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rlaptember 22, 1948
- City councllmen moved last
Bight to reduce the license fee
charged street vendors In the
"anti-Jehovah's Witnesses ordl-
nance," and instructed the po
lice chief not to enforce the ordi
nance pending completion of the
As originally passed, the or
dinance imposed a fee of $10 on
Itinerant vendors of pamphlets,
tracts, etc. The new ordinance
Uts the license fee to $5.
- Chang Mad
' 'City Attorney 1. H. Carnahan
old the council that Orvllle Et-
ler, attorney for the League of
Oregon Cities, had suggested tne
lower fee would make the Klam
ath ordinance more defensible in
ft les-al test, . " '
Another change was made In
the regulation of vendors. In the
original measure, salesmen of
the Holy- Bible, and newsboys
telling newspapers and maga
slnes, were exempted from the
license requirement. In the new
bill, the words "and magazines"
were stricken.
.:. When the matter came up for
discussion last night, Council
man Rollin Cantrall offered a
motion for repeal of the old ordi
nance. In the same motion, he
moved that the new ordinance
be held in abeyance until the
lesal situation regarding such
ordinances is clarified by the su
preme court of the -United
States. ' "-:
L- i Legal Fight Seen
His motion lost for want of a
iecohd. The council then pro
ceeded with the first reading of
the $5 fee ordinance, which will
not become effective for three
weeks. Meantime, no arrests will
fee made.
Representatives of Jehovah's
Witnesses, religious sect at
rtiom the ordinance Is aimed,
nave told city officials they will
carry a legal fight on the mea
sure to high courts.
Speaking of this situation last
night. Mayor John Houston
warned the council:
"If there is a possibility of
throwing us into a costly law
suit we had better : do . some
thinking. The city is In no posi
tion to fight a long lawsuit,"
Wording Chanced
The United States supreme
court has before it a petition for
a rehearing on a decision on an
ordinance similar to that passed
in Klamath Falls. - If the court
'should rule unf avorably on such
ordinances, neither " the old or
She new Klamath ordinances
Would be enforceable, it was in
dicated in the council's discus
sion. ..
Councilman Andrew Bussman
! pointed out that in the terms of
the new ordinance, as well as
the old, anyone selling from an
"established place of business"
Would not need a license. He
aid any organization could
therefore set up a place of husi
ness and continue to peddle
. tracts without a license. Attor
ney Carnahan was instructed to
-mange ine wording 10 eliminate
.this objection. ';. -
'. The original - Jehovah's Wit
nesses ordinance, will go legally
Into effect September 24. It was
passed 30 days prior to that, but
was not effective in that period.
Only indirect mention was
made at the council meeting Qf
Sunday's rioting against Jeho
vah's Witnesses.
Procedure Recommended -i
Attorney Carnahan said that
'possibly the city officials will
feel they do not need a licensing
order now. He said he had been
told there would be no more
pamphleteering here ' by Jeho
vah's Witnesses. .
' He added he was not advocat
ing the measures taken against
the Witnesses Sunday, but that
perhaps they: were effective.
Councilman Martin remarked
that he believed the city should
proceed with its ordinances di
rected at the Witnesses.
'Councilman Wiesendanger
asked if it were possible for the
council to adopt an ordinance
charging a fee of $1 for conven
tions to be held in the city. The
purpose, he said, would be to
make it possible for the council
to. permit certain organizations
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Ten Water Commandments
Released for Protection
In Case of Air Attack
Ten water commandments for
your protection during air raids
were released today by the Ore
gon state board of health from
Kenneth H, Spin, acting state
sanitary engineer.
Spies pointed out that an air
raid may cause damage to water
works and distribution mains.
"the intricate network of piping
which carries safe drinking wa
ter into your home."
The following "ten command
ments" are based on two and
one-half years of British experi
ence: 1. Keep available at least one
quart bottle filled with drinking
water for each person in the
house. Reason: "You may never
miss the water until the well
runs dry."
2. Always turn water faucets
off everywhere in the house
when water service has failed.
Reason: When water comes on,
you may have forgotten about
that open faucet upstairs. Water
will be wasted, damage may re
sult from flooding and water
pressure will be lowered all over
the city.
3. DO NOT fill bath tubs with
water following air raid alarms
or during air raids. Reason: Such
action if "taken simultaneously
in many homes will seriously re
duce water pressure in the
mains and limit the volume of
water. This would result in a
dangerous lack of water for fire
fighting purposes.
4. Leave valves alone. Rea
son: Trained men will shut off
all necessary valves:
5. Remember that the water
department knows the service is
off in your area. Your telephone
report is not necessary. Reason:
Three young men wound up an
early morning ride Sunday when
their car overturned about 7
o'clock in the yard of Mrs. Ruth
Ray at 2050 Melrose street,' ac
cording to city police. Only
damage reported was to the car
which was hauled away by a
wrecker and to lawn and shrub
bery. The boys were uninjured.
The report said that William,
Meeker, Ken Puckett and Arlis
Reeder had driven to the top
of the hill back of Hot Springs.
On starting down Melrose street
their brakes failed to hold and
the car gathered speed until it
went up and over a six foot bank
landing on its side on the lawn.
Courthouse Records
Marriage License
Clinton Wright, 57, millworker.
Resident of Klamath Falls, na
tive of Canada. Katherine Ce
cilia Dorsey, 62, hotel manager.
Resident of Klamath Falls, na
tive of Indiana. Three-day re
quirement waived.
Complaints Filed
G. M. Spetz versus Vesta Pearl
Spetz. Suit for divorce. Charge,
cruel and inhuman treatment.
Couple married in Klamath Falls
in 1925. Plaintiff asks custody
of minor child. U. S. Balentine,
attorney for plaintiff.
viola Welch versus Raymond
to meet here, and to refuse per
mission to others.
Carnahan said that such dis
crimination would not stand up
in court.
"I was just asking," said Wies
.a h
.... . .
t J : ,
- ( M V
The air raid warden will prompt
ly report troubles in his area,
Telephones are needed for im
portant official calls.
6 Pisco ntlmie immediately
use of flush toilet when water
service goes off. Follow the di
rections of tlie health depart
ment. Reason: Body wastes will
accumulate in the bowl and the
small volume of water stored in
the home is insufficient to con
tinne flushing.
7. Protect your health by boll
ing tlie drinking and cooking
water if the health department
so advises. Reason: Disruption
of water main by bombing may
suck sewage from sewers or
house plumbing into the water
main. It is advisable to boil all
drinking water for five minutes
during tlie first 24 hours after
water service is restored.
8, Accent chlorine tastes In
your drinking water without
complaining. It is a sign of safe
ty. Reason: O n account o f a
water main break, or for some
other good reason, the health
and water departments may in
crease chlorine disinfection rates
temporarily for your safety.
9. Do not drink water obtain
ed from other sources than your
tap or drinking water carts op
erated by the authorities. Rea
son: It is dangerous to use water
of unknown quality from wells
and springs, when the public
water supply fails.
10. Do not believe or repeat
rumors concerning water. The
health authorities know the
water supply facts and will ad
vise you. Reason: The origin of
such rumors may be subversive.
You can rely on your own health
and water departments. ,
Welch. Suit for divorce. Charge,
cruel and inhuman treatment.
Couple married in Reno, Nev.,
May 4, 1941. E. E. Driscoll, at
torney for plaintiff.
Justice Court
Edwin Eugene. Madison. No
operator's license. - Fined $5.50.
Doyle Glen Jones. Permitting
unlicensed person to, drive.
Fined $5.50.'
Lyle Edgar Redfield. Operat
ing motor vehicle without red
light Fined $5.50.
Lora Faye Hood. Passing on
wrong side. Fined $5.50.
Kenneth Schnell. . No oper
ator's license. Fined $5.50.
Laverne Lawrence. No oper
ator'.? license. Fined $5.50.
Klamath Agency
Cancels Building
For "Duration"
though the money has been ap
propriated by congress for two
frame cottages and for finishing
a large road department garage
at Klamath Agency, local of
ficials feel that work on the
cottages will have to be can
celled during the present emer
gency. However, It is hoped the large
garage, which was commenced
some time ago but never finish
ed, can now be rushed to com
pletion. It is especially needed
in connection with the Indian
service's work on the $300,000
Chiloquin-Sprague River road
project, it was stated.
RENO, Sept. 22 (P) Mar
riage licenses issued here Mon
day includedt-Hubert Kidd, 24,
Porterville, Calif., and Beatrice
Palmer, 26, Klamath Falls; Dale
Lusk, 21, and Lucille Abeen, 18,
both Cottage Grove; Marell
Abeen, 21, and Berneice Wil
liams, 18, both Cottage Grove;
Ira DeWitt, 27, and . Margaret
E. Hill, 18, both Klamath Falls.
I high school I COUNCIL OKEHS
News Notes and
If we can't got rid of the boys
one way, someone will find an
other way. Blanks were given
out to be filled in by the parents
of the boys to find out just how
many will be
able to help in
the potato har
vest. , The girls
will remain in
school, but those
helping in the
fields must
make up all
cti,H nftr fv.
fs0'g jturnlng. No
aaselaa, 8aal calls have been
made for help by tlie farmers as
yet. This is just a survey to see
how many helpers will be avail
The varsity was a wee bit
scratched up yesterday after the
victory Friday night. Adhesive
tape is the latest tsyle in acces
sories, worn at various and most
becoming angles. An occasional
"hitch in a git-along" was not
iced, and quick recoveries are
wished to all the injured.
Melodies wafted down the
halls as usual, but the most
prominent was "Happy Birthday
to You," dedicated to the hon
orable president of the student
body, George Proctor.
Charles Stanfield was absent
from roll call yesterday but was
back today. ' A cold got the best
of him. Andrew Loney sub
stituted for Chuck.
Each year a calendar is placed
in the main corridor to list the
coming events. This year there
is a fine calendar in the case,
but except for the dates and oth
er unessential statements there
is nothing about anything.
There is a calendar committee
someplace in the student body.
We anxiously await Its appear
ance and hope the calendar can
and will be remedied.
Lawrence Morgan
Treated Here
For Injuries
Lawrence "Bud" Morgan was
treated for minor Injuries at a
hospital here Saturday night
after a truck in which he and
Ray Bland were riding left the
highway and plunged down a
bank about nine miles this side
of Bly, it was learned here.
The accident occurred about
10 p. m. as the men were en route
to Lakeview. The truck was
not badly damaged but had to
be hauled in by wrecker.
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v ' of pep-up Vitamuf Bi.
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i ila.il IllUlliWII lit,
A program calling for acquis!
tion of a new municipal ceme
tery properly was ndoptrd by
the city council Monday night.
The council approved recom
mendations of tho cemetery
committee on a cemetery plan
composed of the following
1. That tho city continue to
operate a municipal cemetery.
2. That it acquire nrw ceme
tery property and work out a
program for "perpetual cure."
3. That a citizens' committee
bo formed, composed of four citi
zens and the cemetery commit
tee chairman ot the council.
4. That this committee sub
mit a plat of a proposed new
Space Exhausted
Councilman Rollin Cantrall
submitted the program as chair
man of tho cemetery committee.
He indicated that certain- prop
erty is being considered as a
cemetery site.
For some time, the cemetery
committee has been considering
changes in tho cemetery sot-up;
due to tho fact that Linkville
cemetery space is being exhaust
ed and space that is left there Is
not satisfactory. Some consid
eration was given to turning the
cemetery program over to pri
vate enterprise, but tho commit
tee has decided against that sug
gestion. Financing Planned
Mayor Houston at the council
meeting said he was open to sug
gestions from tho public as to
whom should be named on the
citizens' cemetery committee.
At Monday's meeting the coun
cil authorized the finance com
mittee to work out financial de
tails of plans for revamping the
city Jail and moving the city en
gineer's offices from the base
ment of the city hall to the first
Band Levy Money
The engineer will occupy
space which was formerly the
Ladies' Specials.
Mary's Beauty Shop
$2.50 $3.50
That Are Softy and Curly
432 Main St. Phone 4873
Upstairs Over Balin'i
Furniture Store
noon I
fire hall. The jail will expand
to take up the entire city hall
Money for this program will
be obtained from the former
band levy, which was changed
to a jail and police fund by vote
ot the city people.
Franey Named
Mayor Houston said that the
proposal for consolidating the
city and county Jnll.i at tho coun
ty Jail quarters is stymied by tho
tact tne Dauoi tltlo on the city
measure does not authorize ex
penditures for such a prottram.
Police Jurigo Leigh Ackennan
announced tho appointment of
Harold Franey as police Judge
pro tern, in pluco of Dr. Calvin
Hunt, who has been acting as
Judge when Ackerman was ab
sent, Ho said Dr. Hunt had clouo
a fine Job. Franey, ho pointed
out, is tho only candidate for
pollco Judge, will be tho next
Judge, and will get experience
on the job while acting as sub
stitute. . .
Two national labor rilntlmi
board ' representation 1 hearings,
scheduled on CIO International
Woodworkers of America peti
tions, will bo hold in Klamath
Falls Thursday and Friday, un
ion omciais said today.
Gcorse Brown, chief riklrIM
representative of the CIO-IWA.
said a hearing involving repre
sentation riant for mill m.
ployes of the Ke.1tcr.10n Lumber
company is siaicd tor s:so
Thursday in the county court-
Thn aerond henrtnrf r-hrtfl,ilnrl
for the courthouso at 0:30 Fri
day, will Involve woods em
ployes of tho Ewauna Box com
pany. Approximately 240 men
are concerned in the first case
all bright '
' &WmF 4.98
Pertinent library problems
and methods of conducting the
annual Book week contest wore
chief topics of discussion when
county high school teacher
librarians and their assistants
met Saturday t tlie Klamath
county library,
Tho group visited tho new
freshman and sophomore library
at Klumath Union high school
and ISO In the second, Brown
Ewauna woods employes are
currently not represented but
tho ACL Lumber and Sawmill
Workers union holds bargaining
rights for Kesterson workers.
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amazing group . . . uil arrived. Slzos 12-44.
and ulsn inspected the Junior and
senior lllirury In thu bnsnimmt of
the county library building,
Tho following people wora
present: Madge Coupey. Alia
niunt Junior high school; Tlielma
Ilea it lo, Altaimiiit Junior high
school; Lucllo CI. Coyner, Ho
nunza high school; E. E, Evans,
principal Chllnquln high school;
Mary Kay Gullaghor, Joanna
KKstrom, Luclllo Srhlesol, and
Lctha Mao Sturgoll of Falrhavc-n;
Blnncho Waters, KIMS; Ruth
Utile, Summers: Edna Bloom,
Kono; Geneva Duncan, Henley;
and Mary McCninb. Phil Blod
gelt, and Margaret Porter of tin
Klamath County library staff.
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Main St.
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