Herald and news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1942-current, March 26, 1947, Page 13, Image 13

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Chrlsllno Drown unri Mi'H. Mm'
Enrol Burnett milertiilnt'd tint
,iin ui' 1 1 Vullcy Woman's chili
I tliv parish Imiiihi' ui Thursday,
March 2U. St. Palrleka Day
decoration iii'l the party motif.
Milium I'utucck, president.
Called till" bllMIIU'HH hiulnc; 10
order, The club In planning ti
dance scheduled for April 12
lo ralao f itiicla (or Improve
nienU on Ihi' I'liuri'li and par
iah lliill. Women of Hit promt
will dnnatu refreshment. Mem
uer dlscuMd posalhllltlva o( '
Mint I till In tliti organization of u
P'J'A mi the ni'iir future. The next
meeting will Ik- on April 17
. when tin' club will meet ul the
'Community luill will Miiry Me-
Aulirr unci Ed i in Hood, IiojiIchiii'K.
Refreshment worn nerved lute
In tliu .iflt'i'iioor Present wer
Mildred Novolny, Clinrlntlii KHz
luilib, Bessie Fruitier, Jrancllc
Cinilnlii. Sti'llii Dclii'l, Phyllis
Rupert, Evelyn Scaler, Resale
Campbell, Ednn Hood, Dorothy
Adiiina. Miiry MeAullff. Itiilh
Mnureen Hons, 1 Initio Wulker,
Kvu Robert. Mar;' Ueurliorn,
Madge Monroe. Miiylne Hrown,
Mlrlmii Potucek. Mnrcn Hundiill,
Ronnie Fcrnlund, Margaret Mon
roe. Joint Miireiiiinl iind Corn
Lcavltt. Huth Willumii nnd Stel
In DeBel Joined the club. MurKe
Monroe received the contest
School Days
Tim ntncllim of the Degree ot
Honor, held In the KC hull Mnn
day. March 24, waa "Minnie
Davla Card Night." Thoao at
tending wore achuul dy cos
tumea and brouiiht nark lunches.
The arhool program Included
a iilz on the pollclea of tlm as
anclntlun. and provided Informa
tion aa well aa amusement. Plana
were made for the atata rally
to be held at The Dallea April
Pretty Teo
Emerald ahamrocka were uaed
to carrv out the St. Patrick'
Dnv motif at a pretty tea given
by Mra. Loula Botcna at her home
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'. V : v ..... ,r- g . . . 1
r( ' - ' ? ' " j ' M " i
UMi M ti "iHi 18 'utiitia tliiW litf'i t-lt" Airlf--A;- f 11 -ifim
NEW RESIDENTS of Mt. Hebron, Mr. ond Mrs. George
;titninn were honored ot o DOrtv in Dorris lost week. Be
fore her morriogc Mrs. Stevenson was Shirley Mazier of this
In the Weyerhaeuser diatrlct on
March 17 to honor her mother,
Mra. Jamea Flnnell, on her birth
day annlveraary.
The Ktieat of honor cut the
decorated birthday enke which
centered the party table.
Othera present were Mra.
Effle M. Caldwell, Mra. Ernest
D. Lamb and Mra. Lorcn A. Moss
of Klamath Falls. Oul of town
Ktionta were Mra. Hurry Welch
of John Day and Mra. Lurann of
Proapecl. both duuKiHcra en mra
Clnnnll- Mra. Kenneth R. Flnnell
her dauuhter-in-lnw, of Sun Ber-
narnlno, cam., ann mra. ucrnura
C KoRcra of Portland.
Senior Circle
On Kridiiv ofternoon. Marcl
21, Mary Kckatnin mid Mra. Kllli
Mullhewa unloriuineti mo nunior
circle of the Community Conre
Kiillonul church at Mlaa Krk
ateln'a home, 2234 Garden. The
hoateaaca aerved deaaerl, with
the place enrda In the ahupc of
Irian harpa, commemorannn si.
Patrick Day. Mra. Charlea
Hcvell. nrenldent of the circle,
called the mcetluK to order, Mra.
Godlrcy Matthew conducted the
devotional aervice, ana me nun
utea of the January and Febru
ary irn-etiiiK were read.
It waa voted to hold a piu aulc
on April S, the day before Eunter.
Mra. una iinK'ey ana mra. l.i.-o
Sutton will be In thare. The
place will be announced later.
Members read In turn purta ot a
book on India, with Mra. Bevell
auinmarlzlnu the acctloiui read.
AttendiiiK were Mnt.'Godirey
Matthewa, Mra. L. E. Henry, Mra.
W, Corey, Mra. rlU vance, jura.
Leo Sutton, Mra. Ona BaKlcy,
Mra.. William Laraon, Mra. II. J.
McGllvray, Mra. S. n. Berry,
Mra. H. S. Stone. Mra. S. H.
Goddurd, Mra. W. C Little. Mra.
Charlea Hevell, Mary Eckstein
and Mra. Ellis Matthewa.
SOC Symphony
Diacontlnucd during the war,
the Southern Oregon coIIckc
Little Symphony organization
held ita postwar debut In the
SOCK auditorium at Aahland the
evening of March 11. Directing
the H2-plcce group waa Glenn
Matthewa. Baritone aoloiat and
gueat artist waa Fred Ross of
Klamath Falls, who sang 'The
Americans Come!" and "Hllla of
The concert was the first of a
scries scheduled for the end of
each regular school quarter.
Opening the program was
Haydn's Symphony No. 104 in D
major, followed by selections by
Mr. Rons, and concluding with
"Dunne Macabre." and "Marche
Mllitaire Francaisc" by Saint
REaALD NUTS. KUimHk r.lll. Or. WBONRSDAT, Ku, M, IM,
sons of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Reginato of 3047 Boordman street.
Stella Dryden of 810 North
11th entertained membera of the
Thimble club of Neighbors of
Woodcraft at her home on Wed
nesday evening, March 19.
Gamea and refreshments were
Enjoying an evening at the
Axel Jacobaon home, 1615 Port
land street, last Friday were a
group qf friends of Eva Rae
Your claims are paid with a
smila. Hans Norland Insurance.
123 N. 6th St. Phone 6080.
Authorized Factory
Home Laundry
Factory Trained Service Men
Phon 6617
127 So. 6th
Jacobaon. Refreshments were
served to Mrs. Frances Hummell,
Violet Chinn, Nanette Schubert,
Neli Lindbergh. Mrs. Harold
Briscoe, Vera Hasey and Miss
r Mr. and Mrs. Ben Daniels, Mrs.
William Nichols and Carol Ann
of Redmond spent the week-end
at the home ol Mr. ana Mrs. joe
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Street of
Corvallls are spending spring va
cation In Malin. Francis is a
student at Oregon State college.
Edwin Stastny and Louis Ka
llna motored to Portland last
week on business.
Mrs. Joe Fabianek recently
underwent an appendicitis oDera
tion and is a patient at Hillside
Mr. and Mrs. Mervyn Wilde
entertained a group of friends
at their home Saturday night
with a pinochle party and crab
feed. Enloving the evening as
gueats were Mr. and Mrs. Louis
Kalina. Mr. and Mra. Edwin
Stastny, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin
Pctraaek, Mr. and Mrs. William
Ralnus. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Halou
sek and Mr. and Mrs. Emil Tofell.
High scores in pinochle went to
Mrs. Petrasck, Joe HalouseK and
Edwin Stastny.
Gary Halousek, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Joe Halousek, celebrated
his Sth birthday Saturday after
noon March 22, when a group of
his young friends joined him at
lis SMjtVI
500 Main
V i
his home for a party. After sev
eral hours of games, refresh
ments were served to Benny
Kalina, Corky Stastny, Carol
Ann Nichols, David Johnson
and Neat Halousek.
Malin schools will close Fri
day. March 28, for a week of
spring vacation, reconvening
Monday,-April 7.
Lee Petrasek, son of Anton
Petrasck and student at Univer
sity of Oregon, returned horn
last week-end to spend spring va
cation In Malin.
tee featura
tailored by
For the tali
Miss or Woman
t UNCM sum
Smartly styled
to fit and Batter
if you are about
5 ft. 7 to 6 ft.
(with shoes on).
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.feft JMb c(f)(: liL
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fSj' Come pick yourX . 0
. ' pet Easter Bonnet . JMjW