Herald and news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1942-current, September 24, 1942, Page 13, Image 13

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    LA. Grabs
Win in
Start' Hth Inning Trlplo
Pacoi Rally, Sudi Tip Sact
C" Ths AsiuuUi.d Fr.ai
JlKtfcr Klulz, innnuKur of tlio
Iain AWfuIi'S Uusnbiill club, U
iirobnbly wlnliliiK ho Intel pliiyml
hlmeull morn fivuntly In thu
Count Icmwuo pi-iinnnl frncim
(rum which lilt ton in imiMiKd
111 aacond plnce.
Tho Anuolt Kull)od n 1)5
win from linn Dli'Ko In the
6hnuKhnotsy ilnyolf sninl-ilnult
yoslurcliiy uml un tilcvcnth In
ning trlplo by Slnlr. In u pinch
iilltcr't role pnci'd thu winning
Jc Flurca douhlvd Shit,
homo nnl I'tmmtta Lowrcy uiul
Itoy llimhn alnglcd (or two ud
dltlonnl rum.
At KiKTiunonto, tha Scnttlo
rtiilnlcm cut off thn chumplnn
ahlp Solons' win atn-nk ot alx
gumva by tho auina 0 3 niiiinln.
It woa tho (lint ! for tinc
rmnonto alnce they won (Ivo
straight from Lot Antfoloa to
win the pennnnt,
Scuttlo took a four-run lend
In tha first Inning nnd uihh-d
additional runa lit tho fourth
and eighth.
Bums Accept
q Resignation
Of MacPhail
NEW YORK. Sept. 24 (,!")
Ilolp wimtcd: One experienced
hnnebitM executive with color
ful personality cnpuble of tnk
InRdinrgd front runnliig buio
bull club nnd keeping It there.
Snlliry up to $75,000. Address
hoard of directors, Drooklyn
Hintebull club.
This advertisement properly
ahould nppenr In the classified
columna of thl newspnper, but
It missed tho deadline becauao
I.eluml Stunford (Lorry) Mac
I'liall, after all tho weeks of
rumors about his Joining tho
O army, did not formally resign
until last night,
MacPhail, who was captain
In the first World war and took
part in tha effort of a hundful
of the ASF to kidnap tho
kalner after the armlsllco, has
bton striving to roturn to uni
form ever since tho United
States became Involved In this
Pacific Coach
Sees No Line,
Some Backfield
U I C Pacific university's
chemistry laboratories could
produce synthetic weight and ex
perlence, Coach Roger Kolgate
would (eel better about the 1D42
Pacific Northwest conference
k football campnlgn.
f But with things as they are
only nine letlermen, none wit!)
more than one year s service
Folgato is tho first guy to admit
the prospects for a championship
are not rosy.
Ho would like to Ignore the
lino and const through tho ca
on with nothing but n back-
Held, If that were possible, be
cause there he would have a Ict
torman for every position except
quarterback, plus a lot of speed
nd deception,
In addition to Inexperience
nd weight shortages In tho for
ward woll, Folgate lias (nr from
enough men to go around. One
of his chlof worries Is even If
he puts n top notch starting ele
ven on the field ho won't have
enough reserves to keep a win
ning pace.
They See Eye to Eye en This One
.i.-aTMiaMMal jia iut .
. j in W 1
b-A - 1'.:- V.I . BT, r L. .!. "i
l:' j f
1 Ms
. "
Pvt. Billy Conn and Sgt. Jo Louis agree and root for tholr
randy at Enitorn Army football Uim dofeata New York Glanta,
10-0, at Polo Crounda. It'll be a dlfforent atory whan aoldiara
fight for Army Relief at Yankee Stadium, Oct. 12.
September 24, 1942
East, South Preppers
Face Int ersect ionals
The Dalles-La Grande Game Headliner;
Medford Faces Marshfield on Coast
Associated Press Staff Writer
Southern and eastern Oregon high school teams will fight It
out for Interscctlonal honors in football games this weekend.
Tha Dulles, stata champion last year, will make Its 1042
debut tomorrow in tho annual clash with the perennially strong
La Grnndo eleven.
Tho Indians lost the entire starting lineup from last year's
titular team, but a number of
cunnble reserves ore back. Tho
Indians also hovo the highly re
garded Chuck McGuinness again
as coach, one of tho (cw schools
to retain lost year's mentor.
Farther east Mllton-Frcewater
and Pendleton will meet In a
gaiiui that may, despite tho early
dutc, determine tho winner of
tha niuo Mountain league.
In Southern Oregon, Medford,
13-0 winner over Yrcka; Calif.,'
last week Journeys to tho coast
to meet Marshfield. Grants Pass,
considerably stronger than last
year, will play host to North
Most Willamette Valley teams
will not open schedules until
next week.
Other games this weekend.:
Baker at Nampa, Idaho; Hills
boro at Astoria, Maupln at Red
mond, Cottage Grove at Reeds
port, Wallowa at Union, Bandon
at Coqullle.
QReading From Top
to Bottom . . .
- ' i
-! - '4
Is '1
v- ...
Ball . , . arms . . . Herb Nolion,
Pennsylvania and.
Oreqon Sports Notes
Associated Prats Staff Wrltor
With 10-day ships being launched, 20,000 New York tlnhatters
migrating to her shipyards, Portland still had Unto and attention
left for football today.
As the opening major game, botweon the Pre-Fllght St. Mary's
Navymcn and tho University of Oregon, drew near tho over
crowded Oregon metropolis promised to turn out handsomely for
the gonio. Somo of the Portland sports writers figured the game
might draw a record llrst-gome
crowd. Tho situation Is more
than promising; pockets are lull
of shlpyurd money, spending
outlets aro limited and not to
overlook the game itself the
contest promised to be good.
Tex Oliver Is bringing a
dream team to Portland for Us
first try against a mojor op
ponent. Tho club, which roods
like a five-year all-coast squad,
last Saturday toyed with Col
lege, of the Pacific, winning
381), and will now move against
a grown-up adversory. Oregon
muy not have its strongest team
of the age but it Is no College
of tho Pacific outfit. More the
Webfoots would like to prove
right now that this Navy team
Is not going to overshadow the
Pacific Coast conference.
Anyhow, the Rose city, no
longer the complacent over
grown village of past yeara but
a bustling, war-boom city,
seems to be taking the bait. It
looks like a full house.
Larry Lamborgcr, profession
al at tho Portland Golf club,
called a shot tha other day, but
not his own, Had It been his
own It would have ranked with
Babe Ruth's famous homer.
Lambcrgcr, walking off the
13th green, watched Grant Rob
ertson, Portland amateur, drive
from 'the tee 200 yards away.
It looked like a good shot to
Lambcrgcr. "There's a hole-in-one,"
ho said.
Down came the ball on the
apron, one unerring bounce on
to the green, a short roll and
IOWA CITY Arrival of new
cadets at the Navy Pre-Fllght
school here gives the Seahawk
varsity the two ends who started
for tho Collego All-Stars against
the Chicago Bears. Judci Ringer
of Minnesota checked in. The
other starter was Ensign Mai
Kutner of Texas.
NEW YORK Promoter Mike
Jacobs had to have a batch of
tickets for the Joe Louls-BUly
Conn fight, October 12, reprint
ed when Louis was promoted
from corporal to sergeant.
Read The Classified Pag
Is sure to glvo you
a lot of pleasure
without costing
National Dlilllitrt Produela Corporation, Naw York, N. V. II Proof
Pelican Eleven Tapers Training
For Redding Game Here Friday
Klamath's Pelican football
team tapered off training today
fur tomorrow night'a closh with
Coach Frank Nihil's Redding,
Calif,, eleven scheduled for 8
o'clock on Modoc field.
Coach Ramsey Indicated hit
squad was In good physical
shape for the collision, the
Klamaths' second of tho season.
Null Mayfleld, oco end, demon
strated last week ho was able
to play a full gumo encancd In
a knee brace without being
hampered in his movements.
Dick Vullancour, whoso 80-yard
touchdown sprint featured tha
locals' 15-0 victory over Grant
High, Is almost entirely recov
ered from a hip Injury.
Proctlco this week has re
vealed five excellent prospects
whose Inspired ploy may oust
several first or second stringers.
Ramsey said that End Rex
Young, Tackle Verne Yank, Cen
ter Dulo Cascbler and Halfbacks
Elwyn Sllva and Angclo Glovan
nlnl have developed rapidly and
threaten to replace somo of the
The Klamalh, In their tough
est scrimmage to date on Tues
day, all looked good, the big
coach said.
Ramsey expect a power for
mation In the main from the
Redding squad which will be
playing Its (Irst game of the sea
son. Nihil, who posted an ex
tremely successful year here as
Wildcat coach several seasons
ago, Is an advocate of the strict
ly push system.
Friday night's game will be
the last Pelicans home tiff for
nearly a month. Their next
contest at home Is slated for
Benny Hogan Ends
Tour in Eugene
EUGENE, Sept. 24 (P) Ben
Hogan, golf pro from Hershey,
Pa., ended his northwest exhibi
tion tour here yesterday as he
and Don Leal, amateur, defeated
Pro Wendell Wood and Amateur
Jim Hoak, 6 and 5.
The winners' best ball score
was 89. Hogan carded a par
72, Leal a 68, and Wood and
Hoak 74 each.
Hogan was en route to his
eastern home today.
October 23 against Eugene.
Friday afternoon, Wayne
Scott's Wildcats, beaten 34 0 by
Henley lust week, travel to Bo
nanza to meet the county "B"
league team.
Another B loop contest finds
Lakevlew meeting Henley on
the Hornet gridiron at 1:30 to
morrow afternoon.
Deer Hunters
Cautioned on
Use of Tires
Mrs. Effie Garcelon, of the
Klamath county war price and
ration board office today warned
deer hunters eligible for new
tires, tubes or recaps, that hunt
ing trips constitute recreational
use of tires and make the owners
ineligible for further considera
tion by the board.
She said that persons who use
either their present tires or rub
ber purchased under ration
board .approval will be taken off
tha eligibility list and will not
be granted further certificates.
The board, she said, takes the
position that even though the
hunter Is running on his own
rubber, purchased before the
ban, the use hastens the time
when ha must require what 1
In effect, governmental rubbati
for his essential use,
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