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    Local Yets Devise New
Spraying Method To Vaae
War On Basin Ticks, Flies
Two enterprising ex-service
men, Bruce Campbell of the
Henley district and B. M. Driggs
of 801 North 8th. brouRht nation-wide
attention to Klamath
county in this month's edition
of Pic, monthly publication for
younii men, when the magazine
included coverage of their orig
inal business operations in an
illustrated article entitled "Ore
gon." The subject deals with
the ingenious ways that return
ed service men are working out
employment problems.
Driggs. interviewed after the
Bain Men
Eye Flax
A number of Klamath growers
are interested in growing flax
I Tlin iArnAnt
support price '$6.00 per bushel !he. spraying operation. Hair
magazine appeared on the news
stands, stated that the idea "just
grew,'' after '.he partners re
turned from army camps where
they observed the effectiveness
of ODT in eradication o! insect
Campbell, who served in the
navy during the last war and
Driggs, both 33. an ex-marine,
set up the Western Spraying
company last spring when they
decided to wage war on Klam
ath county's tly, lice- and sage
tick population.
Standard orchard spraying
equipment was mounted on a
pickup truck and a homemade
trailer at an approximate cost
of S500 and the two set out for
livestock ranches in this part of
Oregon. Later two other pickup
units were added.
The service provides a Quick
er, cheaper and more effective
way of controlling insects that
make life miserable tor stock.
Formerly cattle and sheep were
driven into a tank full of dis
infectant with occasional loss of
stock through drowning or muti
lation, lhe new system elimi
nates accidents since stock is
herded into close Quarters for
Jleald and ftetui
Conservation Of So7
Resources Is Necessity
building uii'UKU T& under thu
1IM7 agricultural conservation
program, Miller said.
Shrinking cropland and in
creasing population in this coun
try make conservation of soil
resources of cone -rn to both ' i0 im,d
larmm ana consumers aiiKO
1300 Oregon farmer AAA com
mitteemcn have been informed
about SI. 50 for each person's
2.4-ncre share of the cropland to
Flax Support
To Be Dropped
WASHINGTON, March 20 (,l'l
The price support program will
not bo extended to the 1047 fiber
flux crop. Secretary of Agricul
ture Anderson has notified Sen,
Cordon (K-Orc.).
In a letter to the senator An
derson said extension of thu
support program to cover the
1047 crop had been studied but
could not be Justified. He
Passenger Car
Production Bad
TOKYO, March 20 (.'I') Pin
senuer cm' ii'oducllon in Japan
is "a long way oi l," alihotwh I ho
nation badly needs IransiMii'liil Ion,
nllled heaiUiuni'tors' industry di
vision reported today,
III H.ll U MiHIl, Klamath lll. "'
J. Z. llcdiiy, clilef or lhe divi
sion, mild Ihei'u wus no ludli'iiltnn
how anon foreign iiutoinohllu
mamifiii'tiii'crs might reopen
their assembly plants In Japan.
This step presumably could not
Q llll.t.lt IMtlll J.pllll IU I'tHiptllted
to foreign Initio and liivcHtiuciilx,
assist farmers in taking care of ? d., ,n TiV"0 '!i'""1". ' 2
lhe bind " i un"' June 30. 1B48, on the IB4IJ
., ,. . . and prior crops.
HiO.OOU has boon 1
le to share with M()S,
by E. H..rvev Miller, chairman X Zi otrZ urn is ,,,ils "Her los'" " '"'' "
of the state PMA committee. . ; "LHV Jffi P" ut -' iw tail is
has interested many growers
and as a result flax seed is hard
to get. Portland companies, how
ever, have been securing a few
cars from the middle west and
quite a number of local orders
have been filled.
and wool of the animals is wet
thoroughly Cost is estimated at
20 cents per head. Seven hun
dred animals can be handled a
Camobcll also uses his appa
ratus for spraying dairy barns.
corrals, oackint houses and ren
Considerable flax has been derine nlants for flv rnntrol It
grown in the Klamath basin in I is particularly effective after
times past in a more or less ex
perimental way with reasonably
cattle have been dehorned. To
be consistently effective te oo-
good results. Yields of 30 to 40 era lion should be repeated sev-
bushels have been secured on
the experimental station and
many yields as high as 30 bush
els have been reported by grow
ers. Flax is quite resistant to cold
after it passes the seedling stage
and will stand considerable ' 24D
eral times a season fo- complete
eradication of flies. The sorav
is aoDlied under 450 oounds of
pressure for both animpls and
The equioment is also nsed for
oyine noxious weeds with
The harvested crop acreage in
1346 amounted to 2.4 acres for
each man. woman and child in
the United States. Miller report
ed. While this is thj highest per
caoita cropland acreage of any
nation in the world, it still repre
sents a loss of almost one acre
per person compared with 25
years ago.
Since the introduction of
government-sponsored conserva
tion programs 10 years ago, an
nual losses of plowland have
been cut in half from one mil
lion to a half million acres lost
through erosion and depletion.
Despite this progress. Miller
pointed out mor cropland is
being lost each yci r than is be-1
ing brought into production
through irrigation and reclama
tion. "It's obvious why this situa
tion of shrinking cropland and
increasing population should be
a matter of public concern." the
PMA chairman declared. "It tells
the story of why public funds are
being spent for conservation
work of why the government,
through the agricultural conser
vation program, is spending
liuvi-u c.tjmuii lumrui UI1U SOU i ,,.ullv K-i.
water without harm, usually
making a heavy growth in the
fall. Growers have found it dif
ficult to thrash but good equip
ment can overcome this diffi
culty. It is sometimes used as -
a nurse crop for alsike clover as 10 Per CePr Of
it docs not leaf out like other : e J D J
grain crops and clover makes a IDUo ''OO KPTOOVed
better growth. Seeding in this !' About 10 oer cent of Oregon':
Campbell and Driers oln to
enlarge their eouioment atnin
in the near future to tfke care
of the increased number of patrons.
area is generally at the rate of
about 45 pounds per acre. The
last quoted price from Portland
indicated that seed flax is now
selling at S9.65 a bushel. It is
believed that the demand for
flax will remain good as linseed
oil is required in paint and the
country is behind in construction.
Two-In-One Lawn
Treatment Used
To improve the growth of
lawn grass and kill the weeds
all in the same treatment is
some achievement. Specialists in
the Department of Agriculture
have experimented with dry
2.4-D mixed with a complete
fertilizer and broadcast on the
Preliminary indications are
that just a little 2.4-D in the
lawn mixture may kill most of
the established weeds in th
lawn. In the limited experiment '
so far carried out, 1 1 pounds of .
2.4-D to the acre was enough to
kill off practically all of the
weeds and to make the grass a
deeper and richer green.
record 13.0nu.0un-bushel 1946
ootato croo has been removed
from reeular commercial chan
nels in the operation of govern
ment programs to support price
to producers at 90 per cent of
parity as required by law. E. H.
Miller, chairman of the state
PMA committee, has announced
Some 1500 carloads of pota
toes, acauired from Oregon pro
ducers in loan and purchase
price supDort programs, have
been diverted into livestock feed,
industrial and beverage alcohol,
school lunch programs and state
Action has been taken to us"
orice suoport programs in 1947
to assist growers in effecting
needed adjustments in produc
tion. Farm ootato goals have
been established and only farm
ers nlantim within goals will be
elipible for price stiooort on
their potato crons this year.
Miller pointed out.
Hannchen Barley
Seed Said Bad
Hannchen barley held at Dallas
by the Anheuser Bush company
for local growers for the grow
ing of certified seed has been
examined by representatives of
th farm crops department of
Orgon State college and has not
been found satisfactory for the
growing of certified Hannchen
Samples of local barley taken
by the county agent's office and
forwarded to Corvallis indicate
four lots of local seed of good
quality that should be of par-,
ticular help to local growers in
producing certified seed. Infor- j
mation on these lots can be I
secured at the county agent's
office. Some of these lots are
quite clean but a small amount
of roguing may be necessary to
meet the certification require
ments. Hannchen barley certi
fied in the Klamath basin in 1947
by Oregon State college should ;
bring a premium price in 1948
from the large barley growers
of the basin.
rio. . ,
Sold tocofr br
734 So. Sth Ph. 4197 I
Grown by Tuckerman
Bros. 5200 foot alera
tion. virgin soil. Ocean
lid tuts show frae
from disase.
Crews and Equipment
Now Working in Country
Ready to Give
Prompt Farm Service
Special equipment for
Barns and
Machine Sheds
I4M Klamath Ave. Fhane tT
sxffk- UTILITY
il-wf'-iT n A ft T A n A
i nnu lung
1 F J. WTHMKjto -Jj
O Will Plow 5 Acres Doily 0 l6eal for 2 to 40 AcfM
02VVGol. Gas for 8-hr. use A . . .
a a rfu .. O No c,urh o Burn Out
O A Child Can Handle and
Operate O Complete Control with Steering
O Power Take-Off for Mowing or LVer
Wood Sawing 0 Complete Part, Stock Carried
Mowers - Rakes - Plows - Dozer Blades - Discs
Rotary Scrapers - Springtooth Harrows - Furrow
77 S. 7th St.
'Geared to the Klamath Basin"
Phone 7771
Waihtri Graders
Automatic Pr-Siirs
Automatic Sackert
Automatic Sack-Jiggers
Prt-Packaging Machinery
J, n. Schwab. Pr.
u k. sum si. siku. i-iiir.
Saddle & Harncit
920 Main
For Sale
GEM Seed Potatoes '
Grown at Macdoel from
Art Small Montana Seed
O-O-O Reading from field inipectiont
and Oceantide. Calif., growing teit.
Wanted to Buy
We want your potatoes-either
large or small lots.
Phone 7360 Res. Phone 3267
Store Hours 9:00 . m. to 5:30 p. in.
Ninth at Pine Phone 3188
I i .
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nirr prcnlitfiit of CliilMlnii vol.
lour, now known LIiihIhiiii
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ion Junction, In.
more sstfefly
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