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    I'f Beptemher 21, 1042
LAKEVIEW Lake comity
went over IU 8optembor wnr
(Qt quota by morn thun $10,
0W by the middle of tho month,
roporti Ray E. Harlan, chair
mun of the Lake county war
bond sales committee
The county'i quote wn orig
inally $55,000. Sales up to Sep
trmbsr 13 worn $05,405.75, Har
lun laid. The allowing, he mi Id,
was remarkable since the quote
wu exceeded In hulf the ul-
loted time
The complete county war bond
eoirimtttco, aa announced this
week by Hnrliin, follows: C. F.
Snider, First Nntlomil Dunk of
Portland; Red Reynold!, adver
tising and publicity; Fred Peat,
postmaster; L. D. Ohlson, Indus
trial payroll allotment; E. G.
Favell, commercial payroll ai
lntment: Victor W. Johnson,
farm program, and Hurt Snyder,
atato war savings staff.
BJEBF.R, Calif. Tho Big
Valley acrnp drive committee
asked that deliveries of acrap
Iron, ateel and other motnla to
ibe donated for the war effort
atari. Monday, September 21.
I A vacant lot In Bleber la des
ignated the central scrap pile
Chairman Jamea H. Ryan of
;the icrap committee requested
jthat persons with leu than hulf
a ton of scrap to contribute
UOg It In to Bleber themselves,
,lnoso with larger amounts, who
.cannot haul It In, are asked to
notify a committee member in
jerder to have the scrap pick
ed up.
The other committee members
are Giles Walsh, A. W. McKen
tie, Ceryl Schott, Floyd Sorter-
qulst and Georgo Ballam,
They will sell the accumu
lated scrap to a Junkman,
Poe Valley
Joe and John Nork combined
grain for Glen Kcstor lost week.
Clarence Webber hod his hoy
baled last wcok. Francis Freuer
and Bort Voght helped him.
Quite a frost visited the val
ley last week, freezing pototoes
and other vegetables.
Congratulations are being ex
tended to Mr, and Mrs. Archie
Roberta on their recent marriage
lUleno, Nev.
liallia Halnca Is helping the
Holzhouser boy on the thresher.
Rex High dug some potatoes
last week.
The Fred Rolling family were
visitors at the Wilbur Relllng
home lost Sunday.
Among tho Klamath Falls
ahoppera from tho valley last
Saturday were Ray Freuer, Alan
Voght, the Benedict family and
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Nork.
Mr. and Mra. Victor Nork and
sons "Sonny" and Gerold, were
callers here from Pelican Bay
lost week.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Roberts
and small daughter were vlsl
tors at the Eddie Roberts home
last weok.
Several of tho young people
attended tho circus when it
ployed In Klamath'l'alls.
Bert Wilder, Eorl Kcster and
CLUn and Wayne Kcstor colled
Voa Nork lost Sundoy.
The Holzhouser boys are
combining Eddie Roberts' grain.
Next year's Income tax Is go
ing to leave us all with plenty
of change and that's about all.
The more scraps we turn In
over hore tho more we'll holp
the boys In the scraps over
270-Pound Six
Brouahi Into Bieher
BIEBER. Calif. Carl H.
Schrupp of Shasta Dam killed
the largest buck brought In to
Blebnr In tho opening week of
the mule deer hunting season.
It weighed 210 pounds and had
six points on one horn and four
on the other. His wife also got
hor buck, a 184-pounclnr with
(our and five points.
They hunted at Honey Flat on
Adln mountain.
Hugh Bennett of Dos Palos,
William E. Clampltt of Alvlso,
K. W. Caldwell of Ban Jose and
James Gentry of Valliijo were
other hunters who killed a deer
Mrs. Gladys Wlehn of Bleber
killed one of the first bucks on
the opening day of mule deer
hunting In this area. She shot
the animal once and broke Its
neck, almost Immediately after
she got out of her car to begin
Fewer Hunters Present
For Deer Season Start
TULELAKE Mule deer In
this part of Siskiyou county were
beselged by fewer hunters on
the opening day of the season
than for the last several years.
Bucks were plentiful, according
to most reports brought in by
local sportsmen. While visiting
hunters wero not so numerous, a
few from other parti of the state
where the season was closed
dured to use rubber to come up
for the sport.
Honors for the first lucky man
LAKEVIEW The Lake coun
ty Junk rally, which was sched
uled to be held this week, has
been postponed until Septembor
28, according to William Hollo
way, Lake county chairman.
Tho Lakeviow Rotary club
and other local organizations
ore sponsoring the drive and tho
county quota has been set at 600
tons, This is double the original
quota, Holloway said, but he
expressed the belief that little
difficulty will be met In meeting
A WPA truck is now here with
three men picking up scrap In
rural areas. It will be available
for tho Junk rally In addition to
trucks from the county, city and
grazing service, Holloway said.
Those who attended the Re
bekah convention at Lakeview
lost Saturday were Mr. and
Mrs. R. H. Anderson, Mrs. Ar.
nlce Anderson, Elizabeth Rt-ns-by,
Jennie Hurn and Myrtle
Mra. Lodge of Merrill was a
caller at the Anderson home
last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Kohler and
son Gall, of Derby street, left
Monday for Bremerton, Wash.
Dave Klein returned from
Portland the first of the week.
Several men from Long Bell
mill helDcd nick notatnea far
Charles Green the first of the
Mrs. Klein purchased a cow
last week, and some pigs this
Mrs. Vivien Davis, a former
resident. Is now cashier at the
Penney company;
Ed Kellv of near Reridlnff.
Calif., visited friends here Sun
day, returning to Redding Sun
doy evonlng.
FREE when vou buy
War Stamps from Shell
Official U. S. Army Air Corps
In color on cloth, these
insignia re great sewing
on youngsters' sweaters, shirts
or jackets. Siart a collection.
While they last, joa get one of
these regulation Air Corps
Squsdron Insignia the kind
email? on fighters and bomb
ers FREE every time you bur
a War Stamp from your Shell
TViIrr nr Shell Service Station.
A new liulgne out each week.
her hunt at Egg laka In Modoc
county. It was a large three
and four pointer.
Melfnrd Shllta of Bloher slew
his buck In Sugar Pine basin on
Big Valley mountain. Ivan
Thompson of Blober killed one
at Egg lake.
Agnes M. Reynolds of Llver-
moro. George W. Hale of Red
ding, and Warren HnrUell of
Nevada City each killed a four
pointer In the Whltohorse neigh
borhood. Maurice Beavars and
Raymond Balttrldge of Dos Palos
each bagged a three pointer at
Dutch Flat north of Adln
George Enelx of Marysvllle
killed a buck st Boyd Spring
south of Bleber.
The Associated lumbar mill
at Nublcber shut down Wednes
day so Its employes could go
deer hunting, All bucks brought
In here were fat.
to weigh in his kill wept to Otis
Roper, manager of the Tulelnke
Electric shop, who at 1 p. m.
on the opening day put a three
point, 1771 pounder In the
Jackie Ratllff, James Leah and
Brucke Brlckell all brought In
nice animals. Other lucky ones
were Mr. and Mrs. Bernard C.
Schultz and Carl Olney, all of
whom picked off four pointers,
largest to be weighed in. Each
animal weighed over 200 pounds.
Billy Haynes, 13,
Injured in Haying
Accidant Wednesday
TULELAKE Billy Haynes.
13, son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto
Haynes, suffered an eye injury
Wednesday In a haying accident.
The lad tell between the hoy
stack and a hay rack and in the
fall was buried beneath a slide
of hay.
In attempting to extricate him,
a five year old brother pierced
the lad's eye with the tine of a
pitchfork. He was rushed to a
Klamath Falls hospital for treat
ment and it is not yet determined
whether the sight has been de
stroyed, It was said.
Miss Jean Thompson
Honored at Lunch
Before Departure
MT. LAKI Mrs. Wallace
Thompson entertained at her
home Friday with a luncheon
for her sister-in-law. Miss Jean
Thompson, who will return this
week to OSC to complete her
nnlor year.
Guests honoring Miss Thomp
son were Mrs. Marilyn Breit-
haupt, Miss Ethel Dixon, Miss
Lorraine Dolan, Miss Shirley
Falrclo, Miss Dorothy Dixon and
Miss Patricia Short.
, Wa have taken the heaviest
andvmost difficult steps on the
road to winning this war.
Lieut.-Gcn. William. S. Knudsen,
Army production chief.
Another Service
for Our Customers
Radio Service
DAVE COX. Formerly
Dave's Radio Service,
In Charge'
Washing Machine
Sorvic ,
811 S. tth Ph. 58B9
MERRIIX Wednesday, Sep
tember 23, has been designated
as clean up doy for the Sunday
school room of the Presbyterian
church and members of the La
dies' Aid and anyone else who
is interested enough to help on
the project, are asked to cooper
ate with tho work. Plans for the
day were modo at the home of
Mrs. W. J. Horbelt Wednesday.
The group meeting for the Oc
tober .session at the home of
Mrs. E. El Kllpalrick will vote
on continuance of the Joint
meeting of the Aid and Mission
ary society.
Mrs. Vol ton Hasklns, program
chairman, wits assisted by Mrs.
Nellie Hasklns, Mrs. Paul Lewis
and Mrs. E. E. Kllpalrick In pre
senting "Toe Younger Genera
tion and Challenging Facts."
Mrs. W. F. Jlnnotto directed the
devolionols on the Lord's prayer.
present for the afternoon were
Mrs. John W. Taylor, Mrs. Har
riett Fothorlngham, Mrs. Luther
Hasklns, Mrs. Velton Haskins,
Mrs. E. E. Kllpalrick, Mrs. W.
F. Jlnnette, Mrs. Mabel Hunnl-
cutt,' Mrs. Alfred Carleton, Mrs.
Bert Dodenhoff, Mrs. Miles
Moore, Mrs. Warren Fruits, Mrs.
Paul Lewis, Mrs. Fox Bnd Mrs.
Wendell Moore.
LAKEVIEW Both the high
school and graie schools show
an Increase in enrollment this
year, according to Superintend
ent W. H. Baker, who compiled
comparative figures this week
The high school enrollment
has Increased from 242 to 267
The grade school enrollment
shows an Increase from 459 last
yeor to B28 this year.;.
Because of the difficulty of
getting teachers, Silver Lake
high school has been closed this
year and seven pupils from that
communliy .are boarding here
and attending high school.
ITS EVEN EASIER than writing a letter. No wrapping-no mailing. Your
dealer has a special wrapper for Camel cartons and complete mailing
Instructions for all branches of the service. Stop in at your dealer today,
let him send off a carton of Camels to that young fellow who's waiting to
hear from you. Take another carton home with you. Enjoy that full,
rich flavor . , . that slow-burning mildness that only Camels give. Then
you'll know why, with men in the service, the favorite is Camel!
Sen d
"We try hard to decode this, honorable colonel, but all
we can get out of American prisoner is 'Wouldn't you
like to know?T
Extension Division Work
To Be Offered in Aviation
EUGENE, Sept. 21 (Special)
Elementary ground school work
In civilian pilot training has
been added to the service, course
available .under the general ex
tension division of the state
system of higher education, Miss
Mozello Hair, head of the cor
respondence department, has an
nounced... Designed especially to appeal
to civilian pilots doing patrol
work for the army and to high
school teachers of aeronautical
subjects, the course is open to
all persons interested In the pro
gram. Completion of the pro
gram, made to. conform to gov
ernment specifications, should
enable the student to qualify
through' government examina
tions for a certificate to teach
ground school courses, Miss Hair
Covered In .the course are
fundamentals of air navigation,
Aim his
meteorology and civil air regu
lations. Of particular import
ance to Oregon civilian flyers
is the section on flying by dead
reckoning, or instrument flying
as it is more commonly known,
Six hours of college credit is
given for completion of the work.
The section on meteorology may
be taken separately for 3 hours
A secondary course to follow
the elementary work already Is
being planned. It will include
aerodynamics, power plants and
advanced problems in navigation
and meteorology.
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medicated powder base, ao halpful
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r AW,,,-. fa,
Schoolmates to
Pack Presents
MT. LAKI The October
meeting of the Henley School.
mates club will be held at the
home of Mrs. Olive Marshall,
when Christmas packages will
be iiiied for the boys overseas.
The Seotember meetlns u
held at the home of Mrs. Gret
chen Thompson.
A Ctalffornlnn hittlf
nlete home on the rhal r,1 hi
old auto. Home, fleet home.
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Oregon Washington Utah Idaho
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the Camels0
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J. lUjwto
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v(fkwet( on attunj sofas records In Post
Exchange, Sales Commissaries, Ship's
Service Store-, Ship's Stores, and Canteens,)
CAMDEN, N. J. (AP) Mrs.
Nellie E. Worth. 57, suing for
divorce,, charged In court that
her husband:
"Hid my false teeth, took
away my clothing so I couldn't
go out, put Itching powder In my
bed and strung a rope across ti'.s
stairway hoping I would break
my neck."
"Divorce recommended," Ad
visory Master Thomas Orosman
cost little bring
i .
a Week
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sm i
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MtoasOooiptnr. Wtaitao- BUm, KotUj ctntlal
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