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    S. 6th Work
Nears Finish
'J'liii H. Dill alrvi't liii)i'()vuinciit
Jul), hluKt'xt i'liimtriicllon wl-up
(if 104(1, should l)f fully com
pli'li'd within tin' nnxt six wi'ckl
Hit Warren NortliwVsl, Inc., con
Iracliirs, In ex'('li'(l to send
i-row Iiitp uroiind April 1 to com
pli'to sidewalks unit put ai'iil
coal on tho avcimnit. Thin latter
Joh lilnittrs on continued Kiiud
wi'iithi-r, ..state hltihway men
pointed out.
Murk Smith, who hold tho
Hulittiilf contract, Innl week start
d the litHtiilliitlon of IlKhls hut
wan forced to hold up work due
to luck of equipment.
A stale hlifhwiiy survey crow
starlud. work ul Malln thin punt
week muklim a preliminary stir
vey fur wldenliiu the pavement
and Installing truffle separators,
the work tu bo done Mils summer,
The survey crew worklnit on
the proposed north entrance
route lias slaked us fur an pos
sible mid will not stake further
until eomjilclc pluus of the hlnh
way are In the huiidii of entil
peers, offlcluli ud vised today.
Legion Officer
To Speak Here
W. J. C'liamlierlln, director of
nutloiiul leen8 for the male
depurtinent of the American
l.i'Uion, will arrive In Klamath
Kulls Wednesday to address a
nieethm of the 40 el H, And all
officers of the I.i'Klon from
iieurljy communities.
All members of the Auierlcun
Li'Klon lire Invited to uttend this
special nieelliiK, and special In
vitations huve been Issued to the
officers of Mulin, Merrill, Luke
View and Tulclake posts.
Chniuhrrlln will outline and
discos the nutloiiul l.eulon pro
liram for nutloiiul defense and
preparedness, and promises an
luteiestlnii discussion In view of
the recent International developments
Girl Scout
Landscape Expert.
Fist Fighting
Brings Fines
TULKLAKK. March 2.1 Klat
fliilitlnn on the street brouiiht
fines enrly Monday nmrnluii In
police court to Floyd Slfrnhern,
21. and tilen E. Swann, :(1. They
were picked up Sunday nl(lit
and each paid $10 fine.
The city Jail was otherwise
vacant over the week-end. .
Intermedial Troops
Troop 2, Fremont nelithhor
hood, with Mm. James I'ennlner
mid Mr. It. W, Itockholt an loud
er, went on a nature hike und
then returned to their meetliiK
place for their regular business
ineetliitf. Kloreno Johnson wlis
Introduced to the troop mem
hers, Slie will soon lie a mem
ber of troop 2.
Troop S, Hnoicvelt nelulihor
hood, with Mrs. Lurry Wutklni
and Mrs. J. W. Van Doren, lead
ers, held Its regular business
nieetln. Fire Chief Keith Am
brose spoke to the troop. He dis
cussed the Evans fire and sev
oral bin fires. Two Klrls from
this troop won the first and sec
ond prizes in the local essay
content for the 7th tirade. They
were Frances Stenrns, first
prize, and Ann Newman, sec
ond prize.
Brownie Troops
Troop 22. t'ellcun neluhuor
hood, with Mrs. William Harris
und Mrs. llemurd Valk, leaders,
held Its reuular ineetlnu Willi
II Klrls present. The girls art
working on purses.
The program committee of the
Klamutli Falls Girl Scout coun
cil met In the chamber of com
merce. The Job of the commit
tee was studied and a year's
plan of work made out. Com
mittee member were asitlKned
Mclflc Jobs. Those attending;
were, Mrs. Huy MicftVl. Mrs.
Charles Stuck,- Mr. Paul Tan
ner and Mrs. H. (I. Fisher.
Troop 1, Brownlw, with Mr.
Doris Smith and Mrs. Muck
Johnson, lenders, held Its reu-
ular mccthiK with 14 Klrls pres
ent. The work of the Brownies
was discussed and plans for the
next meeting were made. The
Klrls sunu several somt and
pluyed lames, after which they
enjoyed refreshments.
Troop 2. Hrownies, witli Mr.
John Freltft;! and Teddy Steven-
- 7 L'
intension llurllculiUiUit
Oregon Ultttfl College
son, leaders, held It second
meeting, hlovcn girl were pres
ent to say their Hrownle Scout
promise. The Klrln lire working
on their Kutser curd project.
Troop I) und troop 4. Inter
mediate Scouts, held a Joint
meeting with 22 girl In all at
tending. The leaders are Mr.
Loyul Saunders, troop 3, and
Mrs. Dalton, troop 4.
Troop I), Altumont neighbor
hood, gave a parents' dinner
which was a big succt-is. The
girls served dinner to 140 peo
ple. All the food for this dinner
wus prepi.red by the girls them
selves, und the money to pay
for the dinner was also earned
by the girl. Troop 16, Altnmont
neighborhood was Invited and
wu In charge of the table dec
orations. After dinner the girls
gnvo a program under the di
rection of Airs. Olsn.
LAS VKGAS. Nev., Mnrch 25
Comedian C'hlco Marx, SO.
Iia-i announced that he i retir
ing from tile show business Im
mediately because of serious 111-ru'ss.
Garden Clubs
Sponsor Clark
llulpli Clarke, extension horti
culturist who will speak at gar
den club In Merrill and Klam
utli Falls Wednesday and Thurs
day, has an Interesting bark
liround for hi topic which will
be landscaping.
Clarke innjorcd In furin crops
and horticulture at Oregon
Stule college und graduated
with BS and MS degree in agri
culture. For eight years then he
operated a greenhouse and flor
ist business In La Grande and
for four year owned and op
erated a commercial truck enr
den und general farm at Cor
vulll. From 10M8 to 1044 Clarke was
horticulture Inspector with the
state department of agriculture
and until he Joined the state
college staff us horticulturist he
was production manager for the
L, II. Vaughn Jr., bulb farm
in Multnomah county.
Evangelist To
Speak Tonight
Evangelist Everett W. Evans
of Berkeley, Calif., will speak on
"How Will the Lord Find You?"
tonight, Tuesday, at the Church
of Christ, 2205 Wantland.
At Sunday evening's service,
the evangelist spoke on "The
Deccltfulness of Sin," pointing
out that many things of the pres
ent duy arc advertised as desir
able, but which lead In the
wrong direction. He stilted that
the evils of broken homes arc
undermining the stability of
American life.
Evans will speak at' meetings
which will be held through Fri
day at 7:30 each night.
I dent:
Helen Cowglll, assistant sttc
4 11 club leader, will conduct
three training schools, Murch
25, 20 mid 27, for 4-H club lo
cal leaders of Klamath county
according to Francis Skinner,
count" - ub agent. On Tuesday,
March 25, the training school
will be held at Mulin high
school In the afternoon. An all
day training school will be held
Wednesday, March 20, at the
Methodist church parlor of
Klamath Falls from 10 a. m.
until 4 p. m. The last school
will be at Bly on Thursday,
March 27.
At each school a general dis
cussion of the mechanics of
club worV, demonstrations, pro
gram planning and contests will
be followed by discussion of
home economic subjects.
It I planned that Mis Cow
gill will talk with several
grouos of 4-H club members In
the various schools in the
Thread the Needle
Thread the Needle club, cloth
ing I, was organized February
7, with five members enrolled.
The following were elected of
ficers: Patricia Walker, presi
dent; Nancy Pruitt, vice presi-
"""" We Go Anywhere!
Ralph's Mobile
Refrigeration Service
Cemmtrrlal and Hootcbold
tYaifalm Machine anil Oil Metier
Dependable Service
trhrn yea aeea II!
Salph I. roller Peine ltl
IIIOI titty Klamath rail.
Sharon Davis, secretary; i
Our leader Is Mrs. A. J. Maud
lin. All members have finished
their first project, a needle case.
Nancy Pruitt, News Reporter.
Henley Sheep Club
The Henley Sheep club led by
I. W. White met Sunday after
noon, March 16, at the home of
Carolyn Dickson.
After a business meeting,
songs, and yells, the leader gave
two pamphlet, one on "Dock
ing Lambs," to Kay O'Donahue
and one on "Castrating Lambs"
to Earl Mack Jr. These reports
are to be given at the next meeting.
Following the club meeting, I
Mr. Dickson crved refresh-1
ments to the club members. '
The next meeting will be held '
March 30, 2 o'clock at Richard ,
Hills home.
Betty Brandejsky, News i
Reporter. I
Henley Pig Club
The Henley Pig club led by
W. S. Barrett, met at Henley 1
high school office, March 18.
The meeting was called to or-
New Treatment
VVS Get Real Rets
Don't let rear ehfld sniTtr the torment of 1
Pla-Worol Todar. thanks to a special. I
medically recognized drug-, ft Daftly eee
um Ueaiment has bom made poeeihla.
fto watch for tho warelne stem, orpe- 1
eiallr lh mbarraasl&s ratal Heh. Get
lAYMI'S r-W rta-ht awar-'ind follow tho i
directions. Time amal!. m .to-taa tablets I
were developed after rears of patient re- !
search lo the laboratories of Dr. D. Jams
Son to act in a special war to reraoea
If s ears la tsiimalisr i P-W for Ha-WoneM
lir.RAI.D at NEWS. Klamath rails. Ore. TUESDAY, March M, (SIT, rt InM
tff-r oy tne president, Adam
Hoffman. The club pledge was
given and the minutes were
During the business meeting
the club talked where they may
find pigs or if anybody knew of
any pigs. -
- Francis Skinner, county club
agent, went over the record
books and passed out two
pamphlets to each member, one
on choera and one on tuber
culosis In hogs. He also dis
cussed milk as feed for hogs.
Barrett . discussed a dairy
judging contest to Be netd maroa
no . JH it..,, .. i
m miani nut Hiitiu a piaev,
Betty Brandejsky, Newt
City Delivery Sarvlce. PhTl417. J
37 S. W. rint Ave, rllet, OrwM
DONT Dig Up Your Sewer!
roe cioooto
Phone 5260
Electric Roto Rooter
Sewer Cleoning
Guarantstd not to hurt the line. No extra c-iarge
for Saturdays. Sundays or Holidays.
Friday Evening, March 28
in the beautiful new ballroom
511 Martin St.
Demonstration Dunces and Coronation Ceremonial will be
featured at this semi-formal fun festival. Tickets will be
sold at the following places:
I. eons, S25 Main St.
Wallan Motor Co.. 531 So. 6th St.
Saunders Market. 4839 So. 6th
Fifth Ave. Grocery. 3802 Altamont Drive
Master Barber Shop, 4243 Shasta Way
Admission' 90c per Person, Tax Inc.
Come and have a good time with us.
lyjinllivllivlll lyJliY
uim rau j &
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GEM Seed Potatoes
Grown at Macdoel from
Art Small Montana Seed
O-0-O Reading from field Inspections
and Oceanslde, Calif., growing test.
Wanted to Buy
We want your potatoes either
large or small lots.
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