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Allis-Chalmers, Longest
Strike In History Of US,
Ends With No Settlement
MILWAUKEE, Mnieli 24 rl'l
THn Immi'Nt tiuilor strlku In 1 li
nnllnn, UAVVCIO Infill 211
bijlor and spiiaiiimlluMlly bloody
lfiillill nl the lioini- plmit of
the Allls-C'liiilint'rs Miiiiufni'Uir
liitt i'(iiiiiiiny, eiulrd wltlmiit
mih liui.nttl I. wlnv mm I liiiu nf nrn.
(luctloii worker filed quietly lu
lu Ilic van! works.
A romiiany flieck ihowr (I
"siliKlilly I'1"" tin"! "" proclnc
llfin workers rt'imrtliiK on tin'
r...... ..i.irt n.. Lvlihiu llw. lnut
worklnn iliiy before tin1 strike
riiilcd, 411)0 production worker
Engle Seeks
Bug Control
WASHINGTON. Murch 24 (!')
Hep. Knulo llt-Culif.) wmitM to
broaden the proiirnm to rmnhnt
pmn bark beetles nncl oilier for
e est pests.
Up Mild today Unit a bill ho
bus Introduced would I'xpand
1 1 in insect control proiirnin to
an-UM under sUito and private
ownership. It t now confined
iuiKi'ly lo federally-owned for
pain. "Our fill-out resources arc be
Itill seriously threiitencrt by the
pine bnrk beetle and similar
pests, and unless iielloii on a
lonuniimu prnuiaui is lukeii Int.
mediately the situation may be
come hopelessly out of hand,"
Kniiln Mid In a statement,
lli added thai In tin' I'ou
dtiromi pine bell In Callltirnlu,
Oreiion und Washington upprox
iimiU'ly 1(1,01)0,0(10,01)0 board
feet of coiiuncrclul limber wan
destroyed by the bark beetle be
twern 1ICII und 1040. Durum i
like period, lie oiild. fire de
stroyed only l.noo.0110.000 feel.
Kimli! said (bat a iiroup of
weslcrn senators and representa
tives will go before house up.
prnprliitlons committee to re
quest fnndu for the Insect re
search and control work.
Mrs. W. C. Strong
Hurt In Upset
Mm. W. C. Slronii. 104S Pa
rlflo Terrace. Is In Hlllalde ho.
pitnl suffering from Injuries
received lhl afternoon when
the car In which she was rid
big overturned Into the borrow
pit near Berkley spring on
highway 87.
Her husband, W. C. Striyig,
told state police that he thnuuhl
he felt the brakes lock, and the
ear started skidding on the
The Strongs were returning
to Klamath Falls from the north
t the time of the accident.
Pettrscn Named
Naval Recruiter
William C. Peterson. 1.1. ()e
USNR. 13 U.I Sargent, has been
appointed volunteer recruiting
officer for the naval rceerve. Lt.
Petersen is the fifth officer to
volunteer for this duty In the
Klamath basin.
Various reserve arms, nearly
one billion dollars worth of ma
chine tools and productive
equipment have been earmarked
by WAA, Petersen said today,
to be used In keeping veterans
trained for emergency duty.
Klamath basin men to enlist
recently In the naval reserve
are J. R. Mncgulre Sk 2c. H. W.
Brown Art 1c. L. T. Zell Actm
1c. R. W. Hampton Phm 2c,
C. J. Enstburn Hdm 2c. H. L.
McGce S 1c, C. K. llolston MM
1c. R. E. Enstburn Urn 2c, M.
J. Moloney S 2c and W. E.
It Was All Rumor
On Marshall Death
General Mnrshnll Is In excel
lent hermit In Moscow, accord
ing to Associated Press stories
today disproving rumors, which
circulated swiftly over the na
f jiin Snlurday, thnt he had been
assassinated. Where the rumors
started has not been ascertained,
but they originated In some east
ern city.
A radio. news report concern
ing the rumors precipitated a
small flurry of calls lo the Her
ald and News editorial room
a.sking for further Information
on the "killing."
Chlorophyll, the life-giving
substance of plants, has a chem
ical nature similar to that of
For Safe-This Outstanding Grade "A'
Dairy Farm
A show place, this grade "A" dairy farm constat of 163
aeresv loeatad 4 miles from Portland city limit. This Is
rated a on of the finest dairy farm in the Northwest,
'and would make a fin set-up for brssdlncr farm for horse
or cattle. Picture shows on barn, but there are .three on
the place with a modern. 10-room home. Buildings Insured
for approximately S70.000. A $10,000 concrete dam acros
a rock bottom creek will irrigate about half th place. Price
$150,000, with one-fourth down. For complete detail write
or phone Ernest Lehman, owner, Baavtrton, rout 2, phone
reunited. A company unukes-
suid oilier workers "probably
would trickle back us they toil
temporary lobs held elsewhere.
West Allls Police dipt. Mar
vey U. nivcklinff said there
were nu clashes between uiildn
men and employes who remain
ed at work or returned to their
Jobs during the 3211 lny-i)kl
Members of local 24B who
filed Into the lAS-acro plunt to
day began receiving an IBi cent
per hour wniio Increase which
nontrlkors find been getting
since last August. By company
estimate the strike cost lUS.OOO,.
Olio in lost production and
The strikers returned without
a contract. Only 1500 by union
count, voted in yesterday's bal
loting and union spokesmen said
members favored returning by
3 to I.
When the strike started last
April 30 the union claimed 1 1,
0110 members. An Independent
union, formed while strike was
In progress, however, mustered
more than 4000 votes at a Jan
uary 20 bargaining election.
Still unsettled were union de
mands for a 2!1 cent hourly wage
hike, union shop and union con
trol of grievance procedure.
The vote was followed by war
like statements In which both
the company find union declared
they would "continue lo fight."
New Evidence
In Blast Death
SANTA ANA. Calif., March 24
iH New evidence which he
described as "terrific" was
claimed by Sheriff Jame Mu
sick today in his inquiry into the
deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Walter
E. Overell, wealthy Los Angeles
couple, aboard their pleasure
cruiser In Newport harbor
March IS.
The Overells' daughter. Bcu
lah Louise. 17, and her fiance,
George Uollum. 21. are held on
murder charges in the dual trait
edy, while denying all knowl
edge of it. Mustek did not dis
close the nature of his new
The bodies of Overell, 62. Los
Angeles Finance company head,
and his wife, lieulah. 57, were
found aboard the shattered hulk
of the 47-foot cruiser after an
explosion had wrecked it as It
lay at anchor. Mustek said a
quantity of unrxplodcd dynamite
and the remains of what was
apparently a tune clock wcro
found aboard.
Post mortem examinations In
dicated, said Mustek, that both
had been slain by blows on the
Battleship Back
From Maneuvers
SAN DIEGO, Calif., March
21 iPi The USS Iowa dropped
anchors off Coronado today
after "surviving" a bombing
and straffing attack from
swarms of navy and marine
planes in the final act of
maneuvers which took the super-battleship
to Ihe central
Pacific and back as flagship of
task force 08.
Navy and marine scouting
planes from here and El Toro
sighted the returning task force
yesterday, before the carrier
Boxer and escorts hcadctl for
San Francisco and the cruisers
Astoria, Springfield and Pasa
dena broke away for Long
Radio Assists
Pair To Altar
Paul Alexander, KFLVVs
man at the microphone Satur
day evening wasn't quite sure
that the following is a public
service feature of Ihe station,
but It is a private service.
Paul received a call from a
woman asking that Mendels
sohn's Wedding Murch be
played at 2 o'clock sharp for a
wedding that was to take
place at that time. Paul looked
for the record and told the
lady the length of time that
It would play, so that the
young couple could march to
the altar on time. Right on
time the record began spin
ning. Paul doesn't know the
name of the couple, but said
that he hoped they got off to a
good start on their wedded
bliss via the airlancs.
Basin Potato Shipments
In Carloads
1S47 1040
March 22, 2:1 ... .'IB 24
Murch to Date 724 6311
Season to Dule 10,080 10,212
CHICAGO, Murch 24 (AP
USDA) Potatoes: arrival. 201;
on truck 3:1:1. total U. S. ship
ments Friday 1178, Saturday
1222; and (Sunday 32; supplies
rather liberal; demand fair for
best westerns, slow for fled
Klver valley sections; market
about sttMidy for westerns, dull
for Hed Itlvor Valley: Idaho
Ruasot Burbank 13.00-3. OS
washed; $3.70-3.80 unwashed;
Wisconsin Chippewa f2.S0-2.o3
unwushodr Colorado Red Mc-
C I ii res $3.83 washed; Mlnnesota-
t orlh Dakota Red River Valley
Cobbler 12.90 unwashed; Ne
braska Bliss Triumph 12.00
washed; new slocks; Florida SO
lb. paper sacks Bliss Triumph
12.50 (all U. S. No. 1 quality).
(AP-USDAl Potatoes: 21
broken, 49 unbroken car on
track; arrivals California 3,
Iduho 33, Florida 1, Oregon 1,
Nevada 1, Utah 8; one car ar
rived by truck; market steady;
Idaho Russels No. 1 size A
(AI'.IKinAl nmi.i. ...... A
20 unbroken car on track; ar
rivals California 0, Washing
ton 1, Utah 1, Oregon II, Nevada
1. Idaho 3, Colorado 1: market
Sliuiltiv trnnifnr. Klumalli Una.
sets No. 1 size A $3.90-73; No.
1 baker $3.73-83.
Walter Mails
Visits Here
Walter "The Great" Mails.
Big League pitcher and now
"pitching" for the American
Rod Cross a field representa
tive or Ihe seven western states,
is spending several davs In
Klamath Fall In the Interest of
the 1047 campaign.
Mulls faced busy two-day
schedule with visit lo ele
mentary and high schools, talks
at Sacred Heart academy this
afternoon, the Junior chamber
of commerce tonight., talk at
KUIIS and the Lion club on
luestiay and oilier unstated ses
sions. The former pitcher has
iransierrea nis affections from
the baseball diamond to the
Hed Cross where tw serves
with the public relation de
partment of the San Francisco
omce. He was with Frank X.
Sexton, fund chairman, making
contacts throughout the day.
The baseball player started
his mound career 27 year ago.
In 1916, he pitched the World
Series for Brooklyn and played
against the Boston Red Sox in
the American league. In 1020
he pitched the World Series for
Cleveland against Brook I vn and
hlods the distinction of 17-23
killings without being scored
Mulls served in World War I
with the 81st division, sergeant
in the 363rd machine gun out
fit, and in World War II with
the U. S. marine corps as a
staff sergeant. 4th marine divi
sion, 24th regiment, which saw
service on Iwo Jima.
Today he loaned elementary
shcools films which he has been
showing at Veterans hospitals
Including. "Batting Stars of
1048,' and "Pacific Coast
League." in technicolor.
City Delivery Service. Ph. 1417.
Pre-war prices on laundry
service. Do It yourself
80c per hour. Washing
1719 Main
Open 8 a. m. to 7 p. m.
"GLASS-COTE" Is a water-clear enameL sprayed on.
Matches any color and replaces waxing. Applied in two
coats, will protect the finish of your car th same as a new
paint Job, and at half the cost. Manufactured for us by
General Paint Corp., and guaranteed for a yearl
Steak Knives
This offer good for
231 So. 11th Up the Ramp
Oregon C.E.
Confab Set
Christian Endeavor will hold
Its 1047 stutu conference at Pen
dleton April 24 to 27 inclusive,
Mrs. Flunk Rltchey. regional
president, of MUton-Freewater,
announced toduy.
A thousand teen-agers from
all over Oregon are expected to
Mrs. Rltchey, In Pendleton for
a conference of' key convention
wuriicrs, aula junior ciiueavur
workers, seven to 12 years old,
would also attond the confer
ence. Juniors ' will register
Marcn 20.
Young people planning to at
tend from this area should con
tact Dan Kafton, Christian En
deavor registrar for Klamath
Lake union.
KC Initiates
79 Candidates
Mount McLoughlin assembly.
fourth degree, Knights of Co
lumbus, held an initiation in the
KC hull Sunday for a class of
70 candidates. This was the
first time such a ceremony had
been held in Klamath Falls, and
the second time it had been held
in the slate outside of Portland.
Candldutes came (rom Port
land, Eugene, Roseburg, Bend,
Liikcvicw, Medford, Weed, Mc
Cloud. Dunsmuir and Yrcka.
Ceremonies started will) attend
ance at mass in Sacred Heart
church at 8 a. m., and concluded
with a banquet that evening at
the Willard hotel.
Degree work wa handled by
Portland under the direction of
Linus Fuller, state master.
Among those in attendance were
the Rev. Father Murnane of
Portlund. the Rev. Father Fitz
gerald of Weed, the Rev. Father
McTague of McCloud. the Rev.
Father O'Connell of Dunsmuir.
the Rev. Father O'Connor of
Merrill, the Rev. Father Phelan
of Lakcview. the Hcv. Father
Ahearn of Chiloquin. the Rev.
Father Casey of Klamath Falls.
A. M. McKenna of Portland.
Phillip Gent of Eugene and M.
P. Lavenik of Klamath Falls,
faithful navigators.
The initiation was under the
direction of M. P. Lavenik, and
Otto Smith was in charge of ar
rangements. Officers of Mount
McLoughlin assembly are M. P.
Lavenik. David R. Vandenberg,
Frank X. Sexton. E. B. Goeck
ner. Rev. Father T. P. Cascv.
S. A. Pieser. A. C. Lavenik and
G. E. Beliant.
Hail Damage Said
Slight In Valley
GRESHAM. March 24 (VP)
The Multnomah county agent's
office said today that damage
from brief hail storms Saturday
and Sunday would be compara
tively slight. . ..
The storm came loo early, the
office said, for much serious af
fect on fruit and berry crops.
Police Stage
Traffic Check
Four members of the Kla
math Falls office of Oregon
state police, aided by the offi
cer In charge of Lakeview, con
ducted a traffic check Saturday
at the junction of highways. 66
and 303.
Sgt. E. W. Tichenor reported
37 arrest as a result of the
Mother of Four
Lost 45 Pounds
Mrs. Dorotfiy
oi ImJp-m M)rV "t formerly wrirhtMl 170 I ha.
inJ wore uM 40. By usutf thr AvDS Vitamin
Candy Ktxlucinpj Plan, have cut my weight to
12S Ibc. and can wear aite 14."
Ynur Mprrwnce may or may not be the aame
aa Mrs. Snodgma'abutwhy not try the AVDS
way t You eat plenty a . but not too much. You
Jon't cut out any meali, larchr. potatoes,
neata or butter . . . You limply cut them down.
You eat delrctoua AYUS aa directed to help
dull the appetite, making it eatier to eat let
while you Iom weight. No drun No liuativri
No ierclte Harmleas. AYllS are fortified
with vilaimina. minerala and other nutrienta.
Try AYLiS-30day' aupply only .2;. .Ur
Bmk on the rtry drat box it you don't get
resold. Call or phone.
r r rtie W e rWe
g . Silver
Steak Knives
4014 I I
Brass Ma I I I.J
Free With Each Regular
At Reg. Price
a limited time only.
Phon 92SI
Father, Son
Die In Fire;
Two Rescued
(Continued rom Page One)
bur. whose name was not learn
ed, brought the younger Wright
to H. 111 mam valley hospital
where he was treated but ex
pired some seven hours after he
was admitted,
When Or. George H. Adlcr.
Klamath county coroner, ar
rived on the scene the house was
burned to the ground and the
elderly Wright' body found in
the ashes. 1 he remains of both
men are at Ward s.
Harold Wright I survived by
his mother, Mrs. Rose Kerrigan
of Ashland, a sister, June Poit-
ras of Klamath Agency, and a
bsother, Harry Jr., in addition
to his wife. Ruby, and several
Dixon Named To
New GN Position
T. F. "Tom" Dixon, first su
perintendent of - the Great
Northern railway in Klamath
Falls, has been-promoted to the
post of vice president in charge
of operations of the Great
Northern in St. Paul effective
April 1, it was learned here to
Dixon ia now in Portland
serving a Vice president in
charge of operations on the
SP&S. He left here several
years ago. Dixon replaces C. O.
Jenks, Great Northern official,
who is now retired.
Mountbatten Takes
Viceroy Position
NEW DELHI. March 24 WPi
Ad. Viscount Mountbatten was
sworn in as India's last viceroy
today and promptly broke pre
cedent by making a speech from
the Viceregal throne in which
he appealed for cooperation in
finding a solution to India's
problems "within the next few
Mountbatten look the oath in
the presence of princes in gay
turbans, more soberly clad mem
bers of the cabinet and about 400
guests gathered in Durbar re
ception hall. .
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for Summer now, at
Dick B. Miller Co.
Olds-Cadillac Division
Old Tower "Founded
7th k Klamath en Service"
Search For
Body Fails
Search of the shallow Goose
lake waters 15 miles south of
Lakcview, continued throughout
the week-end with no trace of
the body of Mr. Zona Downs,
about 31, one of four persons
who lost their lives in a boat
ing accident March 13.
The other three victims, James
Walter Hamersly, 3B, Lakeview;
Dewey A. Beckman, 40, West
Side rancher, and Mrs. Ada
Pearl Loveland, 38, former Pais
ley resident and visiting Mrs.
Downs at the time of the
tragedy, were found Saturday,
March 15. Search for the four
was not started until that day
a it was not learned until the
night previous that they were
Sgt. E. w. 'J icnenor 01 ure
eon state Dolice. visited Lake-
view thi week-end. and report
ed no trace of Mrs. Downs' body.
Spraque River
Mr. and Mrs. Pharas Stubble
field and daughter and Jim Stub
blefield have been called east
due to the illness of Jim s son.
They plan to return in a few
Week-end guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Silas Shepherd and Mr. and
Mrs. Bob Passolt Jr., were Mr.
and Mrs, Leon George and Mr.
and Mrs. Dean Gerke from
Prinevtlle. Mrs. Gerke is the
former Grace George.
In the nectar which beei
gather from flowers is sucrose,
the same sugar contained in
sugar beets and cane. ;
One railway carload of canned
orange Juice is equal to 30 car
loads of fresh fruit.
Good Materials and Service
Ready for All Painting end
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Electric Koto Rooter
Sewer Cleoning
You Go
RKRAI.D NISI, atonal Falls, Ota.
Judge Confirms
Ship Seizure
BATAVIA, Java. March 24 m
Judge M. L. Swaab of the Dutch
Land court today confirmed con
fiscation by The Netherlands
East Indies government of the
$3,000,000 cargo of the United
States Liberty ship Martin
The government seized the
cargo. Including rubber, cinchona
iquinjuej oars, ana sisai iiuer,
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MONDAY, Mara It, IStT, la tataa
early this month on grounds that
the cargo, taken on at the Indo
nesian republican port of Cherl
bon, had been loaded In defiance
of Dutch export regulations.
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