Herald and news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1942-current, March 17, 1947, Page 7, Image 7

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    Boyle's Column
'The Siory Of A Tout Who
Hated Horses And Betting
IDA (!') I have mrl number
of men who lived happily on
their wives money, but today
(or the first time I met one who
ld been supported fur more
Ihnn lxly years by racehorses.
No minister ever preached
sterner sermon against KamhlliiK
thin thin elderly tout, neatly
dreiod dried up little character
who win crowding 00 year.
"Going out to the track? He
aked a he itn t down.
"Uuod. Anybody thut play
homo In rriuy," he snarled.
"It's a losing game, Been doing
Ferry Strike
SKATTLK, March 17 ll)
I'uuil Sound ferry operation!
were (hut down today fur the
fourth consecutive duy aa led
eml conciliators scheduled new
conference separately with of
ficials of the I'uget Sound Navl
nations company and the Marine
Kimlneer Uoncflclal association
No Joint conferences have
been scheduled, conciliator aald.
Week-end development In
the tleup thut dally confront
10.000 coimmitera with trans
porlatlon hendachea Included a
union offer to submit the caae
to a atate medlnlinn board.
Company official were not
available for Immediate com
ment but earlier had received
Ciovernor Wallgren'a personal
offer to arrange arbitration of
new working agreement contro
veralei with the comment that
It waa "simply the name offer
the company has been making
all the time."
The company nffi-red, In a let
ter to the governor, to grant I
10 per cent booat In baae pay,
effective upon resumption of
Budapest Holds
99th Anniversary
BUDAPEST. Hungary. March
IT (41 Approximately 50.000
peron gathered In Parliament
square Saturday to celebrate the
09th annlveraary of the Lajol
(Loula) Kosauth revolution.
There were no Incident de
aplte prevloua report that mem
ber of the cammunlat party had
been called out to demonstrate
In front of the American legation
agalnat Prealdent Truman' re
cent apeech on world affair and
the American note prolealing
Ruuian action In Hungary.
Radioactive Ship
In Pearl Harbor '
HONOLULU. March 17 (I'j
Two tug brought the old bat
tleship New York, still radioac
tive eight month after the
Riklnl atomic bomb tests. Into
Pearl Harbor today at the end
of a tow line.
It took the tugs 20 day to
bring the New York from
Kwalalcin in the biggest and
longest towing Job of Its kind
ever undertaken. The 30,000
ton battlewagon was Hating to
port from the effect of the sec
ond underwater atomic bomb
it for slaty year. Munnged to
keep even myself. But I- know
horse. Mnda a lot of gambler
rich In my time.
Year Round Job
"Took $1(500 out of Illulimh
the lust week. Probably lose it
up north next month. Yep, I
follow them tho year around.
It' a nice hobby for an old man
with nothing else to do."
"Had a good time In Florida?"
"Naw. I liiite Florida. Had
aches and pain in my leg for
the first time In my life when
I alarled coming here, Wouldn't
come hero If it wasn't for the
horse. Hate the people. Worst
in the world.
"The sun 1 the only real thing
here. Everything else Is a
The old tout grumbled con
tented I v against Florida for aiv
other ten miles, then began
snarling again when I asked If
he were married.
"Another racket," he explod
ed. "No, I stayed single harness
all the way. Never worked at a
regular lob In my life either.
Never will. All my brother
did. Are they any happier?
The old mun brooded.
"Son," he aald, "the whole
world is nuts. They try to Justify
the racetrack here by laying
they help pay old age pensions
That crazy, too.
It they closed every race
track business men could col
lect their bills. Anyway the peo.
pie who go to racetracks wind
up on the public welfare rolls,
so how are you ahead? Every
thing a racket.
We rolled to a brief halt be
fore the racetrack entrance, and
the old man had to wait for a
few moments while several
women got off ahead of him.
No Elbow Room
"Look at them," he gritted.
"Tonight they II be at the dog
track trying to win back what
the horses' Hike from them this
afternoon. They don't leave you
eioow roow at the windows.
Before starting down the aisle,
the sharp-faced old mon turned
to me and said:
"Son, without that dollar
you re nobody In this world. R
member that. I alway keep
aiuuu in my pocket, and nobody
puanea me arouna.
Helicopters To
Patrol Power Line
YAKIMA. March 17 iA') A
contract to patrol the Bonne
ville power line facilities
through use of two helicopters
and pilots ha been awarded the
Central Aircraft company of
Yakima, the Bonneville power
administration at Portland an.
non need.
A. L. Baxter, company secre
tary, said many of the lines are
strung In country previously ac
cessible only by use of skis or
snowshocs. He estimated the
patrol would start by the first
or April.
City Delivery Service. Ph. 1417,
Now In Stock
Bine! or Dual Control
121-125 So. 9th Phon 5400
Nurses Change Posts
i ' ' ' i I
Columbia Area
May Flood
PORTLAND, Ore, March 17
(A't Parts of the upper Colum
bia river basin may get heavy
floods this spring.
This Is the warning from Col.
Eckley 8. Ellison, senior meteor
ologist at the weather bureau
here, who reported the "dlatlnct
possibility" of unusually high
flow in the Clark fork, Koot
enny and Spokane river.
The colonel said some flood
ing already had been exper
ienced in the Spokane basin,
adding that the Kootenay prob-
Mrs. Jean Yates, RN, superintendent of Hillside hospital,
Saturday resigned that position and ha been succeeded by Mrs.
Phyllis Robuatell. (left). Mrs. Robust. 11 by Kennell-Ellia.
Hillside Nurse
Resigns Job
Mrs. Jean Yiitrs, RN. superin
tendent of Hillside hospital, has
resigned from thut position and .
tuklng over the superintendent'
duties Saturday was Mrs. Phyl
lis Robusteli. RN.
Mrs, Robusteli is a graduate
of Salem General hospital In Sa-1
lem. has been an active member !
of the Oregon State Nurses asso
ciation, a member of the Ameri-'
can Nurses asnoclatlon and came !
to Klamath Falls in February. I
llKtl, to accept the position of
obstetrical nurse at Hillside,
later accepting the post of head '
surgery nurse. She remained in i
this capacity until 1933. In :
1941. Mrs. Robusteli returned to
Hillside and worked in surgery
during the war yean and until
the present time.
Mrs. Yates is a graduate of
Massachusetts General hospital,
Boston, and is a member of the ,
American Red Cross, Oregon !
State Nurses association, Ameri-!
ca:i Nurses association and the j
American Hospital association.
She has been with Hillside for ,
Ihe past five years and prior to ;
that held responsible positions j
in Bonton, as well as at Doug-:
las Aircraft corporation in Lo :
Angeles as first aid nurse. Mrs.
Yates plun to retire from duty
and will spend the coming sum
mer at her ranch in the Apple
gate valley.
Due to: dry sczems, common
rashes, simple piles, chafinj,
chapping and similar condi
tions externally caused:
Try the gentle Rssinol wst
to)oyfulrtiief. See bow thai
soothing, widely used oint
ment esses itchy (ting, curbs
desire to serstch, and thus
Jtllll hastens comfort
druf Mils Roiasl &p u ap-UItr
Acts AT ONCE to
Relieve and 'Loosen'
rmrouiH mutt be Rood when thou
winds upon tluuuuiU of Doc lore
have prescribed It U so many years,
rnrtiMiN ecu at once not only to re
lieve euch ecu Kiting but eJeo 'looitna
M'lJfpm' and make It eaeler to raise,
ttafe for both old and young. Fleas-
All dnicatorca. iPERTUSSmc-
MsssisbssssssS ""1eaWaJSe5sPsses M
-in I
Save Time
Matted Mainiuie)
SfATTLI . . .
5'i hn.
3 hrt.
a'l hrt.
SV hrt.
anal "all S fail." AH farei, tas astra.
'r rsMrvelienii
Airport Termlnol Call 3124
CTtW!'asj I I W jg- J
One of America's favorites
because it's flavor blended!
n mm heutral srum
MitoMi4 it
UsHtfl OliliWtn sl AsMilst, Is.
Due to the placement of Klamath city bus com
pany on the unfair list of organized labor, an
arrangement has been made with all of the taxi
cab companies of Klamath Falls, whereby five or
less riders may ride for the price of one, pro
vided that all five or less passengers are called
for at the same location and deposited at the
same destination.
Time calls will b accepted.
The drivers of all cobs are union members.
Motor Coach Employes of America
Dir. 10S5
ably will be as high a in last
year' considerable floods.
The forecast for the lower Co
lumbia river Was only slight
imaAi.n a Ntw. Kimi r.iu, ot. monuat, mra it, law, rt
flooding with crest of 18H I above flood level. Dikes are
feet at Vancouvor, Wash., on pected to be adequate protto
June S, a mark only & feet I tlon.
nr .w-wja 4t?B9
' it ' ''
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