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iner news
On 8-mlnut blt on (Iran and whittle
It th signal for blickout In Klamath
falls. Anothar long bint, during blick
out, It ilgnil lor ll-elr. In precau
tionary ptrlodt, watch your trel lights.
September 13 High 82, Low 43 '
Precipitation ai ol September 7, 1941 '
Last year .....17.M
Normal -..............U.4g
Btraam yaar to data ........,............ 13,20
Number 8591
nMMraBPrSUni'JII A X Villi II A Jr I j . A I N ( Jf
i j
Huss-Ho d
111 fiiiii
i W HI :
h hi Hi! am..r ajVjam. : . W ' . aVJ I '
! Iln!li,i!ii iiMll
ii III I !T! 1 i ill I
'!' 1.1 ttlajw
I'! ! ! llnil1
' i: I ; 11! i;i
I 1 1 LillU , Hi, ulll III" ua liuiu w-
' day In the newt from Rus
sia. ' The air above Stalingrad con
tinue to bo full of German
bombers, but In . recent days
there has been no mention of ac
tion by soviet FIGHTERS. Stal
ingrad's defenders appear to ba
depending , uporV antl aircraft
guns and aven volleys from In
fantrymen, who nra described as
often turning their rifles on Ger
jnan dive bombers,
. .
WHY ara no Russian fighters
w In action?
You mny be very sure thla Is
the answer (If It Is true that Rus
sian fighters ara lacking):
- Because the Russians HAVEN'T
T ET us turn here to Washing
ton, where FDn tells con
grass today the United States Is
producing only a little mora
than HALF Ha MAXIMUM pos
sible production.
' ; Ha. then warns: .a . '
VNol. until wa hava . reached
the maximum and we can do
this only by stripping our civil
ian economy, to the bone an
our fighting men and THOSE
OF OUR ALLIES ba assured, of
the vastly greater quantity of
weapons required to TURN the
NOTE the President's expres
sion: 'TURN the tide." It
must be taken as mennlng that
the tide Is still running
. No easy optimism that Hitler
will beat out his brains against
41, Cfn1lna-arl ftufflniN nnH will
thereafter be Incapable of fur
ther action on a big scale Is justi
fied. P . D. R. adds that compared
with their resources Britain
nd Russia have produced more
Weapons than the United States
and have gone on fighting at
the same time.
He concludes: "We and the
other United Nations need all
the weapons all of us can pro
duce and all the men that all of
us can muster."
In other words, this Is a fight
io the finish and we aren't yet
putting Into It everything we
i-Produclng-only little more
than half of what we are cap
able of producing means that we
sre still fighting with one hand
iled behind us.
The President Is tolling us we
tAn i nut inu nti,
JETTING back to Russia, the
. Germans, after taking Nov
brosslsk, are apparently feeling
out the Russian strength to the
south in preparation for a drive
down the Black Sea . coast to
ward . Batum, thus outflanking
the Caucasus mountains. (Your
map will tell you what that
would mean.)
COMETHING new. Is happening
. In France.
The Vichy government Is put
ting through some sort of forced
labor draft. Details aro lacking,
but it appears that all "able
bodied Frenchmen between the
ges of 18 and 60 and all unmar
ried French women between the
ages of 21 and 35'aro being com
pelled to register for somo kind
of forced labor service
WHERE these conscripted la
borers arc to be used. Isn't made
plain. Possibly they are to be put
to work making German arms
nd munitions In French fac
tories, Mora likely, they are to
be sent to Germany,
i There arc supposed to be some
million and a quarter French
prisoners In Germany who can
be exchanged on the basis of
three workers for each prisoner.
It may be these prisoners are be
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$8 Billion a Year
Lend-Lease Aid
President Roosevelt told con
gress today that the United
States was producing only a
little more than 60 per cent of
it maximum possible war pro
duction and solemnly warned:
"Not until we have reached
the maximum and we can do
this only by stripping our civil
ian economy to the bone can
our fighting men and those
of our allies be. assured of the
vastly greater .' quantities of
weapons required to 'turn the
tide. '
Land Leas Report
"Not until then can the
united nations - march forward
together to certain victory."
Tho president'! statement was
In a letter transmitting the sixth
quarterly lcnd;lease . report in
which he spoke of BrlJatn-as
"an offensive bake." 'The report
showed such aid to the British
commonwealth of: nations and
38 other countries during the
18 months since the program be
gan totalled $0,480,000 with
actual exports amounting to
$3,628,000,000. In the same time
lend-lease countries purchased
$6,800,000,000 worth of goods,
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British Near
Capital of
LONDON, Sept. 14 (VP) Brit
ish forces moving Inland from
the west coast of Madagascar to
prevent use of .the Island by the
axis, are making good progress
and one column is within ISO
miles of Tananarive, the capital,
tho British war office announced
The city of Macvatanana on
tno road from Majunga to Tan
anarive has been occupied and
forward elements of this column
are pushing on toward Andreba,
about 126 miles northeast of the
capital, Maevannana Is about
160 miles northwest of Tanana
rive. :
Tlie allied forces which landed
farther south at Morondava
wore reported mooting a "little
or no opposition" on the advanco
inland. From Ambanja, on tho
northwest coast, another column
was reported "making good
progress" southward.
The force advancing from Ma
junga, encountered resistance
from Vichy forces at a bridge
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Yank Pilois Get Inferior 1
Planes, Says Sen. Truman
WASHINGTON, Sept.-14 (P)
Chairman Truman (D-Mo.) of
the senate defense Investigating
committee declared today that
United States pilots .were sup
plied with inferior fighting
planes and called for "two-fisted"
administration of tho war
production front. Senator Wall
grcn (D-Wash.) seconded his
"Our boya have proved their
superiority as pilots on inferior
planes," Truman (old the senate.
"They are entitled to tho best
planes vo can give them."
At tho same time, Truman
said a confidential report given
his committee by a military af
fairs subcommittee headed by
Senator Chandler (DKy.) indi
cated that more attention should
bo given Immediately "to obtain
ing a workable unity of com
mand, particularly In A'a'ka"
Wallgreni a member" of the
Navy Ace
j. V
Machinist Donal E. Hunyon
(above), . 29, oi Crawfordsvtlla,
Ind., shot down four Japanese
planas In an air battle In the
southwest Pacific In which BE
anamy planas ware destroyed.
Clark Lea, Associated Press
correspondent, reported that
Runyon, who' Is credited with
eight Jap plana In all, Is be
lieved to ba t h navy's top
ranking combat pilot.
Patrols Active on Both
Sides of Mountain
Sept. 14 CP) Allied forces held
the Japanese Invader at bay 40
miles florth of Port Moresby for
the fourth successive day yes
terday while medium bombers
dropped 17 tons of bombs on the
Japanese base and airfield at
Lae and Flying Fortresses at
tacked three enemy merchant
ships and a cruiser off New
Guinea's coasts, a communique
sold today. ' '
General MacArlhur' reported
that patrols were active on both
sides in the Owen Stanley moun
tain region. where the Japanese
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Medford High
Students to Help
In Fruit Harvest - -
MEDFORD, Sept. 14 (P)
Medford high school will open
September 28, two weeks later
than scheduled to permit pupils
to aid In the fruit harvest.
Originally set to start today,
the opening of high and grade
schools was postponed one week.
An' additional week's postpone
ment later was announced for
tho high school. -i
Chandler subcommittee, which
recently Investigated Alaskan
defenses, reported that his con
versations with pilots there con
vinced him that American fight
er planes do not "measure up to
the best fighters Great Britain Is
producing today." He added
that tho navy was using a plane
"that Is a joke."
Truman demanded that the
army "concentrate on the pro
duction of its best planes and
give less attention to "publicity
blurbs Intended to , emphasize
that poor planes are bc'.'.ci than
none at all."
Senators ', Johnson (D-Colo.)
and Lucas (D-IU.) expressed the
view, that Japan's Zero fighters
flew higher and faster than
American fighters because they
were stripped of protective ar
mament. , Wallgron said his InleresUwas
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v -Jf
Lack of Red Fighter
Plane Resistance
Held Ominous
Fresh hordes of nail troop
smashed today at the aproaches
to Stalingrad In an obvious all
out effort to torm- the : city
whatever the cost In blood but
the Russians said - that : after
yielding precious - ground the
red army- halted - and pushed
back a new penetration- south
west of the ettyi,--v
.'. Both to. the west and south
west the Germans were pouring
tahKftnd armored, ears and new
reserves into the .'bloody "strug
gle, but . the mid-day commun
ique Indicated tht Russians were
holding. " . ; : ; '
Berlin Claim '
Earlier the Russians bad ' re
ported tht 'tapturf 'bif the Ger
mans' of an unidentified "popu
lated place" southwest of Sjtaj.
Ingradi ' From all repprts.It.wa
apparent; -thai;; 'Wf crudaj test
xur iini peieaguercu-ciiy was at
nand. - .". ;. - , .
; (The German high command
announced Sunday that German
troops were fighting in the
southern streets of Stalingrad
and that siege lines about the
city had been tightened).
Ominous' Note
' One ,of the most amazing fea
tures of Stalingrad's refusal: to
yield has been-its resistance. to
mass bombings. Russian troops
In the front lines and m the
rear are being subjected to at
tacks by day and night.
Recent dispatches have not
mentioned soviet fighter sup
port, the defense apparently de-
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Bill Would Give
FDR Broad Power
WASHINGTON, Sept. 14 (P)
Legislation ' specifically author
izing President Roosevelt to sta
bilize wages and salaries as of
August 15 and farm prices at
levels not below parity was in
troduced today in the senate' in
response to- the president's de
mand that congress act by Oct.
1 to control inflation. ,
Offered by Chairman 'Wagner
(D-N. V.) of the banking com
mittee .and Senator Brown (D
Mich.),' pilot of previous ad
ministration price control . leg
islation, the resolution would
give, the president broad power
to deal with all . other factors
involved .In the cost of living.
Senate Minority Leader Mc
Nary of Oregon called a con
ference of republican senators
Wednesday amid Indications
that they, would support the bill.
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The St. Louis Cardinals -bunched
four hits with three Phlllle
errors after one was out in the
ninth Inning today to score four
runs and beat the Phils, 8 to 3.
The victory sent the Cards a
game and a half ahead of the
idle Brooklyn Dodgers.
i ,R. H. E.
St. Louis .-.......-."..'.....e i B 1
Philadelphia ...;....3 7 8
iGumbert, Dickson (7), Krlst
(8), and Odea; Pearson, PodgaJ
ny (8), Hughes (BV.Nahcm (9),
and Bragan, Livingston (8). v
CLEVELAND, Sept. 14 (P)
Tho New York Yankees clinch
ed tlielr second successive Amer
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Members of a U. S. army tank crew unload their bedroll and tat '-up- camp for tha night
somewhere In the Egyptian desert where they are aiding British forces in holding th . Middle
East for the United Nation., Far enough away so that one bomb from an enemy plana could not
put It out of commission. U another American tank (upper right).
Abie-Bodied Citizens,
. Unmarried Women ;.
( ; Af feezed
i 'WCHYj.SapWliiMFrehcri
employers were ordered io stand
by 1 today' to' assemble crews of
workmen apparently' for ship
ment to Germany . under a
sweeping new compulsory labor
law which the Vichy 'govern
ment intimated it had decreed to
avert the possibility Of ' even
more stringent,.- action . by the
Subject: to; the iaw. are all
able-bodied Frenchmen between
the ages of 18 and. 5.0 and. un
married French women between
21 and- 35. ' Persons In these
categories unable to prove they
are engaged In .work "useful to
the country's -needs" may be
drafted "to effect all labors
which the government will judge
useful in the higher Interests of
the nation." . :
' No Limitation
' Morning newspapers broke
the news of the new. law to the
people under ..single .column
heads and in second position to
long accounts of fighting in Rus
sia, the British advance -in Mada-(Continued-onr
Page Two)
Nazis Claim Big
Convoy Battle
Raging in Atlantic
NEW YORK, Sept.. 14 .MP)
The German radio broadcast a
special ' communique today . re
porting that U-boats have sunK
19 ships totaling 122,000 tons,
two destroyers and one corvette
out of an allied convoy in the
north Atlantic, '','
There. was no allied confirma
tion of this enemy report, which
sounded -suspiciously-similar to
another German special an
nouncement also : unconfirmed
yesterday claiming sinking of
18 allied ships totaling 121,500
tons and the torpedoing of a
19th ship.- This announcement
said that In addition "a convoy
battle of major proportions" was
in progress in -the Atlantic;
War Production
Still Not Enough,
Says Donald Nelson
: CAMDEN, N. J., Sept.. 14 )
Dortald M- Nelson,, war produc
tion. Hoard chairman, says that
although this nation's war . pro
duction has been stepped up 350
per cent since Pearl Harbor it
is not yet "good enough."
"Wa have not won this war,"
he said, "We are not even win
ning it--yet. In this game there
Is no second prlre.- We are play
ing It fqr keeps." ;'
. Nelson spoke last night over
the NBC, network as a guest -of
the labor-management commit
tee of RCA-Vlctor here in an
address directed at 3,500,000
workers enrolled In labor-management-
committees, in-, 1500
plants.-. - ' -
Tankmen Set Up Camp
v ggapaKu ' '
Pjf motor. First
Aid;Sqyes Life h
Of Mofan Nefsofll:
Artificial respiration arid' the
use of the pulraotor donated to
the police department by th?
Teamster's union were respon
sible. for saving the .life of llttle
woian Don Nelson Saturday, it
has been learned.'
I Puring.i; routine ..-admlrunru
Odn of ether for a tonsillectomy,
Nolan's lungs became1 paralyzed
ana collapsed. The doctor and
nurses administered ,.: artificial
respiration until : the" pulmotor
arrived," after which- it took- an
hour to restore the lad to con
sciousness. . : : j
Nolan Is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Norman Nelson .of 1635
Manzanlta street, who said that
he has completely - recovered.
They expressed their gratitude
for the splendid cooperation of
doctor, nurses and police, and
especially thanked the Team
ster's union for making the pul
motor available.
Assassination Try
Brings State of
Siege in Macedonia
i . 1 ;
BERN, Switzerland, .Sept. 14
(JP) A state-of siege in the dis
trict and :city of Skoplje,! In Bul
garian Macedonia,. was declared
after, an- attempt to assassinate
Bulgarian . . Interior : Minister
Peter Gabrovsky and- an out
break of resistance through the
southern Part of former Serbia,
Balkan dispatches disclosed - to
day. : ' :
. A Sofia dispatch to the news
paper Neue Zuercher said that
planes of undisclosed-' national
ity swept over the district and
dropped leaflets addressed to
the population and war mate
rials to Macedonian insurgents.
Bulgarian police and' axis -occupation
troops were rushed to the
area in an attempt to maintain
order. '..'.'.-
At Smilevo and another un
disclosed ' village all Bulgarian
officials were reported killed by
Macedonian bands. ,
Modified Version of "Sea
Otter" Ships To Be Built
WASHINGTON, Sept. 14 (P)
Government-owned "Cargoes In
corporated" has .completed tests
and has asked for bids for con
struction of a full-scale' ' model
of. the "Seamoblle," a modified
version of the "Sea -Otter," shallow-draft
cargo ship described
as being virtually immune to
torpedo attack.
President Roosevelt made this
disclosure in a report , to con
gress today on lend-lease expen
ditures to the end of August.
He said lend-lease money was
being used tot rnany ' "special
projects," among them experi
menting with, the Seamoblle.
- Such a vessel was advocated
months ago on the theory it
would ride so high in the water
that torpedoes would pass under
It. The argument also was made
that . it would be inexpensive
since only gasoline motors would
in Desert
Married Men; Youths
!.Will ;Be Called. tQ, .
;V ' ASBURY PARK T$?JJ.; 6ept.
14 Skiaj'of beneral, Lewis B.
Hershey, .national director of se
lective service,'-, thinks .'th; - war
is getting closer to married men
with ehildreri and to youths of
18 and 19. ' . , , .
"We can't call a recess In, this
war until people grow up," Gen
eral : Hershey ; told New . Jersey
Legionnaires yesterday,. -referring
to forecasts that the young
er" men would be drafted soon.
"Prospects of. a. very .large, mo
bilization seem in the cards for
next year;"
Not Enough .
He predicted that manpower
needs of global war would result
In previously-deferred husbands
with, dependents -and -war pro
duction workers being called to
"We will have to come to the
realization 'that there are - not
enough single men, that there
are . not enough married men
without dependents for the mo
bilization of, - say, between- 10
' (Continued on Page Two)
Rubber "Czar" ,
To Be Named
' WASHINGTON, Sept, 14 (IP)
Donald, M. Nelson. said today he
would disclose. the name, of the
new rubber administrator late
this afternoon . .or tomorrow
morning. ......
. The war production board
chairman, conferred with Presi
dent. Roosevelt on plans for put
ting into operation the program
recommended by he special
Baruch rubber committee, which
urged an administrator to have
.full and complete authprlty. In
all matters related to rubber."
be used . and .-that it could Jbe
produced in mass quantities;
. - The president reported that
experiments with , small-sized
models of, the .Sea Otter were
not conclusive, that a . full-sized
vessel . was . built and tests on
this brought out defects which
called for redesigning.
"In .order that the possibil
ities of a vessel of this type
mlgnt be .. fully - explored, ' said
nis report, "the lend-lease ad
ministration continued -Its help
by financing the construction of
a second full-scale model of a
modified design, known as the
Seamoblle. "... ;
! "The development of this type
of . ship' -has been ' entrusted to
a corporation, known as 'Car
goes, Incorporated,', under the
control of a board of directors,
on which the navy department,
, (Continued. on;Page Two) ..
RAF Reports Ffres in
Bremen Visible for :
100 Miles
ny The Associated Press
LONDON, Sept. 14 British
and Russian bombers, delivering
a new twin blow to' the flanks
of the axis 1000 miles apart.
smashed at the ' northwest Ger
man port of Bremen last 'night
in an RAF attack probably hun
dreds of planes strong, and raid
ed Bucharest and the Ploestl oil -region
of Rumania from bases
deep In Russia ' -...'
Lone flying British' bombers
were back over northwestern
Germany again at dawn in follow-up
attacks, the air ministry
reported, announcing a total loss
of 18 British bombers. i
1 - Tire Glow
: The air - rninlstry .- said -the
100th attack of the war on Bre
men; was delivered by a "very
strong force, a phrase which
was taken" here to indicate that
bombers by the hundreds wera
used.' ;;. ', "' 1 '
- Returning pilots reported'vis
ibllity through rifts in the light
clouds was) good and eald.:hey
unloaded' their -tons 'of explo-sives-over
tht Weser .river port
by the - light of raging fires
Wbose--ed-glow they caulcl "see-
for lOO. miles 'on" , their" '-flight
back "to base. . ' ' ". '
'No Damage"
--The-Berlin-radio, - broadcast
ing the , German communique,
said Russian bombers were over
eastern - Germany during th)
some night, and ' quoted ' dis
patches fom Bucharest that- th
Rumanian-capital and the Ploes
tl -region to the north wera -attacked
by -soviet bombers. ' - '
; The - dispatches described -tha
Ploestl . attacks as ineffective
and said Bucharest had - two
alarms during the night - and
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38 Perish in
Atlantic Sinking
Of Patrol Boat - ,
OTTAWA, Sept 14 (Can
adian naval authorities announc
ed today the loss of the Canad
ian patrol vessel Racoon -with 38
officers, and men and the sink
ing of four United Nations mer
chant ships. - - - r -
The' navy statement said tha
Racoon was lost whil.e guarding
a convoy and that- "it must b
presumed that all hands were
lost'wlth her." : , .;' , ;
The sinkings were known, to
have occurred off the. east coast,
although, the. navy did not give
the. exact location. . .v
There has been "an increase
In the tempo of enemy activity
on Canada's side of the Atlan-"
tic," Navy Minister Angus Mc
Donald said.
Deer Hunters Eye .
California Opening
Wednesday Morning
Oregon gunners, and Klamath
county . nimrods - particularly,
were cleaning their, weapons to
day for the opening of the Cali
fornia deer' season Wednesday
morning at sun-up.
Elmer L.' Myers, president of
the Klamath County Sports
men's association, said that all
of northern California from1 the
Pacific ocean to the Nevada line
will be open with the exception
of Tehama county.
He advised. hunters to stop at
tho Dorrls checking station for
fire permits or information
where to get them for the partic
ular area in which they plan to
hunt. . . , . , . .
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