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    Methodist Circles
Meet On Thursday
On Thursday, Murch 1.1, the futir circles of the Wninun's
Society of Christian Survive of the First Mnthuclliit church held
their lomilnr nionlhly meutluuH, Kitlh circle met fur di'ioiert
Willi Mi'K, Wultor llumtltnt of 6'M North Ninth Ml reel, Sim wim
imslsleil by Mm. W. D. KllloU. Kliditcon nwriilxTH nlttMiilccI, and
Mr, 1. A. Iliiiniiuu Joined tin' group. Devotions were led by
Mrs. L. K. Phelps, 11 lid Mm. J. (.', limit, circle chulimun, prodded
over the business meittlnu. Thu circle In planning, ns a nuw
project, to help the Jeisle l.ce homo In Ahwkii, but nnthlriK
iletlnlte In known yet. HomIi-m for thn April mix-linn will be
Mm. (ieoi'Kc lloyd of Il!i7 Kane.
Kxllirr elivle wus imtertiiliuid lit the home of Mm. Kreil Hwh
tol, 711) Kldomdor with Mm. O'Connor lowlHtniK. Three guests
were hiemnetl iiiiinuu the 1 1 -
pi'uiumt. They went Mr. Hrnell, I .wwwwwwwvw.
Mrs, Patterson uud Mr. Knrl
ltedmiin, president of the en
end society. Mr. John It inch
cojidurted tho devullonitl serv.
Ire, uud Men. Ilollowuv, chilli
mini, wim In chni'Ke of the huil
ihVi meetlfiu. Mil. K, I.. Hid-
sluer win welcomed buck utter
her Illness, for decortillons nnd
retiehinenls. Mih, Herndon
used the St. I'lttr Ifk'n diiy motif.
Mi. Victor Anderson will bo
the April lio.ite.
Miirv circle met lit the home
of Mr. K. 1.. Pulniim of IIISU
1 1 1 1 c i . uud In tho iihsence ol
the clmlriuiiil, Mm. W. T. Willi
row, Mrs. E. W. Mocnben pie
sided, Two iuembei iveru up
pointed to help with the din
ner for the .one nteetlnu on
March 27. They lire Mm, Put
Hum mid Mm. Chillies Kowrey.
Milium Smyth led In n discus
sion of rucliil problem. Minn
Syinlli will bo thn hostess In
Mm. Stanley ltcchtle was hos
tess to Murlliu circle uud wim
ui-ibti-d by Mm. ChurU-s John
nun. Mm. llechtle led the de
votionii, uud Mm. V. I)., C'arlo
ton wim in vhuriiti of tho bum
lies session. .Mm. A. W. Cow
luun told of l'eurl DtieK's life
In Chinii. I-'or the April meet
liili the hostess will be Mm.
Itcorife Cillcrlst,
All c Ire leu will unite in work
on tile lull hiir.iinr, uud mem
bom me, nlreudy pliuinlnn the
urtlcleii which they will contribute.
Contract Club
Thn Thursday Cuutruct club
met ut the home of Kuui.lc
Thompson of 1334 Owens on
Mureh 13 for dessert uud cards.
There whs one uuest. (irueo
White. Idollne Schupn re
ceived tho u win (I for hlith
ncii-e Arleiui Schubert s.cond
uud Stella Dryden win given
the special iiwurd. llerthn
Hewitt of 2'2S Dnrrow will be
hostess on March 27.
C . There will be a public In
stallation by Zulelma temple.
Daughter of the Nile, In Grants
Pa, At 8 p. m.. Suturdiiy,
March 22. Queen-elect Mnvme
Spalding will he .Installed, .The j
srmir will luke plnce in the
Grunt Piom hlith iichnot audi- i
torlum. Members nnd their Inn-1
bandi are Invited.
March Session.
The Jiiyeectle held their rcg
n In i- Murch meethiK on Wediics
duy evenlnii in the chnmber of
coiiunerco with Mm. Wesley
Cudorlan nnd Mm, Kriink (Jul
breath, hostesses.
Thn film, "Kuntiuiy In Kash
Ion," win enjoyed. Mm. Ucv
Drigg preHlded over the busi
ness neimloii. Membem voted
a donutlou to the lied Cross.
Kefrciihuicntii were nerved by
the hOHtimiH'N. Othern present
were Mm. Hill Kunz. Mm. Genu
WlllluniK. Mm. l.elghton Slciiiht,
Mm. Cliel lliimukfr, Mm. Wll
Hum Jeffcot, Mm. r'rrd Illehn,
Mm. I 'mi I Harper, Mm. Jim
Stllwell, Mm, Arthur Trlcbwn.
ser, Mm. Korrosl Alter, Mm
Muurice Miller, Mm. Everot
Hull. Mm. M. Kierulff. Mm
Cliff Juy. Mm, Al Scott, Mm.
Ituy Wurd, Mm. Miirlin lirnun
er nnd Mm, J. W. Rice.
Pythhm Slntem met for u reK
ulur nemion on Frldny. Murcli
M, In the lOOK hull. Florence
Tromblee and Helen K. Lam
bert were Initliiled. ItefreNh
monl. ere wrved by Stella
Dryden. Olhem prownt were
trfdta Nldu. Leohi Dully, Uer
truile Jumen, Helen Dlnnnn and
Sylvia Uranium,.
v r- (i r,' jr.
i; f. s5fe fC , i
l i j. n ..in Jm-.:a i
GVs' '.-Society
The Junior Girln" Friendly
noclcty of St. Puid'n Eplscopul
church mt last Wednesday In
the purlah house, Darlenc Gul
ley, vice prenldent, had churuc
of tho meeting. The Kirlii work
ed on dolln for hospitalized
children. '
Thin afternoon the glrlx are
meeting for a potluck uppcr.
Kuthleen Mclntee In chiiirmun.
Prenont at Wednesdays meet
ln were Sharon Miles, Kath
leen Melntce, Marline Sue
Owen, Jana Lynn LanKalett,
Sue Selcr, Durlcne Gulley,
Geraldine Leo and Jano Stnlil.
Friendly Society
Member of the Friendly cir
cle met Thursday, March 13, at
the home of Fannie Goddard
of 2441 Garden for luncheon,
business mcctinif and to work
on tcrapbooka for a children
hospital. One acrupbook was
completed, and several infant'
garment for the Red Cros
were also made.
The club I considering spon
soring a Girl Scout troop, and
it was voted to give a donation
to the Red Cros drive at this
time. Eleven member were
present and one guest, former
ly a member, Helen Kiting. The
place of the next meeting will
be announced later.
Card Party
A card party, sponsored by
the Modoc Point home exten
sion unit was held Friday eve
ning In the former Lamm Lum
ber company hotel dining room.
Six tables of pinochle were In
olay, as well a bridge and
lieart. High score went to
Mr. and Mr. Pell, Mr. Sam
Rife, Bill Rlckcr and Mr, and
Mrs. George Johnson,
Proceeds will be used as the
unit' contribuf' 'he build
ing fund. Another similar af-
Margaret Wheeler
Phone 40S4
lltRAI.D NKWS, KUrn.lk rail., On. WKONKSDAT, Mr. la, HIT, flit Nipt
fair Is planned for the evening
of March 31. It will be spon
sored by the community with
proceeds to go to the Red Cross
TULELAKE The Homestead
Community club will meet on
Friday at the home of Mrs.
Albert Scott. The session wll!
begin at 10:30 a. m. with a pot
luck luncheon at noon. Mem
bers are asked to bring their
The complete
line (
Fuller Brushes,
M o pi end
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than your teleotioM. Call . .
1433 Martin St. Phone 5877
ENGAGED IS LEE CRUTCHFIELD, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
H. hf. Crutchficld of Klomoth Foils. Miss Crutchfield will be
come the bride of Jock L. Robey, USN, son of Mr. ond Mrs. S.
Doe Nelson, olso of this city. No date has yet been set for
the nuptials.
Fruiici George Uelgudo Jr.,
foiir-month-old on of Mr.' end
Mm. Flunk Uelgudo Sr.. was
christened on Sunday, February
2:1. at St. Martin's church In
Kl.trl, :ufNlf4 Wmrk
Mil iki
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Sewing Machine Service
Ymmr ln.tnitt hrtur
eb0 am mm bu n.
Sunnyvale, California, with the
Rev. J, B. McNally officiating.
The baby's godparent are
Mr. and Mr. Stanley Terry of
Sunnyvale. The Oelgados are
residents of Redding, Cali
fornia. Mrs. Dclgado -is the
former Gina Manprin of Chilo
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