Herald and news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1942-current, March 27, 1947, Page 11, Image 11

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Tlio y ung people's orgatiUa
tloii of the Methodist cluirt'li en
joyed an evening at Lewis' ilum
on Spraguu river on Thursday
evening. Tliv Iluv. Jiiinvtt Zvllnr
reported llmt the following at
tended tlir party, llnwurd I.u
dnnnun, Oi-iin llurkrr, Lou El
lon Nicholson, Dili Wuiniiler,
Ciletu Mathl. Hmno Mlnulo,
Georgia Prlelie, Bully Ulock
Hiiarr, l.oonard Smith, Hou-r
Wright. Ann mill J run McKell,
Wilfred mid J nun Loosdev mid
LeHoy Jr. and Hiinnlr (.Hunger.
tiny Stelgcr, who must under-
flu miilor surgery, leurtied un
i In recent trip to Portlmid thut
he would luive to wnlt for two
worka tu gain udinlnslon Into the
hosnlliil. As u result, he in id nil
i wile returned to Chiloquin thli
rtti .1.... I ..Ill I...... II..
filial Ilimnuuy uui will 11-nvv iiiu
end of this week to return to
Dinner guests ut the home of
Mr. und Mr. C. E. Kverllt on
Monday evening. March 17, were
Mr, and Mm. Llnyd Morris of
Lent, Ore,, and Mm. Kverltl's
Inter, husband and sons, the
, Leonard Allen fumlly of Kla-
' math Kails.
Pvt. William Zeller. mm of the
Rev. and Mra. llarlcy Zeller of
Williamson river, l home on
leave from hit cump. Two Ttmks
Kani'li Million at Pelalunia. Calif.
BUI la hoping for a discharge
before lonii.
Jim Wampler. ton of Mr. and
fiilher, hut returned on Monday,
March 24.
Mr. and Mt'. Kurl Ureear and
daughter, Mmgiirel Lee, of Mud
find, Mr. mid Mm. Dick Kran
enhuru and Mr. and Mra. Henry
KraiiriilHirg of Kluniiith Kid In,
and Mr. and Mra. John I.ntt
were Kueida of Mr. and Mra,
Charles Warren on Saturday
Conducting services u'. Iho
Open Hlble btantiurd church thl
pant Sunday evening were Mr.
and Mra. T. C. Kaiiimwiirth und
min Jimmy and Mian Dolorea
Wilier, all of Martinet, Calif.,
Mr, Skllf of Hnpld City. S. Dak.,
und Mlta Vlrglnlu Hlchurdx uf
Loa Angeles. The group was In
charge of both the young peo
pled meeting and the evening
church scivlcr.
A surprint; layette ahower win
given lor Mrs. Joe Ortla on
Wednesday evening, Murch 28,
at the home of Mia. Don I'otler.
I'lnni'liln und monopoly preceded
the tanly refreshments aerved by
the hostess to Mra. Clalru Tay
lor. Mra. Don Taylor, Mra. Ver
non Satley, Mm. Hnby Sever
aon. Mra. Norman Severaon, Mra.
Floyd lloyei, Mra. Leonard Wst
mn. Mra. Bub Cooley. Mra. Dona
lloffmuii, Mra. Hubv Klury. Mra.
Forest Kreld. Mlaa Rlllle Wude,
Miss June Klury, and the gueal
of honor. Mra. Ortiz, received
muny lovely glfta.
Mr. and Mra. Bob Heath apvnt
the week-end In the .Willamette
valley. Mr. lleuth attended a
KrlduV riemnnntrutlonul rudlo
meeting and the remainder of
Kridiiv evonlng: Mr. und Mra.
Lou Kelllson, Mr. and Mra. Eu
gene Hi'huck, Mr. und Mra. Kurl
Null, Mr. anil Mra. Hurry El
Holt, Mr. mid Mra. Uwlghl Kir
cher. . '
Evacuation bucume a well
known word during war yuura
and It waa used agiilu on luat
Krlduy when the planter begun
fulling from the ceiling of the
aeventh grade achool room. A
IihhI v retreat to the iiiuhIc room
across the hall wua uccompHahed
and will provide the home room
for the aeventh grader for at
leaal a week while repulra are
under way. Harold Ashley, Klu
math county superintendent of
achoola, waa In town Monday
conferring with carpentnra and
getting the work under way.
Ten of the 12 Camp Fire Girls
under the direction of Giiiirdiun
Mra, Jcmilc Muiigum took their
accond rank ut the Grund Coun
cil Klie held In Klamath Falls
on luat Friday evening, Those
who now hold the runk of Wood
gutherera urc Burburn Wcddle,
Clntidetlo Puruzoo, Marleno
Johnson, Mury Jo Oruvea, Ar
lenc Kiddle, Sharon Paraxon,
Jounne und Marllee Keyson, und
Ellen und June Huddock.
Mr. und Mra. Lou Kelllaon
apunt a week-end In Portland re
cently on a combination bualricaa
and pleasure trip. Kelllaon tra
veled north principally to at
tend the Copclund Yurda Lum
ber convention In the City of
Roaca but he und hia wife found
there wua free time In which to
enjoy the city.
Mr. and Mra. Eugene Schuck
apvnt Monday In Lukeview with
un eye open for poialble employ
ment and living quurtera.
A aurprlac party wua given to
celebrate the 17th birthday of
Ann McKell ut the home of her
parents, Mr. and Mra. G. D. Mc
Kell, on Monday evening, Murch
24. The evening wua a buay one
ua gumea gave way to dancing
und that In turn to refreshment
and opening of glfta by the guest
of honor. Invited for the evening
were Bonnie Glcnger, Remo
Mlnuto, Mary Monka, Dcun Bar
ker, Georgia Pricbe, Ray Sever
aon, Glfta Muthis, Bill Wamp
ler, Elene Pohll, Jack Jones,
Nola Hcmmlngcr. Glllia Hanni
gun, LcRoy uienger, Howard
Luderman and Ann's sister, Jean
Al Prcscott and Loyal Heath
Imve each received his private
pilot's license within the past
few days. They are even nv.'e
elated with their success than
are the lfl-ycar-old youngster)
with their brand new driving li
censes. Frank Savage, Southern Paci
fic accond-trlck operator, who
came out of retirement during
the war years, will leave em
ployment on April 1. He will re
tire to Paradise, Calif., where
he owna a lot and has lumber
for a home.
Irma Johnson will be on va
cation from the Southern Pacific
depot for two weeka. Bl I lie
Wade, whose clerk warehouse
man Job has been cancelled re
cently, will substitute.
City D.llrary Service. Ph. 1417.
HKBAI.U NCWS, Klamath falli, Ora. THUBSOAT. Mama It, tall, rat. ll.v.
Mra Pm,, I U'umnlnr re. ulv..,! Ilia ' the lime WU spent VlSltlllg Willi
dlsrliurue from the coast aiiurd Bob's sister, Mrs. Hetty Nelson,
on Monday In Seattle. Jim hna
been stationed recently at nan
Pedro, Calif.
Mr. and Mra. John Vaughn
and daughter, Dorothy, former
residents of this community but
now of Andoron, Calif., were In
town on business the' last part
of the week.
Lt. Palrlciu Zimmerman, who
flew to San Francisco this past
Friday, finished her offlclul bus
iness over the week-end, re
turned home by plane on Mon
day morning and will leave
again on Wednesday. She
brought with her aa a guest Lt.
Margaret Bohn. also a WAC
dietician, stationed at Lettermau
hopltal in San Francisco.
Mr. mid Mra. Leo Corson und
family, are moving lo Sweet
Home, Ore., this coming week
end. Mr. Corson found employ
ment there several weeka ago
but waited until spring vacutlon
for hla school age children In
order lo move. Ills daughter,
Mrs. Charles Stevens, will re
main In Chiloquin.
BUI Flury. BUI Robertson and
Melvln Fader, all of Medford,
were In town on Friday and
V Saturday of this week visiting
with friends and relutives. All
three boys formerly lived here.
Chief of Police Fenton Marht
was called from duty lust week
by the serious illness -of hla
ami Willi Mrs. Heath's parents.
Mr. und Mrs. Elmer Smith of
Springfield. Little red haired
lielludu Kay went along for her
flrat vlsll to her maternal grand
parents. Fred Fletcher and Paula Al
bert of Klamath Fulls spent Sun
day visiting nl the home of her
purents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Al
bert. Week end guests al the home
of Mrs. John Unlve were Mr.
and Mrs. Joe Dumont and
daughter. Agnes, from Myrtle
Creek. Ore.
Among the Chiloquin people
visiting the Lakeshore Inn while
the Deep River Boys are enter
taining were the following cou
ples, who went as a group on
To Every
Creed and Purse
Word's Klamath
Funeral Home
Marguerite M. Word
and Sons
' 2i Phone 3J
Ut itS great .
MS lvi y
Enjoy a bowl of tatty, golden
tootled Corn-Soya for breakfott
. . . ond have more leit for the
day. It's delicious . . . brings you
food-energy proteim, vitamim
ond minerals. Get soma today.
for Flavor
M P A C K t 0
Hit And Run Case
Brings Full Term
TACOMA, March 27 lP) Less
than 24 hours after he had been
apprehended for the hit-run kill
ing last Saturday night of a
Tacoma man, Patrick Nephew,
26, was sentenced today to the
maximum 20-year term at Wall:
Walla penitentiary for negligent
Nephew's automobile struck
and killed Henry O. Hanson, but
the youthful driver fled the
scene without stopping, he ad
mitted In hia superior court plea
of Bullty. A city-wide search led
to hia arrest and confession yes
terday. Police had but one clue in their
search for the death car It wai
rinserthnd as a "nniav PaikarI
It was.
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m tint was
Mum m
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a a
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verage Ib.O -
ta a as
Enter pastries
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recipes we have selected these to help
give- feative touch to your Easter
cups of aifted all-purpose flour with
2 lablespoona augar. 3 teaspoons
baking powder, and 1 teaspoon salt.
Cut in 6 tablespoons shortening with
2 knives until size of amnll peas. Stir
in I teaspoon each grated orange
rind and chopped citron. Break I egg
into a measuring cup and pour in
enough milk to make j cup. Add la
flour mixture and atir with fork until
mixture ia dampened. Turn out on
lightly floured board and knead
lightly for 2 minutes, toll out ! 1
inch thick and cut with a 2! i-inch
biacuit cutter. Place on ungre.iscdl
cooky sheet. Mark crows on bis
cuits with a silver' knife. Bake in hot
oven (450 F.I 12 minute or until
lightly browned. Fill croasea with
powdered augar frosting. Serve al
nee. Makes 12 hot crocs biscuits.
Make your favorite biacuit er
yeast roll recipe and roll out. Cut
with biacuit cutter. Allow yeast
dough fo rise. Make nn indentation
in bun with spoon and fill with Fruit
Filling. Bake in a hot oven (450 F.)
13 to 20 minutes, or until buna are
done. Serve hot Make Fruit Filling
by aimmering I cup dried prunes
and U cup dried apricots, sepa
rately, in just enough water to cover,
ntil tender. Cool; remove pits from
prunes and chop prunea and apricots
fine. Combine and add 1 S cup sugar,
li teaspoon cinnamon, and ! j tea
spoon cloves. Simmer for 10 min
ute. Make enough filling for 2li
doaen bams.
Colot lDftjt.t Drrerfrr
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