Herald and news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1942-current, September 24, 1942, Page 7, Image 7

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    Sfljitnmhflr 24, 1042
Academy Award Winner Nurse's Aide
Mentha .
i $$l SltOfU and SAofU
r 1
oe Godtneticl
KHIKND of initio, now In
1 Klnmuth Fill In, uikt-d me
the other clny wliuro ahu
could buy C'liurles of the
RIU produilii , . , Ho 1
thought It might l)i! u Hood lili'H
to come out generally with u
little Inforinut Ion on thu sub
jct o( cosmotlca llnea.
Charlca of tbn Illti and K1U
belli Ardcn product! aro Hold
exclusively at Moo'i , . . Thai
is, (or the Klnmnth country . . .
They're nationally famous, na
tionally advertised nnrl Ihn gala
who use cither Una sweur by
them, .
, Charlci of tl'.o It It r him n spo
elnt feature In blending powder
right at Ilia cosmetics counter
i . . . Thla li rcgulor scrvleo In
Moo'i coamotlca department
and there la no charge for the
Indlvlduul blcmllnu You
Just pay for the powder .
And get exactly tlio rlulit ahade
to ault your akin tonca, without
having to experiment with dlf-
ferent ahadca yourself.
Hand of tho cosinctlca do
pirtmcnt at Moo's Is Vlrglnlu
Calhoun, who lini hud much ex
perience In the work and la
ably assisted by Evelyn Mllnc
and Bllllo Bnyder . . , You can
ak thrm about tho complete
treatments and bcuuty prepara
tions carried by Charles of the
Rttz and Elizabeth Ardcn, and
rest assured that their advice
la uood.
At Moe's.
Ijoux. State, One.
IT'S newa when a atore
branches out In wartime, but
It's good newa for Klmnnth
Foils . , , And If you haven't
been In to ae the new quar
ters of Your Store, Inc., you
really should.
The opening la today .
Just three doors down the block
from the old location, In the
space formerly occupied by
Klamath Furniture.
It's swell store . . . Just as
attractive as tho old small one,
and there la lota more room to
display merchandise . . . Alto
gather, It's five times larger
than before. Incidentally, Your
Store, Inc., la going to drop
the sub-title of "For Distinctive
Gifts" . . . Because it now la
more than a gift atoro ... So
many new lines were added
that It's a sort of department
tor now.
- A towel department has been
added, and bedding, handker
chiefs, hosiery and linens.
At Your Store.
nraHEi new plaid skirts at
'1 1 Long's aro dlllica . . But
I you'll have to ace them to
appreciate them because
it's Impossiblo to describe
1 plaids . , . Just try it yoursclfl
The skirts aro all prices
From $3.05 to $7.03 . . . Come
pleated or gored, In bright col
ors or subdued abodes, some all
wool and aomo part wool
Mrs. Long la especially proud
of somo real Scottish tartans
(aometlmci mis called - "plaids")
In lovely pleated skirts of 100
per cent wool ... I saw tho
McLeod, which la dark , . . The
Dress McLeod, which has a
beautiful bluo shade In It
And the Dress Stowart, which
la gay and light . . . Thcso are
axceptlonolly good skirts
And cost $7.05.
And since skirts are a "must"
lila year ... (I mean the stylo)
. . I know thcso unusually clov-
a ones are going to bo snnppcd
sp and no tlmo lost about it,
Dron in yourself, and see
them at Long's.
BEFOHE I forgot, I'll men
tion right now that C'ur
rln's has a few jars of Ru
binstein's Apple Blossom
Deodorant Crcnm loft at
the BOc price . . . It's regularly
$1.00, you know.
: This Is tho larger 2-ounco
al7.o , ... And n marvelous bur
gain at only 00c . . . Even with
tho usual. 10 per cent tnx ndd
d. v
And hero's a Up on Applying
a "deodorant crcnm . . Always
wash -first, then put It on gen
erously and' rub until it has dis
appeared ... Whether you're
Working on your underarms,
hands or fcot.
In thla way It really will be
wonderfully effective In check
ing perspiration and perspira
tion odors.
IF YOU luivo a man around
the- houso who Julia to put
his elgorolto out In the ash
tray, mid leaves it to burn
with much fuming . , . Or
If you'vo bud trouble with for
gotten cigarnttM which drop
ped off thu ash troy und burn
ed tho furniture , . . Here's the
(jurceion's has the new Sa
fex . , . Tho newest things In
oshlroya . . . Which ia not only
attractive In clear gluss, but Is
very Intriguing looking.
Drop o clgnrvtto stub in the
center port und In a nilnuto It's
Out . . . I'ul your cigarette
down and forget It and when
It burns to tho "Safety Rest". It
goes out.
There's a "Sufuty Platform,"
too, which keeps cigarettes from
toppling over and burning the
And all lliut costs only 35c
. , . t Garcelon'a.
l, i
ir if -jw
AVE you used the Rubin
stein "Fllmpoct" yet . . .
Its brand new and I ve
had a lot of success with
It, myself ... A "dry"
powder buso that you apply
with a dampened sponge or
piece of cotton and get the best
results of any such preparation
I've seen.
Realizing that- aome other
similar "dry" powder bases are
unsatisfactory for skins that al
so aro dry, Madamo Rubinstein
has come out with two types
... One (or dry skin and the
other for normal or oily skin.
As a matter of fact, you don't
need to use powder after ap
plying tho "Fllmpoct," unless
you want to ... I use powder
just on my nose, and sometimes
I wonder why I do that.
But If you don't use powder
at all, It's best to put on two
applications of "Filmpacl" .
In order to have a more com-
plcto coating, you know.
Rubinstein's comes in a flat
compact-like cose that can be
carried In tho purse . .. . And
It costs only 73c, plus tax, of
course ... At Currln's.
Incidentally, when you re
movo your cosmetics, be sure
to tako extra pulns to see that
every bit of this "dry" powder
base Is gone . . . The reason' It
looks so lovely on the skin and
lusts so long Is that It clings
and clings . . . Which, of course,
makes It harder to remove.
Studio, off Beauty
AIR Is such a problem when
so many hat styles reveal
gals "crowning glory
, And it had batter bo
that If you don't want to
spoil tho whole effect of your
So here s a tip that, even U
you vo never noa any oexore,
you should plan on scalp and
lialr rc-condltionlng treatments
Especially after Summer
sun and wind have done their
I was. talking to Fern Short,
who owns tho Studio of Beauty
on Whytal's mezzanine floor,
tho other day". . . She told me
the secret of good results Is a
scries of regular treatments . . .
And a series docsnt- cost so
much as a number' of single
If you're planning on a new
permanent at this time, by all
means look at your hair the way
other penplo will ... You can
bo terribly disappointed In a
permanent dono over dry,
parched hair ... So play safe
and recondition those locks
first . . . Call Fern at 7181 if
you need further Information.
a new kind fr - (, yr. ,.- .in f I
of award- 1 ' ' J ' J - jf.
an official ' f JW V
Volunteer 4 . ' xtf f ll '
Nurse's Aide - Vl ' J H i ' . If;';'.- 3
cup from I J I M I
j Bed Cross . j ! I ej
I Nuraa In- -l--rftf ' '
atruetor l'"? ..'"
oiiv. ; 'LiS..-:
Blocum. I ' ' ' v' ' "w-",r ' j
You'd Think He'd Get Tired
wiaiiL.liiiii'rr'-' iLii fSii'frilaaisaalrf'' Wn' 'iff
above, of
Logan, Utah,
didn't succeed
In his first
attempt at
tire making,
but he's
trying again
succeeding, -
Mude of 38
blocks of
locust wood
after heat
the tire will
sumo heavy
loads and
speeds up to
13 miles per
Yorktown Survivors at Honolulu
SAM HERMAN and hl lx
plcce band are back at Cal
Oro after a Summor vaca
tion ... In which they
toured mo coast ana piayea
at a number of resort hotels
, Which really can't be call
ed a vacation, because when a
musician plays ho works.
you remember what a good
band Sam had hero . . . They
nil left Into last Spring to fill
tho louring engagement . . ..
And I, for one, hever expected
to soo them nl Cnl-Ore: again,
bcrnu.io of tlio shortage of mu
sicians , , , It's a good thing
for us that their tie-up wasn't
will) places that operate full
blast In tho Wintertime, the way
Cal-Orc docs ... Or maybe
they Just liko the place and the
After aeelng their ship, the nlrcrnfc carrier Yorktown, go down at the
Battle of Midway, wounded sun-Ivors arrlvo at Honolulu. They're shown
Walking down the gangway of the rescue ship under their own power. Of
ilcUU U. 8. Navy nliota.
Courthouse Records
Complaint Filed
Guthcl M. Esting versus Lee
F. Esting. Suit for divorce.
Charge, cruel and Inhuman
treatment. Couple married in
Redwood City, Calif., July 27,
1920. Plaintiff asks personal
property settlement, . support
money, and restoration of mai
den name, Guthcl M. Steele. J.
C. O'Neill, attorney for plain
tiff. '.
Justice Court .
Vernon Gllmore. Assault and
battery. Sentenced to 25 days
in county Jan.
Charlotte Kaspara Andcrsnn.
Failure to stop at stop sign. Fined
James Alfred Durond. No
trailer license. Fined $3.50, sus
pended. ' -
An earthworm does not die. If
you cut it in two. Instead, each
portion grows Into a complete
specimen. '.
A camel can drink 15 gallons
of water nt one time. It requires
os much water as other animals
of Its size. '
Henry Hudson was English.
Ho made his voyago in the Half
Moon under Dutch auspices.
Phoria 8222 ' 901 Main
Your Victory Garden ripens ln
to harvest . , , and then into
preserving and there's a lesson,
miladies, to you! Cherish that
good figure of yours , , . im
prove it quite a bit, toot
Even If you aro n big girl, this Gossard vert
pantie glrdlo (It embraces 28 to 36 inch OU
waistlines) produces a smoother you.
School Clothes
Must Be New Clothes
Here is Young America off to school again. School
calls for clothes, something new in shoes, skirts,
blouses, in fact a lot of different things . . . The
place to buy, why Foulger's, of course!
"feen AW
faerew for school. Many new sfyles in
Flannels, Fleeces, Diagonal Weaves "and
Plcddt, moti any color. Man-tailored
4.95 to 14.95 .
For your Blouse wardrob we have lonej
sleeve, short sleeve, French or Banded
Cuff, from Plain Colors to exotic prints,
2.29 to 2.95
For Tall Gals
Ble qlrls look sweet ' as little
alrls In these adorable Pumps
In Black or Brown Suede or
5.95 to 7.95
Here is the shoe that Is de
finitely taking Young Amer
ica back to school this fall.
Plaids In wool. Strutter cloth In Plain
colors, in Brown, Green, Navy and
Black. Pleats and gores and flares In.
Sumara Goth.
2.95 to 4.95
5.95 to 1 2.95
Let's Go To
M S2S MAIM : '