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Today's Roundup
ONE of the finest highway entrances among
cities of the northwest will be boasted by
Klamath Falls when the job is done on re-loca-
tlon of a section 01 u.a.
north into
"""H. I project which is scheduled for thev overcame a long lead, but were unable to
I ll this year by the state highway keor the eainins Dace to the finish . . . Some
The new entrance will
branch off from the present
route north of the present
overpass near Pelican City,
clearing out some of the wood
yard shacks in that neighbor
hood. It will approach the .
railroad track at the old Cres
cent avenue crossing, and run
EPLEY along parallel with the trades
to Alameda street, coming down Alameda to
Ample right-of-way has been obtained to pro
vide for wide driving surfaces plus an attractive
parkway. Furthermore, the route will offer an
exceptionally interesting, view of the town as it
comes down into Alameda street with a look
across the valley toward ML Shasta.
Provisions for this expansive right-of-way
were worked out through the efforts of the city
planning commissioners, who felt -that if they
were never to do anything else, they had justi
fied the commission's existence by the success
of this enterprise. A highway department of
ficial remarked Just the other day that "here
is a right-of-way that we dream about." His
comment was directed to the fact that this
generous construction strip penetrates into the
heart of an area of population concentration,
where It is usually difficult to get wide high
ways without tremendous cost and dislocation
of existing improvements.
Any traveler well knows that highway en
trances to American cities are generally pretty
bad. Usually, they traverse low-class industrial,
tenement or shack districts. Graveyards for
automobile wreckage, rubbish dumps, and
shacky roadside businesses often, add to the drab
and uninspiring picture.
Klamath's entrances have certainly not been
any better than the average, but our situation is
looking up now. South Sixth street is a vastly
different street than it was a year or two ago,
and the whole program of development there
is most promising. The new north entrance is
going to be outstanding. The Greensprings-U.S.
97 entrance from the southwest has always
been fair, as highway entrances go, affording
for one thing remarkable view of the city
and its mountain setting as one swings around
the Klamath view-poinL
These things are going to make a most fav
orable impression on the arriving automobile
parties of the future. They will help set a mew
standard of attractiveness of both public and
private property here.
Briefs From The Pocket File
r-OR the usual reasons root
cations ot interior roning
Theft Of Beer
. Nipped By Chase
An unidentified man evident
ly ran out of spiritous liquid
refreshment last night and de
cided to obtain a few free bot
tles. City police report that F. L.
Bigby, night operator of the
Klamath Ice and Storage plant,
chased a man dressed in khaki
from the door of the beer stor
age room while making his
. nightly rounds.
, Police were called to the
scene but were unable to find
i any trace of the fellow except
', a pipe wrench which they re
. port he might have been trying
to use to open the storeroom
i Four drunks and two vags
"; KFLW 14.50 kc
C:04 Sparta Llneap
" 4:15 Hemetewa Newe
S B:?A World Nawi Saanaaair
mJt Klamath Theatre GalSe
9:48 Muila at Manhattan
.-98 Famoaa Jury Trlala ABC
t 7:10 I Daal In Crima ABC
r S:09 Plana Plavbenee ABC
" 8:30 American Let-ion
i 8:45 Vincent Lopet'
9:00 Gancbattere ABC
9:11 r
9:89 Jack floe Orch. ABC
t 19:09 Btardoat Mrlerliee
. 19:39 Freddy Martin Orch. ABC
11:00 Nlrhl Newe Seminary
11:03 Sltn Olf
4:39 Chnrch In the wildvrood
; 7:09 Meeeere ol Urael ABC
7:39 The Soathernairea ABC
. 8:99 Fine Arte Quartet ABC
.1 8:30 HaaV ml Faith ABC
. 9:00 Calvary Echoet
- 9:18 Bible Auditorium of Air
9:89 Sunday strlnn ABC
- 9:48 Baymond Swing ABC
10:09 Johnny Tbompion ABC
J: 10:18 Melodiea to Remember ABC
10:30 Sammy Kaya Orch.
. 10:38 Fact and Flollon ABC
l 11:00 Preabyterlan Church
11:18 '
11:39 " "
, 1199 Warrlora of Paaoa ABC
, 18:18 " "
18:30 Deep Hirer Bore
12:48 Amerloa'a Future ABC
1:00 Are These Our Children
1:30 Thla Week Around World
f 11:00 Darta far Deugh ABO
1:39 Counterapy ABC
S:99 Myalery In the Mak'g ABO
' S:S9 Greateot Stery Ever Tald
II 4:00 Draw Paaraan ABC
4:16 Mon. Morn. Headlines ABC
a:io Hollywood Maeio Hall ABO
8:90 Detrall Symphony ABC
8:18 "
8:30 '
8:48 " .
0:00 Newa ABO
9:18 Uometawn Newa
8:s World Newa Summary
:89 Klamath Theatra Guide
0:48 Mualo of Manhattan
7:09 Theatre Guild ABO
f :iio
tt:O0 Pat Novak For Hire ABC
8:18 " "
. 9:30 The Green Hornet ABO
I S:9l Hugo Carlton ABC
Ml 9:18 Report to the Paopla ABC
9:89 Lelghlos Nabla Orch. ABC
i 19:09 Caslue Oardena Orch. ABC
. 10:80 Freddy Martin Orch. ABC
11:99 Night Nawa Summary
- KFLW 1450 kc.
round the
weeks ago .
building bare,
Bfanaglns Cdllor
the making ,
the friendly
joiiomo. o
panolfUi of. Klamata
Klamath Falls, a markably like
over there "Peachy lane."
out in previous
two-edged it's
war is worth
f irst on,
cipitating war
for the logical
in the world
wage a major
As regards
damage and indi-, same is true
me Dig trees unless me soviet were atrecuy attacked.
were deposited for the night in
the city cooler, and we don't
mean the beer cooler.
Daily Weather
Flights Planned
Daily B-29 weather observation
flights over the north pole are
planned by the armv air forces
with information obtained being
maae avauaDie to all forecast
ing agencies "of this and other
countries," AAF officials an
nounced here. The flights from
Ladd field, Fairbanks, Alaska,
will first be made every few
days but later in the spring will
become a routine dailv occur
rence, the announcement' said.
KFLW 1450 kc. KFJI 1240 kc.
11.08 Sign Off m""'
KFJI 1240 kc
Dinner Danec
Q.aia Shew
Family Deeler MBS
Klamath Temple
Bed Byder
Crime Clab MBS
Sheet the Work."
Glen Hardy Newi MBS
Dance Mnilo MBS
Hant'r Flib'i Clab MBS
Jee and Mabel MBS
Let'a Dance
Clar. Symph'y Orch. MBS
9:18 s AM Serenade
8:48 Farm Fare
7.-00 Newe Bkftt. Edition
7:15 Rogera Roundup
7:3a Jamea Abbe Obiervea ABC
7:4 Zeke Mannere ABC
8:00 The Bkftt. Club ABC
S:1S '
8:30 "
8:48 -
9:09 Kenny Baker Shew ABC
9:39 Bkftt. la Hollywood ABC
lo:oo Galen Drake ABO
10:15 Wordt J, Moalc
10:30 My True Story ABO
10:18 "
10:38 Miniature Concert
11:00 Stop and Shop
11:18 Kovatime
11:89 Club Time ABC
11:48 Ethel and Albert ABC
Organ Moodi
Tammy Tucker Orch.
Sunday Mernlng Ceacert
Pilgrim Boor MBS
Lutheran Bear MBS
Glen Hardye Newt MBS
Commander Scott MBS
Bobert Milliard Cone
laland Melodiea
Crime-Warden Lawef MBS
Faebion Flaehea
Mueic In Margan Meed
Canary Pet Show MBS
:99 Newt Noon Edition
13:13 County Agent Speaka
12:30 Gem Saitlon
17:45 Sammy Kaye Orch.
1:90 Tom'y Bartlett Shaw ABC
1:15 "
1:30 Cliff Edwarda ABO
1:15 Merrill Time
t:09 What'a Daln' Ladlee ABO
S:15 " "
3:75 Spotlight an H'wood ABC
8:30 Bride and Groom ABC
1:09 Ladlea Be Sealed ABC
.1:30 1450 Matinee
3:45 " "
8:30 " "
4:00 Requealfully Toura
4:15 Bequeatfully Youra ABO
4:30 -
4:45 Tennettee Jed ABC
5:00 Terry and the PlrateoABO
5:15 Sky King ABC
8:39 Jack Armatrong ABC
6:48 Frank Hemingway ABO
Crimea at Careleeeneei MBS
Home of Myitery MBS
True Deteo. Myflcrlee MBS
The Sbadaw MBS
Quick ae a Flaeb MBS
Thaea Webatera Mil 8
Nick Carter MBS
Leo Erdody
Reviewing Stand
Moacow Conference MBS
Quia Show
Newa Headline
Special Investigator MBS
Charlie Splvak
taplorlng Unknown MBS
Dauble ar Nothing MBS
8:00 Sporta Lineup
8:18 Home Town Newa
8:75 World Newe Summary
9:50 Klam. Theatre Guide
8:48 Your Navy Recruiter
7:09 The Three Buna
7:18 Malcolm Epley
7:39 Sherlock Holmea ABC
8:00 Lorn N' Abner ABC ,
8:15 Mntlc of Manhattan
8:30 The Clock ABC
8:15 " "
9:00 On. Talk It Over ABC
9:15 Veterana Adm. Prog. ABO
9:39 Board of Mlat'g Htlra ABC
10:00 Stardutt Melodiea'
10:39 Bed Nlckele Orch. ABO
11:99 Night Newa Summary
11:05 Sign Off .
KFLW 1450 kc.
Gabriel Heatter Show MBS
Leave It to the Girla MBS
Mltcha Borr Orch.
Chapel by Side of Road
Jergent Jaurnal MBS
Sblela Graham MBS
Glen Hardy Newa MBS
Rex Miller, Newe MBS
Chi. Theatre af Air MBS
Old Faihlened Revival
Newa and Organ Meodt
KFJI 1240 kc.
city library were removed a few
. The axemen left the library
but a landscaping project Is in
. , Even so, we sited a tear for
trees that shaded that -corner for
so long . . , Our new weather forecast service
predicted rain for Saturday, and that's what we
gat . , , In the fine weather we had in late
February and March, however, Klamath farm
ers made exceptional progress with their spring
work . . . Klamath peonle will be interested to
know that Art Perry, Smudge Pot editor of the
Medford Mail-Tribune, commented that the Pell
can basketball team "brilliantly" represented
Southern Oregon in the state play-offs , , . Ore
gon State's experience at Kansas City was re-
that of Klamath Falls at Eugene
enthusiastic Ashlander named one of the streets
The World Today
Associated Press Foreign Affairs Analyst
ACHESON has given us straight-from-the-shoulder
answers to the two most important
Questions arising from President Truman's
policy of giving Greece and Turkey help to
resist communist aggression: (1) What business
is it of Uncle Sam. and (2) If he does Intervene
will it precioitate war?
Acheson told the foreien affairs committee
of the house of representatives that a communist-dominated
government in Greece would be
considered dangerous to this country's security.
Asked if a communist-dominated government of
China also would be dangerous, he replied that
"I think we should not look with favor upon
Acheson commented that "communist organi
zations throughout the world appear to act with
a high degree of discipline and unanimity which
is beyond the probability of coincidence." And
as to war:
No Wor Seen
1 1 1 DON'T think it would lead to war. By
I strengthening the forces of democracy and
freedom, you do a great deal to eliminate the
friction between great powers."
That leaves it to us to fill in some details.
We don't need to dwell on the danger from
communist-dominated governments. As pointed
columns the danger can be
political in all cases, and mili
tary where strategically located countries are
involved. In this latter category, of course,
fall Greece, Turkey and China. However, the
question of whether Intervention could cause
further consideration.
tnere s small danger of it pre
in anything like the near future
reason that there's no country
set for immediate action. And
so far as concerns the more distant future,
Russia is so weakened by the late conflict that
it will be years before she is in position to
aggressive war.
Greece and Turkey, while Russia
certainly wants control of them, she isn't likely
to fight over tne matter. Moscow can afford
to shrug its shoulders and sit tight, awaiting a
possible change of fortunes. Probably the
of any other part of the world,
Army Tightens
Liquor Control
March 22 OP) U. S. armv head.
quarters today announced the
imposition of strict controls on
liquor consumption by Ameri
can occupation rorces in Uer
many and Austria as Dart of "a
general tightening of discipline
to improve Americans' morale
and conduct in occupied terri-
Beginning ADril 1 A
and allied troops and civilians
will be authorized to purchase
only three bottles of hard liquor
monthly through army stores or
ClubS and the Imnnrlotinn nf
liquor outside official army
channels will h atriMiu
hibited. '
I Sign Off
Helical Reveille
F. Hemingway. Newt MBS
Rita and Shine MBS
Newe, Headline
Today'e Beat Bnyt
Favorltea af TetUrday
Faahlaa Flaehea
Tipe and Tanee
Victor H. Llndlabr MBS
Art Baker'e Notebook
Milt Hertb Trie
Addlton Pelleller Shew
Sont of the Ploneert
Glen Hardy. Newa MBS '
Jackie Hill Show MBS
Merr Griffin Shew MBS
Erne Rapee
Flrealde Quartette"
Smile Time MBS
Queen for a Day MBS
Melodiooa Melodiea
Your Dance Tunea
Farm Front d Market,
Checkerboard Jambereo
Johnaan Family MBS
Home Demomtrntlen
Bill Gwynna Show MBS
Rlckya Requett
Mora. Bible Hour
Tea Dance
Organ Hutlo
Living With God
Fulton Lawla Jr. MBS
Rei Miller, Newa MBS
Ertklne Johnton MBS
Buck Rogert MBS
Hop Harrfgan MBS
Superman MBS
Capt. Midnight MBS
Tom Mia HBS
Gabriel Heatter MBS
Quia Shaw
Around Town
Dinner Dance
Sone O' Gana
Miller! Even. Clattlo
Cltca Kid MBS
Adven. Richard Davit MBS
John Gart Trio
Monday Conct.
Glenn Herdy, Newt MBS
Mel Venlnert Plot. MBS
Let'a Danoa
Henry J. Taylar MBS
Newa Beandup d, Ceneari
Mutlo At Yon Like It
Vet. Waata to Kaow MBS
Denny Beckner Orch. MBS
Newa MBS
KFJI 1240 kc.
con, iwt av ma etavict, me. t. w- ato. u. a. ear or.
; "She's been sore at ma since her birthday party the
( night before she ate up the money I got from mother to
buy her present!
Boyle's Column
Modern Day
Remnant Of Proud Race
FORT MYERS. Fla.. March
21 () Two Indian boys got
Into trouble recently, and lack
ing the parental authority usual
ly Invoked by the Seminole
agency in such cases, naa to oe
sent to the white mans reform-
atory the Indians have never
become civilized enough to re
quire a Jail.
Under ironbound ancient tri
bal laws troublemakers were
either exiled or put to death by
the chiefs. No Indian thought of
rebelling against the punishment
meted him, so strong was the
tradition of tribal authority.
They still cause little trouble
to law enforcement agencies.
(Continued from Page .One)
and county taxpayers and about
14 millions by the federal gov
ernment That is still a lot of money, re
duction or no reduction.
a a
AT (he same time, we are
squabbling over new taxes to
meet these heavy costs. What
we want, obviously, is a lot ot
new services at NO ADDED
The fact we must face is that
here in Oregon, as elsewhere,
there can be no such thing as
more public services without
more public cost. If we are going
to spend more tax money we
must levy more taxes.
For too many years we have
been listening to the siren song
of the politicians who shout
remain silent as to the Droaram
of 'TAX, TAX. TAX" that must
accompany all spending pro
grams. , . . a
WfHILE we are at it, we might
as well face also the fact
that no matter what kind of tax
HIS SHARE. Taxes have to be
added into the cost of doing
business, and so are ADDED TO
You pay your share of ALL
taxes, whether you know it or
Phone Workers
Favor Strike Call
A 5-1 vote in favor of a strike
should one be called bv union
heads was reported today by
the United Telephone Workers
after counting ballots from its
4000 members.
Coast -wide negotiations with
Pacific Telephone and Tele
graph company will resume at
San Francisco Monday.
20 Injured In
Railroad Wreck
CAMDEN. S. C March 22 (JP
The Seaboard Airline railway's
jHiami-io-niew xorK aun (jueen
was derailed at Cassatt near
here early today causing injuries
to about 20 persons. Only two
of the injured required hospi
talization, however, and the oth
ers continued on their way after
tirst am treatment.
Seaboard employes said the
train ran through an nnen
PENNXLL Born at Klamath Vallav
hoepltal. Klamath Falla. Ore., March
21, 1047, to Mr. and Mrt. S. C. Pennell
Jr., Tennant, Calif., a girl. Weight: 7
pounda 13', ouncat. .
City Delivery Service. Ph. 8417.
No Loot af Time
Permanent Reaullat
Chlropraetlo Pbytlcian
til No. 7th Eiqulre Theatre Bids.
Phono 7989
Seminole Is
"They aren't heavy drinkers,"
said Supt. K. A. Marmon. "They
are well behaved, pleasant and
like to have fun."
Divorce Quick
The white man's divorce mills
In Florida provide an easy ter
mination for marriages in which
one partner strays down the
Krimrose path. The Semlnoles
ad an even quicker solution for
the problem of adultery death
for the guilty one.
Getting married by the old
orthodox Indian laws was no
easy matter. The bridegroom
had to come live with the bride's
parents for four years. If they
then approved of him, the wed
ding took place at the next
"green corn dance," annual puri
fying ceremony.
Often, however, "in-law"
trouble proved too much for the
young couple and they ran off
into the everglades. When they
emerged they were usually for
given and married unformally
by the chief with these words:
"Be good, love each other and
live together."
For the satisfaction of rela
tives the ceremony was repeated
at the next green corn dance.
Divorce is easy but rare among
the Seminoles. The man simply
leaves and the woman returns
to her mother's family. Her chil
dren go with her, and the di
vorced husband thereafter never
so much as touches his offspring.
No College
No Seminole has ever been
graduated from a university and
only three or four have finished
high school.
Although technically eligible
for the draft, only three of the
tribe's 740 members served In
the recent World War. Selective
service boards normally didn't
bother to call them up because
few Indian youths met the
army's educational requirements.
Once one of the most moral
people on the face of the earth,
the Seminoles rigidly lived up
to their code: "Never lie, steal
or cheat.
They observed this code for
decades much better than some
unscrupulous white businessmen
who duped them.
The reason was religious fear.
The Seminoles believed that
when a bad Indian died his soul
perished too. But a good Indian
upon his death could go talk
with God "E-Shock-Toni-Isee '
for four days, then take up his
possessions and depart. But his
spirit could return at will. Flir
the four days he was visiting God
his relatives kept fires burning
at each end of his Krave. The
body was burled facing east.
Those dying during the day had
to be buried by sunset and those
who passed away during the
night by sunrise.
So well did the Seminoles ob
serve their blood purity laws that
no case ol venereal disease ap
peared in the tribe until 1923.
By 1930 there were 25 reported
cases and with the continued de
cline of tribal authority the dis
ease is still spreading.
ARE A SMART 0Me 0P ' EVIRYOni WHAT " v" ' " " I u
S.O0Y' I S0-CAUI0 SMART auY) KNOW ' S s-nM - . ) ) PAT61TRER
v:. rTw ruio tiKt to know J r is VOUV (
) WHAT YOU KNOW 17a 7 gTj) M0T011 CO'
With tlto coming of spring,
the summer roaurt and vacutlun.
laud publicity men are awuking
from their winter lethargy aim
Urn mulls arc once more begin
ning to fill with brocluirvn mid
form letters, each extolling tho
virtues oi spending your sum
mer vacation, and iliat little
nvst-cKg you ve saved so lonif
at some perfect paruttise by the
seashore or in tho mountain,.
We have before us at tills writ
ing one form a lodge on l.ako
lHiioo and anoiner loin sun
Valley, both well known vucii
lionlaiids. Uoth letters let us
know that the finest fishing In
the world is to be had in their
respective areus. althuuith they
are about a thousand miles from
each other. (After nil, what'a an
adjective one way or another In
a press agent's life?) Both let
ters extoll the scenic wmirlira
ot the region and picture a love
ly gin on norseoack gazing at
the distant mountains. The
sports and recreation facilities
of the resorts are pictured, golf,
tennis, archery, blevcle. swim.
niliig and otlior sports. Dancing
in the evening, rodeos, a hint
of roilllllica under wentm'n altlvia
each pamphlet contains much
tue same material. In fact, both
brochures arc very much alike,
except for the narnt and loca
tion of their resuectlv reutnrta
Those pamphlets - will draw
mouannas ot people to each
place during tho coming sum
mer, and place tho books nf each
enterprise high cn the profit
side, bun Valley is just slightly
over 10 years old. Pamphlets
such as the one before me have
built It from a dusty Idaho val
ley to one of the best known
resorts In the nation.
the principal reason that we
mention the pamphlets is that
we have yet to receive, or even
see any attompt being made to
attract anyone to our own re
sorts. We can't claim very long
residence here, but from what
we've seen so far we can't quite
figure it out. Is Crater lake less
scenic than Tahoe or Sun Val
ley? Isn't Klamath even In the
running as a good fishing coun
try? Or maybe the sporting,, or
romance, opportunities aren't as
good here? Or don't we give
a d - n? In our short time here
we're rapidly becoming Klam-ath-happy
and we're kinda
proud of our basin attractions.
Maybe we're wrong, but we'd
like to see a little boasting done
about our local vacation attrac
tions, we've got 'em.
Theatre Guild for Sunday
features Gene Tlerney. who
makes her Guild debut In "The
First Year." Frank Craven's
light comedy of the troubles
which beset a young girl In mak
ing her choice of suitors.
On (lie crime front: Ross Do-
Inn (I Deal in Crime) matches
wits with a ghost on a dude
ranch. It doesn't say so but we'll
bet on Dolan. . . . David Hard
ing (Counterspy) runs up
against a crooked tire dealer,
whose tires keep blowing out
and killing people. . . . Pot No
vak (Fbr Hire) gets himself beat
en, mauled, arrested, third de
greed, wooed, subdued, etc., as
he does each week. We're think
ing of presenting Pat with an
accolade for having one of the
most hazardous jobs In radio.
Our final little tld-blt comes
from the war asset administra
tion who informs us that they
have the latest thing in spring
fashions for aulck sale 1000
pairs of ladles' undies, treated
to withstand mustard gas.
Cigar Box Bandit
Strikes Again
PORTLAND. March 22 IP)
The cigar box bandit made an
other appearance last night,
striking Mrs. Joan McCullough
in the face with a gun and rob
bing her father's grocery of an
undetermined amount of money.
The man. who used a cianr
box to hide his gun and carry
off his loot, hit the woman when
she hesitated at his order to
open the grocery cash register.
"Through the Keyhole" in
three acts will be presented by
the senior class of the high
school on May 9. Mrs. Lillian
Fradkln who will coach la se
lecting the class this week.
Easter vacation for tne stu
dents of the high school starts
Friday, March 31, and classes
will be resumed Monday, April
7. Dates for the elementary
spring vacation have not been
Mrs. Carrie Drlscoll. home-
making instructor in the high
school is in Los Angeles where
she went to consult a specialist.
Mrs. Drlscoll Is suffering from
an ear infection. Mrs. M. P.
Tansy, wife of a member of the
faculty Is substituting for her.
WKaAtP a NKWS, Rlemalh Palll, Ore.
Kiwanis Host
To Farmers
Approximately 80 farmers
were guests of the Klwanls
club at the annual Klwnnls
furmers' night dinner at tho
Wllliird hotel lust night, at
which Oregun stale president
of the Farm Bureau was the
Lee Hollldny, Klamuili coun
ty Farm Bureau head, Intro
duced Lowell Steon. Percy
Murray was chairman of the
meeting and Charles Muck is
president of the Klwanls club.
Stenn emphasized tho impor
tance of furmers' orgunlzutlon.
and pointed out what orgniilzu.
lion nus done for labor and
business, in connection with
labor, the speaker declared him
self vigorously against the
closed shop and secondary boy
colls. County Agent C. A. Hender
son gave a review of farm
progress here since ho came
here over a quarter of a cen
tury ago. He said there are
three products which the Klam
ath bualn grows as well or bet
ter than any other U. S. area
llunnchen barley, alslke clover
and potatoes.
Scott warren, president ol
the Klnmnth Potato Growen
association, spoke briefly on
(ho organization s program,
Founder Dies
DUBLIN. March 22 Wt Vis
count Powerscourt, 66, chair
man of the hospltuls' committee
which orauiilzed the Irish
Sweepstakes, died toduy nt Ilia
homo in County wicklow.
The peer. wealthy laud.
owner, lived on an estate of
nearly 40,000 acres which came
Into his family when vjueen
Elizabeth appointed Sir Wil
liam Wlnaflold. the first Vis
count Poworscott, to be mar
shal of Ireland.
Canadian Ships
In San Francisco
(3 Turn ("nnnrilan warahllM.
tho cruiser HMCS Uganda and
tho destroyer riivita irescpiu,
will enter San Francisco bay to-
Hnv In the. arrnmnanlilient of
welcoming gun from Tt, Win-
item scott.
The vessels are en route from
Balboa, Canal Zone, to their
base at Esquimau, Vancouver
Island. B. C, and will remain
hero until Tuesday.
The Uganda will fire a 21-gun
anltilat aa t)n ahina sinter the
harbor and will be welcomed
by 21 guns from the fort.
The Canadians men win lire
It uitna Inr Vlr- Arlmlral Jeaae
Olendorf, commanding tho west
ern sea frontier, and oe an
swered with the same number.
Spraque River
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Ortls and
M. J. Ortla have returned from
Portland where the Ortls broth
ers bought logging equipment.
Mrs. Blanche Montgomery,
the fifth and sixth grade teacher,
Is confined to her homo with the
flu. The school is still holding
a few classes with half of tho
children being ill.
Mrs. Alice Clinton Is confined
to her home with the flu.
Mrs. George Lovenborg and
children are here from Medford
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
O. W. Ludwick. Mrs. Loven
borg Is caring for her mother
during convalescing.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Shadley
are moving to mill camp this
The Oregon Equipment com-
oanv of Klamath Falls delivered
a home freezing unit to Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Eaton this week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Spltzcr re
ceived a refrigerator and freezer
Mr. and Mrs. O. L, Brown of
Olcne were guests Sunday of Mr,
and Mrs. Ivan Pankey,
Mrs. Fonzie Parrish. who has
been here attending her mother,
Mrs. O. W. Ludwick, has re
turned to her home in Napa,
3:00 3:30 P. M. .
BATIIRDAT, Maroh II, 1947, Page Tmm
Basin Potato Shipments
In Carloads
1047 1046
March 21 40 22
March to date.... Hill) 000
Season to date. .10,0-11 10.1BB
Chicago Corn
Price Stronger '
CIIICAIIO. Mert-h il lAI'i - Com o
hltilletl Uonglli tin Ilia board til Iraila
today following Ilia overnight ennoimre
menl uf May eauort alliiiiulltint (.'inn
exporta will Uo Invivatoil In April, lak
Ing Ilia plai'e to aiinio extent of wheel.
Oilier gi-olna were mtialty Initial.
Maroh wheat clmed mi a apllt limita
tion of 9J7ui-ilki, Ilia lalter flauro
repieaenllng a lo-i-enl anlli Trading in
Ilia delivery ended al Ine eltwe and ilia
limit upturn wnt nut representative uf
Ilia entire market.
Deferred wheat tlgurea vlueed 1V4
higher, Mat- J ,111, 8,80 curl wee
3', J", higher, March 1 Til'.l,, and
uala hiwor. Man-h IM'VUJ Sumo
activity developed In liarley with Imltl
conlracta III oeula lllalier, lite limit,
Maroh 9194.
Former Klamath
Falls Man Dies
Willluin II.. Siitllcr. former
Klamath Fulls resident and fur
the. pant soverul years a resilient
of Sunoru, Calif., died there
Murch 10, according to word re
ceived here. Ho Is survived by
his wlfo, Helen, anil u young
daughter, Nancy. Mr. Sadli-r had
been In , 111 health for sumo
Mr. Sudler wn employed lit
one time bv AlUi inn Lumber
company ami later by other mill
concerns In this lirra. Ho resided
at 712 N. 3rd street, dlauuaiug of
Ills property last full. Una! rlli-a
wore held In Sonoru on March
VS. Mr. Sadler was a member of
the Musonlo Indue and leuvel
thuiny friends to mourn his puns-
Pioneer Community
Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Iltiiihiit
hud as house guests' lust week
end, Mr. and Mra. Ted Johnson
und family or uorria. tuner
liurlbut nf Klumuth Fulls mid
his duughter, Jackie, of Ash
hind. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baker
of West Klamath and Hurry
Hurlbut of Kliiiuuth Fulls.
James Kundull Is putting out a
large strawberry patch.
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Gordon of
Roaeville, Calif., vialled at the
homo of Mra. Nellie Anderson,
Mrs. Gordon's slater, und ulao
with Mrs. Fsitnle Tulbot, stater
of Mr. Gordon.
Eddie nushnng Is farming for
W. L. Fruln this week.
Mrs. Nellie Anderson went to
Ashland Wednesday by bus
where she hud dentul work
Mrs. Alma Cofer. Mrs, A. H.
Denlson and Mrs. W. L. Poole
were visitors In this area on
F. D. Evorhart is helping with
farming at tho R. V. tea ranch.
Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Cloinmens
attended a birthday dinner at
Dorrls honoring Mrs. J. N.
Mnthews, Mr. Clnnmens' moth
er. Tho dinner was given on
Sunday at the home of her
daughter, Mra. Ivnn Dennis.
Mr. und Mrs. Sheuror, former
residents, vMtcd at the A. E.
West homo. They are now living
at Roscbtirg. Calif.
The crop of winter spinach
totals about 7.S5U.000 bushels,
ncurly a million more than 1045.
n n n n n
feci I Ifcreuih life Inaiirene,
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