
the Trecarten apartment when
he was shot.
Vocks returned from the Aleu
tians two weeks ago after serv
ing with the T.iy engineers. The
report of prowlers was made by
Trecarlen's mother, the deputy
The Dick Kane trio comes to
'Stardust Meluciica" tonight. We
took them in the other evening
and found that they're a won
derful rhythm outfit, but a lit
tle short on melody. This is a
little of a handicap out here
where the populace wants some
thing they can skip to and hum
at the same time, btit all the
lovers of straight rhythm in the
basin are singing their praises.
Speaking on Klamath musical
tastes, we got a kick out of Kurl
Smykil'a siory of a guy who
I walked up to the stand at Karl's
I last dance, where one of the
I best outfits to be heard in this
I country for some time was play
; ing sweet, hot and smooth, and
I asked Karl if now; maybe,
wouldn t he play a schotlische.
Karl explained that ho was sor
ry, he'd left his tuba at home.
a a a
Listening to the "Shadow"
Sunday afternoon we noticed
that at the end of the program,
the Shade was careful to ex
plain that he had just happened
by pure luck to solve the crime
before the police . . . they were
almost as close as he was. This
is a tendency in several of the
shows recently. It used to be
that the private eyes were al
ways beating the cops to Uie
punch, then thumbing their
noses at them. The law enforce
ment agencies pointed out, how
ever, that this policy gave the
little children of the country en
tirely the wrong idea of the
i;iiy a rinvai, onu iiii-jr wure
growing up without any regard
for law and order. So now the
shamus are careful to tell the
little hoodlums that the cops are
almost as good as the "Green
Hornet" they just don't wear
the right colored uniforms.
(That's what the city needs. Pur
ple tights for police officers),
a a a
The Boston Symphony plavs
an all-Brahms program tonight
at 9 p. m. Opening the hour
will be the "Academic Festival
Overture" written In 1880 as a
present to the University of
Breslau. The second work will
be the Symphony number 4 in
E Minor.
Vacuum Cleaners
Lifetime Guarantee -Free
Telephone 9200
.DON'T WE ?,
LcVe GOT TO SEE WHAT5 jlf . (YOU SURE ? I 1 m' J)
The tUUtov
l.elteri printed here must net be
mere than 500 werde In lnlh, must
be written legibly on ONK Sills; at
Ilia paper only, and must be signed
Contributions tallowing loose rules
ere warmly welcamed.
The Editor) Note is taken of
articles In IleniUI unci Nuws re
garding loaning, or rather giving
some "four hundred million, tu
Greece and Turkey, to uso as a
buffer, against the communists. '
In one urticle. appears this state
ment: "Never in our history was
common sense thinking so buiily
needed in America as now."
How true this Is.
One wonders Just how much
of this vast stun is to be used
in safeguarding "American ml
company" interests, in the fur
rnst, as It is to fight socialism.
Why not really to make "I'l lvato
Industry" work?
Our most rabid radicals will
agree that if private Intliistrv
can supply full employment with
a gradually increasing higher
standard of living, with no war
or financial panic, for the next
15 years, it cun then continue for
any length ot time, free of any
danger of communism. How is
this to be?
Consider the "Lincoln F.lee
trie company," and the "John
son Endicot Shoe company,"
these ui'o both privately owned,
yet the workers own stock, have
an active voice in management
and through their slock and bo
nuses at the end of the season
absorb the major part of the
firufits. are free of strikes und
You industrial workers of
Klamath county note this care
fully, last year Ihc lowest puid
employe of Lincoln Electric
company earned together with
his stock and bonus, around
$5000. How much did you earn?
Yet private industry, this is Cap
italism. It Is now possible for a skilled
worker. In from 20 to 25 years,
to produce from two to three
hundred thousand dollars of
values over and above his board
and clothes, it is easily seen how
vital it Is. that the worker absorb
the major port of this money to
'supply buying power to keep
"industry going steady."
Wo now hove muchlnes, able
to produce In eight hours. thi
labor power of 40.000 workers.
A very few operate them, and
at times, just one man owns
It is not too farfetched, to
vision the coming of super ma
chines to do the work of a 100.
000 men in eight hours, oporoted
bv a few workers. Tho workers
must absorb the greater part of
these profits. They cannot be
dumped In the laps of btickwurd
nations, as free gifts, to keep the
communists from our shores.
Was American industry, or
ganized along the lines, proven
successful by the Lincoln Elec
tric and Johnson Shoe com
panies, a communist or radical
would be hard to locate In the
U. S.
U. S. chamber' of commerce,
please note. Our newspapers are
full of articles on atom bombs.
Here according to science, is the
final outcome of open warftre of
this dangerous discovery. "Re
lease minute particles of radium
active particles, to encircle the
world." Once taken in the hu
mon system they remain there.
These have the honorable action
of mutilating the future off
spring of both the higher forms
of life, as man, and can even ex
tend to the insect life of the
Be assured this knowledge Is
known to men of science, of the
Soviet Union, also bv all means,
in our power, is careful and com
mon sense thinking, needed at
this hour.
Blv Logging Co..
Spraguc River, Ore.
Tor V-Bclt Drivss that
will save you time,
money and machinery
be sure to specify "Day
ton." Specially angl
naerad by Dayton Rub
ber V-Bslt technicians
with many years of V
Belt experience. Dayton
V-Belts glva smooth,
quiet, and economical
power transmission un
der the most exacting
Klamath Machine & Locomotive
Mill Supply Department
Spring and Elm Telephone 5141
)(&0n;t BE AFRAID BABY--J .i D
HKMAI.U NKWS. Hiamet. Falls, Oro.
Questions Answered About
Setting And Rising Of Sun
Astronomer, Kitentton IllvUleu, Oregon
Higher Mutation s stent
From correspondents c o in o
these recent queries: 1. "Web
ster's dictionary Inlls us Unit
on Match 21 days and nights
are of equal length, but sun
rise and sunset times from the
almanac, on that date show that
the sun wus up six minutes
longer than 12 hours and down
six minutes less than 12 hours,
n difference of 12 minutes. It
wus up longer than down, even
two days before March 21. How
does this squaro with the Idea
of equality of days and nights?
If the sun hiul no more seem
ing width than a star, and If
the eiii'th hud no atmosphere,
then on the date of the vurnitl
equinox the sun would every,
where In the world set 12
hours after rising. Hut since
the average apparent width of
the sun from center. to circum
ference is 18 minutes of arc.
(we recall that 80 minutes equal
one degree), the upper edge will
peer above the horizon before
the center mid will lug behind
the center In selling. As til
mauiti'S give the tunes of rising
the Editor) Behind President
Truman's proposal lo hull Rus
sum aggression In Greece and
Turkey Is the Idea that boltl
action; if taken early enough,
can halt aggression and keep the
world peuce by the use of money
miri uiiimlii'H ftiriiiiilicd bv the
United States, llio reason ueninu
United Stutes pliuis for action
is this:
Russia's goal., whatever her
timetable, is a communist world,
Russia Is tho only country In the
world that Is a menace to world
peuce, but sho Is In no shape to
put up a shooting war now, of
any magnitude. Then why Isn't
it common sense unci reason to
stop her while she can be
stopped? What sacrifices the
American people would have to
make now would be nothing com
pared lo what it would be It
we hud to fight Russia when she
hud grown strong, to suy nothing
of a possibility of an all-out
atomic war. our top atomic man
tells us what that would mean.
In the event that Russia Is per
mitted to grow strong, a war
between the two countries Is In
evitable as time Itself. The effort
for world peace would be a fail
ure, the leaders know It, but
they won't admit, that Is, not
Sublicly. The plun for peace will
e revamped, Russia will be left
out, Isolated.
Now this, my summary of
world events, I think, is the
handwriting on the wall.
AMVETS S o'clock KC Hall.
Your Home
Should Be Protected.
auk. incrt;i
I i r.isbii.h.e ists
I 1
TDKSUAY, April I. I.t, rage Pout
and setting of these apparent
upper edges, sunlight will last
a little longer on Mui'ch 21
than will llin time tho sun's
center Is nljovu the huil.on,
A still U lea I er effect Is caused
by refraction of the utniospheie,
which at Ihu hoi'l.tin cuiises liny
heavenly body lo ' appear 33
minutes higher lliiin It actually
is. Since tho apparent width
of old Sol Is 32 minutes, this
makes h I s entire (uco aeon
aliovo the hoi'i.ou before any of
It actually Is. The sumo effect
keeps the sun entirely above
the horizon lit sunset, when
without atmosphere it would all
have disappeared.
The elft.'fl uf refraction Is
nicely Illustrated thus: I'ltico a
small coin In an empty dish and
get fur enough back that the
ctlge of the dish just hides the
coin. Have nillieone carefully
pour water Into the dish. The
coin will seemingly rise Into
view. Just us the sun apparently
comes above the horlnn when
it actually is entirely below.
Light lavs refract (bend) when
pusnliig from tine medium Into
another of different density.
This occurs, hi tint euse of the
coin, as tltu light from Its sur
face pusses from the wuter Into
the air: In the case oi ine sun,
us Its light pusses from empty
space Into air of constantly In
creasing density as It approaches
the observer.
2. "What Is the brltlluut star
In the ' south that dances and
swings like a pendulum? No,
it Is not lust in my eyes for
several uuin ucir n i mr numc
The stur is Slrins. and the
effects are atmospheric, simply
excessive twinkling sometimes
observed with bright slurs when
very near the horizon or when
the air through which their
light passes is very unsteady
and produces uneven refraction
Boats and
marine supplies.
Yet, those fimoui CORDS
are In stock at Drew's! Light
yellow shad.
5:45 pm
monday thru saturda;
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